Senator Bernie Sanders Explains Why Obamacare Isn’t Enough

Senator Bernie Sanders Explains Why Obamacare Isn’t Enough

-In a time when — And it´s still an uneasy time
for Obamacare. But at a time when Obamacare
was under attack, you were pushing forward with your
“Medicare for all” proposal. Some centrist Democrats
were even saying, “Now is not the time. You´re going to
scare Republicans into repealing Obamacare,”
´cause they´re so worried about what you were doing
with Medicare for all. Make the argument for why you
can do both at the same time — protect Obamacare
and push for something else. -There was not many people
in the United States Congress who worked harder than I did. I went all over this country, held rallies
all over this country to make certain
that the Republicans would not get away with throwing
up to 30 million people off of the health insurance
they have. Can you imagine that? People with cancer,
with heart disease, with diabetes,
with life-threatening illnesses, and these guys wanted to throw
up the 30 million people off the health insurance
they had, and no doubt
many thousands of people a year would have died as a result. Fortunately, thank God, we
were able to beat that back. So I did everything that I could to protect
the Affordable Care Act. But what we also,
all of us, understand is the Affordable Care Act
is not good enough. We have got to do more. You have 28 million people
in this country today who have no health insurance. You have even more
who are underinsured with high deductibles,
high co-payments. We pay the highest prices in the
world for prescription drugs. One out of five people
can´t even afford the medicine
their doctors prescribe. We have got to do more. We have got to do what
every other country does, and that is get
private insurance companies out of health insurance, guarantee healthcare
to all people. [ Cheers and applause ] And the best way
that we can do it — We have a successful
healthcare program. You know what the most popular health-insurance program
in America is now? Take a guess.
-Uh, Medicare. -Smart guy.
-Uh-huh. -It is. It´s Medicare. So if Medicare is working, if seniors feel good
about Medicare, why don´t we expand Medicare
to all of our people? And that is the legislation that I have introduced
over a four-year period. We would make sure that
every person in this country had healthcare as a right. We would save middle-class
and working-class people substantial sums of money
by doing that. -Fantastic. So you — [ Cheers and applause ] In your traveling around, many people consider you
a voice of the working man. You were — Back in the day, before you got this cushy
Senate job, you — -[ Laughs ] You were — You had a carpentry
company here in New York? -I wouldn´t go that far.
-Okay. Creative Carpenters.
Is that what it was called? -Well, we were creative
with the title. -Okay. [ Laughter ] I will say, I don´t know if
I want my carpentry creative. Yeah.
-I was able to bang nails. And I did that when I was up —
It was a lot of fun. I worked for a small contractor
guy who built homes. It was a lot of fun
banging nails and putting up roofs
and all that stuff. -But was that about the height
of your carpentry skills? -You will not find
my creative carpentry in your local
fine furniture store. That I can guarantee you. -“That´s a chair
Bernie Sanders made. Don´t sit in it!” [ Laughter ]
-Don´t laugh. -Also, I´m happy to hear that you have been a frugal
person for your entire life. Is that safe to say?
-Yeah. -And some old friends of yours were talking about,
back in the day in Vermont, that you had — you would cook over something
that they called Berno. Will you explain what Berno is? -Well, it´s a —
I don´t know what even existed. You know what Sterno is? -Sterno. Yeah. It´s sort of like
camping food basically. -Yeah, so this was a variation
of that using toilet paper, I might say. Pouring some stuff on it,
we would cook on that. -So you — -We have come a long way
since those days. Why are you taking back — -I can´t believe the guy who figured out
how to cook over toilet paper didn´t make
all that Facebook money. Thank you so much. It´s always
a pleasures to see you. Continued good work.
And please come back soon. -Thanks very much.


  1. I cant help but feel sorry for the average citizen of America with your bizarre healthcare system. Here in New Zealand its free to every citizen. I have just had a knee replacement surgery (all free), ongoing physiotherapy (all free), scripts (all free) and I require 4 weeks off work to recover (fully paid). That's typical of anyone needing anything through the public healthcare system or ACC. How frightening it must be to have to worry about cost when someone is sick or injured. This gentleman sounds like he has the right ideas. Shame he wasn't elected he seems like a good man.

