Senator Tammy Baldwin on Trump’s Family Separation Policy

Senator Tammy Baldwin on Trump’s Family Separation Policy

-Welcome to the show. -I’m delighted to join you. -I was gonna say it’s been an
interesting week in Washington. But I feel that has been true
for a long time. -It is.
-Yeah. We are on a real streak of
interesting weeks. This week,
you had the president saying that what was happening with
family separation was the Democrats’ fault. Obviously, the specifics of
the family separation, that was not true, it was
the Democrats’ fault. But now, he signed
this executive order, which still allows for
indefinite detention and does nothing to get these
children back to their families. Is it now, with those problems
that have been created, is this a problem
for the president? Or is this a problem for you
and your colleagues in Congress? -Well, first of all, it’s not
unusual for this president to blame others for problems that he had
a big hand in creating. -Yes. -And, so, just to be clear, he
created a policy a month ago, back in May,
his zero-tolerance policy. And that policy resulted in what
we’ve just watched, aghast, on our televisions and,
you know, in discussions. It’s been heartbreaking. His executive order yesterday,
we’re all waiting like, “Oh, is he gonna reverse this? Has he finally acknowledged that
this was immoral and that he needs to do
something about it?” And then we read the details. And, of course, it doesn’t
address the over 2,000 children who are already separated from
their parents. And it doesn’t — I mean,
it doesn’t change the fact that we would be jailing
children with their families, which is still wrong. And, you know, it’s as though
the United States government has just kidnapped
2,000 children and there is no plan to reunite
them with their parents. And it’s amazing that we’re
talking about the idea that we would need to have
Congress pass a bill to make the administration
do the right thing here. But that may end up
being what we have to do. -With children being used as
political pawns — -Yes. -Which is something that
attorney general Jeff Sessions basically admitted this is for. Chief of Staff John Kelly
admitted this was a deterrent, that if you take children
away from their parents, less people will come. Isn’t it something — you know, obviously, this is something
the administration is doing. Are you surprised that
your Republican colleagues aren’t stepping forward faster
saying, “Look, there’s one thing
none of us should ever do, no matter what our party is, which is to use children
as pawns”? -Right.
But they haven’t stepped forward when it’s happened in the past,
so this isn’t the first time. Although this is probably,
you know, almost unspeakable to watch children
being ripped away from their mothers and fathers. But whether it’s for deterrent
effect, as they say, or to get his wall.
-Mm-hmm. -He did this with Dreamers.
-Right. -And he did this with the child
health insurance program, which was allowed to expire for
weeks and weeks and weeks. We’re talking about children
getting the care that they need
and not being dropped off of it. So this is not the first time. And most of it has been
as leverage for his wall.


  1. It is shocking to see the way the children are separated from their parents. Hearing you say that the child health policy is also left to expire is distressing. This government does not care and support the vulnerable population.

  2. He ordered a bunch of ICE agents, no one said anything. He ordered a bunch of judges and attorneys, no one said anything. He fought against sanctuary cities with ICE raids, no one said anything.

    But baby jails, the horror. C'mon Democrats we're about six or seven months behind and he's not that smart.

  3. Remember when Boko Haram kidnapped girls in Nigeria ? How is this different? The world erupted in disgust but Trump thinks kidnapping 2400 kids from their parents is perfectly okay and will act as a deterrent.

  4. It's unfortunate that these kids have the misfortune of actually having been born thereby losing all the compassion and empathy from Republicans.

  5. How you do something effects the outcome. If our president is choosing these methods to achieve his stated goals what will we be if he achieves them?

  6. "It's amazing that we're talking about the idea that we would need congress to pass a law to make this administration do the right thing." That's the entire point of Congress!!!!!

  7. I’m guessing that the Senator didn’t read the Inspector General’s report. That report didn’t fault the President, because this was happening during other administrations. I’m no fan of Trump but Democrats & the Liberal Left hate him sooo much that they’ll do anything to bash on the man who they believe stole the presidency from Secretary Clinton.

