Sen. Kamala Harris Takes Questions from College Students in the Tonight Show Audience

Sen. Kamala Harris Takes Questions from College Students in the Tonight Show Audience

-I thought, what a great
opportunity. We have all these students
in our audience tonight. -Yeah.
-I thought it would be great to maybe take some
questions from them. -Oh, that’d be great.
I’d like that. -Is that okay?
-Yes, of course. -Breanna from NYU.
Where is Breanna? [ Cheers and applause ]
Hi, pal. [ Applause continues ] -Go ahead, Breanna.
-Hi, Senator. So, as a first-generation
college student that comes from a lower
socioeconomic background, student loans were kind of
inevitable for me. And with graduation right around
the corner for me, I want to know what you would do
for students like me who are going to graduate with
massive amounts of student debt. -Yeah, that’s right. It’s one of the biggest issues
facing our students. Here’s my plan. One, we need to have debt-free
college. We need to have free
community college. And I’m also prepared to make
sure that we provide interest-free loans. Because nobody should be
profiting — [ Cheers and applause ] Breanna, nobody should be
profiting off of your desire to get an education. [ Cheers and applause ]
All right? So —
-That’s great. -And congratulations to you.
Congratulations to you. That’s wonderful. -Where’s Andrew from Fordham?
Andrew. [ Cheers and applause ] Andrew, whenever you’re ready.
-Yeah, sure. Thank you for being here
and taking my question. Do you believe in the mandatory
buyback of quote-unquote
“assault weapons”? And whether or not you do,
how does that idea not go against, fundamentally,
the Second Amendment? -Yeah.
Great question. I do believe that we need
to do buybacks, and I’ll tell you why. First of all, let’s be clear
about what assault weapons are. They have been designed to kill
a lot of human beings quickly. They are weapons of war with no place on the streets
of a civil society. I’ve seen assault weapons kill
babies and police officers. So, one, I’ll tell you
when elected President, if the United States Congress
continues to fail to have the courage to do something
about this, I’m prepared to take
executive action and put in place a ban
on the importation of assault weapons
into our country. But we still have to deal with the over 2 million
assault weapons that are currently in the streets
of America. And so a buyback program
is a good idea. Now, we need to do it
the right way. And part of that has to be,
you know, buy back and give people
their value, the financial value
of what they have and not just take things
from people that have value without compensating them. We need to do it the right way. But we’ve got to deal
with the fact that these people
in Washington, D.C. have failed to have
the courage — How many of you guys,
as college students, had to have a drill during high school
or middle school or elementary school,
where you — or even in college,
where you learned about how you need to hide
in a closet or crouch in a corner in the event that there is
a mass shooter roaming the hallways
of your school? Look at that.
Look at that. And here’s the thing. It terrorized you. It is traumatizing. I don’t want that
any of our children should have to sit in class, when you should be paying
attention to what’s happening in the front of the classroom, letting your mind open up
to the wonders of science, math or art or whatever, and instead have to be worried
about who’s going to come banging through the door
carrying some kind of weapon. Leaders need to lead
on this issue. And so, I’m telling you,
when elected, if Congress fails to act,
I’ll give them 100 days to put a bill on my desk
for signature. And if they do not do it, I will put in place
by executive action a comprehensive
background check requirement and a ban
on the assault weapons and the importation of assault
weapons into our country. I’m done. [ Cheers and applause ] -Wow. [ Applause continues ] -Look at how many raised
their hand. -We have time for one more. This is from Audrey, Columbia. She goes to school in Columbia.
Audrey. [ Cheers and applause ] Whenever you’re ready. -Hi. So it’s on everyone’s mind, and I have to ask…
-Okay. -In-N-Out or Shake Shack? -In-N-Out. Are you kidding me? [ Cheers and applause ]
-Come on! Shake Shack! -In-N-Out.
I am a California girl. -Oh, my —
-In-N-Out. -In-N-Out or Shake Shack?
Oh, my — We’ll have a taste test. Thank you so much for taking
the time to come here. -Okay, it’s great to be here
with you, Jimmy. -Good luck to you. Senator Kamala Harris,


  1. “No one shouldn’t be profiting off of your desire to get an education.”

