Royal rift: How Princess Margaret bickered with the Queen Mother  – News 247

Royal rift: How Princess Margaret bickered with the Queen Mother – News 247

 Margaret became a fashion icon and photographs of her were published all around the world  Yet, she was also hit with scandal. She fell in love with a man 16 years older than her, Peter Townsend, her father’s equerry He was already married with two children, but it is widely thought he divorced his wife to be with Margaret He proposed to her when she was 22 in 1953. Margaret required her sister the Queen’s permission in order to marry as she was under 25 – but both politicians and the church told the Queen not to permit it  Margaret was subsequently faced with the choice between renouncing her royal life an choosing love – she later released a statement claiming she resolved to put the “considerations” of the Church “before any others” She went on to marry the photographer Antony Armstrong-Jones. It was an unhappy marriage and they divorced in 1978  Norman Hartwell was one of the Royal Family’s favourite designers. In the 2019 biography covering the story of his life and his interactions with the royals called ‘Norman Hartnell: The Biography’ by Michael Pick’, it was revealed how Margaret also caused tensions at home just with her outfits, in 1948  Mr Pick said: “Norman could so often be relied on to steal a fashion headline, when American papers were reporting an alleged ‘Royal Row’ between the Queen and Princess Margaret over the low décolletage (described as a ‘plunging neckline’) of a Dior white tulle evening dress (‘Mom cries No!’) which Hartnell reportedly ‘hoisted Whether Margaret pouted was not known here.’” He continued: “Clearly Princess Margaret and her fashion sense were big news from which Norman could profit as her clothes were widely discussed ” However, the model who wore the dress before Margaret said: “I could hardly breathe, encased in whalebone and that hoop around the hips, I couldn’t even sit down in the thing ”  The Countess of Snowden was seen as a muse to the fashion world, but the pivotal moment came when she posed in her famous Dior ballgown for her 21st birthday  She continued to be a controversial figure in the Royal Family and there was often great speculation about a fallout between her and the Queen  She was known for her love of parties and socialising, although she was frequently depicted as the royal who was unlucky in love  Margaret died in 2002 after suffering a stroke in her sleep when she was 71.  According to a Daily Mail article published at the time, the Queen Mother was determined to attend the ceremony in Windsor despite being “terribly frail”, but it was reported it would take “superhuman effect” The funeral also fell on the same day as her late husband King George VI. The piece stated: “Though deeply upset, the Queen Mother is said to have viewed her daughter’s death as a ‘merciful release’ Margaret had often been sedated during her last weeks, passing her days sleeping  “Prince Charles has offered to be at his 101-year-old grandmother’s side for the ordeal ” The piece also explained how the Queen felt about losing her younger sister: “Consumed by grief at the loss a sister on whom she depended, [she] was accompanied only by police bodyguard as she went to church in Windsor ” Trending  The Daily Mail explained: “She had epitomised style and glamour in her younger years, but was viewed less favourably as the age of deference passed  “It was clear that the death of the Princess who tried to rebel, then found that being royal was all she had, will not provoke the scenes that followed the death of Princess Diana in 1997 ” Apparently she “had been battling illness for years, was nearly blind and inform – despite retaining her sharp wit and vivid mind”  Margaret’s primary legacy is believed to be breaking down the stigma surrounding royal divorce It was deeply frowned upon at the time but paved the foundations for three of the Queen’s children out of four to divorce

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