Robert Ray: Pelosi doesn’t have power to dictate what the Senate will do

Robert Ray: Pelosi doesn’t have power to dictate what the Senate will do


  1. But she does have right to WITHOLD as lopng as she wants, since McConnel WITHOLD hearing for Obama's supreme court pick.
    She has every right to do exactly the same as McConnel

  2. Pelosi needs some new dementia medications. She's pathetic, who looks and sounds like a washed up old nasty drunk. She's disgusting.

  3. Its sad times in the USA when the president thinks he can control his own impeachment. He tried to cheat the election. That is enough to impeach anyone. Democrats can hold the articles until after the election and they have full control of the house and senate.

  4. Nancy Pelosi does not have the power to ask the SENATE for anything she is nothing but a very EVIL person has so much hate towards our President.

  5. I speak to the American people if you want these idiots out of power and out of the house then the only way this can be accomplished is to vote them out period end of the discussion.

  6. Pelosi playing games. McConnell should just make a ruling without the articles of impeachment. Yes they can do that and may have to since she chickened out.

  7. The only thing pelosi accomplished with this half assed impeachment is she pissed off registered voters and put a spotlight on everyone who's got their hand in the ukraine cookie jar. The gop is loving it.

  8. The Republican Senate does not want to get involved with this Democrat sham. Pelosi can keep the paperwork- she has nothing to pressure the Senate to bending to her will. Good luck on it Pelosi.

  9. DemoRATS:: "Impeachment is so nessecary and important we have to rush it!! Wait hold on,,, maybe not so important let's drag it out now"!!! HILARIOUS!!!!

  10. Maybe, but she does have dRumpf,s and MOSCOWMITCH’s balls in a vice right now.
    I do wish that she would delay sending the articles of impeachment until next November.

  11. Even will ALL OF THE B.S.
    I Love POTUS TRUMPS sense of humor and how he just keep working and moving forward for
    ❤ TRUMP 2Q2Q KAG 2Q2Q ❤

  12. Democrats are making the United States gov look like a the joke that its become. My gov isnt all cherry pie but the US is being run by clowns. Its true America is becoming great again with Trump. So wake up people,,,,,HELP HIM OUT, Stop the madness and restore your great country, TO THE HOME OF THE BRAVE….pEACE oUT.

  13. Nancy Pelosi…
    Sooo many face lifts the leftover skin was used to make 12 football's given to her favorite team the San francisco 69'er, and 7 basketballs given to the warriors…
    A couple more facelifts and she will be sporting a beard. Don't tell me she doesn't give back to the community. She sometimes drives through town and throws gold coins at the homeless just to amuse herself.  Her corruption and evil nature is legendary…  Once she killed a baby born alive bc the mother wanted an abortion earlier but couldn't afford it at the time.  Nancy should've been aborted… Is it too late???  We could classify her as a really really late abortion that her mother wanted but couldn't afford at tie time…  GREAT IDEA

  14. Thank god the Democrats did not win the election because by now America would be on its knees the Citizens of this country would be in this and and the adjacent of the laws of the UN and the EU would be established in America the freedom of speech would be really restricted and the American citizens could not be able to say no to mass immigration to such an extent every man woman and child in America would be criminalised I have no doubt the Democrats together with their friends would any opposition would start to develop a rosine similar to China this is the version that the UN and the global this would like to have have you have total control over your citizens without no no accountability this is the America that the communists and the Socialist want your country he goes deeper than that because it would mean the political class would have no accountability and then good go on to carry out Crimes of humanity to the Citizens of their countries this is what they're working towards this is why I have so many Bilderberg friends in high positions and this is why foreign money is being pumped into the Democrat the destabilise America and undo all the good works the People's president has done

  15. wait i thought it was Trump that was abusing power? oh yeah that is right anything a democrat accuses trump of, was actually the dems that did it, remember they claimed he was abusing power in Ukrain for asking them to investigate corruption in there country? they started screaming that he was in cahoots, suddenly turns out the bidens and schiff are all getting payouts from the same companies in the ukraine. now this yep they really do not have imagination nor do they have the ability to not think only for themselves and what they can gain from any situation, regardless who it hurts or kills, i for one am sick of this shame show, and want pelosi and schiff tried to blatent conflict of interest in their pursuit of evidence against Trump and again in there sham trial against Trump, both have obvious conflict of interest yet they stayed on the case and now want him prosecuted, this in normal world is a crime itself, but in this instance it can only be described as treason against the sitting president in a attempt to seize power from him. make this happen

  16. Funny how Nancy is committing the very “crimes” Trump is being impeached over – abuse of power and obstruction of congress. Oh but that’s okay. And it’s as plain as day. There is no disputing these facts. The Speaker of the HOR does not have the power to stall the process nor dictate to the Senate the terms of the process. Yet here we are 3 years later and Democrats once again want to to dictate. Oh but wait this all about the constitution Nancy remember. Then follow it!!!!!