  2. I do have concerns about the budgeting behind his ideas, but I really appreciate and respect that he pushes for what he thinks is right, not just for what people say will best protect his party.

    I believe we need politicians with big ideas AND we need politicians who look at nitty details and say “I don’t think this is feasible” or “this might end up hurting some people.” We need debate and compromise between the two. But I think lots of politicians instead focus on staying electable, and become so bland they don’t accomplish anything.

  3. Bernie is intelligent, thoughtful, has a great sense of humor, hard working, insightful, and most of all, he is an honorable man! Bernie is such a refreshing change from the lies and uneducated stinking excrement that Trump spews. Bernie for President 2020!

  4. He will be dead in a couple of years and this healthcare system will remain the same it will never ever change NEVER….A multi-trillion dollar industry that sucks the blood of American people…its a mafia…lol how much successful have they been in controlling the multi-trillion smoking mafia or the alcohol mafia??? both cause cancer and other diseases both have been facing criticism since research came out back in the 20th century…nothing changed nothing is gonna change still selling carcinogens on shelf aren't they???

  5. Most developed countries with a universal healthcare system ALSO have private insurance-based healthcare. However, even if you can afford that it's always an extra, because your taxes already guarantee you'll have the state-provided healthcare at all times. Private practice only provides a better room with total control over the tv remote, not better care since ALL doctors have to start their careers in the public sector, and most just open up a small clinic without leaving public service.

  6. I go from smiling so happy to crying when it's over. I feel so bad for us. Bernie- please. Run again. We really need you.

  7. Bernie is exactly right. Even with insurance, we cannot afford to see a Doctor. Even Medicare doesn't do the job. Universal Healthcare for ALL, just like Canada, France and all the major countries of the world is what we NEED. Thank you Bernie for all that you do to help the people. Love you so much. Thank you Seth Meyers for having Bernie on your show. It was great.

  8. The only reason I have free healthcare is because I'm so poor I can barely afford to watch this YouTube video.

  9. everytime i see Bernie my heart breaks what the hell is wrong with this country how did we not elect him. I wonder when are we going to finally wake up.

  10. I'll never get why some people who liked Bernie didn't vote for Hillary or didn't vote at all, knowing full well that the Republican side was definitely going to vote for Trump. The conservatives didn't care, nothing was enough to wake them up, they were united in their hatred towards Democrats and even those who "condemned" Trump's actions stood by him in full support, and were focused solely on one thing: not letting a Democratic President win. The democrats/liberals got so busy arguing about themselves regarding DNC, Bernie being screwed over, Hillary's Emails, Bill Clinton, and they lost sight of the main goal, to Have a sitting Democratic president who would have the power.

    I fully understand that they hated Hillary, but to throw away your vote because you despise a person was stupid. Elections are not about One person, even Presidential Elections, they are about Policies and Party. Evil as she may be, she was still from a party that had policies similar to Bernie. Not to mention Bernie is a Democrat, it would have helped his cause to have the President's support, which was the next best thing. They both agreed on things like Increase in Min Wage. And whatever evil policies you thought she was gonna bring she couldn't have done it alone, look at the GOP they have control of both the houses and they can't get anything done because they don't have the votes, or because they're being blocked by Federal Judges or are being sued. She wouldn't be giving the 1% Billion dollar tax breaks, and if she tried senators like Bernie would have rallied against her, while you know full well that Republicans/GOP would not stand up to Trump.

    How were some people so short-sighted that to teach DNC a lesson for screwing Bernie over, and to spite Hillary, they either didn't vote or voted independent, knowing well that Republicans who didn't support Trump were gonna vote for him after their own Repub candidate got out of the race. Look at the price you're paying for that. At the very least She had the knowledge of the system, the economy, policies and such. Her cabinet would have had Warren or Bernie handling Healthcare, unlike McConnel and Rayan.

