Senate GOP Wants To Do What Ukraine Didn’t | All In | MSNBC

Senate GOP Wants To Do What Ukraine Didn’t | All In | MSNBC


  1. the scary thing is the president is getting his talking points from russia and the rest of the gop are repeating them, that is how good putin is at his job he has corrupted the very highest offices in the land

  2. If he did "nothing wrong" then he won't be brought down. Just like with the attempt to bring down the POTUS. He did nothing wrong and the corrupt, sick, insane tribe of usurpers, like this insane moron, can't bring him down. Wretched people. "Sick People".😳

  3. Ol' Linsay Graham has aged years since hanging around with Trump. Doesn't look well. Must be subconscious guilt killing him.

  4. The people that have given this video, and all the videos that spell out trump's and the repubs lies and corruption a thumbs down, are clearly corrupt liars themselves.

  5. I would not be suprised if some day it would come out that Trump has collected dirt on most of the GOP and that is why they cave in front of him all the time. Nixon wiretaped his enemies, perhaps Trump wiretaped his friends 😉

  6. So the United States is more corrupt than Ukraine now. Okay great. I guess Ukraine is only the 4th most corrupt country in the world? Congratulations Ukraine.

  7. This IS the time for an assassination of Trump and his lackeys! The GOP is letting him destroy the country and eventually the world!

  8. It's so disgusting to see how many republicans have sold out there souls, morals and allegiance to country to defend an incompetent, immoral, corrupt, lying president.

  9. It is completely obvious that kompromat is being held over Graham, and probably many other Republicans.
    Literally nothing else, short of personality-changing brain injury, explains the excruciating volte-face.

  10. No, it was not Russia. The 400lb guy is in reference to Kim Dotcom. Who if I understand it correctly passed the emails along to Wikileaks from Seth Rich, a DNC staffer who was so disillusioned that his party was stealing the nomination from Bernie, he downloaded the emails as proof. Seth was shot in the back twice and killed for having done the right thing.


    The DNC just did this all to themselfs!


    WHY NOT?


  12. Senator John Kennedy is an embarrassment to John & Robert Kennedy Senior, these were the guys who fought corruption and were assassinated for doing so. Shame on you John Kennedy and you don't deserve your surname.

  13. If you have a "friend" like Lindsay Graham, you don't need enemies. What a pathetic, complete fail of character he is!
    One more miserable man turned into a pathetic, dishonest little Trump mouse, uncapable of anything worth calling friendship any more!

  14. After John McCain died. Lindsey Graham has changed 180 degrees. Unfortunately he will be remembered only for this. History is going to record this moment and it will follow Lindsey Graham for the rest of his life.

  15. Well if he is going to investigate Joe Biden for using his vice presidency to better his son. He better investigate Ivana. Eric. Don Jr for same thing

  16. These old republican senators should be shamed of themselves. This president has exposed them all time for all of us to drain this swamp by voting them out

  17. Has Zelinsky figured out yet that he was being "set up" by trump? Sure, Ukraine takes the heat off of Russia and trump's Sugar Vladdy, while at the same time gives Ukraine to Russia on a silver platter. Crazy? that's trump…

  18. bootlick Lindsay HATES trump, but he is having trouble deciding when to FLIP. On the one hand are the generous bribes and terrible threats; on the other, how weak does trump have to be before Lindsay can flip and still keep his phony baloney job? It's more troubling that right and wrong don't come into play – that would make it easy.

  19. The Republican Party protect Donald Trump from his high crimes and misdemeanors because they believe he’s ABOVE THE LAW and if the Republican Senate doesn’t convict him in his impeachment for removal from office they are making a statement that he can continue his modus operandi committing high crimes and misdemeanors and admitting to them on national television to the American people

  20. You can be in government and be corrupt. You can be in government and be involved in some type of conspiracy theory. You can be in government and never do anything for the people other than vote the way the majority does. But one thing you cant do is play dumb or be stupid. And it's that very thing that is going to get the people of this country to rise and say enough because you are now insulting the people of this country and think that there is something you can say that makes all that justified and that's were your wrong.

  21. They all need to go to prison. They've sold out their country just to be in the good graces of a psychopath who'll thrown them all under the bus when the time comes.

  22. Yes Senator. We should believe that the entire intelligence community of the United States is as incompetent and corrupt as Senate Republicans. Because you, a Senate Republican, say so.

  23. Lindsey Graham wins the Gold! Ms. Lindsey scored a perfect “10” in the “Hiney-Lick Maneuver”!!! 😂😳😆😎🤣

  24. 👌You know.. lying Lindsey's one grammatically soft spokened trumped interests rate, one whom at times screams out loudy like a Wolf pup and forgets at times to remembers that most by now knows whenever he grandstands on BS. 👍

  25. Basically, the GOP is OK with the Russian interference in 2016, and try to blame it on the Ukraine instead. Traitors and conspirators, all of them, when they promote Russia's conspiracy theory instead of looking at the facts from all the intelligence agencies.

  26. Don't forget the flat Earth. And forget the murder suspect identified by eyewitnesses, it could have been Liberace. I don't know. No one knows.

  27. So Trump finally got public announcement that someone is investigating the Biden from Leningrad Lindsey Graham instead of Ukraine, so this is the favor that of his impeachment. No one spied on Trumps campaign, bugged his trump tower, no one locked up Hilary, Obama is born in the USA, Obama did not want to declare WAR on North Korea to build hotels. -Tecnocraft Lamborghini

  28. It's an "argumentum ad ignorantiam"; basically it says, "Well, if you can't prove to my satisfaction that it WASN'T Biden and Ukraine, then my opinion that it was is JUST AS GOOD as your opinion that it was Putin and Russia."

