Sen. Kamala Harris: This Won’t End With A Wall

Sen. Kamala Harris: This Won’t End With A Wall


  1. Lets call it was it really is… another protest vote. You all keep being spiteful and vote for someone just bc shes the direct opposite of trump and we'll be stuck with him another 4 yrs and things will be 1000x worse. Be realistic, see the world for what it is and vote for someone who actually has a shot. Alot of older libs, the ones that actually vote in every election no matter how small, arent going to participate in a spite vote. Try actually watching ALL the rallies, dnc, rnc, and debates. Research the person and see how theyve screwed us in the past like corey booker who time and again voted with drug lobbyists who keep our drug prices high, warren and bernie who sold us out and approved morons to run this country. The votes for everything are public record. Do the work and look them all up. As far as Gillibrand speaking to wallstreet, shes a Ny senator, wallstreet is in Ny. Duh.

  2. Russia didn't just interfere. trump invited and was involved in their interference. he also knew what was going on and had business dealings with Putin. he is dangerous to America. we already know these things.

  3. I present to you an intelligent, well-spoken, experienced, ethical politician. What you do with this is your business. I'd like to see someone this grounded and informed to hold high public office.

  4. This woman (Kamala Harris), does not know that the border security "wall" is NOT a "vanity project"! By the way Ms. Harris, you're doing a disservice to the Americans, that you are supposed to be serving, as "senator", by not cooperating with our duly elected "commander in chief". You seem to have your priorities mixed up. By the way, President Trump realizes that "the wall" in certain areas, along the border, is helpful, in combination with other types of security devices. You and your white husband, probably, have a wall around your house!

  5. She is great, though she always sounds like she is trying to push out some intestinal gas …. BUT for me, though I would be happy to vote for her if she got the Democratic nomination, she is down on the list of those who I think would make the best President … including Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.

    I just do not like this thing of running for President halfway through her first Senate term …. my God, do you hate your job so much you cannot finish one 6 year Senate term?

  6. Establishment puppet handpicked to do corporate Americas bidding. When the donors are backing you it's because you'll fight for them instead of the people. Sanders/Gabbard 2020

  7. She offers nothing. Furthermore…there is no evidence of collusion or any other crime perpetrated by this President …her assumption that Trump is guilty before the investigation is complete shows her extreme bias towards him.

  8. She will not do much but will make lots of money in book deals, similar to the obamas. It will be politically boring. She will waste your tax money

  9. Do not vote for this woman. I prefer action speaks louder than words. She incarcerated so many innocent people over petty drug offenses and kept an innocent man in prison simply because he did not file is papers on time.

  10. Vanity project the Democrats voted for in the past which makes them a bunch of hypocrites. Also didn’t this woman sleep her way into politics.

  11. This show is very annoying. These people think they are smart, sophisticated, informed, but never actually use facts to defend their opinions.
    Illegal immigration, which they never actually discuss, is bad for most Americans. This is easily demonstrated by looking at llegals contribution to tax revenues (very low) and their cost(in kids in school, in public health) AND how they lower wages while increasing demands on housing, ( driving costs up for all people who rent) and other commodities.
    Because illegal immigration can not be defended rationally, they do not even try, they talk about " immigration" as though you could not have legal immigration without illegal immigration. They talk abput Trump making things up and it is true, but he is nowhere close to the massive liars they are.

  12. Kamala Harris doesn't have the experience to be a POTUS. She too weak. Very low energy. She, and the rest of the Democrats have made California the laughing stock of the nation. Besides, POTUS is a man's job, not a fkn social experiment.

  13. You can't open the borders for more immigrants when you have already so many problems in poorer neighborhood, the violence and gangreleted violence Will escalate and affect the families already affected everyday. And true there is so much horrible violence from countries like Mexico and Venezuela
    and others coming in, and it Will escalate the security of the families living out in these neighborhood.

  14. Any idiot could get on with Colbert, posit themselves as an antidote to Trump, then millions of starry-eyed hypnotees chime in about how great a president they'd make. If I didn't let the hollow earth mole people borrow my tinfoil hat, I'd say our government, more or less, has devolved long ago into an ornamental monarchy designed to disguise the inner machinations of our geographical corner of the global automaton of plutocracy.

