Sen. Schumer Offers Opening Bid In Senate Impeachment Trial Talks | Deadline | MSNBC

Sen. Schumer Offers Opening Bid In Senate Impeachment Trial Talks | Deadline | MSNBC


  1. It seems we are headed for Stalinization as it seems to me. To bad no one reading the constitution as in our grade school history books! Trump broke the law that's all. Oh well that's the new.

  2. Senate do what you want! The democraps did! They lied,and now they want a fair trial? Do to them what they did to you. Who cares what the liberals think. Either why they are going to lie!!! Trump Train!

  3. Whatever the outcome ; trumps brand will forever be tarnished. The man is a swindler, liar, bigot, and a racist to boot. But we will take over the senate in 2020 WE will keep the House and a DEMOCRAT WILL BE IN THE OVAL OFFICE. MOSCOW MCCONNELL, AND GRAHAM , JORDAN ,COLLINS, ETC ALL WILL BE GONE ….WE WILL BRING AMERICA BACK. REPUBLIICAN CRY BABIES.

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  5. 😆 LOL! at Chuck Schumer’s “Hail Mary Bid” to Save Democrats Disastrous Impeachment Drive and 3 years of witch-hunts wasting taxpayers $money$ trying to impeach a duly elected president. “ Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer is a smart politician and knows his House colleagues have totally bungled their ‘impeachment inquiry’ so badly that they managed to shift public opinion markedly against removing the president. So now NY democrat senator Chuck Schumer is hoping for a do-over,” the New York Post editorial board writes and they are spot on.

    “In other words: Senator Chuck Schumer and the Democrats want to do more fishing in hopes of getting something that might damage President Trump.” Here’s the problem: “ Chuck Schumer is simply supposed to be part of the jury, along with the other 99 senators — and jurors don’t decide the witness list.” Chuck this is not lying Adam Schiff private show trial with no witnesses being able to be called to testify on President Trump’s behalf. The clown show is over and the Senate is going to throw this clown show out. By the way President Trump will be re-elected in 2020 because all the Democratic candidates currently running are not electable. Could be why the Democrats spent the past 3- years trying to impeach President Trump who has done a great job fixing the mess incompetent Obama and democrats made.

  6. No humans. I play fare lord is going to his another opportunity. To us bless to hard night I fight for america America and againt devil its was hard but we won. Love to world.

  7. Chucky Schumer is a joke. A long term Senator from the Swamp. Re-elected during his reelection period time after time year without benefit of having to campaign.

  8. Clinton was impeached because he lied to the grand jury–therefore put trump in the grand jury and see how he will dodge and survive the truth when asked the right question

  9. Yes MSNBC Christmas special, the warm and fuzzy of the Rocky Horror impeachment, hair pulling screeching carolling. Yes angry mob psychology of door to door zombie lurching, divisive class war criminal book of the dead caroling. That's the Rocky Horror Christmas special spirit.

  10. The problem now is not with this orange PARASITE. The biggest problem now is the GOP keep letting this PARASITE get away with everything. They don't even care to look at the evidences just ask Moscow Mitch and crazy Lindsey.

  11. The truth about this impeachment is simple: If this were a Bench Trial by Justice John Roberts, Trump would be found GUILTY. If Justice Roberts could voir dire the Senators, many would have to recuse themselves for bias. Since it is not a Bench Trial, the GOP Senate will not allow for witnesses, evidence, or; a conviction. The only thing that would stop the Trump Admin, is to lose in 2020.

  12. In the LEGAL PROCESS, the investigations still are ongoing, and will likely go on up to the Election and on. Trump whether elected on not will continue to be tormented by THE LAWS PASSED by various states and even by BOTH HOUSES OF CONGRESS !
    And HE WILL BE EVENTUALLY BE FOUND GUILTY, probably of a variety of crimes IN and OUT of office .
    Trump will go down in INFAMY !!! The PORK lS DONE. !

  13. it is HILARIOUS to watch the Dems so scared that they will be treated the same way they treated the Republicans in the House.

  14. The US Supreme Court presides over the trial in the Senate, displacing momentarily, Mr Trump. Collins is whining in the rules committee. Vote tomorrow or maybe Friday at noon a la Jesus. Hey an eclipse☺️ "that's no moon"

  15. Putin is using trump to divide our great nation. So, to all my fellow Americans ; Happy Hanukkah, Happy kwanzaa, Happy Holidays, I LOVE YOU and Merry Christmas ! 🇺🇸

  16. This is what I think the GOP and the Republican base of the USA doesn't understand. If Trump and the blatant corruption of the US government isn't checked here and now by impeaching Donald Trump, the USA will no longer be looked at as the Big Brother or Champions of Freedom to the rest of the world. The US will be looked at as an arm of the Russian government and I suspect most of the US allies will no longer be allies as Trump has already demonstrated that he will pass on classified information.

