Sen. Warren On Health Care: ‘I Will Sign Anything That Helps’ | The Last Word | MSNBC

Sen. Warren On Health Care: ‘I Will Sign Anything That Helps’ | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. Message to anybody who opposes Medicare For All as somehow "socialist":
    Just wait until you lose your great job and health coverage; and you, or your spouse, or your children are injured or get sick, and you can't afford a doctor or hospital, or you go through the humiliation of asking for charity, or you have to file for bankruptcy.

  2. The Warren wealth tax is the reason Michael Blumberg is running.. he doesn't mind spending a few hundred mills because if she wins , he's going to pay about 4FREAKING BILLION DOLLARS!

  3. I watched when the billionaire crying, I enjoyed every minute……Elizabeth Warren 2020 wall street is scared of her. I never thought I would see this in my lifetime.😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  4. Bernie is the only true progressive. I don’t hate warren but let’s not say she’s the female Bernie. She won’t go to state’s and primary dems like Bernie would. That’s a big difference

  5. As a neutralist, I have the right to be condensending to any side I want.

    Elizabeth Warren, if you become president, you'll likely become the first and LAST female president. You are only talking things just to get people on your sides. That native american shtick you pulled off was so bad that you can't paint all the colors of the wind. Being democrat already marks you for death. After Kamala Harris dropped out, they are gonna go after you for being more white by sjws. Though I do wish you the best of luck, because i want my 2019 wish of a big group failing to come true.

  6. Two of my favorite people in the world having a great discussion. Lawrence asked the right question: what bill that Congress passes would you sign or veto? The presidential campaign focuses too much on healthcare policy, which is a primarily a legislative rather than executive issue.

  7. I like Warren but she does not have a movement. Bernie has a movement. And he is the head of this progressive movement because these have been his positions for 40 years. When Warren was a republican Bernie was fighting for these ideals. It's a sad shame MSNBC pretends he doesn't exist despite breaking all records with over 4 mill donations from over a mill ion donors and leading Warren in the polls and first in some. Warren is a decent second choice but why do we want the knock off when we have the real deal that we know will ACTUALLY fight for us when it goes to the mat. #Bernie2020

  8. #WarrenSanders2020 or #SandersWarren2020. Vote to stop the right wing alliance of fascist, racist, ignorant maga cultists and the corrupt mega rich that support trump. Forget the boring liberal centrists, preaching we can't do this or that. These are trying times and there is no need or time for moderation, there is though, much need for true democracy and justice for all. #RegisterToVote #VoteProgressive

  9. fAKE News! People all over the world Love president Trump. Hong kong are flying make America great again flag! #WALKAWAY

  10. Stop lying every time you open your mouth you like can't you ever tell the truth you are never going to be the president

  11. Our representatives in House and Senate should reflect our population. Middle class, workers, people that live paycheck to paycheck, people needing a strong government that lifts them up.

  12. For the people who think we can't pay for universal healthcare, an allegory…. You pay your family's bills and you find a cable provider that costs half what you are now paying with all your current programming plus more. You excitedly tell your spouse, and your spouse says, "But how are you going to pay for it?" You are stunned, but politely reply, "It pays for itself. It's half the cost of what we are now paying." Your spouse replies, "But I've been watching Fox News and they tell me these programs can't be paid for, and I believe them." What do you say next? When someone believes lies instead of thinking critically, there's not much more that can be said.

    The US pays more than double the average of the OECD countries* for healthcare, and those countries all have universal healthcare, which means that they cover all of their citizens, which means that they have no deaths due to no coverage, and none of the hundreds of thousands of medical bankruptcies every year.**

  13. Someone learns that you support universal healthcare, and the person asks you how are you going to justify the hardship that will be caused to the insurance industry when we adopt UHC. You ask if the person is aware that 45,000 Americans die every year due to not having health insurance according to a 2009 Harvard study. The person says, "No." You ask how the person is going to justify these tens of thousands of American deaths every year just so a small percentage of people can make increased profits.


