Second Largest Parliament in the world | The Palace Of Parliament | Romania Episode – 3

Second Largest Parliament in the world | The Palace Of Parliament | Romania Episode – 3

So guys You might have seen, I have come to Parliament in the Romania episode as my first place to visit. It is called as the World’s second largest Parliament Why it is called so is because after the pentagon this is the largest building in World. It is estimated to have 3000 rooms, each room is assigned with one or the other activities. None of the rooms are empty, Many have their work to do. i would say it is one of the busiest parliament. Similary there are few place which owns the details of the monuments. Since today is saturday, they are not allowing inside. If we get time lets visit this place within Mon-Friday. I dont know how it is inside. I’m exited guys, lets go inside and see. So guys almost i have reached the parliament. This is the area behind it. There is a park here. Once after covering the Parliament, lets have look at this as well. This is quite a bigger park, don’t under estimate it just by look, It would extend around 5-6 km long. Opposite to that there are some small buildings that benifits the Parliament. All those are used by the MP’s is what they say, Have a look at it. This is that Parliament that i told you, Seeing itself you can identify how Gigantic it is. Keep watching, i will take you through. After the USA’s pentagon, this is the world’s second largest Parliament. It is such a building that just from here you cant see the Gigantic view of the building. you can know only when you come here. I’m trying to cover as much as possible, Have a look at it. Let’s cover the internal part some other day. Now watch the Outer part. This is the front view, It is a bigger building, you can’t know just by seeing. Because in Video you may not get that feel, This itself i m trying to capture with some adjustment to capture that angle. Do visit this place, you will come to know how big this Building is. The width of this Building is much bigger than this is what they say. Lets complete this episode after having a glance of the width. As mentioned earlier, the parallel road has a place where MP’s stay. Look how big this place is. So guys there is a Museum nearby, I have come there, Museum is famous for the Monuments. Let’s go and have a look at it, It is right behind the Parliament. So after watching the Parliament if you come to the backside of it you can find this Museum. Lets go inside and see what all they have. This is Museum, loot at the backside of it. It belongs to Parliament. All these comes around Parliament surrounding. Its good and peaceful to watch. we need to head straight to the Museum, Lets go come. Parliament is the main tourist attraction in Bucharest. Many used to visit this place. Since today is a holiday, there is very less crowd. It is easy for us to take photos. Look closer how big it is. It is unexplainable, if you come here only then you can see how Gigantic it is. Look at the architecture, it is of Roman style. All are of small Colossal based model. Have you ever seen the colosseum in Rome. This resembles that. All these places are ruled by Romans. That is the reason this country is named a ROMANIA. look at the backside looks like a Church, Catholic Church. It is under renovation. So guys this is the place near to the Museum. Look how Gigantic it is. Looks like a Castle have a look. Look the cops are there, also have a look at the roof. Looks like false celling. Older style of false Ceilling. looks like this was built more than 100 years ago. WOW!! see how the Catholic Church is looking from here. Itsn’t that Magnificient. All these are the workmenship of pigeons. See how they have spoiled this place. Untill i meet you in the next video, bye bye from my end. So keep watching this Romania episodes, we will cover more such places. Don’t miss anything, tell me your feedback. Also suggest me if i need to improve, I will improve. ok.

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  1. Min 5,50 is not Catholic Church… Isa new built Romanian Orthodox Cathedral. Nice Video. What ar Your Impression about Romania and romanians ? Honestly! Greetings from Romania ♥️

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