Senator Jim Inhofe Uses The Bible To Disprove Climate Change

Senator Jim Inhofe Uses The Bible To Disprove Climate Change

Last week Republican Senator Jim Inhoff blew
our minds with his new proof of why climate change is a massive hoax let’s take a look
at this clip from late last week the chair you know what this is it’s a snow ball and
that’s just from outside here so it’s very very cold out very unseasonal so here Mr.
President catch this so if you have snow you must acquit or something like that it doesn’t
have anything to do with climate change in fact as one of the articles that we’ve read
on this points out extreme weather events whether hotter or colder are expected to come
with increasing climate change so this does not debunk climate change doesn’t prove that
it’s a hoax in fact it lends support to the idea that it is going on now I know you’re
probably going to watch to respond to that cause you didn’t get to originally when you’re
done we’re also going to have even more ridiculous arguments cause wait there’s more think about
the level of stupidity in politics like did no one on his staff say hey no the point is
that in climate you get severe weather so this so let’s not do the snow thing cause
that makes us look stupid right like the is we’ve got a severe storm outside right if
it was a sprinkling maybe you say hey it’s moderate right like there’s no sense in this
no but they all thought it was a genius move like they must have like interally in the
staff meeting been like oh that’s good nailed it a snow ball we got ’em we got ’em but as
a politician and I’m still na�ve into thinking that politians have to have some intelligence
right no I know I know as a politician at that point in your life OK you’re an older
individual right how do you not know the different between climate and weather and temperate
and all those like how do you equate all of those things you see what I’m saying so like
for him what the weather is on any given day is a sign of the climate you know no it has
nothing to do with long term trends well the good news on a really hot and humid summer
day in Washington he’s going to be like oh my god global warming might be real yeah so
you’re going to get a good sense from what John’s going to describe this then you understand
how these guys I mean like don’t United States Senator no no no he’s a country bumpkin he’s
also by the way the chairman of the environment and public works committee and also on the
side a prop comic apparently the answer to your question is how how could he not know
that is that he hasn’t read the right books he has read books he’s read the bible and
so he says I take my religion seriously this is what a lot alarmist forget this is coming
from his book The Greatest Hoax God is still up there and he promised to maintain the seasons
and the cold and heat would never cease as long as the Earth remains one of my favorite
bible verses is Genesis 8:22 As long as the Earth remains there will be will be springtime
and harvest cold and heat winter and summer so case closed the passage he said is so conclusive
that is simply outrageous that scientists continue to address the matter at all the
arrogance of people to think that we human beings would be able to change what he is
doing in the climate is to me outrageous well when you consider the fact that if you’re
going to believe that god created the world and if you’re going to if you’re going to
believe that god is omniscient and does everything then god also created physics yeah and god
also put the whole planets into motion and god created evolution as well pretty much
a perfect self sustaining system and yet that doesn’t actually enter into Jim Inhofe’s thinking
at all but it also says there his proof there will be springtime and harvest cold and heat
winter and summer nowhere in that does it not say that it could be hotter hotter for
long hotter than it was in a particular region before that can be totally true his B.S. from
the bible and you could still have climate change even if that were the case even you
were really judging everything about the bible which is unbelievably insane for a legislator
to do we’ll get to that in a second in the bible there’s apocalypse after apocalypse
god intended for it to get really and then have extreme weather cause he was mad at you
for support Exxon Mobile and getting bribed then so he’s going to give you yet another
apocalypse it’s funny we just did a Star Trek story and it reminds me of the quote how do
you know what the Picard thinks OK alright there’s that text but there’s all these different
texts that says and then God shall destroy you when you’ve gone in the wrong direction
in fact I’ve got one actually revelation 11:18 time has come for destroying those who destroy
who the Earth there’s also Jeremiah 2:7 I gave thee fertile land you came and defiled
land and my inheritance detestable you know the idea that you know hey Jesus is coming
he might be a little pissed off with what you’ve done with the place right you know
yeah that’s a good point I love that you can choose you can cherry pick bible passages
and things that basically go with whatever your agenda is or whatever you believe but
again I think that it’s just absurd all together that he’s quoting the bible in order to make
his base this guy think that this is science like that’s his version of science this is
fact yeah yeah he’s in fact he wonders why we would have the arrogance to do science
in the first place when we’ve already got the bible now I mean look this is one of my
arguments against religion in mass because you know people say religion ah no religion
didn’t start all the wars yeah OK OK OK those are all interesting arguments to have but
the problem is it’s wrong and then it gets a ton of people in fact the majority of people
including the people in charge to believe that it is correct and then they go in the
wrong direction based on fantasy and mythology and insanity I mean it’s liking saying Tolkien
already wrote that there shall be autumn and spring and furthermore George R.R. Martin
said that winter is coming OK he did say that and so then he says it a lot actually he does
and then we pass biased on what Martin and Tolkien wrote this isn’t science it isn’t
real so you want to get mad at me and say oh yeah you’re not religious look you’re not
religious Inhofe have you ever eaten shrimp you know you have you know you’ve eaten shellfish
OK it says in your beloved old testament where genesis is and you love and all those other
verses that you love man shall not lie with a man right next to it don’t eat shellfish
and if you do it’s an abomination and god will through you into the fiery pits of hell
so do you believe that no you don’t believe you don’t believe it either you just want
to take your bribes from the oil industry and then quote one passage out of the bible
and pretend you’re religious and if the bible is true and especially the new testament it
would appear you know based on Dezi’s quotes and sermon on the mount and so many other
passages that Jesus Christ would despise you he’s among the you’re among the first people
he would throw out of the temple I mean you want to talk about money changers you guys
are the sons of bitches who gave all of our money to the money changers he’s Jesus say
that a rich man has as much of getting into heaven has a camel passing through the eye
of a needle and all you ever do is argue for more and more to the richest people in the
country whether it’s through subsides or it’s tax cuts for the rich tax cuts for the rich
have you ever read the fucking bible have you ever read it I am 100% agnostic and I’m
more Christian than you


