Sen. Capito: House hearings very divisive and partisan

Sen. Capito: House hearings very divisive and partisan


  1. How much does anyone want to bet that the dems are searching for a way out? Can you imagine the dem Senators running in 2020 having to take a vote that turns 65 to 67 million Americans against them before they are even the nominee? I guarantee the Dem Senators don't want this dumped on them.

  2. Democrats are having to be pulled from the swamp kicking and screaming. They are happy gators in there, it's a swamp they dug out over a period of decades. It's exactly why they have to go. That "do nothing democrats" term is very fitting. Paychecks for nothing,

  3. Yes it is divisive when one party, the Democrats respects the Rule of Law and Constitution and the other party doesn't. tRump is declaring absolute immunity from any crimes for not just himself but for his whole crime family and corrupt, crooked, corporate staff. And he doesn't even care about national security, why?

  4. The idea that climate change is too expensive to fix is a more subtle form of climate denial. Economists, however, suggest we could fix climate change now by spending 1% of world GDP. Perhaps even less if the cost savings from improved human health and expansion of the global green economy are taken into account. But if we don’t act now, by 2050 it could cost over 20% of world GDP.

  5. TRUMP, HIS GOP WHORES, AND FAUX NEWS AGITATORS HAVE RESORTED TO COMMITTING BLASPHEMY! They are claiming that Trump was chosen to be POTUS by the God of the Christian religions. That is sheer, unapologetic blasphemy, that is, profanity, sacrilege, irreverence, unholiness, etc. Why are the leaders of the Christian communities refusing to call it out? Why have we abandoned our Christian values? Trump will insist that he is unimpeachable because God chose him!

  6. John Durham will crack the left's heads wide open! If it wasn't for Trump. We would have lost everything that we hold dear to us. God bless our president and country!

  7. I hope every Republican Congress person votes for impeachment. And force senate hearing and forces shifty, biden, whistle-blower ( traitor), and all corrupt politicians to testify . Otherwise PRESIDENT TRUMP is completely innocent

  8. 2016 election was of national interest. POTUS cares more about nation interest than personal. Otherwise, he wouldn't be making himself a daily PUBLIC target, not unlike JFK.

  9. What the President did was NOT inappropriate and was ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED by the duties of his office. Anyone who opposes this is a criminal aiding and abetting the criminals that are the leadership of the Democratic Party.

  10. Since when the Constitution is divisive? Since when violating the Impoundment Control Act Title 10 is not an impeachable offense? Add to that many others I can think of….

  11. He broke at least 4 laws according to Harvard Law professor in the memo he released. Obviously, he hid what he considered "bad" in the secret server so when we get the actual transcript in the Senate trial….there's probably more.
    *not releasing the money as congress designated
    *violated the civil rights of the Biden’s
    *extortion/bribery of pres of Ukraine (do THIS or you don't get the $)
    *asked a foreign power to interfere with our election
    Eventually when trump is long gone it will come out that he planned to run the clock out, not give Ukraine the money at all (as Taylor suspected, & probably at Putin's command) & use the money for his wall project. Another obsession all related to reelection.
    Trump is predictable, he steals, he swindlers, he lies, he cheats. He is not as difficult to understand as the MAGA enablers who wave US flags for the guy convicted a week ago of stealing from our Vets. A puppet of Putin who is doing all he can to make Russia great again. Let's not forget WHO the Ukraine is fighting against. Ignorance is no excuse any longer for the trump cult. This is not a sport. Trump is not your home team. He is a traitor destroying our democracy from within at Putins will. Yes he colluded with Russia. You don't obstruct the investigation if you're innocent. Successfully obstructing is not the same as innocent. Every supporter of his is a traitor to this country. You can not say you didn't know. He is the father of lies.

  12. You can't get a better reason to have Tulsi Gabbard be are next President. It's so much more than the puppets Trump and the DNC. It's about the true bosses, the corporatist and their minions the lobbyist who rule government. Wake up people. TULSI2020

  13. Schiff calls Trump unethical and then condemns anyone having financial gain. First of all, nothing was presented during the entire Schiff circus to indicate that Trump gained financially. The only people who gained financially are Democrats like Biden's son, Pelosi's son, Kerry's stepson, and Kerry's former campaign finance manager.