  15. I just wonder who's going to fix all of trumps foriegn policy nightmares. Maybe our foreign allies will forgive us and confidence will be restored.

  16. MSNBC, I appreciate what you do, please check out why YouTube keeps none USA citizens to comment or Like you . I am from South Africa and USA politics touch my country hard. All YouTube does is to send me recommendations of channels besides MSNBC. This is crazy, having to deal with background music, ads and comments . Please send me details for a subscription , your network unfortunately is not available in SA. Internet is all we have.

  17. We need a woman President to breakup the good old boys club. We need a woman to clean up the filth that Trump and his crooked Republicans leave behind.

  18. Don't believe those DNC Establishment polls , they are there to discourage people to Support Tulsi , she is doing much much better than we are told .  Tulsi herself has called out the rigging of the polls and not being transparent ; Remember the people who are in control of the polls are the same people that smear Tulsi on a daily basis that being the DNC Establishment ; Does anyone actually believe that Mayor Pete a small town mayor (that he couldn't even run ) , who was humiliated by Tulsi  in the last debate and who has absolutely NO experience in Foreign Policy which is the most important part of being President  and has NO experience in dealing with Heads of States could actually doing better in the polls , you would have to be a complete moron to believe that : ;

  19. I trust ELizabeth Warren to make the right decisions. Health care is a tough problem. Obama showed how hard it was to start toward justice; Warren will show us how to continue. Maybe along the way the plan will change but I trust her to do in the moment what will need to be done.

  20. She just said yes, she would sign a public option that doesn't phase into Medicare For All. Listen to what she's saying – she's not committed to Medicare For All!

  21. Why did Liz vote for Reagan and Bush sr ( twice each ) while Reagan killed the Middle Class and rained genocide on AIDS victims? Where's the 40 trillion Liz claims she can easily find to fund her schemes?

  22. The host promptly changes the subject when Warren starts making a GREAT point about the government "working better and better" and for billionaires.

  23. Sellout Warren wont push M4all thru congress. She might vote to give Trump more military money tho.

  24. I haven't filed taxes since 07 because I can't afford to pay my student loans. I can't survive if they attach my small paycheck.

  25. That's right, folks. Don't expect her to fight for medicare for all. She has already given up and will sign whatever the GOP tells her to.

  26. U people of USA should force feed to the people Michael Moore film how Europe live. From school to medical care to holidays.

  27. Warren is a smart cookie. She needs to stop declaring she's not "political" each time she speaks. IT'S ALL POLITICAL, so get over it !!
    We aren't idiots out here….tell us how you will be practical and actually raise the business of normal Americans. F the wealthy issues. EXAMPLE: Who'll protect our hungry kids and SNAP users who cannot work 20 hrs/week "for food"? Employers won't hire unskilled or mentally deficient folks. Shoot, they won't hire PTSD vets! Where is THIS CONVERSATION in all the rhetoric? Change trains, DEMS, we're real people out here. "Last Word" isn't my end of day news source anymore. Switching to Lester Holt. Saw too much worn out Trudeau gossip at end of day.

  28. Yes Ms. Warren, be sure to thank Bernie for all your ideas. How about coming up with an idea of your own. Your tweaking of MFA still keeps you COZY with Drug companies, we see that. No thanks, not for me! BERNIE 2020 Even if media wont say his name.