  1. Like so many of you in the audience, I found Physics to be a disproportionately difficult course. So I will now follow Inhofe's example and DISPROVE centuries of classical mechanics, and decades of modern physics, by bringing Harry Potter with me to class next time. I knew I should be able to fly on brooms, and that F in the class was undeserved!

    On a lighter side, the Sun isn't real because at night it gets dark. BOOYAH.

  2. These vile, vulgar scoffers disgust me.  They sit and yuck it up as if they understand anything.  I've made it a hard and fast rule to never let godless, Hell-bound atheists engage me in a Bible study.  Such absurd arrogance can only be expected from Satan's minions.  And if you're laughing right now over what I've just said, you're one of them.  I should know – I used to be one but thanks to God's grace, not any more.

  3. Context. Many Okies depend on oil money. Climate change threatens petroleum possibilities. The fracking earthquakes are growing by the day. I don't believe politicians are actually this dumb. They're just getting paid big bucks to manipulate simple-minded religious people.

  4. Jesus is not real and he is not coming back soon!!  He exists in a 2,000 year old book written by tribal goat herders worshiping a tribal desert god that evolved from a polytheistic god.  If the bible is true then so is Harry Potter.  They both have talking snakes.

  5. the earth has been heating and cooling for billions of years. To attribute any recent deviation in weather or temperature to human activity is absurd.

  6. Oh, so god says that there will always be winter and summer, hot and cold? Well, go find me that winter around the equator please or find me summer on the north or south pole.

    What kind if ignorant mindset is that?
    "I have a Bible so I can ignore everything else"?

    Holy crap! Quite literally!

  7. Inhofe makes these silly remarks for the kind of people that watch Fox News.  He's a shill for the oil industry since there's oil production in his state.  Don't get me wrong….he probably believes the nonsense he rattles off but part of his thinking is protecting oil production in Oklahoma.

  8. hay numb nuts.. the climate on earth has been changing for fore the past 4.5 billion years. would you all like to bet it keeps doing so?

  9. Hell a fart and the smelling FARC can disprove that. Have you seen how the FARC performs abortions in New York…that certainly disproves the sciences doesnt'it….and that happens in Florida and central and south america just to omitte Africa and perhaps public school abortions performed on a school bus here in America….that disproves anything public….now its private and a hassard for everyone…isnt' it…don't take your abortion to Customer Service Returns at Walmart you may need the ER and that's not Greys Anatomy the show.

