Senator Kirsten Gillibrand: Women Running For President “Breaks Down Bias” | All In | MSNBC

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand: Women Running For President “Breaks Down Bias” | All In | MSNBC


  1. I loved how she recorded her eyeroll at the SOTU and tried to sell it on Facebook for $5. She's such a nasty DNC pig

  2. It is a reflection on our male chauvinist society that when a female runs for office, it is not her policies but what she actually wears that draws the most criticism.

  3. In what is now known as Canada and The United States, for first nations natives, before Europeans showed up,
    it was the "womens' group" who ran native society. Warriors didn't make a move until the womens' group
    decided on any activity or action. There was no war or bloodshed for these natives until Europeans brought
    "their tidal wave of war" and weapons. There also were no diseases for those humans.
    Life would be much better if women ruled the world. A woman gave birth to me. What more can I say?

  4. This woman is bought and paid for by Wall Street and will not take the side of the people over the side of the billionaire class.

  5. Doesnt matter if it is male or FEMALE , if MSNBCannibal news is endorsing them , THEY want to collapse the USA into a Cannibal Holocaust #FkMSNBCannibals

  6. The Age of the Feminine is upon us. Women are needed in our leadership and evolution as we've reached a point where their natural talents could save us from greed, anger, risk-taking, and chaos. Time to adapt

  7. Warren & gabbard are the best choices…. Warren & Gabbard were the only candidates that bravely announced they wanna stop the pointless wars… It means they r not connected to globalist Satanists at all…. Other candidates didn't even dar to talk about the most important problem we have in this country…. We all know we have 23 trillions debts just because of these pointless Wars & regime change in foreign countries that caused civil war…. Maybe thats why cnn doesn't like gabbard & Warren

  8. I like her. I don't know enough about any of the Democratic candidates yet, but she seems like the real deal. I also like that she gave Hillary props. HRC deserves it.

  9. Women lack the ability to lead. They are unhappier now than ever before, with their newfound "freedom" and "equality", as they are better educated and make more money out of school than men. Are they intelligent enough to realize the problem, and that men still decide what they can and cannot do? Never…

  10. You're dead wrong Gillibrand. Most rational people know that women are far too emotional to be a stable Commander in Chief.

  11. She is another corporate Dem on the progressive bandwagon. Bernie is the real deal and the only candidate who has a chance against Lyin' Donald.

  12. If Warren was a true progressive she wouldn't be getting the media coverage she's receiving from the Corporate State Media. Tulsi is virtually invisible from coverage unless they're smearing her. Warren is the 3rd progressive favorite behind 1st Bernie and 2nd Tulsi. Regardless of race or gender, the rest of the field are all corporate shills, bought and paid for by USA Inc.

  13. Soon AG William Barr will be indicting Hillary Clinton and key people that were in FBI and DOJ. Because of Hillary Clinton and the fact the FBI and DOJ have been protecting her from criminal actions the Democratic Party is going to take a very big hit. And that fact should be know to key leading Democrats! Hillary has been a cancer for the Democratic Party and President Trump has held up against the fake Press/Media that unrelentingly ignore reporting factual news and preferring democratic bias media exposes. William Barr will be coming out punching as soon as he is confirm this week. It will be shocking to many people.

  14. I hope the Democrats aren't as stupid as the Republicans when it comes to running candidates. In 2016 the GOP had 15 or so, with lecterns from one end to the other of the podium. It probably would have been more effective to have them arranged on a choral platform. In any case, the result was chaotic. I believe that if the Democrats run more than five candidates to winnow through, they are making a big mistake.

  15. White men ran the table from 1777 to 2008. Then we had Obama. And oh boy was the racist backlash swift and certain in 2016. Thankfully, t'rump is such a worthless joke of a president that everyone can see how stupid that decision turned out.

  16. There have been over 70 female leaders in countries all over the world going back to 1940, including in countries that are highly misogynistic like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Turkey. It's way past time for the US to elect a female pres, even though, of course, we THE PEOPLE actually did in 2016 by a large margin.

  17. I will only vote for A woman. You need to look at this entire situation and realizing a sort of Coup was perpetrated on Hillary and she should be in office and a Woman should be in Office now and in 2020. You have 1 promise No Vote from me if it is not Gilibrand or Harris( I am part of the Million For Kamala) I say both or any other Woman

  18. There will not be a woman in the top office now or any other time in the near future…Men just will not vote for women to be president or vice president….I do not see men today voting to put a woman in office as president!!!! women govern with emotion…not common sense…they are easily influenced and are naturally haters of men today…all men… these states where women were voted into congress are all democratic states where poor people live and not many men are voting…..women in states that are not sanctuary cities, or do not lean democrat will never put a woman in the white house except as first lady…..many of these women that were voted in congress will not have another chance…like these Muslim women and AOC they are radicals and the young and female voted them in…..Now they can see the racist and faults of these women like AOC they will not get voted in again…..

