Sen. Dianne Feinstein talks intel report on Senate floor

Sen. Dianne Feinstein talks intel report on Senate floor


  1. The thing she mentioned are well known by everyone including her.  She failed to do her job.  She is still covering up.  She is a dirty old cunt with ability to do her job.

  2. Now let me get this straight. This Democrat bitch was chairman of the Senate commetee that was SUPPOSED to watch over these people and now she is crying TORTURE. She knew what was going on, so that makes her responsible for what happened. Her commitee could have STOPPED this at ANY TIME. Democrat lies and deception.

  3. it hasn't been that long since government hung some soldiers out to dry for doing far lest then this . Now you're bringing all this out to the public . Will the big boys pay for doing this like the soldiers did ???  Dem's lost the senate to the Rep's …Rep was in charge during this time , just wonder if this goes hand and hand ? 

  4. on the Ukrainian side, the citizens of the United States cut people and on the side of DNR citizens of the USA do not cut. !!! who is good or who is bad Ukraine or DNR everyone chooses for themselves?

  5. Senator Feinstein is a Idiot why should the American people have pitty on the these sick evil terrorist these men didn't care about killing Americans on 9/11 so why the hell should we care about these sick sons of bitches they deserve to get torture they should of put a bullet in they head after they tortured those terrorist bums

  6. I love democrats but hate Diane F(RANK)EINSTEIN…. there is something inherenly wrong about that woman her and chuck schumer do my fucking head in …. the sooner these zombies are fired by their constituents the better the humanity..

  7. DIANE F(RANK)EINSTEIN  feeing sorry for those tortured humans is as fake as the Wig on top of her head….AAAArgh…. I just punched myself in the face….

  8. One American pillar is protection of rights of all individuals by the government. Do we want to allow people who are
    arbitrarily suspected of perhaps knowing something important to be tortured? It could be you next time.

  9. She's full of it. She said the white house didn't know, yeah right. This is like a cop covering up for another cop. This was Bush and Cheney's policy: torture! As soon as it blows up in there face all of a sudden it's Rogue elements, nobody is ever responsible not even if there in charge. They must hold a world record for nobody being in charge of anything when it's bad but if it's good the same people come out of the woodwork.

  10. War is harsh, people act like thats news. What about the thousands on 9/11? These people tortured werent innocent people, they were dangerous POWs

  11. Thanks to Diane's "study", I'm sure ISIS is busy sharpening their decapitation knives as they welcome their new recruits that she's helping to motivate.  Fortunately, Diane is not so concerned about the 100's of Muslim women and children that Obama has maimed and killed during his six years of drone strikes. Since Diane is such a disgusting political hack, she has no problems staying silent about that.

  12. All this is about is to try to make the Bush and Republicans look bad because of the recent elections and Republicans won. This BITCH Dianne Feinstein and the Democratic Party does NOT CARE WHO GETS KILLED if they release this. I HOPE AND PRAY SOME BRAVE SOLE STOPS THIS BEFORE IT HAPPENS it could save a lot of lives If this happens Dianne Feinstein should be TRIED FOR MURDER.May God Dam this person and the Democratic Party and all that is connected with it.I hope they ALL BURN IN HELL.

  13.  I don't no why the government has to do all that torture. Just make it mandatory to give terrorist truth serum. No fuss no mess. One of these day your going to want to know where a terrorist hid a dirty bomb and your not going to have allot of time to find out where it is hidden. Has for the CIA they are the U.S. government Mafia.

  14. Torture is an art if done right. With today technology you can torture a person to the point of death and then revive them and do it over and over again for months.

  15. This woman is a psycho. She thinks releasing these documents (confession) will redeem the United States, and from now on will make us a HOLY nation in the eyes of the world or our sworn enemies.

  16. Last ditch effort Feinstien , for a little attention.Endanger Americans that didnt have anthing to do with it.She wouldn't have a clue about combat.Go off spend your millions along with the rest of corrupt government.

  17. Oh man this is unblievable

    I am a muslim living in europe and here in germany the people always say  the american government is crul but the american people are not but with regards to these comments it seems they are even worse. dont u know that they torture also innocent people and still keep them in prison. In the report its said they hold them awake for weaks. waterboard them till they spit water after touching their stomach… and just 500 sites of the 6000 sites long report was released. And now u defend such actions and argue with what the muslims have done?? Those IS are a crazy bunch of people and if the americans really compare themselfs with them then ur country is the shithole of the world. Just holding it in one piece is the good land u stole from the indians and stealing anything from the rest of the world. Just keep printing dollars to hold ur eco and kill start more wars on states with recoursses u want u will get ur bill sooner or later.

