Senator John Hoeven: The Farm Bill Helps Every Single American Every Day | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

Senator John Hoeven: The Farm Bill Helps Every Single American Every Day | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC


  1. This farm bill got to be considered a bailout for the farmers. I'm sure if it is not for farm bill, certain farms will belly up. And think about it, who is paying for this subsidy to the farmers? I don't think it is the taxes as collected from the 1%.

  2. As a result of the tariffs the farming states need a bailout; should've never left the TTP. We'll never get back the leverage again.

  3. There would be absolutely no need of a Farm Bill if it were not for Trumps Tariffs that have destroyed and are destroying small farmers in the US…. This Farm Bill is a band-aid for a heart attack, it doesn't fix the long-term problem(s) created by these tariffs…

  4. The subsidies would have been lower if Trump mind wasn't stuck in the 1920's. Tariffs are a tax on the American consumer.

  5. And this impacts ALL the free trade agreements because all the partners have to start subsidizing their farmers. Welcome to the world of free trade

  6. US GDP is 19.39 trillion dollars and yet they don't have universal healthcare and 40 million Americans on food stamps. WTF? The US is truly a poster child for income equality.

  7. not many family operated farms out there anymore but still tiffany studying in Harvard is gonna get some extra money with this, since her grandpa who hasn't farm land for a long time but owns some farm land and is leasing it to a dairy farm own by shamrock qualifies her for it , and is all good since the lawmakers and lobbyist close to that area will also get their cut … this is just a cash grab at the expense of real farmers that more likely won't get even a 10 percent of what they should get with this.

  8. In Scump/Republican logic now all countries that the US is exporting their agricultural goods to have to slab tariffs on them to make the markets just again?

  9. We pay sugar cane growers more in subsidies than the sugar is worth. What they should be growing is hemp, all their woes would be history.

    Hemp offers many different uses that can promote a more sustainable world. Hemp products can be recycled, reused and are 100% biodegradable. Proponents of hemp claim that it can help reduce global warming because it takes out large amounts of carbon dioxide per acre, more than most plants. This is especially true if the end products are locked up permanently in applications like building materials as opposed to recycling the carbon by applications such as compost.

    Industrial hemp is a very robust, competitive plant that will outcompete weeds. In most cases this makes production possible without the use of herbicides.  This is a clean air benefit that reduces pesticide load on the environment.

    Industrial hemp has a large tap root that is capable of penetrating deep into the soil profile to pick up required water and nutrients for plant development. This is a benefit as hemp recovers nutrients that might otherwise be leached below the root zone and enter the groundwater. In addition, the deep roots open up the soil and enhance the tilth of the soil for future crops.

    The utilization of hemp in biofibre processing has significant environmental benefits. Bio-products made of hemp can produce environmentally friendly products that are easily recycled in compost or in landfills. Most hemp-derived products are non-toxic, biodegradable and renewable.

    Carbon Sequestration: High biomass crops such as industrial hemp are associated with the ability to sequester higher amounts of carbon through photosynthesis, storing it in the body of the plant and its roots.  The carbon in the fibre is then transferred into processed biofibre products. Biomass is approximately 40% carbon. Processing of the fibre will sequester carbon that will be captured and tied up in manufactured products.

    Based on Andreae and Merlet (2001) we can assume that during field burning, one kg of hemp straw will release 1515 grams of CO2, 2.7 grams of CH4 and 0.07 grams of N2O. The same document also suggests that about 80% of the biomass in the field would be burned (20% would remain unburned). The global warming potentials of each of the three greenhouse gases are CO2 = 1515, CH4 = 25, N2O = 298 grams.

    Total greenhouse gas emissions, in units of kg of carbon dioxide equivalents, from field burning of one tonne of hemp straw could be calculated as: 1 tonne of hemp straw in the field * 80% biomass combustion * (1515 kg CO2 * 1 + 2.7 kg CH4 * 25 + 0.07 kg N2O * 298) = 1603 kg CO2 eq.


