Senate Intel Report: Russia Hacked 2016 Election And They’re Still At It | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Senate Intel Report: Russia Hacked 2016 Election And They’re Still At It | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. we wanted to know why Trump tore up the manuscript for his private meetings with Putin I'm thinking this might be why.

  2. Trump hasn't committed one single act that will get him impeached he's committed dozens. well he just making America great again Right!

  3. Moscow Mitch is the main obstructionist not allowing bills that would put into action measures to stop foreign meddling. Moscow Mitch McConnell has a deal with a Russian Oligarch with ties to Putin for an Aluminum Plant in Kentucky. This is a Russian way to buy political advantage in the US.

  4. Donny is either mentally impaired or has a political death-wish.
    Besides the normal lies etc, calls to Ukraine++, withdrawing from Syria/abandoning allies, this Open Skies pullout plan…

  5. amazing to see americans run crazy for a country to intefer in election, in europe this things been going on for years and are a part of the game todayl. even the democrates in usa have had this for years. why does USA think this is special….bloody corporate news

  6. Its absolutely frightening that the USA is so helpless to correct this Russian spy president situation. I always thought the USA would protect the state itself no matter what – even if that required the president to be assassinated.

  7. Like f..king DUH!!! Hillary Clinton paid the Russians, a military enemy, for the Russian Dossier (Russian disinformation) to be introduced into the FISA warrant. This was a deliberate attempt to have Russia meddle in our elections and begin a coup of the US. . TREASON of the highest order. And these people knew it was an overthrow of the will of the people and such, know the penalty which is warranted here. And the media such as CNN/MSNBC should be charged with being an accomplish to said TREASON.

  8. MSNBC still lying about Trump. It was the Ukraine that meddled with the election. That is not in dispute. Russia got uranium from the democrats. They got trade sanctions. 5th generation fighter jets in Poland, armed anti soviet Syrians and removed from arms treaties from Trump.

  9. Meanwhile, Moscow Mitch stands in the way of putting the Election Security bills on the floor. I believe he is also a Russian asset and he's hiding definitely involved in a cover up. Please Kentucky, vote this cancer out of office! He is a traitor.

  10. Face it. Say the truth. We've got traitors throughout the administration, and quite a few in the Republican Senate. Oh, not traitors, "the big weakness in our democracy." So sorry.

  11. Another one he is Putin's lover boy
    👉🤥Trump👺👈 he dose everything to benefit Putin and damaging America and it's people bad bad

  12. This dis-information stuff is SOLELY aimed at the low-educated right. Have you noticed that? This stuff isn't aimed at the educated left voters.


  14. A troll farm with an ad buy less than a typical garage sale, plus this comes from the Intel community. The same ones that said Iraq has "Weapons of Mass Destruction". Yawn. Too bad critical thinking isnt a tool used by the media or entertained by it's viewers. So, So tribal. Life is more than Orange man bad and Crooked Hillary.

  15. Well, I am nor sure what the American Goverment is planning but it sure looks like Trump is dismantling and isolating the US. Scary is not strong enough to describe the present situation.


  17. Man talk about Burning Down The House! Trump is really going for the Scorched Earth policy as a way to deflect from the Impeachment process.

  18. I have a conspiracy theory the Russians are purposefully supporting right wing politics, because they want to decieve America into thinking theyre losing when candidates who are less militarily interventionist win. Why would they support increased funding in US Military? So when they win they lose, but when they lose they win.

  19. Yes it started under Obama but like in Syria he did nothing so the Russians wouldn't get mad at him. Remember When President Barack Obama was caught on a live microphone making a promise to Putin that he would "have more flexibility" after his re-election So who is the Putin lover.

  20. As long as the US Senate will do nothing whats the point of impeachment proceedings just like with Bill Clinton's issues.
    Waste af time and taxpayers cash.
    Oh F_____g well I guess .

  21. Everything trump is doing(including the call with Ukraine) is to lift the harsh sanctions put on Russia by the Obama administration for interfering in our election because it is financially crippling Russia. If trump can say, see Russia was framed, the true culprit is xyz… bye bye sanctions.

  22. Looking forward to those life-time politicians that literally stole money from ordinary Americans, being voted out in 2020 for not fulfilling their roles as promised, when they were voted in. Most of which are now politically dead and decaying democrats.