  18. How dare us interrogate and torture those innocent terrorists but it's ok to drone and have a hell fire missile evaporate the terrorists and their innocent families. Liberals are such hypocrite's it makes me sick.

  19. She's a fucking liberal traitor!!!!!!! What the fuck are we doing releasing this to the public????? How do we ever protect allies or expect them to trust us with a dumb Bitch like her involved??? Thanks you piece of shit traitor. Why don't you email you friends at ISIS our military base information as well. Why do we allow dumb shits like this to even get involved, oh yeah, the liberal asshole in California voted her in….. Thanks assholes


  21. This bleeding heart idiot is obviously to stupid to realize she is being used as a pawn. This is nothing more than a diversion and attempt to take down the CFR and replace it's sphere of influence with UN cronies. Basicly, someone else wants to be on top in the raping of masses. God help us all…..

  22. If torture works then great, but don't tell the American public because now we have a bunch of people who are saying its wrong to beat men who want to rape and murder women and children 

  23. Terrorists are NOT military personnel – they are EVIL cold-blooded killers – they are
    MASS MURDERERS.   They DELIBERATELY TARGET and kill innocent civilians, including women and children.  During the time of 9/11, I remember seeing videos of people jumping from the World Trade Center towers.  Can you imagine jumping to your death from a building because the alternative was being burned alive?  Some stayed in the building and were burned alive.  Now that's real torture – and it was inflicted upon innocent people.  If that had been a family member of mine – and I was put in a room with one of those responsible – god forbid what I would do to him.  I have no sympathy for the people behind that mass murder of people.  Like Osama bin Laden, these terrorists deserved to be hunted down and killed.

  24. You should be ashamed of yourself for what you did today to Judge Kavanaugh , you are a liberal piece of shit . You probably been shitting on the sidewalks out in that shithole state of yours . SCUM

  25. feinstein is such a useless tired old C U N T ….put the old bitch out in the pasture she is a cancer in the senate…always has been…. only thing she has done successfully in congress over 40 years is MAKE HER GREEDY ASS FILTHY RICH…..

  26. "Feinstein was comfortable but hardly wealthy when she entered politics . Today , she is worth more than 80 million bucks while her husband is worth billions . His company was awarded a contract in 2015 to sell off US postal properties while they went to a leasing program that raised costs substantially . Almost 20 billion dollars in property netted hubby over a billion . She was mayor of San Francisco for 10 years and now receives sixty grand a year in pension payments . Meanwhile she has done almost nothing for the people of California or the country . But compared to most of our politicians , she doesn't act crazy and has managed to fly under the radar . If she isn't dirty , the system is . It takes a real pig to take a sixty thousand dollar check every year totaling over a million bucks so far , from the taxpayers of a city while still earning close to a quarter million a year to add to her almost 100 million savings and hubbies billions . That tells you who Diane Feinstein is . Where are your priorities when you are worth billions , almost in your 90s , and still accumulating wealth like you are planning to live another 100 years , all of it from taxpayers ? Just a pig ."

    It is unbelievable that the Demorats are people that cannot be trusted – this is such a shame that people are setting a great example of 'loyalty', honesty and mistrust from them – to put things into perspective these are the same group who wants to govern America. The people will never go for that – how can Americans trust this Sanatic sect, when they are unable to trust and control their own evil way. Democrats, you will never rule America even if you all have to be round up and be hanged by your necks until death. We will never want to hear the word Democrats again. You are not the government we the people are. Your doings are out of hand and disrespectful to us and you MUST take steps immediately before it is too late for you. Which of you could wear Mr.Trump's shoes? There will never be another one like him and no way in HELL we will allow you to hurt him in any way shape or form. This includes Dirty Obama, Screwballs Hillary Rotten Clinton. The Democrats are made up of old antiquated, no brain, loudmouths, senile snakes. Take this serious.

  28. She is a prime example of a thief and why the don't want term limits. They all should be hung for stealing from our government. They give our money to foreign countries and in return have money deposited in secret accounts for them," kickBacks"!!!

  29. John McCain got rich from war donners, Like Not so Fine Swine, she too is a piece of shit!!!! Rot in Hell John Boy, she will be there soon.

  30. Dianne Frankenstein's (sister), did you leak?did you leak? I will check, 'you are right Mr. President, I also shit myself''.

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