    Granted She wasn't the Ice-cream you ordered, but she wasn't a flaming pile of turd who put a Trans Military ban, or cut funding from the Medicaid or Pass a Healthcare bill that would screw over 30 million people or try to build a wall or elect a climate change denier as the head of the EPA or tweet at 3 am or many of the other hundreds of things that the Orange Cheeto has done.I personally know at least 17 people who voted Stien to not pick between the "Evils", and by doing so they screwed up, because the republicans didnt care about evil, as long as their evil came on top.

  11. I win Trump could be thrown out of the Whitehouse and Bernie in ❤️
    A man that loves America and all it’s people poor or not xx

  12. I'm atheist but just sayin… all these trumptards sayin God sent them Trump… There was literally a jewish carpenter for a candidate…

  13. Can someone tell me how crooked hillary beat this god in the primary elections?
    MAYBE THEN we wouldn't have an orange pig as president

  14. Medicare For All!  Google Healthcare Now, National Nurses United, Physicians for a National Health Program.  Find out that the U.S. would save money by going with Medicare for All.
    Vote for candidates who want universal healthcare.

  15. Only uneducated underachievers would want this mans policies for America. Thank god most Americans are hard working and smart enough to understand his policies would destroy the foundations of America! MAGA🤝🇺🇸

  16. You can thank the DNC that you have trump and not him… Because Bernie would have beat him, easily. He would have beat him easily as well.

  17. I can't even imagine living in a country where you have to pay for healthcare…. that's just insane. How does America think they're the best country?!

  18. The comment area here looks more like a cult even compared with a controlled one under Xi Jinping's video on those Chinese social media.

  19. Wrong, Bernie, re health care in Canada: they pay for health insurance — anywhere from $75 – $150 a month sometimes adjusted re income level, which may make it seem as if it’s free when they walk into a hospital or doctor’s office. Meds aren’t cheap. If lucky, they contribute to an extended health plan through an employer. Still a good deal.

  20. Ten tears too late for Bernie.Great ideas. They work in Canada where I live.Biggest point is health care is not profit / shareholder motivated system The point is not profit but Healthcare. In Canada our whole system is called Medicare. Good luck.

  21. seth is the only late night show host not controlled by the centrist media, he always gives bernie the respect he deserves

  22. He couldn't even handle ted cruz, but these fools think he can beat trump. Trump would have just used a lee atwater 1988 style dukkakis beat down.

  23. Wish that every Republican who complains that Bernie's wealth and his time in Congress would see this clip. If only he had gotten a fair chance at the Democratic nomination.

  24. Thank goodness not all the late night hosts are Corporate Democrats kneeling at the special interests and crooked Hillary (yes I said it). Special mention to Stephen Colbert who really ought to pull his head out of Hillary's ass – he is better than that.

  25. Anyone else feel like we got stuck in an alternative time line where Trump is president instead of Bernie?

  26. Bernie loses:

    Continues to travel and work as hard as he did on the campaign, discusses solely issues and providing a voice to Americans who don't have one in government.

    Hillary loses:

    Disappears for months. Does fundraisers with bankers for financial gain. Comes back and only talks about how it isn't her fault she lost its everyone else's. Spends her free time now working to ensure rich donors have continued control over the Democratic Party.

  27. Once America gets universal health care they will never get rid of it.
    A lot of anti health care Americans don't realize that basically every single country that that has health care would literally give their lives to make sure it could never be taken away.

  28. Ever since the election I've been living in an alternate reality where Sanders is president. There are a lot of Americans there with me right now I hope many more of you join us.

  29. "I don't want to pay a company to cover other people's healthcare" said every person who doesn't understand how insurance works…

  30. How the F is Bernie NOT our president?!?! Too many ignorant, morons, that are motivated only by resentment and hate, I suppose.

  31. As a person who's about to lose the coverage of his parents' health insurance, I have to say, health care for everyone sounds pretty darn good to me. It doesn't even need to be that much, it'd just be nice to have a little while I'm looking for a job.

  32. Hmm. A Jewish carpenter who proselytizes about equality and caring for the most vulnerable people. Bernie is our modern day Jesus!

