Senator Tammy Duckworth: ‘No Real Mission’ For 5600 Troops In TX | All In | MSNBC

Senator Tammy Duckworth: ‘No Real Mission’ For 5600 Troops In TX | All In | MSNBC


  1. **CARAVAN REACHES AFFLUENT RESIDENTIAL NEIGHBORHOOD OF TIJUANA & MEXICANS DON'T WANT THEM THERE** They're such RACISTS!!! but, they're all Hispanic, so it can't be Racism hmmm what is it then?

  2. Military not getting paid but cadet bone spurs want the NFL players taking a knee in protest of police injustice towards people of color fired. Now how’s that for patriotism???

  3. Everyone in the United States of America even most of our teenagers, have seen the CURRENT First Lady Melania…. in nude photographs.
    The Party of Christian Family Values and Law and Order. (R) Thanks AGAIN

  4. Sounds like an illegal campaign contribution to me. This was a stunt meant to help elect GOP Congressmen and governors. Hundred of millions of taxpayer money will be wasted having our brave men and women sit on their butts for months at the border. What an insult to our troops who have endured intense training to serve a cowardly draft-dodger who should not even be in charge of telling people how to use an umbrella, let alone command the US Armed Forces.

  5. What happen to the 10% middle class tax cuts after the election?
    Comrade Trump stop talking about the caravans coming to invade America, because the election is over

  6. Hillary Clinton has an "Alive Day" too – it was when she landed in Bosnia where she & Chelsea had to run, ducking under sniper fire to make it to the armored vehicles to survive. Wow, now that was Some Bravery too. Wait a sec – oh, yeah that didn't happen cuz Hillary **TOTALLY MADE THE WHOLE STORY UP** #DODGEDABULLETIN2016WHENTRUMPWON !!

  7. how many countries are dumping the dollar as a trading currency, oh heck, let me tell you a few, Russia, China, Japan, Turkey, Venezuela, Iran, India and the majority of Europe!, reason being that Trump issued an ultimatum to any country who traded with Iran would be sanctioned, so I guess they jumped before they were pushed, fact is, Trump is taking the US down a VERY dark road to which it may not recover from.

  8. Hopefully, young Republican vets and Democratic vets will manifest mutual respect and reinstate bipartisan legislation in the Senate and HOR.

  9. There are two types of bone spurs supporters, billionaires and idiots. Check your bank account for further details.😒

  10. Hate to say it, all these so called "Patriots" do not care. America does not care.. unless it can profit. How about we talk about wtf you were even doing in Iraq… Why all these vets being sent these places anyways?

  11. We knew from day 1 that the Honduras caravan would be headed to Tijuana/San Diego. So why would genius Trump send the 5,200 troops to the eastern most valley of Texas? Maybe he went to the same, "I'm a genius and a great military leader" school as Hitler did. Hitler sent his troops to the port of Calais, to expect the allied invasion there. The rest is history…. and so will Trump be … very soon!

    Why not send the troops to Calif to fight fires.?.. why not send the troops to Puerto Rico to help the power grid there? Send them somewhere, so they can tell their wives and children, they went … to make a difference! Sitting in a cramped up tent, eating boxed meals, away from their families during Thanksgiving, is NOT the right place for them to be!

  12. There is a mission for those TROOPS .. HUNT Illegal aliens !! Capture Illegal aliens ,then BRING ILLEGAL ALIENS to MSNBC headquarters FORCE MSNBC STAFF that is mainly CIA flunkies that write for the weaponized late night TV .. FORCE THEM TO PAY FOR THEIR FOOD, SHELTER, CLOTHING and ETC!! Then MAKE MSNBC sign a contrct in blood to PAY FOR all ILLEGAL ALIEN Living expenses until such a time these ILLGALS choose to go back to their 3rd world hellhole

  13. t'rump refused to go to Arlington on Veteran's Day because he was in a bad mood. And now he's making a mockery of our troops by using them as a stunt.

    Give it up for the commander in chief, ladies and gentlemen! 👏👏👏

  14. I found it hilarious when Defense Sec Mattis said “We don't do stunts in this department,”. Yeah,the military does do stunts. Like doing a show of force by conducting exercises in NATO countries bordering Russia so as to deter Russian aggression. BUT THAT had a purpose, this border "mission" does not.

  15. Uh.. perhaps they can reroute this resources and money to help the people of California who are suffering from the fire …👀

  16. So tempted to make fun of her last name. Instead, I feel an overwhelming sense of respect for this woman. Lost both her legs after being shot down and still serving her country. I look at myself and smh.

  17. 200Million to send 5600 troops to stare at a fence waiting for women and children walking 1000 miles away. Then the VA is under funded and has no computer system up and running to give them access to resources for benefits. What is this?

  18. Senator Tammy Buckworth is a hero. She's a true American Patriot who has actually served our country, shed blood sweat and tears for us, made an incredible sacrifice, and she's a true authority on the topic of military spending and tactical operations. You can listen to what she says and take her word for it, or you can believe the lies coming out of trump's mouth, his administration (you know, the one that retweets DOCTORED videos from INFOWARS), and his pro-trump state propaganda machine Fox "News". Coming from the ones who constantly cry "fake news", and loved to scare voters and gullible senior citizens right before the midterms, only to drop any mention of the "caravan invasion" as soon as the election was over.
    Trump is a man who dodged the draft multiple times, he hasn't installed a chief information officer into the VA, has his private sector Maralago buddies running the show, and many veterans aren't getting their post 9/11 G.I. Bill benefits, and it is absolutely outrageous. For 2 years now. This is a man who wouldn't honor WW1 veterans because of the rain. Disrespected And insulted the family of a deceased gold star recipient and refused to apologize. Insulted and mocked John McCain and claimed he preferred "people who dont get captured." He's abused the office of the presidency and sent troops to a hoax invasion wasting over 200million dollars on a political stunt, causing troops to miss the holidays with their families.
    So who are you going to side with?
    Who are you going to believe?