  15. Criminals don’t follow the laws! Democrats are not taking our guns!! I love how Steven Colbert and Kamala Harris have armed security yet they wanna take common law abiding citizens guns away!!! It’s not gonna happen libtards!! Criminals don’t follow or respect laws!!!! That’s why people still buy heroine and cocaine… it’s illegal but bad guys still sell it illegally!!!

  16. You know what's funny? This woman slept with the mayor of San Francisco (who, by the way, was 60 at the time and she was around 30) and expected him to appoint her positions that she didn't deserve. It sickens me that people seriously think that she should be president. I'm not saying that Trump is any better, but, this woman, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders would be easily worse. Before you put me down as some sort of label, please research these people before you jump to conclusions and say HaRRiS 2020.

  17. What a hypocrite. They audacity to say they serve people and not their own self interests. Her voting records indicate quite the opposite.

  18. Kamala Harris began her political climb as an ambitious 30-year-old skank who was the mistress of 60-year-old San Francisco mayor Willie Brown and was referred to in the LA Times newspaper as Willies mistress. Kamala Harris is a marriage wrecker who used her skills in bed and on her knees in her political climb. She used 60-year-old San Francisco mayor Willie Brown's weakness for streetwalkers and was referred to in the LA Times newspaper as "Willies mistress." She was HANDED high paying jobs in California(party 72k yr and 92k) in her political climb for her sexual "services" to Willie. She's a repugnant, bottom-feeding skank who climbed the stairs of success on her calloused KNEES and San Fran mayor Willie Brown's weakness for streetwalkers. Old Willie's weakness for young women has led to a grandstanding arrogant skank fouling the hallowed halls of Congress.

  19. Kamala has no problem in assessing the problems facing the country today. Of course the papers and cable talk about them all the time. I do not hear anything in the way of a possible solution. Not even a hint.

  20. "She's a cop." <- um er uh, ok? Like, she had to do her job, like Hillary and defending clients she didn't like/agree with? Oh, right it's all bullshit.

    eta: "Even a goddamn werewolf is entitled to legal counsel."

  21. I'm simply saying 2020 Presidential candidates should oppose impeachment for political necessity and the religious right should vote yea for 10 years of Pence

  22. Kamala Harris,
    A Black Woman With A Big Ego
    Making A Questions With An Attitude
    Free IQ Test For Adult….

  23. Kamala Harris is one ugly Miles Davis looking bitch 😂 Come on let's hear it for Kamala "HEELS UP" HARRIS on the mainstage 😂😂😂

  24. Harris is actually admitting that she does not care about protecting American citizens and America – and these are the citizens she was hired to serve, and this is the country she has a duty to protect. The Democrats; including Harris; are making it abundantly clear that politics and their greed for power & money are more important to them than protecting America.

    The Center for Immigration Studies reported in January of 2019 that Central American countries are helping Middle Easterners illegally enter the United States – Panama and Costa Rica are chokepoints on the migrant trail followed by people from other continents seeking easier U.S. entry through our porous border with Mexico. The Center's article titled "Stopping Terrorist Travel Through Illicit Pathways to the Homeland", released Wednesday, January 2, 2019, reported that Migrants from "special interest" countries were crossing the
    southern border on human smuggling bridges and that these bridges posed a heightened risk of terrorist infiltration into our country. The threat posed by the existence of illicit pathways into the United States highlights that "border security is national security" as terrorist groups seek to exploit vulnerabilities among neighboring countries to fund, support, and commit attacks against the homeland – the southern open border being the largest illicit pathway into the United States. (Source: Center For Immigration Studies)

  25. I am watching this particular clip now in May ,20 and nothing was done about the shutdown . Kampala just said there will be an investigation about why the President issued the order and if his reasons for doing it valid but nothing was done least of all an investigation.

  26. Kamala is just jealous because she has no chance of being president. EVER. She slept her way to where she is. Colbert is a scumbag like the rest of you loser Democrats and liberals who watch him.