    Shady lawyers use this gambit all the time: "You say the odds of another person matching my client's DNA are one in a billion? Well, that means there are seven other people on Earth who could have killed his ex-wife; it was probably one of them."

  29. Graham knows that he is gone in the next election. He has long ago abandoned his oath of office in support of Trump. It seems he is out to do as much damage to the Democrats as possible

  30. The Mueller report showed us how the Russians interfered in our elections by helping Trump get elected. Today the republicans are showing us just how successful they were. Putin is having his fun now, but it's not nice to poke the bear. We like nice people, but we aren't always so nice.

  31. Limp Noodle Lindsey has lost every shred of integrity he ever possessed. May the ghost of John McCain haunt him to the grave.


  33. No doubt about it at least we know republicans in both chambers are doing what Ukraine 🇺🇦 couldn’t do to appease trump and so therefore they have chosen it to do it themselves, democracy is slowly dying in the hands of these hooligans

  34. I'm certain that there are a handful of facilitators in the Congress and Senate that are either working directly or have been duped into working for the Russian interests.

  35. 1:39 The GOP has no principles, they flip-flop depending on what they think will keep them in power and Republican voters are too stupid to see that they are being manipulated by hypocrites.
    " If we nominate Trump he will destroy the Republican party and we would have deserved it " – That's what Lindsey Graham said during Trump's campaign and now he is just another sycophant.

  36. I am coming to the conclusion tha the Russians have effectively infiltrated the Republican base, quite possibly as far back as the tea party take over of the party. If the leaders of the republican party don't take back the party soon and start leading from the front the party will be doomed.

  37. I wonder if Lindsy Graham is a guy who should be inviting loads of public scrutiny. His flip flops and abandoning of John McCain's legacy sure makes the casual observer wonder what is going on. During the Clinton impeachment Lindsey was clamoring to "cleanse the office of President" and now is on a non stop campaign to tolerate the most blatant abuses of power since Nixon. I am astounded that Lindsey finds the attempt to rig the 2020 election acceptable, and seems to be taking part in it through a bogus senate investigation.. John McCain will be remembered as a hero- Graham will be remembered as a scavenging lap dog.

  38. Don’t forget, anything on Foxfools network is aimed at well, Foxfools so, anything goes, anything is said because, well, Foxfools will believe it.

  39. The Fox clip of John Kennedy will get him voted out of office and he knew it just a day later and tried to half back it down. Sorry – that and his appearance at Trump's Louisiana rally showed that he has no spine. Lindsay Graham – well if John McCain was still around he would be slapping him upside the head.

  40. Graham is going to shoot himself in the head one day. He's a wreck of the man he once was. One day, he'll look in the mirror and won't be able to bear what he sees.

  41. Dear MSNBC, as a 65 yr old I would appreciate it if I could watch your news shows on utube for free (I pay for cell service) I have no internet service or landline from Comcast because I can't afford to pay for it, even my cell service is in my husband's name and not mine. Free information is imperative for an informed decision on voting etc … I appreciate when others break your copywrite laws and share your shows for the edification of All We The People :). Peace Health Happiness to All

  42. Trump has until Friday 12/6 to decide if he and his lawyers are participating in the upcoming Judicial Committee Impeachment hearings. He must provide a list of witnesses and his defense to the committee . Let’s wait for that . I will be shocked if they can make anyone appear who will lie under oath to congress for Trump.

  43. The USA is a great country and a beacon of democracy. However, Americans are sadly paranoid about Russia. They over inflate the threat, over think how manipulative Russia can be. The main threat comes from within and the incredible appetite the media and citizens are ready to believe what they are told, without question. America is a great country, with great people and together they are indomitable. This video, along with others, show how divisive the media, politicians and people are prepared to be.

  44. Where did these educated illiterate GOP representatives came from…… they have any grey matter in their head or do they know how to use it.

  45. I love how these republicans cry say how unfair it is if it were a republican the corruption wouldn’t be tolerated really the republicans fixed it were trump can’t be prosecuted really remember that also goes to a democrat president now I don’t think that’s ever a wise ideal that any leader shouldn’t be held accountable that opens up to a dictatorship


    GOP: "The Democrats won't allow us to bring in our witnesses."

    Jerry Nadler: "We're inviting Trump to attend the impeachment hearings Wednesday December 4th.

    GOP: "I think it's unfair you give us a date to appear."

  47. One thing we know is Putin knows how to manipulate and play the Americans, Putin can make Americans lie to Americans to help him manipulate Americans to the detriment of America.  This also shows just how much some Americans hate America and Americans, who needs traitors when America has Republicans working for Russia.  If a party is doing what Putin wants then they are not working to benefit America, and what's even worse is millions of Americans can't see it's happening.

  48. Kennedy sounds like a cartoon character . Graham has turned on his great friend Biden, just for trump, what makes somebody do that

  49. Graham McConnell McConnell wife Jordan Nunes bye you racist pig's fly to Russia your horse is dead oh yeah you have no kids.Can you spell Kremlin good go

  50. The GOP is not ever going to admit that what they are doing is wrong. They dont care. They will pretend they are right until the last one is dead. They will read in history books before they die just how wrong they are. They still won't care

  51. It does more than damage our national security it spreads false information and creates a divide in the American people. There is a reason we call it the united states. and not divided states of america. together we are strong and divided we fall. We are heading for a huge fall and all based on deception and misinformation. All from those we chose to lead us. I predict the fall of the United States before 2024. Sad end to the greatest country.

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