Senator Chris Van Hollen: Mitch McConnell Has Been ‘AWOL’ In Shutdown | All In | MSNBC

Senator Chris Van Hollen: Mitch McConnell Has Been ‘AWOL’ In Shutdown | All In | MSNBC


  1. Bernie will unanimously win in 2020 and have to fix all of Trumps mess just like Obama had to fix Bushes mess from Iraq and Afghanistan. Republicans have destroyed the country every time they take power by giving the 1% tax cuts and spitting on the middle class.

  2. (202) 224-2541  Call mcconnell to have the president sign or veto a bill opening the gov't!!!! The congress has the authority to over-ride the veto. Don't let him get away with saying that "well the prez won't sign".

  3. Mitch Traitor McConnell enjoys his taxpayer-paid salary and goes on vacation while he keeps hundreds of thousands of Americans from being paid. Typical GOP bullsh*t.

  4. Mitch McConnell is a treasonous terrorist. He doesn't even care about his Republican constituents. What a sick sociopathic creep.

  5. Republican Senators don't "step up" in defense of democracy. They bow down in simpering sycophancy to The Trump. They yield justice to the whims of unbridled ego and artificially mongered fear. They don't bother acknowledging our letters and phone calls, our concerns and frustrations. Every action and inaction of the U.S. Senate is focused around their own fear of the Divine Orange Emperor and his retributive tweets, and upon their dependence on Pharmaceutical and Big Oil payoffs. By their own greed, through their own failures of honor and integrity, most of our GOP Senators are also held hostage, and deserve to be imprisoned for life for their abhorrent compromises of integrity, neglects of the common good, betrayals of their own constituencies, and repudiation of basic human decencies.

    George Washington himself would have had them all hanged.

  6. The dems still won't play dirty when in full control even though the court has been stacked and all rationality has been thrown out the door towards advesrial nations and reality in general

  7. This is proof that the Senate Majority Leader, democratic or republican has too much power. Veto proof bills need to be passed and one man shouldn't have the power to block them.

  8. Mitch McConnell is a fake patriot choosing party over country time and time again. The entire GOP is guilty of the same. Vote them all out. No apologies.

  9. This is much bigger than just Federal employees. What about all of the people who are being damaged because these gov't agencies are not functioning? How do they put their lives back together again? McConnell's Republicans just write it off as collateral damage. What do they care.

  10. McConnell is 76 years old and lives in Louisville Kentucky with his wife, Elaine Chao who is the Trump nominated Secretary of Transportation, he is one of the richest politicians, has one of the lowest approval ratings, had triple bypass surgery, divorced and remarried, three kids, refused to denounce Russian political interference alongside Obama (source: Wikipedia). He is a fake patriot thru and thru.

  11. McConnell is not working for the people of America or the Republican party. The House should keep passing bills for the people of the USA whether there is a shut down or the President will veto, because right is right. If everyone says well the Republicans own the place so we will just stop representing the people, why were they elected, what do they collect a paycheck for?

  12. dear leaders no pain no gain, please enact legislation to freeze triple payroll amount for the executive branch and congress for every shutdown day, a poison pill for hostage shutdown policy

  13. McConnell needs to be forced out, or get to work and call a vote to fund the government. He needs to have the balls to call a vote to override a veto by Trump. McConnell totally compromised—his wife is in Trump's cabinet.

  14. There must be a reason McConnell refuses to do his duty. Considering what he's allowed the last two years, I think he's on board with Russia. Didn't the GOP get a bunch of money from the NRA, which has already been connected to Putin's money? Come on, People, put pressure on Congress. Vote 2020 to turn over the Senate and get these idiots out of power.

  15. Cardin and Van Hollen, my state of Maryland. In my opinion, we got the best Senators in our nation! There are none better!


    Dr. Mike Minix, with the department of ophthalmology at the UK Med Center, explained that optic neuritis usually affects individuals 15-45 years of age.

    According to Minix, the condition can usually be treated with steroids. “Within three-four weeks of having the condition, individuals will usually have their eyesight return to 20-20 vision or normal vision.”

    This same type of treatment would have been prescribed in 1967, although advancements have been made in the treatment of this eye condition, he said.

    McConnell’s discharge was expedited by Cooper’s claim that the enlistee needed
    to be released quickly to attend New York University.NYU records, however, indicate that McConnell never applied to the school, andat the time of his discharge he had already earned a law degree from the University of Kentucky

    Mitch McConnell is just another draft dodger.

  17. I wonder what percentage of McConnell's Kentucky Citizens do not have even one month of reserve savings? I am not talking about credit card reserves, I mean liquid cash in the bank ready for immediate need.
    This is what a lot of pro-shutdown people are stating, "only poor government worker and rubes would be without means to survive the shutdown."

  18. Remember when Mitch McConnell said "the American people are hurting, they need relief" after Trump's healthcare bill went down in flames? Where is the concern for the American people now?!

  19. Another day of DRAMA from the ADMINISTRATION OF DRAMA. With the DRAMA QUEEN himself, dishing up more and more DRAMA,!!

