1. Maybe they should get on with business and run the country as it should be. Trump has done a fine job and elected people just want to undo all the good that he has done. How about Sleepy, Creepy, Handsy, Grabby Sick Uncle Joe and his crackhead son go in and tell their side of the story. Russians? Get real Susie!

  2. The GOP is just blowing smoke. Want to look as if they are going to be fair. Witnesses or no witnesses, my guess is that the circle they have planned will make Kavanaugh's sham show look like a supreme court hearing.

  3. How can you compare this to President Clinton? President Clinton was impeached for GET THIS, lying. AND HOW MANY LIES HAS THE COMPULSIVE LIAR DUMP GOT AWAY WITH? This Trumpturd TRAITOR needs to be removed from office! The REPUGNANT republicans refused to hear witnesses like John Bolton, Mulvaney, etc, bc then they won't have an excuse to defend Trumpturd. Even Trumpturd refused to attend hearings with his attorneys bc they have NO defense. If the IDIOT FAKE PRESIDENT is innocent, then WHY are they refusing to hear witnesses and refused to provide evidence that Congress subpoenaed? Bc MOSCOW Bitch, Lindsey Graham and the rest of GOP doesn't want to know the TRUTH. Bc it will make them look STUPID and they should all be arrested for perjury. REPUGNANT PARTY IS A DISGRACE TO THE CONSTITUTION & COUNTRY. And Trumpturd calls the Constitution phoney. THE WORST PRESIDENT IN HISTORY!

  4. The last time she voted for that rapist alcoholic kavanuagh when she said she wouldn't. Well this time, she said she wants to hear witnesses and see evidence, but then again; REPUGNANT republicans are so CORRUPT that even if they hear all the witnesses and see evidence, they will make up some BS to acquit the most CORRUPT president in history. MOSCOW Bitch was just gonna ACQUIT without the trial first? NO WITNESSES, NO EVIDENCE, NO NOTHING. That should tell you people something! RIGGED TRIAL! IT'S A SHAM! REPUGNANT republicants claimed that the Democrats doesn't want to have a fair trial and yet, LOOK who's refusing to allow witnesses and withholding evidence! LIARS JUST LIKE THEIR FAKE PRESIDENT, tRUMP!

  5. Collins is insignificant And who gives a rats ass what she thinks. Trump 2020. Us Republicans have Nancy Pelosi that prays for President Trump so we can’t go wrong.

  6. Listen to Tulsi Gabbard. The Democrats secured Trump’s victory in 2020. Thank you Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Jerry fat Nadler and the rest of those useless Democrats in Congress !!!!!

  7. I understand where she is coming from. Yet… the dems do not play the same way. At times you have to give back what you’ve been given. When you have representatives saying we must impeach him before the next election, that is taking away the voters rights. I wish she could see it that way. We are tired of all of this. No one wants to here anymore. Not that the Dems will stop no matter what. All the Dems are doing now is sealing their fate. All republicans and majority of independents have made up their mind. TRUMP 2020
    To think I use to be a dem is embarrassing. Where has that party gone??? This country will soon have a third party. Then things will get worse. Pray for this country. I want to see a more strict rule in place before a person qualifies to represent. I’m seeing people that have no business in that position. They can not even represent themselves.
    Hopefully TRUMP will put a more strict guideline to becoming and staying a representative. For one thing. If you are not current on your taxes…. you don’t qualify. No excuses.

  8. Needed more Progressives to board The new and slowly improving ship. Stations in Kentucky, Maine, California, Texas, South Carolina, New York… https://youtu.be/AlW4gjrR8Ps, https://youtu.be/s8Rw3O5IBXQ

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