Sen. Kennedy: I believe love is the answer, but I own a handgun just in case

Sen. Kennedy: I believe love is the answer, but I own a handgun just in case


  1. Given the liberal's frantic rush to disarm Americans…….in a fool's errand, don't forget a carpenter's "assault nail gun" employed for roofing etc……should require a background investigation and mental health review….what nonsense…..Oh wait, what type of "assault gun" did Timothy McVey employ???…..exactly….

  2. So the left wants to take the freedom of speach and the right to bear arms from americans and at the same time give illegal alliens a lot of free stuff that belongs to the American people?
    Good luck with that.

  3. I like the coverage Fox does on the goings on in America, and around the world. HOWEVER, I HATE IT WHEN THEY INTERRUPT THEIR GUESTS! Cannot stand it! Shut up and let your GUESTS FINISH THEIR STATEMENT! You invited them for a reason! You ask questions, so let them answer!!! HANNITY IS THE WORST!!!!

  4. This Senator needs to understand that "those who exchange freedom for safety deserve neither!"
    Bitter experience in the last 200 pluss years rely us they will get neither!
    ""…SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED." Means what it says.

  5. Liberal logic = it's impossible to deport 25 million illegal aliens . . . BUT we can confiscate 300 million legal firearms.

  6. It's sad to think at the end of the day criminals will not have any waiting time other than how long it'll take for them to get to the guy who owns a stolen gun or how little they will have to pay depending on which Criminal person sells it to them all I know is that why you're waiting to get your firearm for protection or restricted where you can carry your protection they'll be walking around big and bad running Terror like they do in Most states with gun laws and countries that do not allow guns at the same time are being ravaged by thugs we have to think of the greater consequences that the criminal has no stipulations why should we who obey the law and use it rightfully for protection

  7. For all you goody two shoes out there all you uppity people that have never broke a law in your life who are going well this doesn't affect me well it does cuz they're going to start with the people who either have committed a crime or they say has high risk of committing a crime then they're going to move on to domestic violence even more than they already have which means you get in a fight with your girlfriend you never own a gun again then they're going to move on to s*** like your kid goes to school and acts out and is a bad kid and they're going to say well these kids out of control so the household must be out of control let's go take the guns and then finally there will be left the small population of goody goody people who say I've never done nothing wrong and you can't take my guns and guess what there will be such a small number of people left there won't be enough people with guns to stick up to help you cuz you didn't help stick up for the criminals everybody deserves to have a gun and everybody deserves the right to use that gun if all of us used guns more often this world would be a better place

  8. I'm not even allowed to own a gun nor have I ever owned a gun and I believe in the Second Amendment because if you don't have the Second Amendment well then your life is going to f**** end a lot more painfully because I can either shoot you or I can take a machete and cut you up in pieces

  9. 0:07 There is no law that stops crime, that's why they're always dead bodies in gun-free zones. A law was passed in 1990 that made it a federal crime to take guns onto school property, but that didn't stop Klebold and Harris from doing Columbine in 1996. Did it?

  10. The good senator hasn't got a good undrstanding'v the 2nD Amendment:
    A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed
    The 2A is ABOUT the MILITIA. but the purvurts will only qot half the 2A t deceiv pepl. And in 1980, in a footnote to an opinion upholding a conviction for receipt of a firearm, the Court effectively affirmed Miller, writing: [T]he Second Amendment guarantees no right to keep and bear a firearm that does not have ‘some reasonable relationship to the preservation or efficiency of a well regulated militia SCALIA mest up. Justis Stevns: *District of Columbia v. Heller, which recognized an individual
    right to possess a firearm under the Constitution, is unquestionably the most clearly incorrect decision that the Supreme Court announced during my tenure on the bench*

  11. Fox news will not be "useful" for very much longer, so you All should start looking for other options Now…
    (just thought you should know)

  12. His name ain’t Beto, it should be butt hole cause he is an idiot and with many driving under the influence to his name. That should disqualify him for any office as he obviously needs to be in prison. Fool!!!

  13. If the NRA, the gun lobby, and the political far right wing had acted like responsible citizens, like adults, 30+ years of nearly hands off self regulation wouldn't have been a total failure.
    Times Up NRA
    No constitutional right is absolute. The public has no need for and should had no right to own high capacity, automatic, military style assault weapons.
    If gun owners are found to have used gross negligence in storing their guns, and it is stolen and then used in a crime they should be held automatically financially liable for the repair cost, including medical after insurance of any damage caused by that weapon in the commission of a crime.

    Dozens of children and many hundreds of adult lives would be saved every year just by end negligent gun storage by law abiding gun owners alone.

  14. I am law abiding and own many firearms and of course I have no intention of ever harming anyone but firearms are a great deterrent in stopping crime as the criminal doesn't want to be shot. They are smart enough to realize that as they look for easy opportunity. A firearms puts the brakes on that.

  15. I love Senator Kennedy's statement… "love is the answer, but I own a handgun just in case." It is a known
    fact that the police only get to you after the fact, that is after the crime has been committed. Larger cities
    have it even worse with much longer wait times for help to arrive. I have a handgun for that main reason, too!
    What amazes me even more with all these supposed higher educated people who do not even know the basics of
    our Constitution. Read it and Shut UP!!!