  20. 3:12 So glad to hear this being brought up FINALLY! I started to believe that maybe it was only me that remembered this had happened not so far back in this polluted trump history time-line!

  21. Like I said, the wall is ok, but not tax payers monies, once trump is holding workers salaries, it's wrong, persons are not thinking clearly, something is definitely wrong with trump' s health, all those who are pushing be elected, should have a psychologists testing, this is too long, lock up time.

  22. Dems got a lot of flack "being cry babies" cause we lost the 2016 election. Well now, HOW DOES THAT CROW TASTE REPUBLICANS THAT VOTED FOR THIS FOOLish White house droan!

  23. The Godfather has obviously threatened McConnell, either that, or there's something we don't know. He ignores KY voters and their needs along with countless smells very fishy!

  24. Listen to the Gary Tuchman interview of a Texas Border Sheriff who voted for Trump. He says " forget the wall, it's not needed. We need technology and more Border Patrol agents" There is already 650 miles of border wall where it is needed.

  25. hey government workers Trump supporters you should be happy when all of this is over all of these jackasses get a raise that they just put off and you get a foreclosure notice

  26. The Senate is still under Republican control. which means the 1% wealthiest are still calling the shots. America loses…. and they are laughing at you,,,,

  27. Could the Congress just do its constitutionally mandated job? Pass bills necessary for the functioning of government and the provision of services that the American people want and need. If the president would like to veto those bills, he has the perfect right to do so and take responsibility for not providing the services that the American people want and need. By forcing him to veto bills, you also force him to provide specific reasons for the veto in black and white. They might be the basis for finding a compromise (does anyone know what the president actually wants at this point?) or might expose the president's rationale as ridiculous. Either way, the whole situation becomes clearer. By, in effect, not allowing the Senate to do its duty, the majority leader is acting like he is doing the president's bidding, and he agrees that if he forces the president to confront the whole Congress on the matter of reopening the government, the president will look foolish. The president has already stated that his main point is to avoid an "I would look foolish" moment. (Does he care about anyone but "I"? No.) Why is Sen. McConnell acting like he was appointed by the president to be his lackey, instead of elected by the people of KY to serve the interests of the people of his state and the nation, in particular when the president refuses to do so?


  29. I wish he and all Repugnicunts were MIA. Actually, I pray God finds it in his heart to do is the favor of removing every single one from existence, starting with Trump and Pence. Three words I want to hear in regards to Trump: fatal heart attack.

  30. But McConnell's wife will lose her position if he doesn't do Trump's bidding. That is a substantial loss of money for him. Remind me again, who is Mitch McConnell's wife again? What position does she hold in Trump's "government"?

  31. McConnell is a disgrace to the state of Kentucky not all of Kentucky support him …I hope that Kentucky voters can see what a Asskisser he is

  32. 1) Sen McConnell's wife works for Trump. 2) Mitch has to answer why he & Paul Ryan didn't fund the wall last year. They stood side by side, and agreed to $12-15 B for the wall. 3) Trump doesn't want DOJ funded, he wants the Mueller stopped. So the shut down help Trump personally. This isn't about the wall. The fed employees are screwed.

  33. Why do we even have a Senate? The Republican Senate is closed for  business. The Senate won't vote on anything Trump doesn't back so its really the House and Trump who will run the government. We have no need for a Senate. At least we will have majority rule. Wyoming gas less then 600 thousand, Texas has over 27 million yet they both have 2 Senators. Vermont has less then 650 thousand residents California had over 39 million resident. Both of those state have 2 Senators.  There is not equal representation in the US. With the Republican do nothing Senate why not drop the Senate and let the House and president run the country. The House can override a veto with 80%. The problem is that Mitch McConnell is afraid to show America what his Senators stand for. Time for a revolution.

  34. McConnell isn't 'awol'. He is indirectly obstructing by hiding in his office and doing nothing or directly obstructing by refusing to allow these bills to go to the senate floor for a vote. McConnell is doing what he has always done; OBSTRUCT and break the Congress. Republicans need to remove McConnell from leadership if they are in ANY way serious about legislating.

  35. McConnell is a traitor to America ,, conspirator for trumps treasonous acts and protecting his criminal treasonous family ,, Connell single handily voted against opening government ,, this goose neck corrupt lowlife should be investigated

  36. Turtle McCocknell is AWOL because he is hiding from the public focus. He wants Trump to go on blaming the dems so that public opinion will sooner or later swing in favour of the republicunts.
    Instead of acting outraged, media representatives like Rachel or Chris should ask every day what Turtle McCocknell is doing to work towards a solution. So far he does nothing and is actively blocking any legislature so to prevent his fellow lemmings to crumble and do what'S best for the country, re-open the administration!

  37. Mcconnell lies when he says there is nothing he can do..Vote on bill and if trump vetoes, they can override trumps veto..but he wont because his wife is the administrator for Dept of Transportation. Conflict of interest..
    Article 1, Section 7 of the Constitution says bills passed by the House and Senate must go to the president. At that point, they can become law in either of two ways. One is that the president signs them. The other is that he vetoes them, but they’re “repassed by two thirds” of each chamber.

