Senator McConnell takes first step towards Kavanaugh vote

Senator McConnell takes first step towards Kavanaugh vote


  1. The Dems have shown the world what they're are willing to do to win! The Dems have tried to ruin Judge Kavanaugh and his family. If people who are unhappy with the way the Dems are doing things and were thinking of changing over to vote Red; I think you have your answer now. Most people are decent human beings. The Republicans would never do anything like this. What an absolutely disgusting display of desperate politics with the "DO ANYTHING' mentality that has brought out the worst of the worst in the faux media. Who are willing to print lies and unsubstantiated "to the brink ridiculous" stories in their attempts to ruin Judge Kavanaugh and his family (and then print or talk about a retraction many hours/days later). Most journalists use to have standards of integrity; no more…truly a sad period in our Amerian History. This also gives Dems more time to show us how truly low they can go. People; if you think they have sunk low now…just wait: you ain't see nothing yet. Vote the Dems out; vote Red…save our America and be proud you are an American. Don't allow this attack on the United States Constitution. That's exactly what is taking place before your very eyes; taking away and stomping on due process and innocent until proven guilty tenets from our constitution that have reigned free for decades, now being spit on and burned. This is what it's all been about, even before the confirmation process began. The Dems did call Judge Kavanaugh evil and not one of them was going to vote for him (they said so). Roe vs Wade is not in jeopardy. Even if the Supreme Court revisited that tenet and overturned it, the law would end up as states rights; not Federal (which it should have been in the first place IMO). It's not in jeopardy; the Dems are paranoid as well as slime. This is what it's been all about; nothing less, nothing more. We also have a new race war against white men now, brought to you by the Democrats and their liberal left creation…when did it start to be ok to call out people by color in such a disparaging way? God help us and God bless you and your family Judge Kavanaugh.

  2. When Kavanaugh is confirmed, I am going to parade in the streets of downtown Seattle in my MAGA hat. Mark my words!

  3. Test vote ? It should be a shut your face vote ! Get a pair and get in line with the Pres ! He's got your back .

  4. Im a democrat, im with kavanaugh on this one. Also i have a little theory that the government are using the kavanaugh case to obscure something else (to lure the publics attention)

  5. Folks big spiritual warfare is going on. Folks let us pray to Great God The Most High for truth and justice and peace to be established in America. We all need to pray folks

  6. They did all this thinking he would back out of the appointment, they never thought he would stand up and fight. They are all screwed because of themselves. Evil evil people.

  7. More arrest need to happen on Capital Hill, Senators and house representatives, mostly on Democrats side, but also some RINOS


    Next month (November 2018) the American voter has a unique opportunity to stop all the hate, vitriol, and violence, that has been incited by the Democratic party, which in of itself is nothing new. They have hate and violence their Democratic calling card for years. We can all search through the various videos that demonstrate these facts. And many Americans (of both parties) become in-broiled in this drama because of frustration and anger. They simply do not know how to stop this tearing down of the American life. There is a way to do this. One must realize that there is only one entity that has the most power in any election. That entity is YOU! There are WAY TOO MANY corrupt Congressmen and women, and members of the House of Representatives. We can IMPOSE our own TERM LIMITS upon them by simply not voting for any incumbent (currently in office). When the same corrupt people are elected over and over again, the same corruption, colluding and conspiring continues and grows. TAKE BACK YOUR VOTES AMERICA and let's restore correctness and righteousness back into our government – one vote at a time if need be – one election at a time if need be.

    Surely Lincoln must have had the Democrats in mind when he wrote:

    "The people of these United States are the rightful masters of both Congress and courts. Not to overthrow the constitution. But to overthrow the men [and women] who pervert the constitution." – Abraham Lincoln


  9. Kamala Harris is demanding a full investigation into explosive new video. Kavanaugh covered in blood screaming at no less than 3 women who arent Mrs. Kavanaugh. Harris says "the amnesia defense doesn't fly here sir "

    Kavanaugh's "hazy" phase in life…. claims no memory of videotape and is denying his birth

  10. If those 3 republicans and 2 democrats don't vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh, then they will have legitimized and rewarded one of the most vicious and partisan character assassinations in modern US history and will be encouraging further terrible behavior on part of the Democrat party and the far left. I expect though, even if Kavanaugh is confirmed, the left will continue to attack, smear his name, and try to get him impeached. They are so desperate to gain power on the court that they will stoop to the lowest most foul tactics if need be.

  11. Hey McConnell, this needs delayed at least 18 months. Or Kavanaugh needs charged with perjury for lying about the stollen emails to three senate hearings. Then in this "job interview" senate hearing emails sent to Judge Kavanaugh about stollen emails were introduced. Proving Kavanaugh lied. Kavanaugh needs charged and impeached from his current federal bench for perjury. Then select a honest judge for the supreme court. There is to much blatant lying from Kavanaugh to approve him. If this entire destruction of our country through division is fueled by Roe vs Wade the joke is on conservatives. The late supreme court justice Antonin Scalia screwed you over bad. His ruling on legal rights as a citizen definition was to give corporations legal rights as an individual entity. It also led to undisclosed unlimited monies they could give to politicians: Citizens United. But he sacrificed the rights of an unborn fetus to help greedy corporations. Fetus do not have rights as a citizen because under Antonin Scalia's definition to be a citizen you must be productive in society to have individual rights. So go ahead McConnell push through a lying bastard for a life time position in our highest court. All you old ass senators will be dead before Kavanaugh's future rulings come to fruition. Thanks for dividing our country even further apart to push your agenda of corporate greed. You never had one single fetus in mind while you pushed your lies to the evangelical hopefuls.