  33. in the proper multiverse, bernis is prez, and everyone has healthcare and free higher education, and a wild bird landed beside bernie and became the new symbol of world peace

  34. God, I miss this guy. Literally the most qualified person for the office of president in its entire history and he's not. I don't understand how that's not a crime

  35. Only thing though you can have private insurance run things as long as you dictate Universal prices and collectively negotiate with Pharma. This is what the Germans do and it seems to work well. Companies compete for market share (ie survival) based on speed/efficiency instead of working for profit margin based on market signaling and price descrimination. This is one way for pseudo capitalism to help make a Universal system work in cultures that aren’t as good as the Japanese and Taiwanese at making bureaucrats productive.

  36. I find is so strange when some Americans say that healthcare is not a right, healthcare as a right is what distinguishes civilised countries from underdeveloped countries, and is one of the basics of civilization. I just don't understand how can they say that, especially if they are ill – they think they deserve to get sick and they deserve to die? So strange

  37. A Jewish Carpenter…who was so bad at his job… he gave it up and began preaching for aid to the poor and the lame….

  38. He speaks so much sense. I cannot understand why so many americans dont support medicare for all. Government should take care of its people.

  39. -A jew
    -A Carpenter
    -Seemingly gives 0 fucks about organized religion
    -Heals the sick (medicaid for all)
    -Unashamedly attacks the rich and powerful
    -Was crucified by those in power (rigged primaries)
    -Was god like when he was resurrected (Became the most poplar politician after the election and still is)

    Im not saying Bernie is Jesus but someone should see if he can walk on water.

  40. Bernie Sanders is a joke. He talks about giving everything away for free. Medicaid for all, free college, paid 3 month LOA. The average American would need to pay a 55% federal income tax to get all of this. When you add state income tax the government would get over 60% of the average Americans income. The federal government doesn’t spend any $ efficiently. We spend $200k for every person on welfare, the average American only receives 1%interest on what they paid into social services.
    The idea that the federal government can spend our $ more efficiently than we can is ludicrous. Americans should ONLY pay taxes on services they directly benefit from such as military, police etc… Americans shouldn’t pay for someone’s college tuition. Tell that person to go to community college instead of Fordham. Don’t make me pay there bill.

  41. To quote Trevor Noah (and his melodramatic sorrow): "BERNIIIIIIEEEEEE! BERNIE, WE MISS YOU!" On a totally different note, I need to remember that toilet paper trick for survival situations . . .

  42. FYI- Medicare is trying to kick my dying grandma out of the hospital even though they have the rooms and the nurses are saying there's no need and they weren't consulted. Medicare won't cover needed tests and meds to diagnose my friend either!

  43. Senator Bernie Sanders is a man of and for the people. What is the U.S. doing with the GOP-trump knock off? –The GOP either with or through POTUS #45 who hopes to refund health care and tax monies to corporations & the elite who are squirreling their ill-gotten gains in shell corporations and off-shore bank accounts, to people (including corporations who have been given personhood status) who have so much money that they are stumbling over it, yet the GOP sees fit to tax and tax again the poor and middle classes in a move to yet widen the wealth gap. Trickle down economics does not work. The rich grab and stash their cash, corporations and businesses raise their prices, wages continue to stagnate, jobs are not there and education is beyond the grasp of many.

  44. Bernie could go on to be one of the best Presidents the USA has ever had – but the Socialistphobes and the Super Wealthy will make sure he never will.

  45. Trying to sell this guy as Christ. One triangle up one triangle down. Playing both thought processes..Scammer.

  46. In Canada we have to have private insurance to pay for medication. The provincial(state) level does not cover prescription drugs.

  47. Still heartbroken but hoping! At 70 years old I don’t have a lot of time left but for my kids and grandchildren, what a gift a Sanders presidency would be!

  48. Love this man. He’s everything you need in a leader. He’s a warrior but modest down to earth, has strong ethics and integrity

  49. While Scrolling through 600 comments, seems like the Government doesn’t want what the Citizens wants. Not a one damn negative comment! How crazy is this World ?🤓

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