  8. i guess until DOJ doesn't hold someone, big fishes, and specially trump, accountable…..all these shameful scandals avalanche will keep on, and keep distracting……..meanwhile trump n co, and specally all the elite benefeting from trumps government, are and will getting richer and richer

  9. Osama bin Laden would have been a kinder, smarter, and more sane president, than hitlers orange scrotum, stinking up the Whitehouse now.

  10. Even worse is his supporters think this is all fake news. Every news network on the planet is liberal fake news except for Fox which tells the real truth according to them. The country has completely gone to hell and it's simply beyond disturbing.

  11. The children and orphans of refugees will recognize their mothers, fathers and caretakers . What what about the babies ? They will be harder to match with their relatives.

  12. I hate to say this but Trumps actions towards refugees will cause deaths due to disease and heat exhaustion from infants to the elderly. Trump will then say to," bad they shouldn't come here in the first place." Trump is truly a despicable, odious, callus, hateful, racist, xenophobic, Malignant Narcissistic, Sociopathic, misogynistic little man and needs to removed from the living. NOW!

  13. This isn't a trump policy. It's been around and enforced through Obama's term as well. Research before casting your opinion…

  14. Tammy is a pathetic liar. This issue was created back in 2014 under Obama administration before Trump even entered politics.

  15. This woman speaks so intelligently and charmingly that I am but too pleased with all the honours that have latterly been bestowed upon her, including her very presence on Seth's !😊 Thumbs upppppppppp for you, Madam !😊

  16. 8000, NOT 2000 kids.
    She sugar coated the immigration debacle.
    The 2000 missing migrant kids is for just THIS YEAR, 6 months since January.
    Do we need to remind her Trump was also president ALL of last year ?
    Last year there were SIX THOUSAND children kidnapped and are still MISSING.
    THAT brings the total to EIGHT THOUSAND kids trump has ripped away from the bosom of their mothers.

  17. Don't negotiate with terrorists. He's using children as hostages.
    Some of these children and parents will never see each other again.

  18. They only brought this girl in to try to rebound for her baffling answer from CNN's Brooke Baldwin question.

  19. Watch Tammy get bashed by CNN's Brooke Baldwin. That's why she's relevant with Seth Meyers for this interview.

  20. He Seth, too bad you lacked the guts to ask Baldwin about her and other Democrat's hypocrisy.

  21. It's NOT amazing to expect congress to act! Congress is supposed to be acting all the time! There is WAY TOO MUCH power in the presidency. It's undemocratic no matter R or D up there. The USA wasn't supposed to be a populist Monarchy. Get off your butts already Congress. Also you should be stopping all of these "executive privilege" wars in the past few decades. War is supposed to be a declaration by Congress, by the people's representatives only. We wouldn't be mired in Bush 2's wars if congress had acted sane 15 years ago. Trump would be limited only to his own personal buffoonery these past couple years if congress had DONE IT'S JOB!

    Don't be on talk shows asking for support. Change the law now, already. Kidnapping should be clarified to be against the law no matter what your badge is.

  22. The republicans hate abortion. But as soon as children are born, you can do whatever with them. Traumatising them for life by ripping them away from parents, or leaving them die without healthcare. Anything goes. Who cares.

  23. if this country was made by illegal aliens…why did none of them sign the Constitution and Bill of rights?? I dont see any Spanish names????

  24. Kids "ripped away from their parents." Jesus. F-ing. Christ. Heart wrenching? Well, yeah. But its because of these ILLEGAL ALIEN'S CRIMINAL ACTIONS that this happens. That's how shitty these people are- they damn well know that their kids may be "taken away" and they STILL break the law. We do not want those s-hole country's people and problems. MAN I can't wait for that wall….

  25. How is it Trump's policy when it was signed in 1997 by Bill Clinton?
    And there is a photo from 2014 of kids in cages.

  26. It wasn't Trump's policy it was going on in 2014.
    But it wasn't Obama's policy either.
    It was Bill Clinton's Policy from 1997.

  27. I suspect Trump to really be evil, because of the whole Muslim Congresswomen incident. It was she opposed him and he hit her hard.

  28. Do even a little bit of research and you’ll learn the EXACT same thing was going on while Obama was President!

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