    Might as well start learning Russian.

  17. New Documents Show Contact Between Mike Pompeo And Rudy Giuliani On Ukraine Biden Dirt through a FOIA Request from  American Oversight. Lev Parans said Devin Nunes Was Working With Rudy Giuliani In The Ukraine To Get Dirt On The Biden's!  Nunes Needs To Be Fitted With An Orange Jumpsuit! New Documents Show Call Log Revealed: Giuliani Traded Calls With White House As Ukraine Plot Unfolded New Documents Show Contact Between Mike Pompeo And Rudy Giuliani On Ukraine Biden Dirt through a FOIA Request

  18. You should daily show the clip of Lindsey Graham saying “If we nominate Donald Trump we will get destroyed and we will deserve it”.

  19. I’m not sure the USA will have credibility and power a round the world that orange clown and the republicans 🐀 are still there trump has to go and republicans 🐀 have to complying with the rules of legislation and low of the country

  20. Is this a joke?
    Schumer wants a "Democrat" plan for a Republican majority Senate?
    And then the left wing media pushing it like this is some start of some negotiation process the Senate is required to go through before the trial starts. Sorry media. You are wrong.
    Where is it written that the Senate is under some kind of rule that there must be a negotiation.
    In the House they were quick to point out that they already were operating under PREVIOUSLY agreed upon rules.
    Guess what? The Senate runs the Senate. The House does not get to slide their rules over to the Senate.

  21. McConnell holds his caucus together because the Republicans have no principles or ethics – just avarice and self interest…

  22. This impeachment conspiracy was allready started as soon Trump win 2016. All dems and the media was preparing for it. Now dems knew that Trump will win again in the 2020 so they are playing this dirty trick. Actually dems and the corrupt media is betraying the American people with their lies. All sham process without a proper process by the leading house democrat Shiff and by the Nadler. Shame on dems and the corrupt Leftist corrupt media. MSNBC.

  23. Democrats need to take back the senate and get the 200 plus pieces of legislation passed
    since the republican leader Moscow Mitch is sitting waiting for them to hatch

  24. So let me ask, Why did Nancy remove the charge of Quid quo pro? Why did Schiff never let the whistleblower Testify after repeatingly saying for months he would? Why did the whistleblower say Trump demanded something when Trumps transcript has no demand in it? Why would Schiff not allow republicans to supeona anyone? Why did Schiff have all the meetings or hold testimony behind closed doors in the basement ? Why has Comey come out and say he made mistakes regarding the FISA warrants.. Why did Schiff interupt Republicans from asking certain questions to witnesses… Why did one of the dems witnesses say that this was not a way to impeach a president.. Why are 2 dem members to Republicans in the past 2 days? Who is Kleinsmith and why is he under criminal investigation? Why did Comey not verify the dossier before getting FISA warrants? Why wont Schiff show the transcript of the whistleblower? Why has black support for Trump gone up over 8x to 34 percent? How come the dems keep doing these investigations but never find Trump guilty of anything?

  25. Trump is the anti polling candidate, and he knows it unfortunately . His every move is calculatedly illogical , his utterances senseless, his thoughts seemingly meaningless – when behind the scenes he's selling out country.
    Yet it is all just a strategic move

  26. Schumer 1999: Senate vote for early dismissal of Clinton impeachment prior to hearing from witnesses "YES” _____ Schumer 1999: "My view is we have heard from most of these witnesses over and over again. We've heard the same story."______ Shumer 1999: "I wonder if the House managers aren't a little more interested in political theater than in actually getting to the bottom of the facts.”

  27. Nadler vows to impeach b4 an "Inquiry" and with a fake dossier, January 2017 – good?
    McConnell vows acquittal b4 senate trial begins – bad?
    you ppl are insane

  28. Susan Collins is dead politically in 2020. She said she would seriously consider whether or not to vote for Brett Kavanagh. She shot herself in the head when she voted for him. No one, especially no woman, will ever forget her deciding vote which could jeopardize Roe vs. Wade. She's done. Dead.

  29. There is a given percentage of people that will not be moved no matter what. This is to be expected. It could have been revealed with evidence that trump eats human babies, and the percentages for and against would probably remain the same. Fine. Election comes next year, and the populace won't be asleep like the last one. Remember 2018? That was a trial run for 2020. So don't remove trump in the senate. The people are watching and will remember.