  29. My first real job was paying health and disability claims for one of our largest insurance companies in 1965. I became convinced then that the private group insurance was an poor choice for America. It became a burden on small and medium sized businesses that were struggling to make a profit. Sometimes they felt forced to provide insurance on a par with union contracts in order to maintain their employees. Sometimes they failed to keep up with rising health care costs and their employees received only a pitiful payment that didn't come close to covering huge medical costs. Boy, was that a shock to those families. Especially, if you understand that still in the 1960s, the man was considered the primary "breadwinner" in the family. The woman was expected to be a "stay at home mom" and if she did work, she wasn't paid as much. Society had classified her as simply "paying for nonessential extras". If she did have insurance, her insurance automatically paid after that of the "head of household". Men frequently felt trapped in jobs that they hated because someone within the family had a "pre-existing condition", and their care would not be covered if the employee changed jobs. The goal of the private insurance policy was to get you well enough to return to work. It was not to keep you well in the long-term. At that time, Mayo (Minnesota), Kiezer (California), Veterans Administration Hospitals, and Congress were the only ones in the country with full and complete health care. Even the best of the private insurance plans limited benefits, particularly on the therapies; mental health, physical and occupational. Health care was further limited by copays, percentages, and policy contract limits. The attitude of health maintenance organizations (HMO's) was that it would be cheaper in the long-term to keep people well, than to allow their health to degrade. Now, almost everyone is aware that paying for anything these days is simply a matter of computer accounting. Standardizing the benefits we need available accross the country will lower costs and help make them more available. Taking that burden off of the business owners, will allow them to add that "benefit" back into the employee paycheck. We do need the super-rich to go back to paying their fair share. All of the other capitalist countries in the world have laid out the ground work for us. We profit from their mistakes. Our new President will steer but not determine the details of our new National Healthcare Plan. That's the job for the Congress that you and I elect. We've lost too many American lives in the last 55 years due to a broken healthcare system. Let's shove the riff raff out of the way and get this done.

  30. I suspect that many are offended by Warren's term, "wealth tax". Since a lot of middle-class (?) Americans are about to find out that they were adversely effected by the recent tax cut, I believe that many would just be happy to see the super-rich return to paying their "fair share" of taxes.

  31. I don't know if Warren will be the nominee, but she would be great in debate with What's-his-name. She would drown him in facts which he totally does not understand. He has no idea what a marginal tax is for example.

  32. If you like Warren, you’ll love Bernie. He has never wavered on Medicare for all. He is not proposing any cap on student loan debt forgiveness (Warren caps it at maximum of $50,000 if you earn less than $100,000). His climate plan is an investment in keeping with the size of the crisis and he is talking about serious criminal justice reform. His workplace democracy plan will empower workers in all fields and double union membership. Please go to with an open mind.

  33. An articulate, convincing candidate who would be a wonderful President. Wake up America and get Trumph out. He is an imbecile!

  34. You'd never see Bernie given this fair treatment on MSNBC because they know he's going to go through with what he says.

    Warren already backed down from single payer to a "choice".

  35. so tired of hearing people say if there is universal healthcare than they will 'have to ait' for healthcare like in Sweden…so people would rather leave millions to die rather than wait in line…sickening and the root problem in America, selfishness above all else, selfishness and rampant corp greed begun w reaganomics, where all the revenue was shifted to the top and working people struggle for healthcare, housing, food, etc..this is very much a third world nation for all but the top, who pay less revenue than any other nation's wealthy..the wealthy and corps love America bc it is set up for their rampant greed..this nation is SHAMEFUL..wealthiest nation and people and animals homeless explosion , uneducated, without healthcare but trillions to military and fossil fuels to further climate crisis..sick

  36. I love Warren when shes afighter for the people but this pandering to Kamala is gross shes going to talk her self into lowering her own polls

  37. DID SEN. WARREN Fart or step on something really bad?

  38. What America is going thru…it's not democrats vs republicans…it's …Whats right…vs Wrong!!! Our Democracy is in peril!🇺🇸

  39. I like so many of the Democratic contenders, it's hard to choose a favourite. I'm thankful I'm not an American so I don't have to choose. 🙂 I'm a little worried though. Whoever the nominee ultimately will be, will the supporters of the other candidates "bite the bullet" and actually go vote for the nominee that's not their ideal candidate. I'd hate for Trump to be reelected just because Democrats can't get along. I remember seeing many Bernie supporters that got super annoyed by Bernie when he officially endorsed Hillary in the end. Many of them ended up staying home, voting for Trump or third party instead of Hillary.

