Senator-Elect Jacky Rosen: ‘We Need To Protect The Mueller Investigation’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC

Senator-Elect Jacky Rosen: ‘We Need To Protect The Mueller Investigation’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC


  1. The investigation needs a fresh set of eyes on it. Rosenstein needs to recuse himself because HE wrote the memo to fire Comey and made the recommendation to Trump.

  2. Dave Schultz thinks it's a good idea to let fresh eyes in on the Russian investigation. Knowing full well he means Trump or his lap dog Whittaker. Just to destroy the integrity of the investigation. And he knows it.

    What are you afraid of Dave? The feds should check out where you are from. And yes they can check me out anytime they want. I'm true blue.

  3. When the Supreme Court strikes down the ACA the only avenue left will be Medicare for All. Get on board or get voted out in 2024.

  4. Former CIA Director Gen. Michael Hayden said the plan by chief White House adviser Jared Kushner who discussed plans with the Russan Ambassador, to establish a secret communication channel with the Kremlin — using Russian facilities — without any monitoring by the U.S. was “off the map” and like nothing he has seen in his lifetime. “What manner of ignorance, chaos, hubris, suspicion, contempt would you have to have to think that doing this with the Russian ambassador was a good or an appropriate idea?” Hayden stated.

  5. Trump and his people were warned by Obama,  Sally Yates, and the FBI, that Russia was actively trying to infiltrate Trump's inner circle. And what does Trump do? He fires Comey,  and Sally Yates, the very people who had warned him about what the Russians were up to. Even after Trump had been warned, his people were still holding secret meetings with the Russians, and they all lied about it……every single person lied about their meetings with the Russians. And then on the day after Trump fired Comey, the guy who was in charge of the FBI, the agency charged with catching Russian spies, Trump invites the Russian foreign minister, and  Russia's Ambassador to the Oval Office, and brags about firing the head of the FBI.   Let all of that sink in for a minute.

  6. trumpists laugh at the blue tsunami but i sure see a lot of them getting carried away grasping at debris and floating face down.

  7. Protect the probe from WHOM?????? The President has REPEATEDLY STATED that he is letting the money wasting BS go on and on. This is your puppeteers inciting you, you sheeple fools.

  8. bob woodward came out this weekend and said he's looked for two years and found no collusion. now if a pro like him can't find it, maybe it's just not there. wake up, fools.

  9. So protecting Mueller is more important than finding out why all the FBI investigators fired on his team are not an issue..Hmm, so who's investigating the investigators ??..Just Asking !!

  10. No one knows 6-7 million people. That also applies to Wyoming with less than 600,000 people. Politicians should not make gratuitously stupid statements.

  11. Me, to my Republican younger brother: "If Trump is innocent, then why are you afraid of Robert Mueller..?"
    My Republican younger brother: (No answer)

  12. It was clear to me in 1965 that the small and medium sized businesses would nolonger be able to finance health care insurance as an employee benefit as the "baby boomers" got older. I spent my working career promoting more financially efficient approaches than private insurance. That means that Congress has been dragging it's feet on this issue for over 50 years. Most other countries have already gone ahead and taken care of business. That's a really good reason to be finally putting some hard working women in Congress to get something done.


  14. Out of 2 years, not one piece of evidence! If there was they would have made a move! This is so ridiculous to watch. The socialist Democrats are trying to destroy our country!

  15. Already don’t like her
    Medicareforall is for citizens?
    No its in the name, it’s everyone
    Only country that thinks what the rest of the world does successfully is radical 🤦🏻‍♀️

  16. Life is good here in Las Vegas!! As I stated months ago, Heller would be finished come midterms, after he flat-out lied to Nevadans saying he would vote against ACA repeal if it stripped coverage for pre-existing conditions. What a Liar! He fell right in line with Trump, and my fellow Nevadans responded loudly! #BlueNevada😂😂👏👏👍

  17. Mueller can now investigate for another two years without showing any results what so ever. We all know the results anyway: there is NO Russian collusion and never was.

    The fact is, that Papadoupolos was set up by agents from FBI or DOJ. Then they used this set up to justify an investigation, but it was not enough. So Hillary paid a former British agent to make up a dossier filled with Russian lies which was used also, but even that was not good enough, so it was leaked and the reports in newspapers based on the leak was then used as the formal reason for the investigation, which was nothing but spying against the Trump campaign.

    Top FBI officials who hate Trump tried whatever to find any proof of any collusion what so ever. When "there is no there there" became clear, they tried to set up others in the Trump organization, among them his son, with a false Russian agent, but they failed again. So, after two years all their efforts have been in vain. They had promised to used their investigation as a sort of insurance policy and that they would stop Trump from becoming president, but they failed miserably. The only thing they have accomplished is to ruin the reputation of FBI and DOJ.

    The only collusion with Russia was done by Hillary who sold US uranium to them, got paid for it, and who bought false info from them to her smear against Trump.

  18. I think both side left and right know Trump is a crook. I will give him this he's a lucky sob because had he lost the election he would have been found guilty and thrown in jail. Best thing we can all hope for is that he's forced to resign and his family are found guilty of State crimes (no pardon allowed there).

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