Sen. Rand Paul and Sen. McCain speak on Detainees on Senate Floor – 11/29/11

Sen. Rand Paul and Sen. McCain speak on Detainees on Senate Floor – 11/29/11


  1. Regardless of what the "majority of american public opinion" is, the senate should not be writing laws that in any way shape or form circumvent the United States Constitution. In this case McCain is defending a law that will bypass the 4th and the 6th amendment.

  2. @BiohazardBunney well see….if he vetos this it will be an important compass for his morals, not to mention a defense of the constitution. we shall see

  3. @TerranDL yes…this is the fall or salvation of the Republic. this is the pivotal moment in modern history. If this passes the Fema camps are already putting in orders for IBM technology to catalogue us. I.E. this is not a fucking drill

  4. Always "safety and security" bullshit. The best safe and secure method of not getting shot at is getting the hell out of a illegal war. Instead, warmongers in Congress and the White house countinue to attack more nations. They create more laws to "secure" safety, and the way to do it is keep false perpectual war on "terrorism". I wonder how far they will define "terrorism" as if they implement this bill? Will shoplifting sponsor terrorism? Jaywalking? ditching school? slipery slope all the way.

  5. threat to USA???? problem number one! what is a threat, hell, a threat has been reduced to a level were a blog or facebook posting can consider you a threat. there i reason why my realitives will not talk russian elections over the phone even 15 years after USSR fell. yiou can learn alot from people who lived/live in the eastern euro block.

  6. @MrCheckitout123 You are absolutely right! I talked to a woman from Norway who lived there when Hitler invaded. She said the same thing. She doesn't fly anymore because of the TSA…she's so concerned about what's been going on here!

  7. What is McCain talking about? Who went back to what fight? What Americans share that view point? Why doesn't he need to site references to support his claims? This is all nonsense. Oh well nothing going to stop it. But the backlash might be civil war. Sheesh!

  8. @Thenewyorkcritic
    Those aren't his arms. He's a puppet. Those are someone else's arms coming out of his sleeves to make him do their bidding.

  9. Really, how dare he use our American soldiers to validate his argument fro total infringment on what makes the USA strong!!!!!!!

  10. Nice spin McCain, using our honorable troops dying in insane meat-grinder wars as justification to destroy any remnants of the Constitution. "An individual who pose a threat to the security of the USA" – this will be applied as blanket to any political dissident, and any lawsuit will be denied a hearing due to "national security."

    Welcome to the Gulag, bolshevik America, run by satanic zionists, where anyone can be an enemy of the state.

  11. The Magna Carta, written centuries ago and a fore-runner to the Bill of Rights, forbid the government from holding citizens indefinitely. What McCain is proposing is to reverse freedom to a state they were in the Middle Ages. He is a sick, old man.

  12. this law will get so out of hand… soon Americans will be Mexicans and we will have to escape the drug lords(Obama,etc.) and go illegally to mexico

  13. John McCain is a penis with ears. His Daddy the Admiral aparently was the officer that white washed the USS Liberty incident where Israel attacked the US ship and tryed to kill all onboard.

  14. ya know, as much as i hate what obama has done these past 3 years, i think we really dodged a bullet by not voting this bumbling old man into the white house.




  16. Insane Mc-Cain… There aren't any words to describe the insanity of world leaders. No doubt we are run by a cabal of sick insane, psychopaths. How do we eliminate them. I guess it has to get a lot worse first… Pray for an act of god or maybe they will just take each other out…

  17. @25fuyu if we voted in in mclain all this shit would still be true, gays would still be subject to DADT and we'd be in war with iran already probably never would have gotten osama either sadly the lesser evil still sucks

  18. The world is a dangerous place because of guys like John McCain, he does more to weaken
    America through his hate speech and anger about being hurt as a prisoner of war. He's not that smart and his ethics make him mean.

  19. Wow. It is creepy to see McCain trying to justify the ability to haul an American citizen off to Guantanamo for indefinite detention. What a tyrannical nutjob McCain is!