  14. Stabilizing that area of the WORLD? WHAT ABOUT OUR AREA? We still have open borders, we still have Veterans not getting the health care they need, oh, but we will give it to anyone that can make it over the border. Child Trafficking by Politicians and Hollywood big wigs? This is a broken record – I have been hearing this for 50 years, and the tune NEVER CHANGES – they are lying to you. These Politicians have no intention of fixing problems because if they do they work themselves out of a job. And at the rate they are going they don't need to worry about that. Did you notice they approved the Patriot Act once again? The largest violation of Civil and Constitutional Rights EVER PASSED IN OUR HISTORY. People should be in the streets protesting this, but no, they are caught up in their latest SJW protest about removing religion, or free speech they don't want to hear. Never in our lifetime has this Republic been so close to falling. And the corruption just continues on….

  15. Corruption is corruption being a presidential candidate does not excuse you from investigation. For Trump not request investigation into the bidens when they are so obviously corrupt would be remiss

  16. USMCA is being delayed by very corrupt politicians who are currently profiting (and working with) the cartels. In that way, the impeachment hoax is a red herring that, nonetheless, could remove POTUS.

  17. We wisch the great Präsident do somthing for the Journalist Julian Assange. Otherwise his "Free Speech" is a Fake news to. He now the sick phantom Whistelblowers the Dems and from Wikileaks he have profitiert. A Win for him. But Christopher Steel has immunity and Julian Assange is in Prison. — is that corrupt Dems US Justice. thanks.

  18. Fox's outright attack on Truth and Democracy is outrageous and dangerous. This can not continue if democracy is to survive. New laws are necessary.

  19. brett and the so called truth reporters should be ashamed of themselves for even mention adam schiff and his demon-Rat/democ-Rats. Anybody who gives these Rats a voice, TV-time or any attention is a stupid fool and corrupt. Own it!

  20. The pathologically lying Adam Schifft claimed on so many press interviews for two years that he had damning evidence that Pres. Trump colluded with the Russians. Why didn't he give his damning evidence to Robert Mueller? He couldn't because that evidence existed only in his fantasy world. Another thing, why did he fabricate an obnoxiously erroneous "transcript" of Pres. Trump's and Pres. Zelensky's phone conversation on July 25, 2019 that put Pres. Trump in a very bad light? I know why he did it. He wanted to get superficial reason for an impeachment inquiry to pursue the 4th Step of his Master Plan designed to bring down a duly elected POTUS. Well, let me tell you Rep. Adam Schifft, YOU WON'T SUCCEED. It will just boomerang on you and the rest of your Democrat Gang Members. GOOD WILL WIN IN THIS WAR AGAINST EVIL, BY THE GRACE OF GOD ALMIGHTY, AMEN. ✝🙏💪👍

  21. Funny thing about a lie you have to tell 10 to cover that one and so on and so on 2020 President Donald Trump again

  22. The Republicans have tried to work with the Democrates on American issues that would only help this country,but have done nothing but push Impeachment where there is no reason for Impeachment, other than being butthurt because Trump won the RIGHT to be POTUS.Period!!!!!!


  24. Could the Americans, especially left really be missing the obvious? Any president shying from aggressively rooting out corruption, specially when the man is running for president and corruption is glaringly patent as in the case of Biden would have been a disgrace. What? Looks like impeachment is there to punish president Trump for doing the honourable thing. Are your Democrats idiots?

  25. Personal gain Adam Shift? Haha. Have you taken a good look at your party lately? They’re being arrested left n left for corruption all over th USA. Trump 2020!!!!!!

  26. Interesting, our cpngreepersons and senator fly home, then fly back, for 2 day session, then fly back home, STUPID(?) waste of our taxes. Let them for their own flights on commercial carriers, what waste if tax money

  27. Let them continue. A. Those candidates from the Senate cannot campaign. B. The Democrats will pay a dear heavy price for this Schiff Show.

  28. If Adam Shift has immunity and able to lie all year long . I think the other judges that allow this to work should also be served at the same time Judge kaveroff was served by the people of the United Stataes . Something just isn’t right with the way congress is working against the President it is plane and clear , there use to be a time when Democrats were no different than the Republicans , they all worked for the same purpose to check and Balance our Country , now it has has Ouviousely decomposed, with more than 50% of the Democrats acting like kindygarden &1st grade spoiled brats and it continues the daworf madamorphisis of our country’s progression that hasn’t happened in a Historical way in a long time

  29. President Trump is very very very Passionate & Love his Country, Family & People & the Flag. Now we know WHY THE BIBLE IS PRINTED IN AMERICA & CHRISTIANITY WAS FOUNDED, that’s why America & Americans will always be blessed BY GOD & not SATAN OR EVIL just have a look at the EVIDENCE. The BIBLE IS DONE all PROPHECIES are TRUE God Bless ❤️👍👌🏿😎

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