Sen. John Kennedy hits back at Hillary Clinton’s Russia accusations

Sen. John Kennedy hits back at Hillary Clinton’s Russia accusations


  1. If Chuck Turd called me a communist to my face, I would calmly walkover and knock that little twink out cold.

  2. Most likely Biden and Hillary and Obama helped orchestrate Ukraine to meddle in the election , ironically they blamed Donald Trump for colluding with the Russians which was a hoax from the beginning. The democrats have a habit of accusing their opponent of the things they actually are doing and since they get a way with it like Biden did for his Son with kick backs in the Ukraine and China ….why not ?

  3. I still can't understand why Russia or the Ukraine meddling with our election is an issue. The US , especially the Odingbat administration was meddling with elections all over the world yet nobody brings that up🤔

  4. Every country on earth tries to do what is best for Them!!! How is this a surprise? We do the same for goodness sake.

  5. Also, I thought I read back when that there was 4 countries that hacked the DNC server, the attempts were also made against the RNC server (but unsuccessful). One of the countries being China. Also, why don't these Repub Congressmen ever mention the fact that no candidate was being favored over the other in the Russian meddling?

  6. Unfortunately what I heard is that all people are currupt, it just depends who is in charge at the time, and whether they can keep the power at all costs

  7. Any other time those sources would be fake news but now they're credible sources and they know more than the intelligence community 😂😂😂

  8. John Kennedy does not even understand how our Congressional Impeachment process works! Trump doesn't normally get ANY opportunity to be involved in the process until the TRIAL PORTION of the process which is the TRIAL IN THE SENATE! OMFG do these Republicans just not know anything about our government's processes or are they deliberately trying to confused the American People?! Perhaps John Kennedy is in the pay of Putin, as he is parroting Putin's exact orders about making Ukraine the enemy in the public eye so that when he next invades Ukraine to take over the rest of it, American's don't realize that they should care. Because that is exactly what John Kennedy is doing – working for Vicious Vladimir Putin whether he is being paid for it or not.

  9. Why does no one ask the one fundamental question, " did Russia interfere, More, or Less during the 2016 election, than say, the 2012, or 08 elections and if so, how much?"

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