Senator Joe Manchin Speaks After Announcing ‘Yes’ Vote On Brett Kavanaugh | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

Senator Joe Manchin Speaks After Announcing ‘Yes’ Vote On Brett Kavanaugh | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC


  1. They actually sound like sheep. Not just because they repeat what they're supposed to say. Even the tone of their voice, at 0:09. And people wonder why we call them sheeple.
    "4 legs good, 2 legs bad."

  2. In July 2011, the New York Times ran a long article headlined "Sen. Manchin Maintains Lucrative Ties to Family-Owned Coal Company." Manchin's 2009 and 2010 financial disclosures included major earnings from Enersystems Inc., "a coal brokerage that he helped run before his political star rose." Many senators earn business income, but Manchin is rare in that "he derives income from an industry while acting as one of its biggest boosters."

  3. Democrats have become an obnoxious voice in an angry mob. It's good to see one that has the intellect to remain civil . The rest of his party is destroying America with their violence and hatred.

  4. Way to go Sen. Manchin!! I knew you really were a "normal" American all along, instead of a darned sleaze, like all other democrats. If you were here, I'd sure buy you a beer.👍🇺🇸

  5. people in the background have no respect for due process you lost get over it loser loser loser you lost shame on losers Shame Shame Shame on losers

  6. So uneducated protesters.
    Shame on u crazy protesters .
    You are druggies .how much zorro paid to this crazy people.
    Where is the police.
    Why the police don't put in jail to those crazy protesters.
    Disgusting protesters.
    Most of u are in drugs and thieves with metal issues

  7. Don't see how anyone can call him a coward because he didn't allow himself to be bullied by the screaming unruly mob.

  8. I wish Senator Manchin converted to Republican. It would be my pleasure to vote for him if I could. There is a man on the side of justice.

  9. Many of the young women are a big problem in society these days. Not only are they suicidal but they are a physical threat to the community.

  10. All these comments calling him a "coward", "sleaze", and "traitor". Because thinking you need literally any shred of corraborative evidence to destroy someone's life, and believing in due process is equivalent to destroying America… somehow… nice work leftists 👍

  11. emotional reactionism has no place in legislative procedure. This guy looked at the facts, and weighed the evidence at hand. he found that the guilt of kavanaugh did not outweigh the force of the assertions made against him.

    what can be claimed without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence.

  12. Joe will Go in Nov. ! He even told you so when he mentioned Good ole we boy. He made a deal with his great female friend in Alaska – Murkowski to trade votes in order for him to get re-elected. Even though they did he still isn’t getting re-elected in this state. His mega wealthy daughter and her Mylan corporation $$$$ epipen campaign will keep his pockets full of money ! We’re not re-electing phones Joe !

  13. Manchin is done! He lost the Democrat vote by this. They won't come out for him. He's a traitor! He's done! Go Republicans!

  14. disgusting uxcuse of a selfish politician who puts his own well-beeing over a vote of decency. i hope karma hits hard

  15. Why did he wait for Collins to speak up first? Because he wanted a woman to hide behind, like all of these spineless misogynists.

  16. There's you Democratic "Resistance"
    F**k the Democrats
    F**k the Republicans.
    It's all one party and you're not invited

  17. Great don't let him speak. KEep digging crazies. Here's what he said over a year ago.

  18. He voted yes to try and save his seat plain and simple, when will these politicians realize that if his constituents want a republican they'll vote for a republican, not a lite version like Manchin…he is gutless.

  19. People wonder why Democrats lose always? Its because of those attention seeking, loud, repetitive, disruptive, entitled children. Nobody wants to be associated with people who are provocatively annoying.

  20. My vote for anyone running in WV against this dude. Am a Democrat but will vote for a Republican running against him anytime! Why don’t you change your party? You think Democrats in your state are going to vote for you? You did this to win over republican voters didn’t you. You failed to acknowledge that you became a senator because majority of voters that voted for you were democrats. Foolish man.

  21. look at the comments, watch the democrats openly oppose and even hate centrism. youre so full of hate, so missled. come back to love, come back to creating, iconoclasm is unnecessary in the 21st centry

  22. The feminazis are out of control. I'm glad Trump's one elected official who stands up to them and can't be intimidated by them.

  23. The only reason he voted YES was because he knew the numbers were in Kavanaugh's favor prior to the vote. He voted YES only to appeal to the Republican voters for his upcoming election. That's why he won reelection.

  24. And he won re-election. Because he's committed to the people in his state. Meanwhile all those clowns chanting 'shame' probably aren't even from WV. Their NY & CA senators voted their way. Everything worked out how it should've.

  25. Joe Manchin will never lose his Senate seat! You made West Virginians proud! Thank you for seeing the truth! Not letting the Radical Democratic Party influence your vote!

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