Senator Bernie Sanders: ‘President Donald Trump Has Got To Be Defeated’ | All In | MSNBC

Senator Bernie Sanders: ‘President Donald Trump Has Got To Be Defeated’ | All In | MSNBC


  1. I am Venezuelan and will tell you god should not allow this man to
    Live but if he does it will be punishment on the American people.

  2. Bernie needs to run again and to announce midstream if not earlier who his second in command would be. His age is a concern for many and to know who his likeminded second in command would be I think would be a boost to the feasibility of his actual winning.

  3. Im from Canada and i hope Sanders becomes president, he seems laid back and more reasonable. Trump is just insulting my nation and causing havoc in the world. If you want to make a trade deal it should benefit both nations that way everyone is happy and no one loses. These Tarriffs and hard ball type attitude wont fly with Canadians and will only give us more determination to resist and hurt the US back. Don't underestimate Canada.

  4. Love Bernie. Shame in the DNC for colluding against him in the 2016 primaries. Wasserman-Schulz should be in prison.

  5. The Democrats have lost 1,000 seats by running as Republican Light. Nate Silver's tweet is dangerously misleading. Obama won two elections running as a progressive- unfortunately he did not follow up on his promises, which resulted in Donald Trump's nightmare administration. REAL progressives like Bernie are what the voters want. The Democrats need to WAKE UP. Thwarting true progressives in the primaries and running a bunch of Republican Light candidates in November is a recipe for disaster. They will be throwing away the single greatest opportunity they have to take back Congress and the Senate, just like they threw away the Presidency when they backed Hillary instead of Bernie, who would have EASILY beaten Trump.

  6. Oh man, look how quickly he is able to respond and how energetic his speech is, if I would close my eyes, I would think he is in his 30's. One of the few politicians I've ever seen, that I would actually want to lead my country. His facial expressions along with his sharp focus and speed despite his age look to me as a quite solid proof of one's geniality.

  7. C'mon USA vote him as your president, the changes he would do to you will save the world. Third world countries will follow the same social democratic politics and that would help them too. No more corruption

  8. This washed up 1960s commie is a joke. Redistribution of wealth aka taking your hard earned money, and giving it to low lives who don't want to work for a living is not the type of America we want.

  9. How dare you say "White people don't know what it's like to be poor" Bernie!
    Try malnutrition when you're 2, & 3 years old because you Mum can't afford food.
    Try losing your Dad when you're 3.
    Try losing your Mum when you're 7.
    Try losing your Grandpa when you're 11.
    Try being shipped to your Uncle & Aunt who have 8 children, when you're 12,
    Try losing that home when you're 15, & being sent to a State reformatory when you're 16.
    Try being ALONE in a BIG city @ 16.
    Try surviving ON YOUR OWN with just basic education from 16.
    I'm STILL poor*, @ 64. I've always been a generous & kind person.. & helped people when I could ALL of my Life, & it's scary & even terrifying being poor* at this age,
    & you DARE to say "White people don't know what it's like to be poor"!
    Maybe YOU don't know, BUT I DO, & so do Millions of white people. I PROMISE you.
    * I'm currently avoiding Bankruptcy & in about $25,000 of debt.
    I've been close to giving up MANY times, but I don't want to leave debt for my ALSO very poor, 'disabled' sister,
    & I'm now helping my niece.
    Don't you DARE speak for me!
    You have NO idea.
    I have many 'non-white' friends who were & still are MUCH more wealthy than I EVER was.

  10. What I get from Mr Sanders is let’s make the rich people pay more .
    Why can’t these politicians pass a tax code where everyone pays 10% on what they buy. Then do away with federal income tax.

    Everyone pays a federal tax on what they spend. You pay 10%? I pay 10% Bernie Trump etc pay 10% on what they buy Same goes for companies.

    Health care. Under 21 and over 62 absolutely 0 cost minus a 20.00 copay .

    Free ( nothing is really free is it ) community center’s for exercising. This would lower health cost over time .

    I use 10% as a example .
    People need to understand the people that have wealth are the ones that do the hiring.

    Ask your self this one question. Have you ever been hired by a poor person .

    How would 10% on what you buy be fair . Well I drive a Kia Soul . You may drive a Mercedes S 550 . My 10% was 1400.00 your 10% was 9800.00.

    Now no tax on food that has to be cooked or medicine or clothes under a ??? Amount.

    If you are a citizen you pay 10% . If not you pay 15% . If not here legally 0 benefits.

    If you are here legally and wish to become a citizen. We get you enrolled in civics class.

    If you get caught here illegally . We send your butt home. Not jail. I’m not spending money to make you stay then kick you out.

  11. "Bernie Sanders is the most popular politician in the country."
    — Conor Lynch, Writer and journalist, Salon, June 1, 2018,

  12. Time For Bernie, impeach Fraudster Chump an his scam Team, Billionaires Fraudsters An Their Tax Scams An Deregulating The Crooks, Time For Tax Reform For Freeloader Moochers Billionaires, get them off Corporate Greed welfare,

  13. How about that Ad by Pocahontas!!?? Trying to convince democrats that it's the stupid Koch Brothers fault! No Crazy Lady it's the extreme lefties that are destroying the democratic party!! Whatever happened to " everything in moderation." Extremes are bad for you!!! That includes extreme politics!

  14. Love will rule, Bernie is more loved than Trump Bernie gets a Peoples LCR Award, Trump gets love from those who see him as a last ditch hope to save them from the terror irrelevancy.

  15. i hope that he wins cause we need net neutrality in our government and get rid of ajit pie as well this is the worst administration ive ever seen in my life

  16. SellOut Bernie is a loser!! Had the nerve to try and shove criminal Hillary down our throats
    . He stands for nothing! Please don’t say that he was threatened . Trump gets threatened every day.

  17. in Bernie's own words he said him and other Democrats are going to do everything in their power to defeat the president of the United States. How is that not treasonous?

  18. 2 years ago, sanders said he would support trump if he stood up for the working class.

    now he says trump needs to go because his politics aren't progressive.

  19. Bernie is absolutely right. The follow up question after, his question is, how many of those 'establishment candidates' have changed their positions and are running on more progressive issues? Deb Haaland was not the 'Justice Democrat' candidate, but she actually in my opinion might have been better. She's running on a jobs guarantee, 100% green energy, immigrant justice, medicare for all.. and she was technically the 'establishment' candidate. One of her opponent primary challengers was the Justice Democrat endorsed candidate, they typically endorse progressive candidates. They lost, Deb Haaland won, and I would love to see Deb Haaland win her race and believe she'd be one of the strongest progressives in congress. So that narrative is a bite over hyped.

  20. López Obrador Elect Mexican president runs three times finally won and he’s the best president in decades! so why not Mr Bernie would win?

  21. Mad Man Colonel Sander's should do America a big favor to just jump back into his trash can where he crawled out of an absolute pathetic disgrace to society & all of America…

  22. This is coming from a man who never worked a day in his whole life. Sorry Bernie, but Carl Marx was a complete looser just like you putz….

  23. Yes, Trump needs to be defeated because he's white and conservative. We can't have that! We need a jewish president like Bernie (actually Bernard Sanderstein) who will fight for Israel and the jewish people!

  24. Yes, and just like AOC Bernie is going to take those "Amazon tax breaks" and spend them on the people!! Isn't that better than Trump and his jobs, jobs, jobs? FREE MONEY FOR ALL… VOTE BERNIE!

  25. F*** all democrats bro! They dont care about the country. They just want to tear america down until there is no more america. Republicans actually care about america unlike devilcrats

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