  16. Turn the State of Maine, or the State of Mississippi into an asylum for the mentally ill. Nothing comes out. Democrats will be free to live there because they qualify.

  17. As a Boy Scout I learned their message of 'always be prepared'. As it relates to first aid kits, emergency preparedness supplies, firearms in the context of self defense, etcetera – It is better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.

  18. So the lefties say they want to compromise to protect the chilllrun. So here's an idea for compromise.

    We agree to universal background checks for firearms purchases when they agree to universal background checks for abortionists. After all, abortion has killed more human children than guns since Roe v Wade.

  19. Sen. Kennedy much respect to you sir. . . 5 mi. from where I live in Abingdon 2 cops were killed by a nut. I spoke with one of the officers 3 days before and he told me that he was going to retire very soon. He was a very nice man.

    A lifelong, mentally well adjusted and model citizen owning a gun and not being allowed to have it when it is needed to protect oneself and/or his family . . . is just plain STUPID and Unconstitutional. It is no comfort to know my life or that of my family is worth nothing

    Many deaths could have been prevented over the past few decades had an Armed Good Guy/Gal been in the vacinity where lives deserved to be saved. Instead of 5 cops per 25 sq. mi. wouldn't it be better/safer for all to have 100 well vetted CCP. My advice to you is Please Stay Out of MARYLAND . . . the cops in Baltimore sell guns to the bad guys.

  20. I am sure those "robust discussions" you are having has a lot to do with how much money the NRA is funneling to you and the rest of the gun nuts who NEED to have war weapons in their homes to protect themselves from the rabid squirrels in the neighborhood. buwahahahaha

  21. You better be careful fella, your speaking too much lucid sense and they may try to revoke your first amendment right to freedom of speech. They like stupid, but can't stand good 'ole common horse sense. The new communists are all in to strip us of all our rights including our right to self determination and freely elected government. The attempted coup was just the beginning push in this concerted movement to fully control what people can have and do. Playing with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights is just the appetizer.

  22. keep in mind the very people demanding gun control are the ones who see no issue with beating anyone they disagree with into the hospital….so long as the left continues to pretend that antifa isn't violent they can take their gun control and shove it

  23. We are keeping our 2nd amendment you can all go home and stay out of our Govt and our Constitution! I want proof the demonrats didnt cause the mass shootings!

  24. If our great President which I love dealer and voted for him if he sides with anything with the Democrats with red flag laws any gun confiscation any rules you will lose all your votes you promised the Second Amendment will not be tampered with or gun laws are right to own a gun to protect her self from criminals in a tyrannical government as a second amendment speaks we have the right to bear arms against a tyrannical government and replace it with a new one if you do not free up the gunIn these communist states that we have New Jersey New York and others nobody will vote for you

  25. I agree no one needs machine guns…but our guns should be our American right. Otherwise it wont be long before we lose all our rights. At that point I will be relocating out of country

  26. 1776….paul Revere just got on his horse…..there are many who are LOCKED and LOADED….keep your families close and your weapons closer…👊👊👊✊

  27. There are an estimated 400 million FIREARMS in America and 8 trillion rounds of ammunition and 90% are owned by Republicans… The CHANCES of democrats taking them from us is 0% without a real Fight… 🇺🇸 AMERICA FIRST TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸 MY 2ND AMENDMENT RIGHTS SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED UPON BY ANYONE 🇺🇸 OR ANY TYRANNICAL BUREAUCRAT 🇺🇸 MY 2ND AMENDMENT RIGHTS ARE NON NEGOTIABLE PERIOD 🇺🇸

  28. if any of our senators vote for any more burdens on honest gun owners
    we will vote for the democratic ticket in 2020,as there looks more and more they are one and the same.

  29. pres. trump,his not one of them,or is he,i try to look into everything,and it's believable and unbelievable ,so i reduced it to this,there is good,and there is evil,some may say,there is god,and there for is satan,so what ever you believe ,you have a choice to make

  30. Hey look it's butler barr… I guess it's true, no matter how shameful the deed there will always be someone willing to sell out.

  31. The greatest senator we currently have in government, honest, trustworthy, accurate, and in tune with REAL AMERICANS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. I think guns are cool and it would suck to lose them if I had any. We need stronger regulations, and should focus on gun ownership as a nation. We need to construct a testing system and increase the responsibility of gun ownership. America is filled with smart people. Let’s actually think this one through. We can all get what we want!

  33. This situation we find ourselves in did not happen without other factors.
    nor has this 2nd Amendment challenge happened in a vacuum.

    There is, and has been, a nation-wide push to bring as many people into urban living environments,
    where we just CAN'T get away from each other.
    Nobody can stand such personal pressures!
    The small towns of the American Mid-West have been legislated away.
    Kids can't grow up without immense social pressures.
    The amount of room between the coasts is absolutely IMMENSE.
    Let folks live where they'd actually like to, and ALL this will go away on its own.

  34. Any form of gun control is treason. The problems come from mental illness and having too many different cultures in our country.

  35. Republican Senator John Kennedy from Louisiana, wittingly or unwittingly, is acting as an asset of the Russian intelligence service, spreading false claims about Ukraine in order to confuse the American public which will make it that much easier for the Trump crime family to transform our country into an oligarchy.

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