Scalise: If Pelosi wanted Trump removed, why is Congress not in session?

Scalise: If Pelosi wanted Trump removed, why is Congress not in session?


  1. Prosecutor Shokin was investigating events that happened 2 years before Hunter Biden started at Burisma.
    IMF, Europe, US government found Shokin corrupt and wanted him out
    Fox can regurgitate without mentioning those facts, just makes them partner in a smear campaign and not worthy calling themselves a news organization

  2. It is not election interference – no election going on… and Biden is not a contestant in an election other than he is a Democrat NOMINEE – he is not past the hurdle… and he is accused of corruption and this needs to be checked out…

  3. Those Democrats are pathetic lying treaonist hypocrites. They should be kicked out of Washington. The democratic party and fake news networks are clearly aligned with each other. And they are a national disgrace. TRUMP2020🙂

  4. we GOP supporters hope she and her cronies keep their jobs so trump and the Republicans maintain real control over this country get em Donald you've already made America great again keep it that way

  5. How could the Dem's even show up to a debate with Trump and who are they going to put up against Him, Especially when they are dismantling their own party from the inside out. They have committed political suicide and condemned themselves to failing most miserably. They would rather "Fight than switch." What a dis-functional collection of waste.

  6. Sent the Ukraine was involved in the phone chat, he is on trial also! Mr. Schiff is House Intelligence he had to tell the true facts, No! he tell lie's. He just causes USA to lose 72% of the worlds to "not to trust us !!!!!!" Once again! USA loosing relationship with nation? He "Schiff" need to be Impeached/FIRED and Charges with lying under oath!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this isn't a laughing matter!!!!!


  8. They need a vacation to run and hide and make their evil plans and they will pay a heavy price! and they don't give a damm about the American people !

  9. Its all theater. They know if an impeachment trial reaches the senate the presidents attorney has the power to subpoena anyone. That includes Obama, Hillary etc. to have to answer any question asked under oath. LOL. Its all theater for the next election, that's all the dems have these days.

  10. Pelosi" We have to pass the bill to see what's in it. Remember" Now see wants to impeach before even getting the facts. ' And these people are supposedly drafting our laws and enforcing them. Scary," There has to be more intelligent people than we have now, that would like to lead our country. Its so important for the American people to elect the finest. My schnauzer could do better.

  11. It seems no one is able to do anything!
    How can the Democrats say that Trump is an illegitimate president?
    How do Democrats, past and present, that have broken the law get away with it?

  12. Ha!
    Pelosi: This is a grave matter of national security.
    Also Pelosi: oh, and let's take a two-week vacation!

  13. We the real American born taxpaying citizen's will absolutely reelect mr president Trump and we the people will stand with and support him unconditionally. No one will ever impeach our greatest American president ever Mr Donald j TRump. If they unconstitutional criminally attempt to violate we the people's rites and or falsely fraudulently bring any form of unlawful criminal corruption towards our president we the American people will erupt and there could be a major massive civil war. The American people are sick of the corrupt democratic criminal failure's and the American people will stand amd defend honor integrity and our constitution. The real tyranny are the worthless democratic scumbags our four father's warned us American's about this Tyranny . 🎺 trump 2020.💘 the corrupt democratic criminals are worse than the mafia. Except way more stupid. 😂 lmao

  14. Impeach depends on what the left can spin,if Schiff is anything to go by Alice was a fact not a childs imagination.

  15. The democrats know evidence of their crimes will soon be released, they needed something big to take all eyes off the democrat crimes….so up pops this Whistle Blower……did Schifty put together this Ukrainian dossier?

  16. How is investigating a crime digging dirt? fck these guys. "that was 4 years ago so don't worry about it' are these people mental?

  17. A trial is going to be the Democrats worst nightmare. All the evidence of Democrat corruption will be exposed for all to see. Can you say TREASON?! It's time to put your leftist money where your mouth is. Be careful what you wish for.

  18. No matter who wins a global government is coming(BRICS) Idolatry and sorcery has been from day one. The call of Abram , Abraham from UR. Israel was in Egypt, Canaan, BAVEl Babylon and all had worshiped the gods. Not the God of Abraham. we need the Torah(Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy) no animal sacrifice as Jesus was the last sacrifice and no temple needed as our bodies are the Temples. Then study the Gospels(Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) See Matthew 23. Church wake up care for you sheep not as Israels shepherds ,Levites.

  19. Pray for Ontario, Canada. The demon spirit that is deceiving people 35 and under through no fault of theirs. School, church(some) friends , mentors are all deceived so those 35 and under are tricked and they cannot see, Jesus said bling guides. The daily accidents, and deaths has to be covered in prayer, fasting and Psalm 68 I got. Pray for all leaders blessings on them as warned in Jeremiah. Deuteronomy 28 is a must know now. We are blinded by the god of money than the God who drew Abram from Idolatry and named Him Abraham See Genesis 21 and Genesis 22 miracles.

  20. Good for u Scalise! Stand up for our President and our country. Dems trying to take this country over. Please wake up Dem followers your party has becone unhinged.

  21. We The People are sick & tired of hearing from Biased News! You are Destroying our Country & Creating a War that won't be stopped! When we all cut-off our cable TV, then you all will have to learn to live with your demoted salaries.