  20. John is full of crap, for him to push a bill that is clearly another blow to our rights is proof of his true character. Lowlife POS

  21. @MIvarsson99 I don't like John McCain,nor do I like what he is attempting to do,but I hope that your Senator McGimp comment is not a reference to the fact that McCain limps because of wounds he suffered at Hanoi Hilton while honorably serving his country. That would be low class and I would hope that anyone on the same side as me on any political question would refrain from such disrespect to our men at arms.

  22. Good thing we put Obama in the white house so he can veto this nonsense. Oh, …wait, …we're fucked!

    PS – This does not make me a terrorist.

  23. @KhmerD0g Are you talking about McCain? The same McCain that was nicknamed "songbird" over in hostile territories as a war prisoner? The same McCain that gave information to the enemy repeatedly? Now I realize that wars are fought for profit, but does that really make him a "war hero" when he endangers the lives of the men and women around him? Wait.. kinda like he's doing even now. Some war hero.

  24. First they came for the Terrorists, but I was not a Terrorist so I didn't say anything.
    Then they came for the Enemy Combatants, but I was not an enemy combatant so I didn't object.
    Then they came for the Protesters, but I was not a protester so I stayed quiet.
    Then they came for me, but there was nobody left to say anything.

    Get the fuck out while you still can.

  25. Love that… 27% returned to the fight and were responsible for american deaths…
    Now turn it around.
    73% of the people we are detaining indefinitely are innocent and will not do any harm to americans.

  26. @saladfingers2057 This is exactly what is happening right now, couldn't agree more.
    To you other guys who might not know, this is an updated version of a poem by a german theologian, Martin Niemöller. The original poem describes how the nazi party removed all political opposition and how they were allowed to because everyone only thought about their own interests.
    If we keep passive and let this stuff happen, it is only a question of time before we end up being detained ourselves.

  27. @Mopar21277 Drop the sensationalism. It's already going to be hard enough to get this repealed, we don't need nutjobs like you spreading sensationalism by spewing shit like gulag and "satanic zionist". Stfu

  28. Not if it means we arent free. The only reason I voted for this dipshit is so it would have counted against obama. Looks like the same shit would have happened either way.

  29. @133j0hn I fear that he has quite a good idea what he's talking about. He's displaying a strong argument for his case (for some reason).

  30. this old piece of shit is rotten to the core. Ill piss on his grave when the fucker finally has a stroke. We should publicly execute obama, mccain, and the other 92 senators that voted for this bill. And fuck bush to.

  31. My God we are fucked! According to the U.S. gov suspected terrorist activity includes paying with cash? WTF?????????? Im moving to brazil or some shit were I can disappear

  32. @sirunlalala Where do ya get this WE shit? WE didnt pass it. GW Bush and Congress passed it. And Congress was told to pass it WITHOUT READING it. Cuz they are a bunch of spineless cowards that dont have the balls to stand behind their oath to DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION AGAINST ALL ENEMIES FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC!!!!!

  33. @BigDaddyEvents Them(us) too. I made a terrorist watch list in Missouri for having a Ron Paul sticker on back window of my truck.

  34. i cant take this shit any more! and i fucking cant do any more about it, because im in europe. but i swear if, i ever saw that guy walking down the streets i would fellobligated, is a member of the human race, to beat that guy up with one of those giant dildos from saints row 3.

  35. So essentially he wants the power to do to American citizens what was done to him in Vietnam. I also loved all the fear mongering and the supporting of American troops in there. BTW did anyone else hear him mention that little piece of paper called the Constitution of the United States of America?

  36. Funny Rand PAUL, asked about U.S. citizens

    McCain responded by giving statistics About foriegn Citizens
    something about 27% of them, went home and countined to fight their invaders

    Who cares if 100% who were released went back to their homelands and helped fight with their neighbors to kick us out.

    Answer PAUL's Question, …"should U.S. citizens be indiffently be detained?"

  37. Who? Define threat McCain! A genuine threat to the security of the USA or an interpreted threat to the corrupt internationalist bankster controlled organisation that gives you your orders?