  10. No god didn't create physics nor did a human…they were on crack and hence why its never a required course but a momento of passing. God invented Geometri and Trig and Calculus….algebra he didnt' invent until geometry was invented..what is wrong with americans when they buy into a system that says you must share your kotex or tampon or half a fruit..or is that the caribean or africa or even india. Just because you don't know about farming and the products for kotex don't mean you have to share anything…buy your own box or get your own box…and include it in welfare and WIC.

  11. Masturbating both brain cells at the same time again,Sen??
    Some day your head is gonna look like Ol'Pat R.s!
    I understand its a lot of fat to melt out but you just keep at it and you can have that look of vacuity…Oh?
    There it is….

  12. Who wants to take a bet with me that when miami is underwater in 50 years.
    Some mook in texas is going to start building an arc because he thinks its god?
    100 bucks…

  13. Before watching the video: Haven't watched the video yet, but I'm expecting comedy gold here.
    After watching the video: There must be a lot of retards in America voting these guys in.

  14. LOL, this guy chairs the environmental committee, someone who doesn't even believe in science, so nuts, it's like giving an atheist a job to sell Bible. 

  15. Hate to break the sad news to all the liberal anti-theists but climate change supports biblical views that due to the sinful behavior of humans, they will ultimately destroy themselves by first destroying the planet. 

    Oh f.cuk, the sun will eventually black out. Those religious were right and they didn't need expensive scientific research to tell them so. 

  16. Its not a hoax but it is being used to enslave the people.All i hear the left say including tyt which pisses me off because i think there the left i can work with that with good science there opinions can change.But i do not hear nothing about ways to do anything positive.Here in Indiana a by product of our coal industry is another mineral that scrubbs carbon during the burning of coal.It will take a lot of work but we can do this.

  17. So, if god "wouldn't let it happen", WHY did we spend TRILLIONS of tax dollars from the 50's through 90's on nuclear weapons? If god already had his preventative measures in place to keep us from destroying ourselves, what a colossal waste of capital & materials. 

  18. This moron is a position of power is the biggest bitch of the fossil fuel and other industries. This guy is a threat to the natural world. 

  19. To any one in Oklahoma…mighten I suggest when this guy comes up for reelection, vote him out. I will do my best on the two morons from Idaho.

  20. Perfect solution, only atheists are allowed to operate in an official capacity in government. Only way to ensure religion isn't dictating policy. You know, the whole separation of church and state thing?

  21. Good discussion.  I believe that we are actually tapping into something very foundational here – namely, that the concept of climate change has more of a religious dimension than most scientists realize.  I believe that this is part of the reason why it is so difficult for many conservatives to really listen to the concerns of climate scientists.  Since Copernicus, the popular Biblical paradigm of the structure of the universe has had to go from a geocentric model – to a heliocentric (sun) model – to a galaxy-centric model, to now a non-centric model where billions of galaxies exist around no sense of a center.  Each one of these steps, I think, involved a powerful rethinking of our place in the universe, with unavoidable spiritual implications that required a certain degree of Biblical rethinking.  With a four-billion year old earth and a fourteen billion year old universe, the first chapter of Genesis must now be interpreted as allegorical, not literal.  With the advent of Darwin, Christians are now similarly compelled to rethink the concept of Christ in the context of an evolving creation.  There are plenty of scriptural references that describe God controlling weather.  Even Jesus describes God as "sending rain on the just and the unjust" (Mt 5:45), a verse which can still be a powerful influence on Christians, but one that now requires a similar poetic filter like that of Genesis 1, where now it is understood as a poetic metaphor of a more general divine benevolence.  These changes may seem simple, but they are actually gargantuan changes in thinking that rival those of a century ago among scientists.  In short, the discussion you gave today opened a door to an important unexplored world that warrants further exploration.

  22. Oh yeah I remember him for his stance against disaster relief…unless it hits his beloved Oklahoma. He also takes government money to pay for his "Jesus" trips to Africa.

  23. I would love to get in as an aid to this guy. I would give him some crazy ideas to bring his points to light. You have to admit that it would be a blast to manipulate that pin head.

  24. Climate change is real they're just not telling you the truth why.. Planet X Nibiru I've seen it every day now in Florida with a Welders lens In front of camera

  25. He is a senator !!! He decides on vital decisions on the most powerful country in the world !!!. Forgive this foreigner for being scared .