  27. Well if she went on this jurks show she must be hurting for attition..she is such a lier.. These famillys draged. there kids threw this not trump…sounds like she's a loud mouth also..she keeps stepping on her own the audience is all demshits so what..harris is a whore who slept her way up .and now is being a total bully in Congress. Turning off can't stand her lies.she also voted to kill babies..she spits out false talk.. She says what you want to hear period..she is a looser. X. 10

  28. Yuck check her history. Yuck as prosecutor you took out many good people in the shitty drug war. You tore up Tulsi and gave this one a pass. Yuck.


  30. IS this what you want ?? Sen. Kamala Harris under influence of alcohol / possibly other substances / singing Rudolf the reindeer on the senate floor with other drunk and stupid democrats ??

  31. I must say this. I do not understand why Kamala Harris thinks all people sit on a porch in the woods with their teeth missing, thinking that the world is coming to an end. I have worked with many different people; two major institutions in which "black" people were literally the shining star of the facility. One was a children's home in the 70s; the other a medical facility. In no way have I seen the racial disregard that Kamala is speaking of. I have NOTHING BUT HIGH REGARD for anyone who is a kind and decent person, no matter their "color." Who cares!!! It is about your heart, and no one that I know of wants to send anyone "back anywhere." People who have a mind actually think and use their heart to make their own decisions and no matter what some idiot thinks, it doesn't typically do much for the person who thinks and cares. Please be careful lumping everyone into a box. It is better to get out of it and actually view reality for what it is. Not everyone is a cruel, bigoted, loser. We are Americans, all of us. I do not know what you are talking about.

  32. Sure if you need $4.5 billion for a vanity project along the border we call it Trump's Peaches Aqueduct and it's irrigation and the walls divide modern houses on either side of that dry barren land and you even get a Trump International Border Crossing to increase commerce between the US and Mexico WE ARE IN TRADE BALANCE WITH MEXICO… BUILD THOSE PHONES IN A MORE LIBERAL INTERPRETATION OF AMERICA 🇺🇸 🇲🇽🇺🇸 🇨🇦 🇺🇸 WE ARE IN TRADE EQUILIBRIUM WITHIN ALL OF NORTH AMERICA make #NAFTA a priority it works

  33. What we must fight for is the nobility of public service…. We hold these positions in the public trust. And there is some assumption, that the American public rightly makes, that when we have this power we will use it in the best interest of the people we represent and not ourselves.

  34. We love New York just as much as New York loves California. : ) Thank you for being so hospitable to hopefully the next President of the United States. Don't worry the Joe Biden feud in the 2nd Democratic debate was just a common fight just like every married couple. At the end of the day, we are family and their is an EVIL racist dipshit in the White House we have to defeat in 2020.

  35. I wish California would just fall off into the ocean you know like the movie. Kamala, AOC, Ilhan are traitors to America and should be tried and convicted to the full extent get me. They're all on antidepressants, spending our money for a coup that's not going to happen, making laws my god. Holding us hostage what a dam joke. bitching about a dam parade that costs a few bucks. Screwed her way to the top probably with blackmail too..
    And she wants to stop mean tweets haha no she wants to suppress American voices and guess what that ain't American
    Trump is executive in chief, wtf do you think he had the power to do ho as in prostitute