    Congressional Quarterly reports that the full conference report will be released on Monday – and as reported by our biggest champion in the House – Rep. Jamie Comer (R-KY) — permanent hemp legalization is definitely in it.  From CQ:

    The top House Agriculture Democrat says a final farm bill agreement rejects controversial House provisions to tie food stamp benefits to expanded work requirements, greenlights hemp cultivation and tweaks programs important to farmers and ranchers.

    The death of former President George Bush and his lying in state in the Capitol Rotunda disrupted congressional schedules this week, including the release of a final farm bill.  Lawmakers have spent weeks negotiating to reconcile the House and Senate versions of the legislation (HR 2).

    House Agriculture ranking member Collin C. Peterson, D-Minn., said the five-year legislation is “mostly a status quo” bill that keeps current work requirements for able-bodied adults in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, formerly known as the food stamp program.  SNAP’s eligibility standards and the way monthly benefits are calculated would remain the same. He made the comments Monday in an interview with Minnesota Public Radio. He added Tuesday that he hopes that a farm bill conference report will be released Dec. 10…

    The proposed compromise bill also would make agricultural production of hemp legal in the United States by removing its designation as a drug akin to marijuana under the Controlled Substances Act. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., who sponsored the language in the Senate bill, has said legalizing hemp could give farmers a new cash crop.

    McConnell included language allowing hemp production for research in the 2014 farm bill, and the farm bill conference report would lift federal drug restrictions that have hampered expansion of the crop. The 2018 legislation also would make hemp farmers eligible for federally subsidized crop insurance.

    Rep. James R. Comer, a former Kentucky agriculture commissioner and member of the farm bill conference committee, said the “reclassification of hemp from a controlled provision to a regular agriculture crop” is in the conference report.

    "I believe in hemp," said Comer, who ran for agriculture commissioner on a platform to allow hemp production in Kentucky.

    Comer said that a compromise has been reached on the original language in the Senate farm bill that would ban from hemp growing people who have served a prison term for drug possession and other drug offenses such as manufacturing, delivery and dealing. However, he said he was not free to provide details.

    “There was a lot of discussion about that. Neither side got what they wanted,” Comer, R-Ky., said.

    As earlier reported in this space, Michigan’s Senate Judiciary Committee met yesterday to consider two House-passed bills:  House Bill 6330 which dramatically expands Michigan’s hemp program, and House Bill 6331 which clarifies that popular products such as hemp-derived CBD should not be treated as controlled substances.

    Great news:  Both bills passed out of committee unanimously, and without amendment.  They now head to the full Senate, which we hope will pass them both by the time they adjourn on December 21.

    Please help us get this bill across the finish line.

    If you are a resident or business owner in Michigan, please use our portal TODAY to send an email to your state senator.  Our online portal makes it super easy – even if you don’t know who represents you in Lansing, type in your zip code and an editable email will populate that will be sent directly to your senator with a click of a button. Even if you do not hail from the Wolverine State yourself, please share our portal with your friends, colleagues, customers and social media contacts in Michigan  – help us build our Hemp Supporter armies to assist us in this battle which will have a national impact.

  11. I can see it now 2020 Trump FARMERScare-For-All “Don’t worry, it’s not Socialism if it’s you getting it!”

    Don’t get me wrong. These people need help. But a better way to start helping them would be to END Trump’s trade war.

  12. What's the catch? What is in this for Trump? A farmers vote? Taking attention off of his insane, criminal behavior? Hope that he won't be impeached? Nothing good comes from Trump, without there being a bigger benefit for himself. And EVEN if he did one thing right, that one thing will have cost America the price of having Trump for POTUS, which every American is paying for. However, for the sake of the farmers, I do hope this is a true benefit, and not a Trojan horse, with a bunch of twisted words, and small print that will cost them in the end. And by cost them, I also mean in such ways as in, if it cost them too much to ship their goods, or taxes at the grocery store to where others cannot afford to buy it, or in any of those sneaky type of things that Trump does. Be careful putting faith into this, until all of the information comes available.

