Senate set to acquit Trump after impeachment witness vote fails

Senate set to acquit Trump after impeachment witness vote fails


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  2. Well Benedict Arnold was very faithful to the people he turned against eventually. Matter of fact if you actually read into American history and you read into Benedict Arnold you'll learn that he was a very courageous Brave man that really believed in exactly what all of the founding fathers believed in but there was this one thing that turned him against the founding fathers and that was a little bit of coin. then he became a traitor did founding fathers in what we call today the United States of America so what's to say that John Bolton was a brave courageous man that really stood up for his party his side of the aisle but then a little bit of coin turned him against the Republicans turned him against the president of the United States and now he should be known as a traitor we don't know I personally believe he is the Modern Age Benedict Arnold. Honestly no disrespect to John Bolton he does or did or is currently doing what he believes is right I'm not going to slander to man or say anything wrong about him he has chosen a side and it's a side that I'm not on and that's the end of the story unfortunately it's sad to lose somebody that one's really truly stood up for what was right in this country. however the actions of John Bolton doesn't just affect the people he's stood by once In This Nation but it affects his well-being as a person as well.

  3. Romney is a fake conservative. When he was Gov. of Ma he was for abortion but when he becomes a Republican. I don't trust anyone that wears magic underwear.

  4. Trey Gowdy… I respect your decision to leave the house. Your voice is missed. Fairness coupled with brilliance is sadly in short supply. I love my country and fear my government. There is a storm coming. And I lack confidence that truth is forthcoming. God bless you sir. Change is hard. Apathy is what is truly dangerous. Our intelligence agencies have been weaponized for political power grabbing. Make no mistake. This was an orchestrated coup. Thank you for your service sir! Thank you for your dignity and thank you for your fairness. Outcome determinative bias is my new ring tone. You have helped me.

  5. Schiff has faced accusations of a "cover-up" because the whistleblower met with a member of his staff before filing the complaint and because he walked back a claim in an interview last year in which he said, "We have not spoken directly to the whistleblower."

  6. The Democrats did not do a good job 👏 producing evidence on president Donald Trump. What Democrat did do was produce there feelings. Demo rates did not have a solid case.

  7. Dossier for all democunts between 2016 and 2020:
    Accomplishments for the good of America: None.

    Trying to get rid of a duly elected president: Consistently.

  8. All Democrats need to be sent to a 3rd world Socialist country since Communism is what they teach and what they want for America. If they aren't happy here then they should just leave.


  10. romney has clearly proven his jealousy of President Trump winning and himself losing in the General Election…….. Bye bye mittens.

  11. Sanders doesn't want to be President…at all. He wants to take home the campaign contributions, like he did last time.

  12. Come on Utah, vote Mitt out already. Even you Mormons know what is going on. President Trump is the Mormon's best friend when it comes to religious rights and business which you are very good at.

  13. But, had Romney been able to question Bolton, so would Adam Schifty. And only God knows what we would be able to take away from that. Schifty is not above lying and I don’t think Bolton is either.

  14. Please Trump voters, don’t think Bernie can’t beat Trump. We have to vote like it our lives depend on it, because it does.

  15. I am still waiting on the Hollywood scum that said they would move out of the country if Trump won the election……😂

  16. Trump never held office before he was elected. Was he qualified for the Job? Is that the same charge against hunter? Will Trumps kids gain undo influence and there by be offered profitable opportunities because their father is president? You bet your life they will. Don't complain when some democrat seeks dirt from a foreign country in the future, and they will do just that now that it has been established it isn't against the law. A turd throwing contest always ends with everyone covered in turds.

  17. What so many people keep forgetting is this…If you are going to impeach a President…vote to actually impeach the President in the House, which the Democrats you did, you should have a very solid case…and undeniable case…in order to vote for that Impeachment. Then you present to the Senate, that which you found that caused you to vote for impeachment. What the Democrats have done with their push for witnesses, is prove that they did not have a solid case in the House. I still remember Schiff's face, when their star witness actually stated that when he specifically asked Trump what he wanted from the Ukrainian leader, Trump said, "Nothing, I want nothing…no quid pro quo. Just ask him to do the right thing."

  18. Trey, Mormons don't have a thought process, they just believe …… that they are more righteous than everyone else.
    Trump never asked the Ukrainians to 'dig up dirt'; he asked them to look into corruption. Only democrats would think that is dirty. Mitt needs to stand in the corner for awhile.