  12. "Senator McConnell takes first step towards Kavanaugh vote"
    As an Independent I will say that if "Kavanaugh" was a Democrat or Independent McConnell would have a fit. He would block confirmation at all cost. Not based on Kavanaugh's stances but on his attitude, partisan rages, lies and whatever comes of allegations. No matter the out come of allegations. Kavanaugh's attitude, self admitted drinking issues and partisan behavior will forever stain him. He will be seen as a bias drunk with anger issues and he brought that onto himself. McConnell, Flake, Feinstein or the Clinton's had no control over that. It was all Kavanaugh.

    He is not fit for the Supreme Court and McConnell is not fit to serve either. McConnell wasn't fit to serve anyway. People in his state have the same water problem as Flint Michigan. McConnell has served how many terms and still did nothing for his people. Sad as sad can be. Sorry Kentucky hope you have something better to vote for next time.

  13. I am a lifelong Democrat who has not missed a vote since military duty (in Germany) during the 70s. I want to send a message to my elected leaders: VOTE FOR KAVANAUGH or loose your jobs.

  14. Love you Mitch McConnell. What a turnaround for you. I watch the entire earthace and you Sir can see and hear now. Thank you brother

  15. Senator that talks about the “human side” needs to keep in mind what separates humans from animals…. logic and reason over feelings and emotions! Seriously he better stick to the “human side”

  16. Keep trying–even if he does not get enough votes,lets try after we pick up a few more new senators in November.This is BS what the democrats are doing to our appointment system and we can't let them win.

  17. Please get this vote over with and change the news cycle. I could care less about Kavanaugh, but am disgusted by the lack of due process.

  18. Disgusting Repturds aren't allowing due process and are allowing a possible rapist to serve on the Supreme court. It's amazing how fascists and rapists are protected by the GOP.

  19. STOP poking a little hole in the plugged drain! Get aggressive and RUN A ROTO-ROOTER in There—-HARD and FAST,—not 1/2 Fast !!

  20. This spectacle will be over Saturday. No matter what the resistance does and FBI reports. The majority needs to be utilized before it's too late…

  21. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
    All they need is 50 because Pence is voting 51!!!!!

  22. There is a pattern of behavior by the Democrats and the media in which they will do anything, any low down dirty trick or dishonesty, to stop Kavanaugh.

  23. Cannot believe a Republican voting against the majority of his own party. Majority rules your personnel battle has time but you lose this one get ready for next one. That is the way to do politic your agenda is Republican not the swamp.

  24. Unfortunately Brett won't have enough votes…. Dems have no reason to object if they feel they have enough votes to block.

  25. FORD WILL SOON BE GOING THE WAY OF THE EDSEL. ————–>>>> Madame… you would have been more believable if you had your unruly hair pulled back, left the silly glasses at the carnival, and spoke with a normal tone. Not the contrived one you presented.

  26. Is this what to Expect in all the future Federal Nominees , omg It will never stop . Someone will always come up with some crap !

  27. I would have thought McConnell would want to wait after the midterms and "let the people decide." Same way he felt about Merrick Garland. Weird.

  28. GOOD NEWS…

  29. What has become obvious is how the federal government (IRS, FBI, CIA, Etc , etc….) is so full of democrats. If you're not a liberal democrat you don't get the job. That logic is how you create a deep state or swamp.

  30. Don't hold your breath waiting for that vote. McConnell is an old-line Washington pol and I wouldn't count on him to do anything more than make empty promises.

  31. Senator Joe Manchin will affirm Justice Kavanaugh to the SCOTUS … did I hear you ask why ?? … here's why , because "ALL" of WV wants Justice Kavanaugh confirmed , that's why …

  32. Disgusting how certain elements on the Democrat side has behaved and supported violence against conservatives.. No longer will I ever consider voting Democrat for a long long time.

  33. Dear Lord …
    Please guide us and help us in our efforts to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States,
    so the government of the people, by the people and for the people does not perish from the earth.
    Please spare and exalt the righteous one who's sword is FACT and TRUTH their shield.
    Praise be to You Lord and all the heavenly saints who help us here on Earth.

    Jesus teaches; Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you.

    Only God knows who the righteous one is. We certainly do not.

  34. I had a dream that they didn't confirm Brett Kavanaugh and a civil war broke out they even had a second dream that they confirmed him and a civil war broke out because liberals…..

  35. Yes. Everyone go out and vote republican at the polls. Just do it. Make yourself even if you don't feel like it. Help remove all those dumb ignorant evil swamp creatures from Congress so that Trump will more easily be able to rule and select court judges build the wall etc etc.

  36. No result on confirmation of Kavanaugh. You will stay up till its done no weekend off no sleep till its done. We the people will take a stand and take care of this BS at the midterms. Goodbye Democrats you made your own fate. God bless


  38. Dem'ocrat's formula: Find that person's weakness in their entire life (no matter how irrelevant) + Coached witness + protesters (better if including victims of similar cases even though they are irrelevant) + Media spin

  39. Lmao FOOLS!!! They don't realize by victimizing conservatives and republicans they only make us look like the good guys(more so then we already are)

  40. Can't wait for those lying accusers and their scumbag collaborators to be arrested asap!! The good American people need true justice done!!

  41. There are no protesters. They are unions thugs. They are paid agitators.
    They are professional criminals that will be arrested and detained.

  42. I hope the baby killing, promiscuous degenerates on the left lose the pro abortion fight. I'm glad they pissed kavanaugh off, he will remember.

  43. When a lion leads dogs, they fight as lions. When dog leads lions they fight like dogs. Trump is turning these dogs like Graham and McConnell into Lyons!!!

  44. republicans are so excited to force a rapist thru, we get it, you enjoy "winning" at all costs, even more when it causes pain and suffering to the ppl you hate. Congrats on a Pyrrhic victory.

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