Sen. Amy Klobuchar On 2020: ‘I’m The One That Can Beat Donald Trump’ | NBC News NOW

Sen. Amy Klobuchar On 2020: ‘I’m The One That Can Beat Donald Trump’ | NBC News NOW


  1. Bahaha This is hilarious! The mainstream media wants so bad for a centrist to head the ticket. Amy Klobuchar is just not going to happen. It's going to come down to Bernie or Biden. My vote is going to Bernie Sanders.

  2. I needed some comic relief from all the winning, winning, winning and Amy Clobber4sure didn't disappoint!

    Now I can go back to winning, winning winning!

  3. And here she is in the Ukraine.

  4. Jealousy, hatred, and dementia fuels the Dem's, they will succeed at nothing, they have the MSM, academia, and Hollywood in their camp but still the American voters can see right through them, nothing can stop what's coming, it's gonna be great !

  5. The only moment she is shining, when she announce as a candidate at snow….
    Then she just do boring thing… speak boring… nothing special…

  6. Has anybody noticed how big of a disaster, NBC is fake news has been? Less than 1300 views when I made this statement! Nearly a day after posting this video!

  7. If beating trump is your goal the only way to do that is Andrew Yang. Don't allow the media to push these foggy senior citizens and nobody;s like pete and klowbucher on ya.

  8. My dear friends in the Democratic party I hope you will believe me when I say that I do truly feel bad for you. How did you get here? Is there anyone in your party who understands why you lost to Trump in the previous election and will most assuredly will lose the next election. If this is the best your party can offer then you truly have lost.

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