Senator Amy Klobuchar: I Want To Be A Leader That Makes People Proud | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Senator Amy Klobuchar: I Want To Be A Leader That Makes People Proud | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Help Amy! FBI Upgrades!
    How do they expect to find Nano Russian Dem Flippers with a big Inspector Clouseau Magnifying Glass, Shoe Leather and Trench Coats?
    Don't FBI Supply Cabinets have High Energy Particle Accelerators and Neutrino Detectors? Mueller got Screwed! FBI needs an Upgrade! Amy needs to show Leadership and help the FBI. This isn't a Joke! Hillary got Redacted!

  2. Trump is not losing money. Barr and the Russians who not say something paid money. You’ll hear it tomorrow that trump is sneaky psychopath 🙋

  3. Good News for Sen. Klobuchar: she's no longer polling at 1 percent… now she's up to 2 percent. //eyeroll

  4. The next move will be a 'back to the future' mccarthysm, the hench men are installed all the way up to the highest….

  5. She sure dodged the question of how she'd keep the economy rolling. These dem hopefuls have their lines memorized when asked that question.

  6. Hitler needed his Himmler, Goring and Goebbels too. Contemptible POS AG! The Mueller report was the diagnosis and deferred to Congress for the treatment and cure.

  7. Vote your heart. I am voting for families that are suffering because of illness and medical costs, I am voting for the cure, MEDICARE4ALL. I am voting for the vets, GOD BLESS THEM ALL. I am voting for EDUCATION REFORM. I am voting for OUR RULE OF LAW, I am voting to REMOVE Trump's minions. I am voting to Make America America Again but BETTER. VOTE YOUR HEART, VOTE GOD'S GOLDEN RULE. LOVE.

  8. Frog face aka Mitch McConnell knows about thr Russian interference in the elections, Obama told him months before the 2016 elections, he chose party before country he is a traitor

  9. Republicans keep laughing at liberal tears, but the reason we're crying is that America is burning down. So lets see, will America survive? I don't know, you tell me Trump supporters, you tell me!

  10. How do you do your job as a politician or a member of the media when criminals have taken over the country and are laughing about the joke they play on the people?

  11. Bob Mueller did not say there was no conspiracy. The Mueller Report said that so many people in Trump world lied and/or refused to answer questions to such an extent that it was not possible to prove conspiracy. I believe Adam Schiff is correct in saying that Trump's finances will be the path that leads to proof of conspiracy. Personally I think the origins of the conspiracy date to 2013 or earlier. Someone was propping up Trump from his father's death in 1999 to the 2016 election.

  12. Barrf and Chump are like stand-up comedians. I've never seen politicians and high powered officials in other countries acting this way. So shameful and embarrassing :s

  13. Presidential Candidate Senator Klobuchar has a new plan. The first female president will have tough scrutiny as did Mr Obama as the first minority president dealt with. A trained lawyer would be nice.

  14. "in the middle of the country" exactly. The wifi dead zone of Democratic politics, like Minnesota. Perhaps Republicans will vote with their feet and simply not vote this time. As in 2018 suppressed turnout effect.

  15. Amy and Joe shall both lose their Word Series pics! I declare my Mariners will make the final seasonal rounds, but it is too early to call the actual showdown championship players, same goes for the National Elections. ☮️

  16. Klobachar hasn't done here homework! puppet,Dig deeper, brainwashed.that's what she read in a books

  17. Barr is NOT the AG for the American people he's just for this administration joking like that about contempt of Congress one of the equal parts of government is awful!!!!!

  18. Kay UK…..Barr has done absolutely nothing wrong…it will all come to nothing..just like everything else thrown at Trump…………………….And now for our next trick!!!!! hahahaha……They just make it up as they go along!!!!………..

  19. The House will have to start to impeach so that they can get all the documents that are needed to proceed to do their JOBS which is OVERSIGHT OF THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH!!!


  21. Robert Downey as an addict does not deserve the label used by Joe that Downey was such a "joke". Joe, addicts are human beings that as far as I am concerned may have had an addiction that was harder to quit than others who for example had absolutely no interest in drugs to start off with, therefore were incapable of being addicted. And addiction is complex and many factors influence the propensity for falling into its trap.

  22. What I heard/thought was the only reason the voters (especially rural voters) spoke out in the mid terms was because they wanted to save their health care. They didn't care anything about Russia and Mueller; they only cared about their kitchen table issues. So which is it? Do they actually still want and believe in our constitutional balance of powers and the rule of law or like the Germans are they willing to live under a fascist white nationalist dictator, who in the end will destroy the country and like Hitler takes us all down with him.