  22. Republicans vs Clinton: 7 billion dollars, a special investigation, sent to the floor for a vote, the most pathetic display of a trial, proof semen on a blue dress. End result no impeachment.

    Democrats: Orange Man Evil! We didn't who we wanted as President so everyone think reeeaaalllllyyyyy hard what to do.
    I got it! We base our entire election campaign on Impeachment of Orange Man! Oops didn't work like we hoped. Then someone distract the ppl throw anything and let's see what sticks.

  23. whistleblower reports wrong doing of trump. then trump release phone transcript confirming the report of the whistleblower. why are the republicans still defending trump? crooks covering for crooks i guess.

  24. Once found innocent again, Shouldnt the ones actually telling the lies be held accountable? Slander, Defamation, Harassment… All illegal acts.

  25. That's what they dont want. They don't want the PEOPLE to vote they know hes going another 4 years and they are frantic asf. Cant wait to see if they keep at this for another 4 years or they give up

  26. I thought the way it is supposed to be is that first comes the crime then comes the impeachment. The Democrats have it backwards: they are calling for impeachment first and then they keep searching and searching for a crime to go with it.

  27. Wow people in these comments are trump stans like he didn't have contact with 2 foreign countries for political gain after he just got done with dealing with the one

  28. The fake news needs to define the phrase "dig up dirt" on someone. You cant dig up what doesn't exist. It works 0% of the time. FACT. However, you can always 100% of the time create something yourself and then verbally fasely accuse someone of something they never did. Also exposing someone's crimes of the past month or past decade is not considered "digging up dirt" and can only be considered to be so AFTER they have been investigated and the outcome determined whether the accused is proven innocent — then and only then can the entire process be called "digging up dirt". The phrase needs to be avoided entirely and the person needs to be more specific when communicating about someone because the phrase is totally accusational towards the person who desires to investigate another. Fck that dude on the left. Take his fcking name!

  29. We served we fought we bled and some of us died but we answered the call to defend this country and my flag but this pig 🐖 trump refused the call to defend this country and we served fought bled and died in his stead. GOD DAM COWARD WERE COMING TO FLUSH THE ENTIRE TRUMP SEWER OUT!!! LOLOLOLMFS

  30. It sucks when republicans tries to impeach Clinton for getting bj, and now the democrats are to impeach individual 1! Lol

  31. What the hell is Fox doing?What is with the tough questions with Scalise Ed? I don't see that with any dems that come on. It'll be fun to watch the downfall of Fox.

  32. Thank you FOX for using party-specific color-codes to help indicate the political orientation of your arguments. It really helps when trying to settle my internal discord.

  33. Are you serious they didn't do that liar a dam thing for his lies all during the Russian lie they all lie and are just set on the destruction of our country pelosi has her head so far up AOC's butt its just shows how much she is not in control as speaker the squad is all of them hate America

  34. The kitty litter from the left is deep. Lotta back ground noise too , how will this bring well being ? They will lose… 2020 🚒🇺🇸💯 the TRUMP team is helping me make fix build and invest in the USA … Keep liberty and freedom strong …

  35. It's not about the 2016 election anymore and you know it. It's about hate and division in this country.Its about a want to be autocrat who dares not adhere to the checks and balances that holds the president accountable for his actions.

  36. Isn't spying on phone calls between presidents a more serious problem???
    Imagine what other world leaders think about talking on the phone with Trump leaked to the sly scandal creating media outlets

  37. Isn't Congress on their monthly 29 day vacation?
    God bless America
    God bless President Trump
    Trump 2020 – See Clearly

  38. The rules have been changed so there is no firm statue for high crimes and misdemeanors. Basically what we have now is a system where a crime is whatever the house wants it to be.

  39. Ed is acting if he is some kind of pious diety in journalism. Everytime he attempts to push the democrat talking points & agenda he gets schooled. He seems to have a short memory and tries to shut down the conversation if the crimes of the democrats is brought up. Lame duck Ryan probably promised him his own show if he pushes the elitist agenda & shuts down talk about the democrats crimes. There is no statue of limitations on most of the crimes they have committed.

  40. This discussion is FUBAR! FRIGGIN idiot's all of them; you guys, wow, no honor or self sacrifice. All of you should resign…

  41. President Trump should instead impeach the Congress over "Fed -Congress" corruption over the printing the "Fed Private Dollars" since 1913 to enrich themeselves through "American Debt" amounting to 21 trillions in 2019 since then. We need a "National Emergency" to purge the Congress.

  42. Hello?!? Ummmm… those of us listening to more than “mainstream” media. This includes FoxNews. We’ve been interested in Biden’s dealing from the day that video came out. We are not freaking stupid!

  43. Look Fox News you suck…no accountability for corrupt Democrat’ miss this independent voter with the🐂💩..when the Democrat’s are taken to task for 2016 election tampering and all the Russian witch hunt..then it’s Democrat’s turn again ..🤨

  44. As a registered democrat, I'm working on firing them all, vote by each vote. Louisiana's early voting ended, Saturday. I gave Nancy an early Christmas present by voting Red/ Republican straight across the board… All American Citizens give Nancy, her special gift, Vote All Democrats Out Of Office… They do No Work For The American People. LOUISIANA SUPPORTS OUR PRESIDENT.

    Nancy, your move…

  45. I advised the Republicans that Martial Law may be necessary to prevent a possible coup on the President of the great USA. I hope not.

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