    I implore every Democrat, if for example you're a Warren supporter and Bernie or Biden is the nominee, don't stay home or vote for Trump — vote for Bernie or Biden. Likewise if you're a Bernie supporter and Warren is the nominee, vote for Warren. Even though Biden maybe is not the most perfect candidate ever in the history of the universe, he is infinitely better than Trump.

  40. If there wasn't extreme waste and benefits to politicians and it were used to help people the US would be better than now

  41. Began on the morn

    Yet did not pass

    Toward darkened gulfs

    Began when stars lay hidden

    From glistening eyes

    That became beacons

    Unto which a path could be found

    Following wind and earth

    Into the light

  42. Kamala Harris our next brilliant attorney general who will perform again and take down fraud traitor Trump and William Pepe murderer Barr and then proceed to indict and imprison the trump syndicate.

  43. Did Elizabeth Warren sign onto enrollment documents as an Native American to personally benefit? Aren't there legal requirements to show documentation to prevent individuals from attempting to impersonate a different ethnic ancestry? Was Mrs Warren required to provide documents to verify her Native American ancesty?

  44. A few big differences between Warren & Bernie:

    Bernie has been committed to Medicare for All from the beginning. Warren only recently declared she is fully supportive of Medicare for all.

    Unlike Warren, Bernie is committed to small donor fundraising even in the General election. Warren has said she would only do small donor fundraising in the Primary, so Bernie won't feel any sort of pressure to bend on his policy stances once elected.

    Warren originally planned on voting for Ben Carson as Secretary of Housing, but then flip flopped when she was criticized.

    Warren worked with republicans to repeal the 'Medical Device Tax' which would have helped defund the ACA, in order to appease the Medical Device Industry in her state.

    Unlike Warren, Bernie has a long history of progressivism dating back to the 60s. Warren was a staunch Republican up until the late 90s.

    Bernie has also been one of the longest serving members of congress, he was a mayor in Vermont, and has a lot of experience in governance compared to Warren.

    Warren voted twice to increase the Military budget brought forth under Pres. Trump, which appropriated over $81Billion for purchase of Aircraft, Weapons, Missiles, and Combat Vehicles. On top of that it appropriated several Billion dollars toward other parts of the DoD.

    Bernie wants to cancel all student debt, Warren wants to implement a means-tested solution. A Means-tested program will likely further split people into the "haves" vs. "have-nots" and are easier to attack, dismantle, and weaken. Take a means-tested program like Welfare vs a universal program like Social Security as an example. Welfare is very unpopular whereas Social Security is very popular.

    Why the Differences Between Sanders and Warren Matter

    That Time Warren Cheered Trump. Well, this was disappointing… Elizabeth Warren gives standing ovation to Trump's promise that "America will never be a socialist country."

    Elizabeth Warren hates money in politics, keeps taking campaign donations from rich lobbyists and corporate executives

    Elizabeth Warren ripped Joe Biden’s big Philly fund-raiser. Last year, she did an event with some of the same rich donors.

    Leftover PAC money funneled into Warren's campaign

    Elizabeth Warren’s Campaign Turned To A Big Donor To Pay For The DNC Voter Database, Despite Her Fundraising Pledge

    Despite Fundraising Pledge, Elizabeth Warren Turns To Multi-Million Dollar Democratic Donor

    Dem front-runners [Biden, Harris, Warren] cash in on slippery definition of lobbying

    Here are the federal lobbyists who have funded Elizabeth Warren, despite her pledge to reject such money

    Elizabeth Warren's 'big money' rejection doesn't apply to general

    Warren’s Top Donors Include Individuals From Firms That Represent Corporations: Received hundreds of thousands of dollars from individuals in securities and investments; Wall Street lawyers

    Why Wall Street prefers Warren to Sanders

    Warren has a plan for Wall Street — and Wall Street isn’t panicking

    Wall Street Sees Elizabeth Warren as ‘Acceptable Alternative’ to Bernie Sanders

    Why Does Wall Street Suddenly Find Elizabeth Warren Acceptable?

