Senator Sherrod Brown Says Trump Betrayed Ohio’s Autoworkers

Senator Sherrod Brown Says Trump Betrayed Ohio’s Autoworkers

-You had a situation in Ohio
where GM is closing some plants. You’ve had an opportunity
to talk to the President about this
as far as what could he do. When you talk to him about
issues like this, maybe how his tax plan affected
the GM factories in your state, do you feel as though
he understands you on a policy level? -I think I’d start with — I think he’s betrayed
those workers. He came to Youngstown
in the campaign and since the campaign saying, “We’re going to bring jobs
back to this region.” This plant — GM, after taxpayers rescued them
ten years ago, after the Trump tax plan
gave them huge tax cuts, the company is shutting down
this plant, building more capacity
in Mexico, doing stock buybacks
for the executives. So, I called the President,
personally talked to him maybe 20 minutes,
and I said, you know, there is a provision
in the law that says if you’re producing — if you’re
manufacturing in Ohio, you pay a 21% tax rate. If you move to Mexico,
you pay a 10.5% tax rate. It’s sort of a 50% off coupon encouraging these companies
to move. And I said to the President,
you know, that’s a real problem, and that’s causing these
companies to move offshore. The President said,
“Where did that idea come from? I never heard of that.”
I said, “Mr. President, it was
actually in your tax bill.” And it was in his new tax law. And it’s one of those things
I’ve asked him to change, because it means more jobs
move offshore, and more people in —
all over the country, not just the industrial Midwest,
lose jobs. -So you’re saying he’s not
a policy wonk. [ Laughter ]
-Um, that’s well said. -That’s accurate, yeah.
-He’s not rumpled, either. -He’s not rumpled.
[ Laughter ] -He’s not rumpled
or a policy wonk. Something in between might
work a little better. -There’s something in between. I also want to ask about,
you know, obviously we’re talking
about these workers, and not just the ones
that are furloughed, but as you mentioned,
it’s a domino effect that knocks down a lot of other
workers as well. It seems as though the
Democratic leadership position right now is you can’t give in
to the President on what he’s asking for, because he will continue
to do it if you cave
and give him money for this. -We’ve got to figure
something out. I mean, fundamentally,
Mitch McConnell, the leader of the Senate,
has got to do his job. We passed something about
30 days ago — 32 days ago. We passed a bill unanimously
in the Senate to keep the government open. After the sort of Rush Limbaugh
types came out against it, the President changed his mind
after promising to sign it, and the government closed
fundamentally. And the fear that we have —
a lot of us have — is if the President — if Congress votes the $5 billion
for the wall — Now, this is probably
a 25 to $30 billion project to build the wall. If we vote $5 billion now,
the President six months from now will shut
the government down again to get the next $5 billion. And you can’t run a country
where the commander-in-chief almost takes a perverse delight,
as he kind of bragged, in shutting the government down. I mean, the term
“shutting the government down” makes no sense to anybody
in this audience and anybody in the country. I mean, we need to do
our jobs. We need to show up to work like
most people do in this country, and open the government
and move forward. [ Cheers and applause ] -I — I can only imagine how — I can’t imagine that
Washington, D.C., right now is a very exciting, or I should
say, happy place to be. Do you see — is there optimism
when you go out on your tour right now? I mean, are you feeling
a hope from people? -I feel an optimism
in the country. I think that there’s
sort of too much anger coming out of the White House. There’s — there are too many
people running for office that sort of
express that anger. And I think people look
for a more optimistic — I mean, the sort of
happy warrior, let’s — you know, let’s figure out
how to do this together. We’ve — Congress
passed a farm — the Senate passed a farm bill that’s a bill to help
clean up Lake Erie and to provide food stamps
and to develop rural areas with broadband and to help
family farmers. We got 87 votes
in the 100-person Senate. We can do things bipartisanly when Mitch McConnell
or the President doesn’t get in the way, and too many times
that’s happened. -Well, I wish you
the best of luck. -Thank you.
-And I celebrate your optimism. And thank you so much
for being here. I really appreciate it.


  1. His voice sounds like the kinda guy you hear on “you can quit” smoking commercials telling you their story of how they have to use a voice modulator to speak because they smoked Cigarettes their whole lives

  2. Dems: we must select the candidate most likely to defeat Trump. If we don't, democracy will almost certainly be gone by 2024. This man seems more likely to win than anyone else presently in play – thus far he has my support in the primaries!

