Senate Intel Report: Russia Targeted Voting Systems All 50 States In 2016 | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Senate Intel Report: Russia Targeted Voting Systems All 50 States In 2016 | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. Wow you did not watch the same Moody Mueller talking that i did, your rehashing old unproven things, wake up everyone is in everybody else's computers in every country, it's called spying and it as been going on way before you woke up to it , you have killed your credibility

  2. The doushbag DEMs are picking people up helping them fill out forms and driving them to the polls? Also they want illegal to vote? Whos the bigger threat? This guy hasent reported anyhting of value since he was a army ranger shotdown behind enemy lines.. lol he is a joke. All these guys go to abortion rallys and voted for AOC

  3. Welp its confirmed the Republicans don’t care if Russia basically reelect Trump themselves smfh. In 2016 people in nyc couldn’t vote because the system said they wasn’t registered. When in fact they actually have been registered for years before the dam election. Russia has got into our registration system, they just got 1.5M names & pictures from that dam old face app too.

  4. This Russian stuff was started by Obama-Clinton campaign. Clinton tried to blame Trump for it. Obama let 12 Russian "diplomats" into the country no questions sked. A few of these diplomats turned out to be KGB. I wonder how that happened. Lets take a look at Obama's tax returns.

  5. Vote these Benedict Arnold's out of office next election, otherwise, I guarantee u, this B's in Washington will only multiply, like f$#ing cockroaches

  6. Democrats do something, anything, for the Americans who put you in office. And Williams, you lost your credibility and integrity a long time ago.

  7. You jus gotta love trump
    Any time you wanna laugh
    Trumps the guy

  8. Funny how the Democrats collude with Russians to create a narrative that the Republicans are colluding with Russia. When the proof is shown that Hilary and the DNC paid $12.5 for the dossier that started all of this is completely ignored by ABCNNBCBS. Even Mueller himself acted clueless about this and never thought it important to look into how all of this began. Looks pretty bad for the Democratic Party and the majority of the news networks that continued to push the BS story that Trump and Putin worked together to steal the election. What a bunch of crap the the left should be ashamed of themselves for their attempted coup on our nation.

  9. I'm sorry but a people keep saying Russia meddled in our elections but I don't see it I see a lot of bulshit Temptation he said she said where's the proof every time they do this and it falls back that the Democrats did it with Fusion GPS and the dossier is where it all started and they went to Russia asking for help even fabricated help which they got in the dossier am I wrong in saying this

  10. Trump and Mitch working together to help Russia to win again.America we have to wake up (white America you hate blacks and Mexican so bad y'all willing to destroy the country.God is coming soon.

  11. Thankd the Fake new media like nbc. Russia never cared about helping trump. They always wanted to create chaos and doubt in democracy.

  12. These bad actors do have Trump and related figures in mind. They have Republican interest in mind. The only thing that could save us now are white hat hackers. If they even give a dam. Why would Republicans fix the problem if it benefits them.

  13. Russian disinformation? What about mainstream media disinformation? They pushed a false story for 2 years nonstop around the clock. All for what? If you said ratings and money you would be correct. If you ask these clowns some facebook post where jesus is arm wrestling satan is the greatest threat to American Democracy

  14. We have something that's a far greater threat to America than any russian ever has been or ever will be it's called a democrat.

  15. A paper trail for your vote? That's good and bad. Nice to be able to verify who you voted for, but you may open a can of worms by allowing the government to backtrack and see who you voted for. Where is the anonymity??

  16. If we have proof that all 50 states were hacked by Russia in the 2016 election than Trump is an illegitimate President. WHY IS HE STILL IN OFFICE??? THIS WAS A COUP!! What is Pelosi doing about it?? NOTHING!! Fire Pelosi and bring in AOC and bring in the SQUAD !!!

  17. So we don't bother vote? That wonderful when are they going to get McConnell out he's a traitor also so is Graham. Terri

  18. How can any American support the obvious traitor that is donal J. Drumpf? Do Drumpf supporters adore autocracy so much, they want a King in the same manner as russia?

  19. Mitch states that Democrats would get a political advantage over Republicans if the Republicans sign a bill that puts more funds into US voting security to combat Russia’s “attack”….

    Does Mitch even understand what Mitch just implied…. No added funds into US voting security is an advantage for Republicans & Trump…. Mitch just implied that Russia helped Republicans & Trump in the 2016 US Presidency race & win….

    Why hasn’t any Democrats and or news media picked up on what Mitch implied & reporting it….

  20. Trump and Mcconnell dont have any interest in securing our election. 2016 was rigged on their behalf. They want that again. Could they win without?

  21. Yea, bc they're trying to cause in-fighting. Actual violence. It starts online, it ends in reality. They specialise in taking the worst of you and promoting them and then taking advantage of the chaos. Its how the KGB came to power in the first place. Literally. Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.

  22. Take Trump out of the equation. Forget what he says and why he's saying it. Is the legislation itself good. If yes, pass it.

  23. The report won't spur any republicans into actually PROTECTING the American people fron Russian attacks ..cause they profit from these attacks . The only real threat that they can see to America ……is Brown people coming across our border. Or poor white people who want food for their children . .or don't want to die from a curable illness . .. unbelievable ,
    But stealing our elections , and our votes and our democracy ? From white guys. ? (Russians). problem at all says republicans

  24. I know DAM well they did it in Michigan because in Black community area and heavy blue collar union area they had machine problem when the door open at 8:30 in the morning and that why peoples was ask did there vote go through and they was told YES or some poll worker told them that they would send there ballot ship through when the machine are working or up ??? YES we do got the dumb A$$ racism red neck in American, here in Michigan we vote for President Obama twice and had not vote for a republican president in 30 years.

