S. Korea’s political parties divided over inter-Korean summit

S. Korea’s political parties divided over inter-Korean summit

The possibility of an inter-Korean summit
is being met with mixed reactions from the National Assembly. While the ruling party welcomes the move,…
the conservative opposition raised concerns — emphasizing denuclearization efforts must
come first. Kim Min-ji zooms in on the contrasting views. The ruling Democratic Party of Korea welcomed
North Korea’s invite for summit talks,… calling it an opportunity to improve inter-Korean
relations. The party noted that while there are lingering
concerns,… peace starts from dialogue. It also expressed hope that inter-Korean summit
talks could eventually lead to dialogue between Pyongyang and Washington. “If an inter-Korean summit is held,… it
will go down as the biggest achievement of the PyeongChang Olympics. We have to work with greater responsibility
to prepare and respond carefully to the invitation. We need to persuade our allies so that the
summit talks take place with support from the international community.” The Blue House said that talks could take
place should the two sides create the right conditions — likely meaning progress on resolving
a nuclear standoff and sincere efforts towards denuclearization. However, the main opposition Liberty Korea
Party was highly critical. Using an Olympics analogy,… the party said
it’s North Korean leader Kim Jong-un who has won the gold medal. The party said the string of discussions that
would be needed to prepare for summit talks would only give Pyongyang more time to beef
up its nuclear programs and room to get around international pressure and sanctions. It added that talks not based on the premise
of denuclearization… would be nothing more than sending a delegation to the North to
celebrate its nuclear development. “President Moon met with the sister of the
North Korean leader four times during her three-day stay here. But not once did he bring up the issue of
denuclearization.” The center-right Bareun Party was more or
less on the same page,… saying that what the president should be doing is stepping
up sanctions and maximizing pressure… while persuading the U.S. not to opt for military
action. The party stressed that without solving the
nuclear issue… it would be better not to hold talks at all. Kim Min-ji, Arirang News.


  1. let's make a peace Korea. you are family how can you separated for over 50years with no diplomatic. if you're make a peace you can meet and cross border each other (of course it will strict too hahaha)

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