  23. Do you remember when Benjamin Franklin left the Constitutional Convention and the citizens outside asked him what kind of government the delegates had created? Do you remember his answer? "A republic, if you can keep it." We are bounding towards an autocracy, and 30-some odd percent of Americans seem to just love it. Goes against their own human rights and economic interests, but hey- at least trump is doing a thing…?

  24. It’s time Democrats get extremely tough and aggressive on all of the Republicans who have chosen to allow Donald Trump and his Attorney General to flout the rule of Law in this country.

  25. Americans AND Democrats Better Grow A Set ! Otherwise You Will Have Some Explaining To Your Grandchildren Why You Let American Become A Dictatorship !! And Let Republicans Destroy
    American AND Freedom ! Pathetic !

  26. I like how that insurance guy is still gonna vote Republican. Ironically it's probably because he's against socialism, proving he's just as delusional as the rest of trump's base. Think about why those insurance rates are going up not just in the hard hit areas but all over the country. You know why that is? It's essentially socialism. Folks who live in areas not hit are paying more for those stupid people who live where they keep having floods. Why should I pay for their bad choices? Oh I get, it so the isurance company can make a big profit. Spreading the risk pool is great for the private/profit sector but suddenly anathema when it comes to public health care!!! Wouldn't it be get if we had an educated population with a smidgen of critical thinking skills to realize/see how they are being expolited and screwed by Trump & GOP?

  27. There are thousands of reasons why Democrats lose the election military insurance is number one

  28. Andrew Yang is consistently polling in the top ten and is one of a minority of candidates that has made the DNC's debate standard and MSNBC's Morning Joe can't even put up his picture. They left him out…that's beyond pathetic.

  29. WoW Devin Nunes: Former FBI Director James Comey is 'in a lot of trouble'. No sh-t Sherlock! 😲

  30. I think that nothing going on in this country the last two years is funny. This despicable human and his minions are leading this country to destruction. This farmer is working at a negative cash flow solely because of this Traitor and his buddies.

  31. Both democrats and republicans are owned by corporatist, period. Corporate government can't help anyone or anything. Only the stock market. Progressives or Fascism, choose.

  32. Minnesotans remember the DUSTBOWL YEARS. In a state with lakes everywhere. Think about it. That was man affecting weather & ecology. We've been there and done that, but apparently some people weren't paying attention.

  33. I really like Klobuchar! Barr seems surprised that his action , contempt of Congress within 100 days , has warranted the committee to charge him with contempt. That's the funny part.

  34. MSNBC with their hourly question about the gender of the candidates who are frontrunners. Last time I checked, the Democratic nominee for the presidency last time was a white woman. Caty Kay is a complete establishment corporatist hack.

  35. Yes, we need genuine reps. Make us proud. Still, Amy, Corey, Kamala, Pete, Beto and others need to gain more and broader knowledge, experience and skills-and to earn the trust of the People before running for POTUS. We need strong leaders in Congress, not just the Oval Office. There is certainly plenty of work to be done!

  36. Three white guys in their 70's ? ! Ridiculous. Ageism is no better or more justified than any other ism. Moreover, Elizabeth Warren would be a very fine President. The rest of the women running need much more and much broader knowledge, experience and skills, as do Cory, Beto and Pete. A woman President for the sake of it makes no sense. Our first woman President needs to be the best person for the job.

  37. Senator Klobuchar voted against H.R. 195 in January 2018 at leas twice. It would have reopened the government. I have not forgotten.

  38. Then, the only responsible solution is vote for myself not charlatan on the dem or rep side nor their minions.

  39. Amy needs to do something to stand out, but that's not our Minnesotan way. I do not think she'll make it, but she is a valid candidate and I am proud that she is running. Even if she has no chance to win the nomination, she's contributing to the conversation of "what do we want in a president?"

  40. I was a student at Pensacola Christian College when Joe would preach chapel services. He was a lunatic religious right guy then. He preached against gays and interracial marriage from the King James Bible. Who is beating down the doors of PCC to get those tapes? They taped them all. Let's see them. I knew Lori Klausutis too as we were both on his 2000-2001 campaign.

  41. No u want to be a Dictator like all the Democrats with your COMMUNISM AND SOCIALISM take over of America and American citizens,that's why your pushing the GREEN NEW DEAL it's communism and Socialism u just don't tell the American citizens the REAL TRUTH,u Democrats want to run every single aspect of our lives and u Definitely put ILLEGALS before American citizens and that's the Democrats NWO AGENDA to flood AMERICA with ILLEGALS and turn it into a third world country like VENEZUELA,no electricity,no food,no water,no vehicles,no jobs,no money Except for u Democrats and the ILLEGALS no FREEDOM we lose everything while u GAIN EVERYTHING.

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