    Uuuuuum, yes the fuck they should. Do you think rent is paid with “hopeys” and “believeys”??

    Someone took the time to go to school to become an educator, put in the time, effort, and money. Therefore, they need to earn the proper wage for this.

    Behind every service you get are people working hard to provide them for you. Stop being so fucking ENTITLED! You are NOT entitled to anyone’s labor.

    And taxpayers (government) should never be funding your lifestyle….EVER!!

    Also, “free” college makes your degree worthless, because then anyone can get it and wages tumble, as a result.

    Not everyone is supposed to go to college. It’s supposed to be for this of above average intelligence, or those that work EXTREMELY hard to compensate for being below this level.

    That’s why good employers want college degrees. They want the BETTER crop of society.

  2. I have a question. How much money did you recieve from Steve Mnuchin to not prosecute him? You know, the guy that was in charge of one of the banks that screwed millions of Americand and illegally took their homes during the Mortgage crisis?

  3. STFU you stupid B Dem's have killed more babies through their pro-abortion stance than any gun ever has I'm sure they made sure just college students were in the audience otherwise they would have ripped her a new one she is everything that is wrong with the left screw her

  4. Great respect for Senator Harris. Smart, articulate, experienced. Student loans are out of control and so is the assult weapon issue. No one needs an assult weapon…Having lived in CA she is spot on about In and Out..Multiple visits after the beach or late at night.

  5. Ive been marathoning Andrew yangs videos all week. AND The first video I see of another candidate bored me in 30 seconds.
    Say something interesting for godssake woman.

  6. Free college isn't free because it'll come from taxes. I'd rather pay my own way. Interest free loans are a nice idea for those about to go into college, but how does that help the woman about to graduate? What loan company is going to give out money with no benefit to them? Such a cringey, scripted segment. Who cares about her burger preference…

  7. Gonna buyback guns with taxpayer money.. so my taxes go up so you can buy everyone’s gun that they never purchased from the Government..

  8. Right to bear arms shall not be infringed. Seems like a hell of a lot of infringement is going on here lately just so people can feel “safe” A. Criminals don’t care about laws. B. Giving up liberties for a false sense of safety leads to government tyranny!

  9. whoa. This has got to be the first time I've seen a talk show video where its fan base did not 90%+ like it. I think that's a really bad sign for Senator Harris.

  10. "Nobody should be profiting off your desire to get an education." People clapped for this? So teachers shouldn't get paid? Do you know what profit means?

  11. 0:38 How can her answer to what she'll do instill confidence in any sensible college student? Notice how she slyly never mentions doing anything specifically for students at 4 yr universities nor does she mention anything about tackling student loan debt after they graduate.

    Watch this part again and think to yourself… NOTHING THAT SHE MENTIONED WILL HELP THE GIRL ASKING THE QUESTION AFTER SHE GRADUATES WITH A SHITLOAD OF DEBT. Wish Jimmy Fallon would press her on that but that'd be asking for too much from him and I guess they gotta keep the show "light".

  12. Like her a lot but two things: We ALREADY know that don the con is a POS – you almost validate him by bringing him up.
    2. You are playing the "black card" too much. Yes we get it.
    Focus on what you are going to do for us and how. Yes you already do.
    Also: no one ever mentions that windmills and solar industry NEEDS slow uneducated people – probably more than smart, connected, well-educated and trained people; and that the pay is FAR better (and safer) than working in a coal mine or out in an oil field.
    Finally: yes of course In-N-Out!

  13. TULSI 2020✊🏽🌺✊🏽🌺✊🏽🌺✊🏽🌺✊🏽🌺

  14. Hey Kamala,

    1) You supported and defended a for-profit privatized prison system. THEN you accepted their donations.

    2) You jailed SINGLE, WORKING PARENTS for their children’s truancy.

    3) You jailed 1500 people (mostly black) for simple marijuana possession. THEN you laughed about smoking marijuana yourself on the Breakfast Club podcast.

    4) You fought against reforming the cash for bail system that has devastated poor communities.

    5) You fought to keep all convictions resulting from a lab technician who was using and selling the drugs instead of testing for authenticity so a judge had to ORDER you to overturn 600 convictions.