  26. Right. So the bible says he shall maintain the seasons and the hot and cold. Let's say that's fact. What if Inhofe's interpretation is wrong. He assumes that everything will stay the same. The quote does not rule out the seasons getting longer or shorter. What if God meant that there'll be spring but in New England but it will be from September to March?

    The real thing that bothers me about this is first Inhofe and others only use the parts of the Bible that supports their narrative. There are plenty of passages that contradict the passages that they use about climate (?), homosexuality, gay marriage, the role and responsibilities, just to name a few.

    The other problem is that they act like the bible was written by God (apparently in English), who then handed it down to someone. Apparently, God didn't have the forethought to make a bunch of copies so that everyone would be working off the same script. God created the Heavens and the Earth but he could be bother to invest in a copy machine?

    The Bible was written down centuries after the earth was created and the stories were passed down orally until we as humans invented a method of writing. Since most people were illiterate and books had to be copied by hand, there were still very few copies until Gutenburg invented the printing press.
    When they wrote the bible, they documented the current version of the stories. Ever play the game of telephone. How likely is it that the bible that was first written down accurately reflects the events as they occurred. Not very.

    The Bible that is available to read has been translated many times. It very certainly was not originally in English. I've seen lots of statements that get lost in translation. They show up as funny news stories all the time. Go into any hotel room and you'll find a bible. It's the King James Version which is not the same as the version espoused by the Catholic Church. So which version is the truth?

    I am Catholic, but I guess I will end up burning in hell because I don't blindly follow the teachings of the Church. The problem is that God gave a brain to use to think for myself. I actually use it to do some critical thinking.

  27. I'm a christian and even i think this Jim Inhofe guy is a nut job. bacause as the man on the left (i don't know his name) said nowhere in the verses stated does it say that sealevel can't rise or that it can't get hotter or colder. simply that hot and cold will remain in a rotation that we humans call seasons.

  28. Well the Quran states that the world will slowly get hotter and hotter until it's all gone. So from Inhofe's point of view, Imma a believer in climate change

  29. Is a basic high school diploma or equivalent no longer required for public office? just curious. Because frankly this is basic stuff. 

  30. No one should even engage a person that ignorant in a debate. Saying that climate change could still fit with in the context of that  moron's argument is doing a disservice to everyone else who doesn't live in a fairy-tale world and knows that what he is proposing is absolutely ludicrous. It is an absolute waste of time. False credence is given to his argument by merely entertaining it, even for a short moment. It's time for the onus of respect in these types of debates to cease to be put on those who base their arguments on science. These people should be called out for what they are and that is undeniably stupid. He isn't stupid for his beliefs but for his willful ignorance. He chooses to ignore the facts and is endangering hundreds of thousands of people because his guy doesn't exist and that makes him defensive and incapable of reason. These are no longer debates, they are people defending their beliefs and being unwilling to accept reality. The time for decorum is over, there is too much shit going on and we are wasting time pandering to idiots like this. These people need to be purged from office. They are slowing down the machine.

  31. There is a Roman harbour near Dymchurch in Kent England that is three meters above sea level.  This area of the southern North sea geography has been sinking and recorded as being the case by the Dutch.  Now if sea levels are lower than in Roman times as this Roman structure, evidence clearly shows. My question is this!  Who is pulling who's dong? I personally believe it political cobblers because of the rich having their plush homes by the sea, like Sand banks in Dorset.  If they were poor peoples homes they would not give a shit, as happened back in Feb 1953, with a large loss of life.

  32. Senator Jim Inhofe is a complete fool and he is nothing but the enemy of humanity and his grandchildren because with his idiotic idea in his head that doesn't understand science and how the world's actually fighting back his grandchildren will ever live past their retirement ages and if we keep on polluting this planet mother nature is one evil bitch and she will have no mercy on nobody if you disrespect her because she controls the planet and she has the power to wipe out all humanity an animal's off this planet and you cannot stop are if she wants to. 