    Dow breast implant case spotlights Elizabeth Warren’s work helping big corporations navigate bankruptcies

    When Elizabeth Warren Agreed With Betsy DeVos: How the heterodox professor became a predictable candidate

    Elizabeth Warren Hints That She Would Accept Middle Ground on Medicare for All

    Elizabeth Warren Falsely Claims She Endorsed Massachusetts Marijuana Legalization

    When It Comes to U.S. Militarism, Elizabeth Warren Is No Progressive

    Elizabeth Warren on War and Peace. Warren’s troubling foreign policy history includes uncritical support of Israel, supporting sanctions on Venezuela, and vilifying Russia and China as national security threats.

    Elizabeth Warren Finally Speaks on Israel/Gaza, Sounds Like Netanyahu

    Elizabeth Warren Defends Israeli Shelling Of Gaza Schools

    Elizabeth Warren says killing Palestinian civilians is ‘the last thing Israel wants’

    Elizabeth Warren Votes for Massive Increase of War Budget

    Elizabeth Warren Can and Should Do Better on Foreign Policy

    Elizabeth Warren just failed to stand up for Native Americans

    Native American Sovereignty Is Under Attack. Here’s How Elizabeth Warren’s DNA Test Hurt Our Struggle.

    Elizabeth Warren Has Spent Her Adult Life Repeating A Lie. I Want Her To Tell The Truth.

    Elizabeth Warren’s Shameful Exploitation of Standing Rock Victory

    She's got a (borrowed) plan for that: The media myth of Elizabeth Warren the wonk

    Why Elizabeth Warren is the Biggest Fauxgressive of All

    “Liz Was a Diehard Conservative”

    Warren, Biden Campaigns Appear to Find Loophole Around Paid Internships

    Warren Fellowship Applicants: Campaign Program Was a ‘Great Scam’

    In 2016 Elizabeth Warren endorsed centrist candidate Hillary Clinton over progressive Bernie Sanders

  45. Warren is player of the system another Obama. Only bernie can do the job. That's why MSNBC and other media treat him as he who should not be named. #Bernie2020

  46. Those billionaire's are so afraid, they may have to pay for all the weapons we've purchased over the last 50 years to protect their wealth.

  47. She is a second Merkel and will have the same effect on the US: Massive illegal immigration, fatal economic decisions, exploding costs for social welfare, etc. This woman is a great thread for America. Keep away from her, America. Greetings from Germany!

  48. This Woman has been caught lying about her past numerous times. Sheep choose to support her. Sheep who are unable to do proper research on political figures who are in their own party. Bias sheep following the shepherd.

  49. What she meant to say is, I will do anything thing that helps me with Big Pharma while flying on a charter Jet to her 3 million dollar home. You go girl!

  50. The reason the rest of the world has no respect for Trump as president. Is because most the press only says negative, bad things.

  51. Anybody out there think Hillary is going to remain on the sidelines and let Lizzy be the first woman President? Not likely. As corrupt as Hillary is, at least she is smart enough to keep one finger on the pulse of America and is willing to be moderate on policy (unless it interferes with her globalist pay for play but that is another story). At least Hillary's proposed policies are not crazy like Liz's. Hillary is currently polling way above Liz so why would Hillary not step in? Who would I pick????? Hillary makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up but so does Liz but in a different way. Obviously, I would vote for the guy who loves our country. Trump 2020. He is not perfect and he is crass and a Washington outsider but he gets the job done for Americans and he loves his country. Contrast his slogan, "Make America Great Again" with Hillary's "I'm with Her". Ask not what your country can do for you, Ask what you can do for your country".

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