Scottish Parliament bans the term ginger bread men replacing it with ginger bread people

Scottish Parliament bans the term ginger bread men replacing it with ginger bread people


  1. So who's more triggered? Ppl changing the name of cookies or ppl making a whole show on it in some other country..??
    Doesn't anyone have any real problem to address?
    St Nicholas was skinny turk. Not fat and white.

  2. Gingerbread Man Gingerbread Man Gingerbread Man Gingerbread Man Gingerbread Man Gingerbread Man Gingerbread Man Gingerbread Man what will they do throw me in jail Totally laughable.

  3. I work in an elementary school and some children call me Mrs. Gingerbread man. How and why can it be offencive? So the children's book "The gingerbread Man" should be labeled "The gingerbread person"?
    Why is this generation so worried about their feelings? Feelings are apart of your thought process. if your feelings are hurt it's because you're allowing yourself to be hurt. Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me. If we would teach this generation about the brain and how it works and to understand their consciousness we could all live in harmony. I don't celebrate Christmas but if you do Merry Christmas. I hope you have a happy healthy prosperous New year!

  4. Publicly announce a decree effective only within the walls of the publishers. Seems that the next effort will be to broaden that effect to the outside of those walls.

  5. They've been called that for literally a hundred plus years. Political correctness just needs to die it's ruining absolutely everything.

  6. Gingerbread men should make feminists happy, they get to bite him where he is mansplaining, making him in to gender fluid

  7. 0:15 Exactly! Scottland is occupied by by England, and only decision their parliament is allowed to make is to update the text in the parliementary cafeteria menu.
    Let them do it! Let them make one independent decision as a gift for Holiday.
    Merry Christmas! And Gingerbread man is a junk food: go real chocolate.

  8. Graphic Design company conducts a survey and gets 27% willing to bastardise Santa? It's an encouraging result considering what kind of people would participate in the graphic design company survey and how that company is targeting and attracting its audience.

  9. So not getting picked in gym is more of a worldly condition. Time is coming when MEN will return to govern. And there will be blood.

  10. We should ask for Britain and France to repay america for defending them just so they can become what they fought against ,just think if every american family in service at that time got payment checks ,they do it for everybody else that fights against america .including our own political players .

  11. It is what it is! If it's a man it's a man. If it is a woman It is a woman. Good God, oh wonder there is a bunch of confused people about their Identity/Gender

  12. I'm Scottish, it's more cultural Marxism from globalist SNP…they want to stay in the EU instead of rebuilding our fishing industry…traitors of Scotland and the UK

  13. The United States should watch the rest of the Western world delve deeper into left-wing madness, and avoid doing the same.

    There needs to be at least one land on Earth for the sane and uncastrated.

  14. Who raised these people ….. a generation of whining over protected snowflakes that had everything done for them.. some everything paid for them into adulthood … a generation with 25 year old men on skateboards, insecure 25 year old women that can't look up from their phones and look people in the eye, tattoos, body piercings, sleeping until 2:00 pm and playing video games all night in the basements of the parents that coddled them ….

  15. Throw a shoe out the window in Scotland and you have a 90% chance of hitting a social justice warrior, gender non-binary with purple hair and a chip on their shoulder.

  16. I wouldn't be surprised if this is going to be the norm, because everybody is extremely sensative. It's gotten to the point where everything offends people.

  17. Perversionist lobbing together to promote their perversionary agenda! Please people lets be sure that when we see these loonies trying to pull these kinds of stunts that we call them out for what they're actually doing. They're getting by with it because there isn't a descriptive term for the perversion. Well these people have created all kinds of terms to position them in a likeness, they have went above and beyond to make themselves appear normal!! Here is three terms for their actions and beliefs. (use them wherever appropriate)




    These are new words that at first sound odd to say, but it doesn't take long for them to be fitting and become normal. These people can be whatever they want, but its "Perversionism" when they try to make their perverted ways the normal standard for the rest of the world around them. Catering to the "Perversionist" is empowering their "Perversionary" agenda!

  18. But if they’re gingerbread people, they all have the same body shape, and you can’t tell the difference in the male and female cookie. So now you’re saying that women have the same shape as men? That’s not flattering to women and you are not appreciating their differences. THATS SEXIST.

  19. This makes me want to puke but considering the direction of Europe to Satanic & erecting statutes to it, This is the Crap Ovomit was pushing America towards with NO Merry Christmas, NO nativity scenes, Same bathrooms for all in kindergartens & schools. This world is living in the last days! God Bless Pres Trump for giving America one last chance!!

  20. this is also an embarrassment to the irish people who used to respect the scottish /seems they lost their head /as the fable said

  21. only neanderthal people listen to these pc neanderthal ass wipes /ie their parents are still cleaning their behinds 20 years after their birth and regretting

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