  33. Do these people believe that God really wrote the bible? Do they not understand that people wrote this? I believe in God. I believe in Jesus. But I don't believe they wrote the bible and dropped it on earth. Also, are we really going to run a country on the bible? I swear I was in a democratic country. Not theocratic. And, these assholes pick and choose what to follow and what to believe (if they even truly believe in the bible).  I hate how these "Christians" have used the bible and how they have abused it. It's because of them that I can't consider myself Christian. They have completely changed what I thought a true Christian was. Me? I am someone that loves all, accepts all, and at least attempts to understand all (you can never truly understand a person). I hate how these bigots use the bible to spew hate onto the world.

  34. Listen to the Godless little 30-sumtins mocking and berating what they think they understand. Just like a bunch of kids who just discovered their father's loaded revolver. Keep on laughing while you sit in the excrement of your own disbelief. I weep for the future. Theirs. Not mine. : )

  35. Now if the point of this video was to use the bible to counter argument what the senator and people alike believe, OK. But that's also just lame (to put it in simple terms) for a news agency to do. The time the reporters (I like TYT btw) spent debating this issue, they could have been used the time to make a real and legitimate counter argument with empirical facts and data. Not that the senator would believe them, but for people who believe in facts (like myself) would have liked to see that more, and hopefully learn something new.

  36. I bet this crew doesn't think God is going to roll the Universe into a scroll,and make all things new .And yes He is coming to Destroy those who destroy the earth.

  37. Bupkin really I bet the Oklahomans are just a bunch of Bumkins or maybe that's your hate word for Christian.How's your ratings .Because I bet that all you really care about.Idk for sure but that's how you think debate is won by calling names?or if you call other groups names you believe that you discredit them.

  38. They should stop saying everyone sins because they eat shellfish. Not everyone eats shellfish, some people don't like the taste or they are allergic.
    An equally ridiculous example that they should use is the mixing of fabrics in clothing. Many more people can relate to that and can comprehend the point they're making.

  39. Ohh republican i hope you go extinct along with all of the animals that are soon to go extinct with the effects of climate change. This moron is the reason we ALL need to vote.

  40. How is it TYT believe in Climate Change but not the safety of GMOs considering the consensus among the scientific community is just as strong?

  41. Follow the money. Climate change is all about charging or taxing people for the air they breath. It's more likely if climate change is real, it's caused by the military attempting to weaponize weather with HAARP or some other weapons program. Follow the money.

  42. I seem to remember something about separating church and state but for some reason all the politicians not only swear in on a book and then try to bend the population to its will

  43. well, the devil knows the Bible very well and how to twist it. what has Inhofe to say about the Bible regarding his annual pigeon massacre? don't believe anything the Inhofe devil has to say. Sociopaths just say outrageous things. That doesn't mean any of them deserve a response.

  44. Wow, I just found some of the largest recipients of fossils fuel money in congress are using mockery to deny global warming. 97% of the research papers taking a position on the subject agree with the concensus position that humans are causing global warming. Many polititions react with such statements as well it's cold today, when that argument actually has a valid scientific reason behind it. Such as the polar ice caps melting which causes the environment to be cold.

    Sen James Inhofe is the chair of the environmental committee. He is also one of the largest fossils fuel recipients. He used an absolute stating, there are some people who are so arrogant to think that they are so powerful they can change climate.

    He's using an absolute because he can't give a valid reason as to why certain effects are occuring. Why data shows up the way it does. Why animals are dieing when natural causes don't give a significant enough reason. I can disprove his reason. Trees produce oxygen. Pollution put chemicals in the air. So yes causes do produce an effect and yes humans can affect the environment. But this is the only argument he's got

  45. LOL! We're all gonna die! Only forty years ago the scientists were saying, "We're on the verge of another ice age because of man made pollution!" Well, if the scientists want their fat grants from George Soros, etc, they'd better do what they're told.

    Notice the leftist mantra now isn't "global warming" it's, "climate change." That way no matter which way things go they can claim they were right.

    Hint: the climate has always been changing.

  46. At this rate the U.S. has a few years left as a major power. The rampant greed, ignorance, and stupidity in this country spell doom in the long-term. We simply can't compete with the rest of the world. The Picard? LMAO!

  47. The impotent rage of the delusional and willfully ignorant – believers in a misogynistic, racist, homophobic Iron Age biblical text, and a vindictive genocidal god. Noah's flood?? Rape and subjection of girls & women sanctioned by a vindictive and genocidal god – despicable

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