    6) You fought to block an advanced DNA test that could have freed a poor death row inmate. The governor had to ORDER you to allow it.

    7) You fought against marijuana legalization until the polls indicated it politically advantageous to be for it. THEN, suddenly you switched your stance….with NO EXPLANATION.

    You may have slept your way into your first position in San Francisco with an old man (verifiable) but you will NOT sleep your way into the Oval Office. We are onto you.

    Tulsi Gabbard (the true progressive woman of color) exposed you for what you are at the second debate. And your reason for your “deer in a headlights” response? “I really didn’t have enough time to respond.”

    Well Kamala, Anderson Cooper gave you plenty of time to respond that night in a post-debate interview and the only two points you made were: 1) “Tulsi isn’t a top tier candidate. I expected that from her” and 2) “Tulsi met with a dictator.” Allow me to address those two points you made about Tulsi:

    1. After Tulsi got done with you, you too are no longer a top tier candidate (check the polls)

    2. Yes, Tulsi did meet with a brutal dictator. She met her on the debate stage and ended her bid for the U.S. presidency.

    Hey Kamala, Going against Major Tulsi Gabbard on a debate stage was a little bit different than going against the poor and powerless from your prosecutor’s throne wasn’t it?That helpless look in your eye was worth the price of admission you pathetic corporatist.

    Moments after Tulsi destroyed you in the second debate Google had a "malfunction" disabling all Tulsi Gabbard's ads for 8 hours. So even though she was THE MOST SEARCHED candidate during both debates, corporate America shut her out. They do NOT want Tulsi's voice heard.

    Then, the DNC inexplicably and without clarification, chose not to consider polls Tulsi was meeting the threshold as ones they would count to determine who qualifies for the 3rd debate. The DNC had the gall to claim Tulsi was not polling at 2%………………..yea right……..the most searched candidate is not polling at 2%.

    Yes people, the most Googled candidate of the 2nd debate was disqualified from the 3rd debate. They did not allow her to participate. But a grassroots effort rose up……….and guess what?

    Bad news Kamala: Tulsi JUST QUALIFIED for the 4th debate!!!!!!!

    People, the DNC will try something to shut her up. Call 202-863-8000 and tell the DNC they better not try it again.

  15. Why no one questioned whether she ever smoked marijuana,🤣🤣🤣. Tulsi Gabbard exposed her bare naked in a live debate.🤣

  16. Fact, she never saw any babies or cops get shot, second fact, I didnt buy my guns from the government, so how can they buy them back? Its theft. Tyranny will be met with….well you know.

  17. What surprises me about the anti gun community, is that you only thing you hear about is the mass shootings (which is terrible), evil things about guns, and that’s what’s only on the news. But you don’t hear about the father who shot and killed an intruder who was raping his daughter, or things likes this. Times when firearms were used for good. And this happens everyday.

    “Killed police oifficers and babies?” You’ve seen it?
    Maybe if you had a firearm and proper education and training, You could’ve used your firearm to prevent it.
    You can take away guns from law abiding citizens but this will not prevent corrupt minded individuals from obtaining a firearm ILLEGALLY and committing crimes with it.
    No matter what happens, I’d rather be armed when S*** hits the fan than being unarmed.

    Not hating, someone explain to me if I’m wrong.

  18. Kamala’s plan for the up to 500 tax credit being distributed monthly as opposed to receiving a lump sum via tax season could be integrated into yangs plan/are similar. I wouldn’t mind a Yang/Harris or Harris/Yang ticket. Get some younger people not a bunch of 70 year olds.

  19. Obviously she'll ban guns from the Secret Service.
    She is hot. I bet she is into slinging. Great television.
    And with her views on pot…we will have dope in the Whit House.
    She is for everything…everyone is for: Free all those incarcerated . Give reparations.
    Legalize aliens….hell make the world US citizens. Do away with ice? How will I have iced tea.
    All who are 3rd on should get out of the election. They're a waste of your money..

  20. “Nobody should be profiting off of your desire to get an education”

    Except the people running colleges leaving students 100-200k$ in debt


  22. Despite no physical evidence linking him to the crime, Trulove was convicted and sentenced to 50 years to life. "It's the closest thing to dying," he said.