  38. How can a person pose a threat to THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA?Are we talking superhumans?The only people posing a threat to the United States are the people who are systematically trying to destroy the constitution and the liberties it guarantees.That would put you and Obama on the list there John boy.

  39. John better be careful. Those provisions are going to result in him being indefinitely detained in Guantanamo for being a danger to the people of the United States.

  40. Q ArizonaSean
    Don't be so naive,John McCain is talking about terrorists who are a threat to America and democracy

  41. McCain, you are a fucking idiot. I'm surprised it isn't 100%. If I was kidnapped from my own country, sent to a foreign country, held without trial, tortured, subjected to indignity after indignity, then released, what do you think would be the first thing on my mind to do? You are a coward, hiding behind a pretense to care for American troops in order to continue a war that you profit from personally. You are the worst kind of American. Trading lives and freedoms for money.

  42. The word "terrorist" gets thrown around pretty lightly these days. Let's say an American citizen is 'detained' for some Facebook posts (Brandon Raub) and is called a terrorist by the government bureaucrats at DHS. Should his civil rights be taken from him? -Because that is EXACTLY what happened to him; he was detained without charges. Raub is a decorated Marine HONORABLY discharged, and yet the DHS & FBI labeled him a "terrorist". If you support this, you should move to COMMUNIST China.

  43. RE: "I think people are misinterpreting the amendment."
    -Tell that to Brandon Raub, an honorably discharged Marine who actually was in Afghanistan. Tell that to the Rutherford Institute who defended Raub against the federal government detaining him without charges. Tell that to the judge who said Raub's civil liberties were violated for being detained without any charges. Some of you people who claim to love LIBERTY & FREEDOM are more than willing to surrendor it to Statists and Totalitarians.

  44. exactly… its not evern 50/50… and if it was, like our great american pasttime, baseball… tie goes to the runner.

    gosh this congress sucks and lacks reason.

  45. I'm sorry, did you actually just suggest that it is moral and ethical to imprison someone for the words they speak?


  46. McCain should be tried for treason, this is absolutely insane! I figured he would at least lie about it, but there you go, he thinks Americans should be able to be held indefinitely in military detention with no trial and no jury.

  47. This is the stepping stone to Marshall law. We are screwed. The Constitution started the foundation of our future. But now our law makers are taking a jackhammer to that foundation

  48. Everyone is protected by the first amendment because it is a right that was granted to all people of the U.S. (and anyone who is in the country) granted to us by the founding fathers. And no, you aren't allowed to threaten people; that's one of the few restrictions on your first amendment rights, but before any action is done, you have your 5th, 6th, and 7th amendment rights to due process of law and to a speedy and public trial by jury of your peers.

  49. Senator Rand Paul, please keep fighting for civil liberties as your father and Dennis Kucinich leave Congress. You;re going to have to work even harder on this with them gone.

  50. McCain deserves to be literally slapped across the face as hard as possible..the best safety and security for men and women in the U.S military is to bring the troops home, yesterday..

  51. Why don't most politicians believe in the Constitution and Dec of Independence? I believe my rights were given to me by God and are protected by the Constitution against the government and other citizens and people.

    If it is true that our rights are endowed by our creator then the other people on earth have rights that are the same. So put the people on trial be it public or military and if you can prove your case let them go, Sure they may go back to what they are doing but not all.

  52. Why do people always want to do the easy thing not the right thing? Look sure it is harder to take these guys captive and put them on trial but that is the right thing. Yes it is easier to kill them with a drone but does that make us better?

    Yes actually they do go into people's houses and detain them. You don't hear about it because lack of ability to contact others or lawyers.

    Why is it that our rights given to us by God not government shouldn't cover others? Nazis got trials.

  53. Isn't this what treason is?

    The Constitution of the United States, Art. III, defines treason against the United States to consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid or comfort. This offence is punished with death. By the same article of the Constitution, no person shall be convicted of treason, unless on the testimony of two witnesses to the same overt act, or on confession in open court.

  54. would american soldiers die if they were not being deployed into foreign territory to fight provoked, imperialistic wars based on lies, deception and false flags..mccain is an idiot, puppet..

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