  3. Did I hear that right that he doesn't even know what was in his own tax policy? Unreal. Yet he signed it anyway what a joke of a presidency

  4. It's called corporate inversion and it's one of many legal loop holes capitalist use to cheat paying taxing. Capitalist also buy up debit in poor countries, lend money at exorbitant rates, and exploit cheap labor to increase profits. In America laws apparently don't apply to those who can afford to break them. In America it's cheaper for capitalist to break the laws then to follow them.

    We need to start enforcing and making better laws that go after those greedy capitalist pigs. A socialized economy would give more mutual aid to those who need it the most. There is no reason we should be throwing away food while people go hungry. There's no reason homes should set empty while the streets are filled with homeless.

    There's no reason people should be dying from poverty related illnesses. Capitalism is a system of oppression. Socialism is a community based economy where we all look after one another. Care a little less about profits and a little more about people,

  5. Senator Brown makes a very good point about the cheatoh repeating this kind of extortion tactic again if he gets anything like what he wants, and McConnell is just a troll hiding under a bridge right now to avoid being on the spot as complicit. I am reminded of the saying; "if you give a mouse a cookie, he's gonna want a glass of milk." It is a damned shame what has become of our executive branch of non government these days, and I will continue to oppose the cheatoh and his trolls wherever and whenever I can.

  6. He’s a solid VP choice for one of the female candidates since we know if Gillibrand or Harris had the nom their veep has to be a white guy to keep the sexists happy.

  7. Hard to choose when every Democrat candidate shows way more intelligence, preparation and heart than the current POTUS.

  8. Shutting the government down, doesn't make sense to the rest of the world..that has a democratic government. Stop working. Organize, demonstrate, call your government officials including Mitch McConnell and Trump. Don't riot, but don't stand up for this blackmale anymore.

    Seems like the Senate runs the country…why do you have a president?

  9. Government bailed out these companies with tax payer money, and didn't even get any contract or agreement enforcing them keeping the jobs in America.
    Trump doesn't even know what he is signing when it comes to the tax cuts.
    The government needs a cleaning, this corporate welfare needs to end. Taking from the poor and giving to the wealthy needs to end.

  10. As one of Senator Brown's constituents, I would be interested in seeing him making a run for the presidency, though I would be sad to lose lose him as our only senator in Ohio with any integrity or sense.

  11. If the democrats wanna win the whitehouse in 2020 they need to run this guy as the candidate. No woman, no Hispanic, no more identity politics. We ran a qualified woman in 2020 and she lost to an idiot because of blatant misogyny and sexism.

  12. What I love about Senator Brown, is he truly goes to bat for us in Ohio. He's like a favorite manager that supports their team, always looking out for their direct reports. And…Senator Brown, truly, is really that nice. We love him here in Ohio.

  13. I don't know who my pick is for Democratic POTUS candidate in 2020 yet (too early, and we don't even know everyone running yet), but this guy stands a great chance of being the nominee, or at least the running mate pick. I know that the odds are great for one of the females running to be the party's pick, but don't rule out Sherrod Brown. I didn't know anything about him until recently except that he was mentioned as possible running mate in 2016, before Hillary Clinton chose Tim Kaine, but so far I really like what I'm seeing and hearing from this guy. Trump has talked about American workers, lying to them and using them the whole time, but Sen. Brown obviously understands workers' lives for real. Not "reality tv", actual reality.

  14. Sen. Brown apparently is a genuine "common American" statesman. He doesn't appear to be "sensationalizing" his ideals and beliefs about regular citizen needs. I like him. And I need to research his voting record, how well his constituents feel he has repreented them Yeah…he's worthy of looking deeper into his potential "presidency" run.

  15. Dems should be careful in running on a platform just criticizing Trump. They need to reconnect with young people by delivering a strong message on student loan relief, and cracking down on abusive financial institutions. They also need to reconnect with blue collar workers across the nation. This guy seems legit.

  16. Another liberal governor mental whack & now calls Trump a racist? Look in the mirror dirt bag Sharrod you will see a real racist liberal whack…

  17. Call this scumbags wife and ask her why her cry baby democrap husband has ties to antifa… connie schultz 216-577-5021

  18. Alot of us moderates find this guy appealing. If he isn't a VP pick for a democratic candidate aside from Bernie I'd be surprised.

  19. OHIO deserves better..  you can not be a good person . decent human being . and  Christian  and be a  democrat .       and my how you have grown older looking  .. go home old man OHIO is calling you home my dear man

  20. It WAS NOT owned by America . FUYAO a Chinese company owned it and they paid less than half for the factory workers after GM closed in 2008. We can’t be controlled by the Chinese ass hole !

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