  30. No distractions.. the Castrati Party do have two legitimate points… they are… 1) "Look, look over there.. a Squirrel…" and 2) "How can the President be guilty of blackmailing the Ukrainian President… He can't even spell Ukraine and doesnt even know where it is…." Every one will believe that.

  31. It depends on who's doing the corrupting. Only stands for one side or the other. Like Trump and his Klan thinks he's not being corrupt, but if anybody else was doing the exact same thing, they would look at it as corruption, especially the republicans. They have double standards. That doesn't work in our Democracy and they know it that's why they're trying to destroy it.

  32. It's so sad – and shocking – that America has so many venal people in Government willing to support this deranged lunatic. The word 'presidential' takes on a whole new meaning.

  33. If the Senate won't hear witnesses, why doesn't the House hold off on the impeachment vote and wait until they get the witnesses they want to testify. Screw worrying about it taking too long. If it runs into the general election, too bad. They asked for it!

  34. Trump does not have the coherence or the vocabulary to dictate a six page letter. This has Stephen miller and conway all over it.

  35. Stop 45. Impeach Trump Now – So Racist White women and Rich Racist white gays can get up there and do all the exact same crap that Trump is doing, but pretend like they aint. Just like 44 did!

  36. These comments are dominated by Kremlin agents trying to meddle in the 2020 election. Maybe they need to be investigated

  37. The Democrats are using TOO MANY BIG WORDS. DUMB it down for the trumpanzees. Bribery. Extortion. TRE45ON. HE TRIED TO RIG THE ELECTION… AGAIN!!! GOP+NRA+KKK=KGB

  38. Trump is a traitor to the Constitution, his oath of office, the United States government and its people.

    The Constitution clearly states as a founding principal, that the act of seeking a foreign interference in our electoral process is an attack on this Nation as an independent republic.

    There is no misunderstanding and there is no excuse. There is no question as to motives. The world heard Donald Trump ask Russia, Ukraine, and and now China for that assistance. After seeking Russian interference in our elections and after the Mueller investigation, Trump said he would do it again, and he has.

    Is there only greed in the Republican heart? Is that why there is no shame? Is that why ALL those who swore the oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution are also traitors to that oath, to this country and its Constitution? When they make excuses to protect the traitor instead of the Constitution, are they not justifying their treason?

    Trump must be impeached as well as all those who took the oath of office in support the spin and lies to undermine the Constitution.

    No representative can serve this country if they are unwilling to fulfill their oath of office. And none have the right to defy this nation's Constitution. Asking foreign countries to interfere in our elections is not just against the law, it is a high crime. It is an attack on this Nation's Constitution that grants We the People our freedom of self-determination, liberty and Independence.

    Refusal to fulfill one's oath of office is a corruption that cannot be tolerated.

    Honestly, I'm sick of these politicians selling their soul to a man who has no soul. The ones willing to perpetuate the LIE to support Trump in the name of greed despite their oath of office.

    Those like my Republican Congressman, Dan Meuser, who accused the Democrats of acting illegally to remove Trump, because Democrats are upset they lost the last election. Sorry Dan, as a Democrat (and I communicated this to him) that is a lie in support of the liar. But Dan seems to have no problem spreading this lie. In fact, in his letter to me, he stated he knew "all along", that the investigations into Trump's behaviors, were not based on fact. This demonstrates Dan's lack of willingness "all along"  to even consider the evidence. This demonstrates his willingness "all along", to look the other way.

    When greed, lies and hypocrisy undermine your oath of office, you should not be there. And yet one Congressman after another repeats Trump talking points instead of his commitment to the Constitution.

    It may not be a crime to lie, but refusing to fulfill your oath of office is not a choice. This attack on the Republic cannot be ignored or allowed to stand.

    To be a representative demands living up to that oath of office. It demands fulfilling that sacred bond to The Republic, the Constitution and the Nation.

    To look away or support lies, distortion or half-truths is to act in furtherance of this attack on our Republic. It's not just wrong. It is the act of treason.

  39. No more fun when Donald is finished in 5 more years. Hooze going to watch Corrupt News Network or MS Nothing But Communists

  40. I respect legitimate results from free and fair elections Chad. I have difficulty accepting the result of elections interfered with by a hostile alien enemy (Russia). The impression l get from your crass comment Chad is that you have your head up your own dark place.

  41. 46 of 70 is .65…need 47 out of 70 is .67
    ….30 gop recused for prejudicial remarks starting with mcconnell and lindsey Graham…Kamala Harris failed on Kavanaugh…her "see u at your trial remark" could blow this deal too…what a dolt…CA…recall K.Harris!

  42. All Republican's in Congress!

    Take note:
    America will remove and send to prison every card-carrying Russian stooge we find!