    Trulove was transferred to jail in San Francisco, charged with first-degree murder, and brought to trial in early 2010. Despite no physical evidence linking him to the crime—and the fact that eyewitness testimony is notoriously unreliable—he was convicted and sentenced to 50 years to life. For her testimony, the alleged eyewitness also received more than $60,000 in housing and relocation benefits from the office of a rising political star: San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris.

  23. Clarence Thomas referred to a LYNCHING and that was ok according to the DEMONS but Trump does and it's kill him….double standard hypocrisy of the demons…..but the real deal is if it is allowed that SCHITT and PELOSI can hide in secret the impeachment process without having the SENATE or PRESIDENCY. JUST IMAGINE WHAT THEY WOULD DO IF THEY HAD BOTH OF THOSE IN 2020. THE COUNTRY WOULD HAVE NO SAY EXCEPT WHAT THOSE MORONS WOULD DO. THAT IS SCARY AND COMMUNISM

  24. 2 million assault weapons, huh? For instance, an assault rifle costs over $15000 and are not available illegally. For those of you dummies that don't know what an assault weapon is- it is basically a machine gun. Plz stop this disinformation.
    Jackson, Miss.

  25. Brianna from NYU said that student loans were “inevitable” for her, yeah I’m pretty sure you didn’t have to go to one of the most expensive colleges in the United States IN one of the most expensive cities. Yeah I’m sure you had no choice whatsoever to graduate without massive student loans 😂

  26. It's always exclusively white men worried about losing their, big long powerful assault weapons. Guys, they don't make your penises any bigger. She's still going to see you naked.

  27. "My whole life I've fought for justice and for the people…”
    Double speak from the new hildabeast
    Read that as: if your rich, powerful or donated money to my campaign war chest, I got your back
    Pitiful she has to attend a staged and orchestrated public appearance on late night tv
    The thing is, late night tv isn’t her voting demographic, which can only demonstrate she’s gasping for support from ANYONE

  28. Columbia -What kind of students are you developing? A student has a chance to ask a Senator running for President a question, and she asks In-N-Out or Shake Shack???? What? Why did she even go there if she isn't interested in politic? But maybe @The Tonight /show Starring Jimmy Fallon planted her and her question to make it a more fun video clip.

  29. "These people in Washington DC have failed to have the courage." I guess Harris forgets that she is a person in Washington DC.

  30. the reason the public schools DO the drills is to fearmonger.. so naturally all the hands would be raised. The media gaslights you and the schools indoctrinate you.
    This is why college students are largely liberals who are afraid of their own shadow.

  31. Kamala you idiot why would someone have to hide in a closet if they had a gun to fight against a bad guy that does not follow the law?! You act like you don't believe the shit out of your mouth atleast be better at selling the crap you say.

  32. She loves the "ban importation of assault weapons" thing without realizing that most of the "assault weapons" we buy in this country are made here. By all means, Kamala, ban the imports! That just means even more American made and licensed semi-autos to buy!

  33. Assault is a action to attack someone without killing them such as beating. "Assault" Weapons are cosmetic features, Most weapons were designed for wars, including the M14, The M40 bolt action, Mosin-Nagant, SKS, AK, PPSH, MP-40, M1911/A1 TT-33, Glocks, MP5, Ithaca Model 37, Double Barrel shotgun, Muskets, 1858 Revolvers, M1917 Revolver, M16A1 – A4, Makarov, Single Action Army, M1897 Shotgun, M1912 Shotgun, and the fact it being "designed for war" doesn't mean anything besides it was made with a military contract, which they were allowed to also make for civilians which AR-15s were marketed since 1964. More people died from handguns then so called "Assault Weapons". Bans won't do anything is this country when we have over 393 MILLION guns. 2.5–3.7 million are AR-15s. Buybacks won't work either. 83x more people die from handguns than rifles. Also banning those won't work neither. think ban ban ban will solve shit, you're just too dumb to realise criminals don't follow laws, laws don't make it "harder" for criminals to get guns, Background checks only tell the past, and not what they do in the future. Keep dreaming.

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