  23. TDS!!! TDS!!! TDS!!!! just ANOTHER silly dum dum deepstate demonRAT conspiracy theory!!!! HILARIOUS corrupt fake news propaganda!!!!

  24. They're all murderous thugs and dictators supported by the blood money of profitable wars and brain-dead taxpayers.

  25. Just wait until the Russian collision report comes out, then we will really learn who the real culprits are! Definitely not Trump but the Mueller crowd, fake News as usual, can't believe MSNBC – of course AG Barr must investigate to get to the bottom of this

  26. Donald Trump works for Putin for destroying USA because he is a traitor, a liar, a homeland seller, Russian's spy. He sold his soul for money as his republican's associates. May God open your eyes American people because with Trump and his associates you are in danger.

  27. Such a disgrace that Russia is able to fill American voters' heads with idiotic and partisan false information! That's supposed to be the job of Fox News and the president!

  28. The weakness of the US isnt freedom. Most modern countries' freedom rating is above the US. No the weakness of the US is stupidity. Too many stupid people believing stupid lies.

  29. Then Russia Hacked the GOP, and got the pedo files on Moscow Mitch and Lindsey Graham……and then they became Kremlin Assets.

  30. America you wanted a king devil, and you got him. Hey America and you evangelical Bible Babblers peddling snake oil potions and worshippers of Satan. Trumpsatan that is. Read the book of Isaiah; in there you will find your king. There in Isaiah, God Almighty tells you snake oil peddlers, that God will destroy Satan and his wicked off spring. After your king Ruins his own country and start killing his own people. And stop sneaking those Banjos and venemous vipers in your churches!

  31. "We're an easy mark because we're good people". No you're an easy mark because the biggest thing you manufacture in America are idiots.

  32. "Russia Hacked 2016 Election And They're Still At It"? Really? You don't say?
    What else is new? Drumpf what?

  33. on TV you see add for ARMY 10,000 men women stopping hackers protecting are Grid , and Liberal Democrats still think the Poll got hacked you have to be some kind of stupid .

  34. I am not going to take information from foreign countries to influence our elections….TRAITOR TRUMP CANNOT SAY THIS! HE DOES THE OPPOSITE, Asking FOR HELP!

  35. America is being attacked and the GOP/ Trump do nothing. Moscow Mitch and Trump taking money from Putin's friends. #BernieSanders2020 VOTE. DONATE. SUPPORT. #Bernie2020

  36. Trump has shown his true colours. He is now responsible for countless deaths in Syria. He doesn't care about ISIS because they will be released back into Europe, not the USA. He took USA troops out of Syria for his own personal reasons, his buildings and for 2020. The blood of all deaths caused by this are on Trumps hands and all those who voted him in, in 2016. You have voted in a DICTATOR who collaborates with other dictators. USA, your standing in the world is now SERIOUSLY affected by this tyrant – GET RID OF HIM NOW – from the UK

  37. Thing IS….as long as THIS country keeps Trump in office…..Russia will ALWAYS interfere with our elections and nothing will ever be done about it !!!

  38. Hmmm, sounds like Brian is telling us another fairy tale, not unlike the story about being shot down in a helicopter in Iraq.

  39. Thanks, Brian, for your GREAT reporting!!!! Anyone who still supports this ORANGE IMBECILE is either extremely rich or STUPID!!!!

  40. All l can say, we pray and God, 0ur heavenly Father to forgive us of our sins, pray for ourselves, Donald Trump , the whole round world help us ,let pray, read our Bible, everyone please, Revelation 19 Chapter through 22

  41. Trump is doing all of this….because PUTIN HAS DIRT ON TRUMP…why else would trump do any if these stupid things?????

  42. Russia Russia Russia. Meanwhile the Democrats won't push forward/through the legislation to make allowing foreign interference in our elections more transparent and illegal. And they, like the GOP won't pass legislation to show all of DC's tax returns if you want to serve in Federal Office.

  43. PS: Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has been illegally spending like crazy to control DCs actions. And they have given the CIA so much money, it almost, well okay, it does make sense to look at our American actions in the Middle East and realize, it is only makes any sense when you look at the actions through the view of what serves the Kings needs best.

  44. Is putin gonna be stupid enough to support trump again when trump never pays back, and yes still russian sanction after how many years now of trump in the wh? Stupid putin.

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