    Putin's two cents, to buy Trump and Republican's has run out!

    SDNY give us Lev Parnas'
    LIST OF REPUBLICAN'S who took Russian oligarch cash!

    Save USA!

  43. Trump's no genius!
    He does crimes for 3 years and lies about them all.
    Then, on eve of his impeachment he ask how can we do that?
    A"real genius" knows America is a nation of laws!
    Especially a President of the United States!
    Trump being a Russian stooge never knew that, even now!

  44. Flashbang Schumer cheered Janet Reno and her heavy handed ATF and FBI goons who massacred all them women and children at Waco. We remember Chuck

  45. Amy McGrath is running against McConnell in KY. Jaime Harrison is running against Graham in SC. We the People can donate to/volunteer for these quality candidates, regardless of which state we reside in. We must, as the safety and well being of our People, nation and the greater good of the world depend on it. We also need to call the offices of our reps, "reps," and the Committee Chairs in support of impeachment and removal. We can make the Voice of the People relentless by asking our friends and families to do the same.

  46. None should be bewildered by the polls showing Trumps base not swaying in their support for their leader of the motherland its because ignorant people are generally stubborn and stupid.

  47. Why is 'drug deal' Sondland still being paid for by the taxpayer? Fire him instantly. He used his position to accommodate political whims as well.
    Ditto for Mitch Mulvaney.
    Ditto Pompeo.
    Ditto Barr.
    These guys are all scum.

  48. HOLD IT — Pretend my name is Pompeo (Mulvaney, Barr, or whomever you chose).
    I just got politically appointed by the President, and affirmed by the Senate.
    My Pompeo job is to run the State Dept. and carry out its duties on behalf of the USA directives.
    Nothing less, and nothing more. I support the Dept in any way that I can. I love this position.
    Suddenly, a Wingnut approaches me and asks me to do stupid stuff.
    Recall that I am ex-CIA, reasonably smart, been through the mill, and have seen it all.
    I absolutely know right from wrong… especially in Washington, and even on the World stage.
    Wingnut dictates I do something stupid, but I know it is wrong. From experience, I know this cannot be a good decision, either for the Wingnut, nor my own career, nor for the Country, nor for the Dept.
    The clear and obvious answer to the Wingnut dictate is "No, let's do this instead", "No, I won't do it", or "Are you sure about this?". Something along these lines, as I am sure you will all agree.
    Instead I chose to denounce the Dept staff, the Embassadors, risk my career, and make a mockery of myself on National TV. The question becomes — Why?

    The ONLY reason for someone to turn 180 degrees is money. If I said to you I will give you $10 Million dollars to say this, or do that, then there is a really good chance you will listen to me. Herein lies the cover-up. Bolton bolted only because he didn't buy in. He knew better, and will rely on his book sales for his cash cow. The money appears to have been provided by Russia. Strip the female Ambassador of her well earned respect and career – $10 million dollars goes into your account. Rudy will arrange it. This is pathetic, and yet there remains 40% support for this endeavor.

  49. You're democracy is gone the moment reporters are uttering phrases like "the GOP wants a veneer of a legitimate trial" & everyone in that room isn't screaming for the public to take to the streets.

  50. HOLD IT — Young, dashing Lev (and maybe Igor) just got $100 Million or so deposited in their bank account. Sweet. That would be enough (at $10M per pop) to pay off 10 Senators.
    Who would you guess to be the front runners in this payout?
    Certainly any Senator who says they are not going to vote for Removal.
    Certainly any Senator who says he is not going to follow their oath.
    Certainly the Leader who says he will follow the White House direction.

    Again, the only reason for this insane disbursement of funds is Senators 'on the take'.

    And why was Lasrov standing BEHIND the Oval Office desk, with almost as big a smile on his face as Trump had. Young Putin must still be guffawing over that one. In fact, I bet all of the World are still raising their eyebrows. Where within the White House are the Babysitters? That one picture says it all – when have you seen Trump smile so broadly?

    I finally figured it out — there is no cover-up. Do it right out in the open. The public won't figure it out, and I'll still retain 40% support. Send more money for the Senate.

  51. Putin has guaranteed the Russian-Bought Republicans that he could change the Election Results…All they have to do is Support Trump…

  52. If Trump gets away with all his crimes, he will just commit more. Then we can impeach again and get him out of office. No doubt he will be impeached again. He is a born wossie criminal who actually hates America.

  53. Trump's absolute refusal to admit any wrongdoing is his undoing. He COULD HAVE said, sorry, didnt realize that was bad, it wont happen again. But his massive, undeserved ego will not allow this. I didn't realize until Trump what a severe character flaw refusing to be wrong is. Gross.

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