  18. She dont have the power anyway!! there 7 administration in govt took the power away seriously AMERICA BEEN SOLD'! What part you dont understand there 5 foriegn countries own America and federal reserve bank own USA currency and it a non government bank Congrats America everything changing be prepare for what coming

  19. So frustrating when you think you have the most power and the founding fathers made sure that would not happen. Bwahahaha. That's why this is America and not non-United States of Pelosi.

  20. Make them turn over the articles or make them repay every penny they have wasted even if we have to take all their property and cash assets including their retirement benefits

  21. Nancy won't be smiling for long because she running out of time stalling- why is she compelling the situation? is it to give the Democrats a good feeling about how shitty they've been doing? if you're calling impeaching a good president a really good job your kidding me- you have only done your country a great a great dishonor- i can't wait until your voted out what a disgrace these people in Washington, polosi and the rest are truly scum out of the garbage bin

  22. Pelosi thinks she is Queen of America and rules with power above all others..
    Let's teach her who controls our country..
    She works for us and The US is still ours..
    Democrats need to remember they can be voted out just as quickly as they where voted in..

  23. I have a feeling the RepubliCANS will take back the house. I sure hope so, and they should do all they can to keep the WH once Trump completes his second term.

  24. Be careful, across the pond John Bercow the House of Commons " impartial referee/ speaker of the house " almost stopped Brexit with his abuse of power and obstruction tactics + his power craving, attention seeking behaviour. She mirrors his behaviour exactly…….

  25. President Trump blew life back into the Republican party 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

  26. Only if McConnell gives it to her.He should tell her that the rules will be the same as the House and set date of trial

  27. I am so frickin mad and alot of people I know are frickin. Mitch McConnell don't you dare back down to the Democrats. Trump 2020 Republican wave 2020

  28. The DemocRats can quite literally be charged with EVERYTHING that they've charged the President with. The only difference is that there is evidence to charge them, not the President.

  29. Could she hold it till next Senate elections? Used to think d 2 houses was a waste but now we know the wisdom of the founding fathers.

  30. Don't you get it Pelosi thinks she is ruler of the USA and has absolute power. She believes no one can touch her and so far she has gotten away with it.

  31. The Senate should hold hearings regardless of what Pelosi does, to expose this circus, and to reveal just how corrupt the Democrat Party have become.

  32. True, but she can hold the IMPEACHMENT TRIAL, until there is the election like McConnell did the Supreme Court nominee.

  33. Pelosi is scared, the Democrats are scared, the deep state is scared, and they all should be. After President Donald Trump's reelection, not only is our great president going to DRAIN, the swamp, he's then going to burn it to the ground, and THAT will be worth seeing!!!

  34. Just seeing the reaction of Democrat members of the house should be enough to convince people about what is really going on, starting with Rashid Tlahib. The idiot had the expression of a woman that just had the best orgasm of her life. Only morons would want to get rid of the President. I've heard idiots talk about having a recession would be worth it just to get rid of him. Bet you they would be the first and loudest to complain when the value of their home dropped or when they got laid off. I saw a video of Obama claiming that his administration was responsible for the economic recovery. But then I also saw one where he said that President Trump was fooling himself about bringing back all those jobs, that is unless he found a magic wane. Well, I guess he did find it.

  35. ~in the meantime the "hypocrats" are still using our taxpayers money and time in playing cutesie with the American people~I do believe in KARMA~as whatever a person's actions become it gets stored in the Akashic records that only the Buddha and Edgar Cayce could access and from what I understand that does not play cutesie with no one at all~no matter if you are "catolic" or not~what audacity to say no one is above the law~but "her"?~give me a break~she has a slither tongue like a cotton mouth moccasin~

  36. The House of Representatives are intentionally delaying public business, creating confusion in the public mind, placing uncertainty in world leaders minds about President Trump's credibility. They will not stop until they tear down America!


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