  38. That's great value for your money, KY. Paying a Senator/Majority House Leader to be AWOL when 800,000 Fed. Workers are shut down. That's OK…McConnell gets paid and you and Fed. Workers get played. Any chance they can't find him because he's somewhere, having a spine surgically implanted ?? I didn't think so. What a POS.

  39. The Tortoise and The Hair strike again…
    We don't see McConnell because he is too busy stacking federal judges to help frame fascism for the future. He is also trying not to be seen because the coward does not want to be seen as too complicit in Trump's method of bypassing Congress to lift Russian sanctions by letting them expire, lest Mueller's investigation might start looking at him as a co-conspirator to "Individual 1", whose name rhymes with Donald J Trump.

  40. As long as McConnel keeps bills off the floor that would pass (and possibly re-pass after veto) he is simply shielding the president from impeachment for not performing his fiduciary duties under the law.
    If GOP Senators think somebody is going to pull a rabbit out of their [asshat] they are sadly mistaken.
    Do your duty, GOP, and remove Mitch from his position, defend the constitution, not the tinpot extortionist pResident.
    A day of public opinion reckoning is coming.
    Which side of history do you want to be on?

    The “core” problem is that “we have a president without shame who is backed by a party without spine that is supported by a network called Fox News without integrity,” Friedman said. “Fasten your seatbelt.”

  41. "It's easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled." Once we get Mueller's report, will we be willing to accept the facts, even if they don't support our initial opinion, or will we all just run right back to our "team's" corner, as ready as ever to duke it out?

  42. Unfortunately the president is without shame supported by a news network without integrity and to top it all off backed by a party without spine! How great you are America!

  43. Great interview! Finally some clarity on the subject. This “wall” will cost many, many billions to build and maintain over time.

  44. The turtle needs to man up and start standing up to The Donald. Maybe Mitch has been a no-show because he's seeing a counselor and seeking advice on how to stand up to the Donald. The one person Mitch needs to see for advice is GM CEO Mary Barra because Mary stood up to The Donald and told him that she was going to run GM her way; that The Donald wasn't going to tell her how to run it. The Donald was so hurt by what Barra told him, he lied to folks by saying he talked to Mary and was quite firm with her. Ohio US House Representative Tim Ryan said Trump lied about being firm with Mary, saying "he didn't lift a finger" with GM. Mary Barra put The Donald and his ego in his place, something Mitch and other Republicans in Congress should be doing to end this shutdown, 800, 000 federal government workers are being affected, almost certainly some in Kentucky. Mitch simply needs to grow some balls, stand up to The Donald, and introduce his own border security plan, one that would be more beneficial to his Kentucky constituents. Kentucky politicians like Republican US House Representative Thomas Massie, Democratic US House Representative John Yarmuth, and Kentucky Democratic Secretary of State Alison Grimes could be waiting on making a move to grab McConnell's US Senate seat in 2020 if Mitch The Turtle continues to fail in standing up to The Donald.

  45. McConnell is compromised by the Russians, too. He's been paid off with Russian $$$ that was laundered through the N.R.A..

  46. If the nation is fortunate, Senator McConnell has found a nice, quiet place to ruminate on his public life, and is now preparing to commit seppuku.

  47. McConnell AWOL in shutdown? No, he's a key player by not allowing congress to function as it's supposed to do.  Mitch needs to be impeached and removed. His actions are against the American people, as are Trump's. They both need to go.

  48. McConnell should recuse himself from anything to do with Trump. Trump bribed his loyalty by giving his worthless wife a big paying government job with life time benefits. Happy wife, happy life for Mitch. Hopefully Kentucky comes to their senses and gets this gobbler out of office next election. Poor state Kentucky and a president who despises the poor, and a Senator who wallows in government salary who could care less about the common people in particular the poor. This man is anointed by God as Jim he Faker Bakker and the false prophet Mark Taylor claims? Brother if a man is anointed by God everything that comes out of his mouth and his righteous works in particular charity will be made evident for all to see. Get out of your delusion church and get back to your scriptures. Learn the truth and then kick out all the money loving

  49. awol is the wrong term to use. McConnell is there, just like a snake in the grass. very present. just waiting to benefit mitch.

  50. Mitch is a girlyman! No, seriously, the far right freakouts have him bribed or threatened to stay in line. Thats why he is hiding. He no longer works for the US. He is a rich white man who could care less about the working class. Shameful! Once Mueller gets Trump, then we shall see how closely Mitch is tied to the treasonous Trump and his passion for Putin.

  51. They all sound like a bunch a Kidd’s. Didn’t anyone take course on conflict resolutions. What a lesson these politicians teach young americas.

  52. Good job Democrats getting the federal employees and retroactive bill for their pay!!! Now will Mitch McConnell send it to the Senate floor or is he going to sit on this one too?

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