  36. Kamala Harris is a flash in the pan. She gained some points by pulling the race card on Old ( Slow ) Joe and suddenly her standings in the polls have increased. Her improvement was not owing to clear positions on key topics but rather just throwing mud at the other candidates a very typical characteristic of someone with no substance. Not a legitimate candidate and not Presidential. Voters should be interested in her explanation of why she thought it was necessary to sleep her way to the top with married men!
    Facts are facts. She is NOT Black, but her ancestry were slave owners. She is a total fraud, just like 'Pocahontas' Warren. She flat out lied to the American public.She is not a progressive. She had a horrendous record as DA in the Bay Area, and now ofcourse she's Pro Black because it's convenient only to win the African-American's vote.She's a wolf in sheep's clothing. She'll do the song and dance to get elected, but won't actually deliver on the promises.
    " She is very fake and rehearsed, inappropriate giggling at sending parents of truants to jail. On the radio talking to a black audience about smoking weed and listening to Tupac she was very condescending saying that like " …it's something all black people do"…talking down to black people like she's passing some litmus test by talking about using drugs and listening to rap music. This lady needs to go home. Many people can't deal with this fakeness and over rehearsed answers."- Close friend of Kamala
    Democrat candidates raising their hands to affirm their desire to provide free medical care to Illegal immigrants is all but handing Trump a reelection victory on a silver platter with GUARANTEED outcome.
    Kamala chastised Biden wrongly over 'Busing'. Now she’s changing her tune since people found out it was all bull.Very convinient and self serving for her, like a snake. Harris must be exposed as the opportunist she is. She’s a snake pretending to be a progressive.

    [from a CNN article on the busing issue] "14 of the 17 district elementary schools were effectively segregated. Seeking to rectify the situation, the school board voted unanimously in early 1968 in favor of a busing plan in which more than 3,000 students, both black and white, would be bused to different communities." This is the busing Kamala was talking about. Unanimously approved by the school board. Endorsed by the community. Not forced. Joe Biden said it perfectly clear. He was as against FORCED busing. Go back an look at the Boston case. Totally different, Harris supporters and mainstream media pretend not to hear that part. Therefore her debate remarks were an unfair characterization of Biden who has worked for minority interests his entire career.
    Ms. Harris seems to be continually having to clarify her position on issues. She says one thing at debates, press conferences, and interviews and when she received blowback, she says she didn't understand the question and backtracks and "clarifies." Doesn't she know what she stands for or does she make statements and then hold up a finger to see which way the wind is blowing? Her behavior seems to be opportunistic and deceptive. Oh wow !. So she criticized and took Biden to task with her, 'I was that girl' mantra, and now she's 100% adopted what Biden said at the debates, how very convenient and self serving !
    Biden was the victim of a vicious low ethical attack based on an opinion on the historical "solution" of 'Bussing' that was of questionable effectiveness and fairness. Did bussing eliminate race problems? No. Is Harris guilty of taking a cheap shot? Yes. Her Indian relatives practiced and benefited from the race-based caste system. She is now playing the same game. She's loser caste.
    If you're not from California you may not know details about Harris. She has a reveling background history. When her true perspectives become more apparent her poll numbers will slide.
    Look up CA Prop 47 "The Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act", which Harris supported as CA Attorney General. It Decriminalized thefts, burglaries, drug possession, drug trafficking, and even reduced possession of stolen firearms from felonies to misdemeanors. At the same time, her and the Democrats passed more gun control on the rest of us. That's right, they reduced penalties for the actual criminals that commit crimes and turned many law abiding citizens into criminals.
    In 2004 a San Francisco police officer, Isaac Espinoza, was executed by hard core criminal gang member, David Hill. San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris did not seek the death penalty, shocking California voters who have voted for the death penalty as well as legal scholars and the State Attorney General. Why?
    She thought it would be politically incorrect for San Francisco and for herself. What is the result of all this? Hill is in jail watching TV, reading magazines or a book or two, getting some gym time in the recreation yard… 3 meals a day and medical care, all part of jail. Espinoza is simply dead and his family and children are without a husband and father. Harris chose to be pro-murderer and anti-cop. Try goggling "Harris Espinoza Hill cop murdered"
    Much to the chagrin of Hillary, Kamal Toe Harris was endorsed by Bill Clinton, "Kamala has demonstrated her commitment to DNC principles, she didn't work her way to the top, she got on top, just ask Willie Brown, who bounced her up and down. I saw Kamala's star was on the rise, so I took her aside and she took hold of my manly pride, and gave it a ride, again and again much to Hillary's chagrin, now Kamal Toe can proudly claim she earned the DNC nomination prize." ( Copy of this facts essay sent to Biden's and Trump's campaign )
    The fake Indian and the fake African American both promise to make everything free to get elected. If they were qualified they would not have to buy votes. How about telling us how you will fix illegal immigration, deal with those now in our country illegally, besides opening our borders to the invasion of our country and then supporting them with taxpayer dollars. And then tell us where you, Harris and Warren, will get the money to pay for all your largess?