  25. President Trump should be impeached for allowing Russia to target voting systems while he was in control of American intelligence organizations.

  26. But, but, but… #PresidentTweety hates democracy and Democrats. In gawd's name, why would he protect honest elections? Trump doesn't even believe in any gawd but himself.

  27. Collusion/conspiracy is an understatement, trader tRuMp is guilty of just That! CONSPIRACY with this kitchen cabinet/ repuglickins are a part of this cover up. Criminal tRuMp needs to be impeached and charged at the highest levels of government right now😲

  28. Moscow Mitch and his $200 million dollar gift from a Russian weapons oligarch. Right after Putin bragged that they had an icbm that can reach the central US with multiple nuclear warheads!!! Trump and McConnell are on the wrong side in this war putting us and our kids in grave danger…pick a side and vote!!! Us or Russia.

  29. I just tried to call McConnell's office got a recording stating the voice mail was not accepting messages and was internet address. This lead to a screen reply of THIS PAGE CANNOT BE REACHED this is the Republicans in action or should I say inaction?

  30. Don't worry voter ID is coming to stop Democrats from using undocumented I'LLEGALS aka VOTER FRAUD to steal and Election just like in 2018 when they stole the house and People are going to be prosecuted for it because Trump and Q have not forgotten about it.

  31. it looks clear that trump and the republicans have  change our 3 branches of government to HIM, Mitch McConnell and Barr.  the House is over ruled and superseded  SAFT  save America fire trump

  32. Russia thanks you for your cooperation! Donald Trump is doing very well as the next dictator of America ending elections and democracy!

  33. They do not deserve a vacation. They are using their laziness to wreck our country. Pelosi needs to retire. She is too old and sleepy.

  34. A paper trail isn't good enough, unfortunately. The paper only gets counted if there's a recount. If a hacker flipped enough votes to avoid a recount, nobody would ever know. The only truly secure solution is to ban electronic voting. I'm a software engineer, by the way.

  35. I hope Americans learn that you have to be what you expect from others. There is no one way street, or "special" country in global relations. Think about it, you screw someone over, they will screw you right back. It's human nature, you have to be what you expect of others, otherwise you will be seen (and resented) as a hypocrite. The US has meddled in many elections of other countries, has military bases surrounding Russia and has tried to keep Russia from progressing as a country (sanctions are an act of war). How would the US respond if another country blatantly tried to suppress their economy and placed military bases surrounding their country? Be "fair" and you won't create so many enemies. Putin can do more damage with his brilliant mind that dropping a bunch of bombs. Putin is an INTJ personality type (same as me) and INTJs absolutely despise double standards. Truth and fairness only has one standard. Americans (in general) are their own worst enemy when they expect more than they give.

    The world has nukes, get over the delusion of being "the most powerful nation", because gaining respect gains the most power, not military might.

  36. Trump & McConnell have doubled crossed America and it's people by giving the Russians freedom to take over our country !!!!!!!

  37. They need to take a close look at Mitch McConnell, the Russians may have a tight grip on his balls as well.

  38. They need to take a close look at Mitch McConnell, the Russians may have a tight grip on his balls as well.

  39. Trump doesn’t want America to be a democracy. He wants to be Putin or Kim. He wants Americans to do what he wants, and that is stroke his poor needy little ego. Nothing more. He doesn’t give a f…k about you ar America.

  40. Look at Putin's face,does that look like a face of a man who feels threatened by Trump's pathetic child like scolding?

  41. The reason Obama didnt stop it was because HRC was colluding with the Russians for the Russian dossier. Obama didnt want to stop it.

  42. INUNDATE Your Congressional Representatives for the next 6 weeks. Demand They Vote for Mitch McConnell EXPULSION NOW and Secure are Electoral System. FIGHT for Democracy.

  43. There is still a massive problem with the electrol college vote counting. Popular votes overwhelming won for Democrats – twice.

  44. Here in the most corrupt state, of all 50 states, Kentucky, I'll be demanding a paper ballot when I vote McConnell & ALL Trumpian Republicans out!

  45. That is Trump is Why Trump is President because Putin is going to hack our computer system so Trump can get most of the electoral votes

  46. Just look up Hillary meeting Putin she was going bear tagging with him and Obama and Hillary sold Uranium to them and sent millions of emails to Russia. It would be so hard to do you idiots to change votes only Hillary's people did that, they faked votes for dead people. and they give illegals Licences to vote and they can vote, Russia cannot vote stupid. Listen to this idiots nothing to do with Trump. Obama was in power for 8 years and did nothing they did it to Obama but he did nothing in 8 years. Mueller is just talk he messed up shocking he is a fraud as most of the people on his investigation. as if Trump needs Russia look how he fills stadium's and you also the polls are ahead of Trump what a laugh. All fake like this news

    Once USA is disassembled Russian will take over
    So CONALD FONDLE what thefuck

  48. "This is all part of the Russian playbook," -says Chis Krebs, Director of DHS Cyber Security." -"Its part of the Gerasimov Docterine. Russia's not trying to win anything – it just wants everyone else to lose. Then in doing so; it wins by default."

  49. Our election security, need protection, Mitch McConnell and Trump is in bed with Russia. Russia, is going to interfering in our election system again.

  50. The Great Hack -> Excellent documentary on how Americans are programmed. It's available on NetFlix.

  51. Its all good China has a deal with First Lady/Daughter for voting machines and China has never been one to put chips on circuit boards that weren't supposed to be there.

  52. School boy tactics I show you my weaner and you show me your weaner and whoever has a bigger weaner wins

  53. No One said England was involved as well … as England was "laughing at us they said it was the stupid liberals who quoted ". it was a English Company who was involved .

  54. If you vote for trump, or any republican, you are voting for putin who WILL take your guns.
    Think America. Think.

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