  19. Neil, you invited Trey Gowdy on your show to ask him questions and let him state his views. Go give Mitt Romney a call, invite him onto your show and ask him the questions Trey discussed with you. Both of you can talk endlessly about ""what if"" "maybe so", etc. Until you pointedly ask Mitt Romney about his viewpoint on one vs. four vs. ten witnesses this is an irrelavant one-sided story

  20. One thing's for sure, Donald Trump was right when he said that he could shoot somebody on 5th Avenue and still not lose any voters. His loyal supporters would follow him to the grave if he told them to.

  21. Trey doesn't look comfortable (or confident) answering questions on Ukraine. I'd say it's because he doesn't believe Trump.

  22. How can you tell your kids, grandchildren trump was a good president? Wake up America, you have scum running your country.

  23. The above argument about not making smebody a snake just because you disagree with him or her is why I love Trey so much even though I don't agree at all with so many otherr Republicans. He is not tainted yet.

  24. I think Gowdey is just too white for this day and age, white hair, white glasses, white skin. Lol (SARCASM) for those who might be a little slow.

  25. Trey Gowdy – voice of reason that Mitt Romney was chosen because he was most electable – so interview must be abrupty ended.
    Romney made a political calculation. If Trump were impeached and witnesses testified that Pence was also unfit, the republicans would need to run a primary.
    If Romney put his hat in the ring, he would be in a very good position to take the presidency.
    He could use his debate with Obama to show that the Democrats were on record stating that they did not think Russia was a threat.

    He has maintained distance from Trump, which would distinguish him in a field of Republican candidates.
    I don't take Trey Gowdy at his word though. He does not need to talk to Mitt Romney. He knows exactly what the calculation was.

  26. romney, like schiff, pelosi and biden are all guilty of taking money from the ukraine. they all need to be tried and executed for treason.

  27. Sen Rommney , voted against the President !!! Nice knowing you !!!!!!!!!!! Political suicide just happened , no one will ever trust him again , ever that's a fact !!!!!! Proves Mormons are out of touch with the real world . Hope he likes eating alone !!!!!! What a weirdo !!!!!!!!! Bye Bye !!!!!

  28. I love Trey Gowdy and hopes he runs for POTUS after Mr. Trump. I hope Mitt declares for the DemoCrap party – cuz we don't need or want him!!!

  29. He's a snake , what a jerk . Less people will be going to Mormon churches bet you on that , talk about holier than thou. He will be banished by his own party . He thinks this will help[ him ! He is past his last step off a cliff , his base will turn on him watch and see . Holy Rommney lol. Ta-ta .He thinks the people will respect him , he forgot he's in politics , not church . What a moron . He has skeletons in his closet too. Uh-oh . Shhhhhh . Look at some of his old friends you will be shocked , he wasn't holier than thou than? Traitor = Romney

  30. For Mitt Romney. Hates for President Donald Trump is stronger than rightness or fairness. A Mormon who doesn't give a sh** about the teachings of Jesus Christ.

  31. ❌Senator Romney very disappointed in your decision. I voted for you when you ran for president and you let a woman CNN Candy Crawley steal the election in the debates when she lied and you said nothing to dispute the lie. Now the Democrats lied and you bought their pack of lies so shame on you.

  32. Romney acts a little too holier than though for me. He might be a good man, but he thinks he has god on his side and that worries me.

  33. "All plots against [Donald Trump] will fail." The Trump prophecies continue to unfold with accuracy. I was wrong. The first one came in 2007. Enjoy this era. We still "Remember the Alamo!" Draw strength for the future from this blessed era.

  34. I think our President should have all his advisors fitted for a military uniform . ( The branch of his choice ) The first time one of them get real excited about a far away War we should get involved in , ship him out to it !!

  35. Romney is a has been, has been for awhile now, and today is just slit his own throat. It will backfire with the GOP and with his own state of Utah. RINO ROMNEY, pissed because he wasn't IN Trump's cabinet. When that didn't happen, he became a turncoat. What he has done today, voting against President Trump, will NEVER be forgotten.

  36. I can see why guys like Gowdy don't stay in politics.
    The constant bickering between the parties & the wining between the media orgs means nothing is getting done over hurt feelings.

  37. Romney is not a traitor. To say that shows your lack of understanding of what a U.S Senator's role is. He exercised independent thought. To take side based on the party you represent is foolish. I am a registered republican. Based on what I have read and researched Trump should have been impeached. I have a new respect for Senator Romney. In return, sadly I have lost a great deal of respect for many of the other Senators that chose party over their oath of office and responsibilities. In our Republic no one is above the law.

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