  37. If Democrats have any sense of realpolitik or desire for electoral victory, vote against this Californian tyrant.. and find someone forgettable from Ohio instead!

  38. In genuine disgust, Kamala Harris' record on busing is consistent with Biden's; the last line in the paragraph for Harris' education policy on her Wikipedia page says: "Harris views busing as an option to be considered by school districts, rather than the responsibility of the federal government." …. … She backpedaled on busing immediately after June-debates: …… Harris says America doesn't want a food-fight, then goes and throws turd-sandwhiches at people; she is a blowhard-ployist (as described by Tulsi Gabbard) and a walking soundbyte. Harris tends to use non-sequiturs in a strawman argument fashion whenever she is in doubt, specifically by raising her voice in conviction and blurting one-line platitudes that are unrelated to the subject in focus, such as in her exchange with Biden, she wouldn't let Biden talk common-sense so she went from talking busing to blurting civil-rights, to voting-rights, then to ERA!? all within fractions of a second. If one were to call out this behavior, the behavior would be indistinguishable from the act of rambling… The race-card should not be tolerated in debates because everyone knows that there is no superiority nor is there equality, because MLK already said that there is only judging INDIVIDUALS by the content of their character, integrity, resolve, and honor, rather than any inherently arbitrary and irrelevant identity demographics; just because people don't like her personally, does not make them racist, so she needs to get over herself; she masquerades as a progressive and her platform in no way distinguishes her from the rest of the candidates. …Sincerely Disgusted, Thank You…

  39. How like Kamala to try to joke about "Smoking a joint" and "legalizing it", when she has been a vocal support of such laws and literally put people in prison for Marijuana and other drug crimes, and only since she started being considered for a Presidential run has she come out in support of decriminalization at the Federal level, not legalization. That honestly wouldn't do a thing, because the FBI isn't enforcing these laws, the state and local police are.

  40. Hey Kamala,
    1)  You supported and defended a for-profit privatized prison system.  THEN you accepted their donations.
    2)  You jailed SINGLE, WORKING PARENTS for their children’s truancy.
    3)  You jailed 1500 people (mostly black) for simple marijuana possession. THEN you laughed about smoking marijuana yourself on the Breakfast Club podcast.
    4)   You fought against reforming the cash for bail system that has devastated poor communities.
    5)  You fought to keep all convictions resulting from a lab technician who was using and selling the drugs instead of testing for authenticity so a judge had to ORDER you to overturn 600 convictions.
    6)   You fought to block an advanced DNA test that could have freed a poor death row inmate. The governor had to ORDER you to allow it.

    You may have slept your way into you first position in San Francisco with an old man (verifiable) but you will NOT sleep your way into the Oval Office. We are onto you.

    Major Tulsi Gabbard (the true progressive woman of color) exposed you for what you are at the second debate.  And your current reason for your “deer in a headlight” response? “I didn’t have enough time to respond.” 

    Well Kamala, Anderson Cooper gave you plenty of time to respond that night in a post-debate interview and the only two points you made were: 1) “Tulsi isn’t a top tier candidate.  I expected that from her” and 2) “Tulsi met with a dictator.”  So allow me to address those two points:

    1.     After Tulsi got done with you, you too are no longer a top tier candidate (check the polls)

    2.     Yes, Tulsi did meet with a brutal dictator.  She met her on the debate stage and ended her bid for the U.S. presidency.

    Hey Kamala,
    Going against Major Tulsi Gabbard on a debate stage was a little bit different than going against the poor and powerless from your prosecutor’s throne wasn’t it?  That helpless look in your eye was worth the price of admission you pathetic corporatist.

  41. TULSI GABBARD FOR PRESIDENT – if you haven't listened to her, I request you do – @ demonstrates the leadership it takes to be President. She stands out from the rest, she will make a difference. We get to have a President who is looking out for the best interest of all Americans, she's like none of the hungry for power & their political gain candidates. Period!

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