  13. Mexico's paying for the wall.
    How is it suddenly the Democrats responsibility To pay for the wall.
    Why do Americans have to pay down the huge deficit that the wall will create.

    An economist explains how the trade conflict with China continues to harm American farmers as well as the overall economy.

  15. Funny how so many farmers are anti "socialism" and anti welfare yet they are screaming for this bill. This bill is a form of socialism, it is farmer welfare.

  16. I am truly astonished that the two sides could actually hammer out a bill that, while some parts of it are totally ridiculous, basically does what needs to be done. It could have, it should have, been much better, but in this climate it is an amazing piece of work. Farmers won't go more broke than is usual and poor people won't go hungry more than isusual. And that's what passes for a good bill nowadays.

  17. The farm bill helps everybody! especially with hemp legalization, now companies on the stock exchange like CBDD can do very well after the farm bill passing that makes cbd/hemp legalized!

  18. Stop subsidizing the animal agricultural industry. They are responsible for more CO2 than every vehicle in the whole world…seriously. LIKE NO JOKE. Make healthy food affordable, and have farmers grow plants instead. Want to help people and slow down global warming, stop helping the animal industry. Watch Cowspiricy on netflix.

  19. Food Stamps for the farm bill is good, But Food stamps for inner city and working poor is Bad. How the heck is this handout better for all Americans.

  20. Those agrarian socialists (farmers) are at it again. Hundreds of thousands of tiny farms that were never economic, which were a hangover from both world wars for returned servicemen allotments. No economy of scale. Massive amounts of machinery sitting idle most of the year. Only growing things that get a subsidy. Underpaying workers. A minimum acreage regulation is needed to be classified, so as to describe a "farm". Consolidate and Co-op or die.

  21. The world does not want heavily pesticides GMO crops of America. Neither do they want dairy or meat with added hormones. These non-organic foods are cancer-producing. Many of these chemicals are banned around the world– but it's profit only for the US.

  22. Looks like the republican welfare ranchers are going to get bailed out by their fuhrer. Record bankruptcy filings this year thanks to the orange turd. Can’t feel sorry for people who shoot themselves in the foot. They shouldn’t get one dime.

  23. My thoughts..reinforcing mucho bucks to CORPORATION FARMING/CATTLE RANCHING. A guise to ine CORPORATION profit and some for the family farmers. Why add nieces and nephews in the "farm family"description? Is that like "chain migration"…? SMELLS TRUMPISHLY FISHY. 900 BILLION ? Wow. For that, Farmers should supply food for tthe world trade free !

  24. I know it is said often enough, so it must be true, but where exactly are the hordes of zombies strung out on opiods? All I see are potheads and meth addicts when I visit the Midwest… #noepidemic

  25. Is this benefitting the average American trying to maintain their farms, or is this aimed at helping massive corporate farms? Because from what I've read, most everyday farmers just cant sustain their work unless they can afford to manage crops and goods year round (which they can't), but that this bill WILL allow for farmers to grow hemp, now, and regular citizens trying to survive are switching to growing Hemp for CBD now.

  26. does it help the small farmer equally , does it help American born farmers or does it provide more for immigrants of non-white

  27. Complete idiocy to try to "support" farmers with subsidies while actively exacerbating climate change. Ask farmers how much they enjoy drought, flooding, fires, hail…

  28. interesting how they don't talk about this being in the bill: In a bizarre coincidence, right around the same time, the House Rules Committee realized that its agricultural spending bill was missing one key provision — a rule forbidding the House from voting to end U.S. military support for the Saudi war in Yemen before the end of this year.

    The addition of a pro-famine clause to the annual farm bill struck many Republican lawmakers as odd: When the rule came up for a vote Wednesday, 18 GOP House members voted against it. But the measure passed 206-203 anyway — because five Democratic congressmen (they were, indeed, all men) voted in favor.

  29. People should actually READ the Farm Bill before posting their uninformed, IGNORANT comments. It's a nightmare waiting to unfold on anybody who EATS…(something besides HEMP, that is.)

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