  19. Nancy Pelosi can wipe the floor all day and all night with Donald Trump so I think any woman Democrat would be a fantastic president.

  20. Can't wait for Gillibrand to lose in the primary and then decry "those who didn't vote for me are a bunch of sexists!"

  21. Canada had a woman Prime Minister in the 9t0s and a lot of countries had and still have women leaders today… That's just the US again being behind the times.

  22. Hi Chris.👋.
    Exceptional reporting, Chris.👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏.
    Keep on digging, Chris.👍.
    👉👉Patience democrats, patience.👍.
    Hi Kirsten.👋.
    Excellent job, Kirsten.👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏.
    Kirsten, get back to work.👍.

  23. The paid leave plan addresses the expressed concerns of women polled that there is not enough time in the day, Brilliant. 2 weeks paid leave as a federal law seems like the solution. ICE is a deportation force IC Enforcement. The for profit prisons are troubling as they may escape Federal regs & have a profit motive ? Green Party in europe is an issue party.

  24. We are the only industrialized country in the world that doesn't have a lot of things, including a sane national leader.

  25. Is it truly a democracy when you have to wait to see a bill from some conference committee that was constituted before a bill was even passed in either house?

  26. Even though I'm voting for Elizabeth Warren in the primary election, but Nancy Pelosi, Amy Klobuchar, Kamala Harris and Kirsten Gillibrand will still find a way to call me sexist somehow.

  27. Do you approve of lefties at University of Akron libelling, slandering and bullying women?

  28. Honey you will never ever be the President of the United States of America. And we the people will make sure that's a FACT. Nice try gash!!!

  29. Hillary Clinton and her brand of carefully calculated McFeminism and cries of sexism actually hurt women in the long run. When illegitimate, unfounded complaints of bigotry and sexism are made, it actually harms the fight against real bigotry and sexism. People (on the left, at least) didn't like Hillary Clinton because of her abysmal record, not because she's a woman.

  30. Only Women Should be Running any Men be honorable and remive your name. You know to msny people running will hurt us Do the right thing Get out of the Race

  31. She is an unconventional, straight-talking street fighter. And I love her favorite quote. "If we're not helping people, we should go the f–k home." If she wins, she will get stuff done.

  32. I can think of only a few women who are truly awful political elected officials (Marsha Blackburn, formerly Michele Bachmann, formerly Nikki Haley). Gillibrand certainly belongs to this group – but not necessarily because of any policy position she currently holds. She once held rather right-wing views when she was a Representative from New York, but happily she's now done a 180° on those. Rather, her response to accusations of sexual harassment against her former colleague Sen. Al Franken of Minnesota was absolutely horrific. Even at the time (in November-December 2017) there were red flags that at least some of the accusations were dubious. Many (most?) in the Senate Democratic caucus wanted an Ethics Committee investigation into the accusations, as did Sen. Franken, who called for and welcomed an investigation. But it's clear that something happened behind the scene in the caucus: Sen. Gillibrand was adamant that the accused Al Franken resign immediately. She did not want an investigation to determine the veracity of the accusations (none of which now appear credible) even though there were signs that figures at FOX and in the Trump circle were somehow involved in this political attack on a great political threat against them: Sen. Al Franken. Either Gillibrand was too naïve to second-guess whether there might be more to these claims than meets the eye, i.e., either she bought FOX/Trump/right-wing propaganda hook, line, and sinker … or Gillibrand knew full well that at least some of these accusations were not credible and nevertheless led the effort to drive Sen. Franken to resign without an investigation and on the basis of false accusations. We already have someone in the Oval Office who has no regard for truth, fact finding, fairness, or justice. Evidence is important. Facts are important. Reality is real. If Gillibrand can either be duped by or not just acquiesce to but defend domestic right-wing propaganda campaigns, what hope would she have against weaponized (mis- or dis-)information wielded by Xi, Kim, Putin, or MBS? We already have someone in the Oval Office who is childish and naïvely believes our enemies. We do not need another president like that – of any gender.

  33. Kirsten Gillibrand impresses me as a gargler at the fountain of wisdom, a veritable Democratic Paul Ryan. Just as Paul was a Ken doll pretending to be a deep thinker while in fact merely being an attractively molded piece of empty-headed plastic, so Kirsten is just a jumped-up, blathering Barbie doll whose views "evolve" to suit current fashion.

  34. All but two are not even presidential material imo. Only Harris and Gabbard to me are viable candidates… If it came down to those two my vote would go to Harris. Gabbard is too young (37) to be President of the United States imo.

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