  19. remember the good days when republicans were freaking out that american troops were conducting exercises in the southwest, accusing obama of attempting to take over texas and new mexico……oh how convenient racism is.

  20. Shut up, LOl what the real waste for us troops is is sitting around a barracks all day cleaning theyre weapons, Lol atleast we are paying them to do something.

  21. Duckworth for President! She was be far better than Treasonous Trump. After all, she actually served our nation, where Treasonous Trump is a draft dodger who constantly disrespects our veterans, active duty troops and our families.

  22. Breaking News -Trump just spat his dummy and tossed his toys out of the White House pram. Sanders has just given him his bottle, tucked him in, and dimmed the lights.

  23. Fact: Ever since the Drumpf family first immigrated to the USA, from Germany, no member of the Trump family has ever served in the US Military.

  24. Troops Let this suffering people in, the president donut care about his troops so help them. Europe to ok last jear 600.000 people in shelter

  25. First of all, no Trump has ever served in the military. Second, Trump only care about himself, the very rich and his psycophant's. He coulden't care less for veteran's! SAD FACT!

  26. Better not tell Fox 'news' about the VA housing situation. They'll just laugh, like they laughed about Alexandria Ocasio – Cortez not being able to afford rent in DC.

  27. OK how does the news media NOT know there is NO CIO for the VA??? The Trump administration that supposedly "loves" the troops – his VA has basically abandoned us – letting VA hospitals dwindle due to attrition of funding & employees – moral (from my observations when visiting the closest VA hospital to me 132 miles away) is at an all time low. There are some amazing people that work at the VA that really care about veterans and have training to actually understand the intricacies of treating combat related injuries which mainstream healthcare just isn't set up to do. But those valuable people are leaving. The state of Montana has ZERO hospitals for veterans or mental health clinics – AND YET Montana has the highest suicide rate for veterans. Go figure. But hey – Trump really cares, as he cuts our funding. And most of the veterans just go on thinking because Trump talks a good game that he cares – I was taught to judge a person by their actions not on the hot air. Oh and many of the older "establishment" Democrats have equally terrible records where the VA is concerned – the VA has long term systemic problems from neglect. Everyone loves to hug the troops on the campaign trail but not actually DO anything for them once elected. Don't let them tell you the Drug policies of the VA are a roadmap for a National Affordable Healthcare program – because the VA's pharmaceutical regulations are crazy. I can ONLY get my prescriptions from one single location – I can not go to a CVS for example…. A year ago I got stranded by a winter storm and ran out of my prescriptions but because of the crazy way the VA does things – I couldn't just go to a local pharmacy OR even VA clinic to get a REFILL. Stupid.

  28. It is not fair to the American people or the world to have a mentally ill US President who is in a depression and takes out his own personal problems on everyone he comes in contact with making their life miserable. People need to stop pretending that he can continue to be President. He is mentally unfit and may now be physically unfit. He needs isolation. The best thing for all involved would be if he resigns.

  29. You know what nobody's talking about is the fact that the VA on orders from Jeff sessions cut all of their veterans off of pain management which is ignorant and it's going to cost way more lives than they think they're saving disgraceful

  30. Look, I am anti-Trump. I am also a Veteran. While I do not think the military is needed in the case of defending us against the so-called Caravan, I see it a little different from those who say it is a waste of time and money. If these young men and women were not sitting at the border, they would be sitting at their home bases. However, I don't believe they are just sitting. They are in deployment training for when/if they really are needed. It is quite a logistical feat to get 5600 soldiers where they are needed. The military is constantly moving forces around just for the purpose of making sure they are ready. Those training exercises cost as much as this one. So, give the military a break. They are not wasting our tax money… that is, any more than usual. But that is a different conversation.

  31. Make the orange pumpkin pay for all of this, except the American citizens will still end up paying for it when the pumpkin flies for bankruptcy for the millionth time. Behind bars, NOW!

  32. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA bellows Vladimir Putin! His objective hasn't yet fully been effective, but vlady's getting exactly what he wants.

  33. Love you Senator Duckworth! Wish the Trump base would listen to her truth, knowledge and wisdom…This woman so deserving of ultimate respect!

  34. THUG DIMWIT trump RUSHED to give $$$$$BILLIONAIRES OUR TAX MONEY & DESTROY OUR AIR, WATER & MEDICAL CARE BUT 2 YEARS later refuses to take care of military & veteran housing reimbursement!!!! SHAME, SHAME

  35. When Has Drumph EVER cared about paying for something once the job is done? He has a long history of being taken to court for not paying for work done for him. If you are a vet and a republican, rethink your choices. He's not "Your President". He is an unpatriotic, draft avoiding coward who conned too many people .

  36. The mission is to direct them to California. We want them here. Hollywood actors and actresses are going to adopt them and take them in. They will provide them with food, clothing, and build them homes on their expansive property. Thank you California and Hollywood.

  37. I missed 6 Thanksgivings, 6 Christmas, 6 New Year's, 6 anniversaries, and spent nearly 6 years eating MREs because I was deployed to combat zones overseas. And Spanky McBoneSpurs sends these troops to the borders for an obvious midterm political stunt.

    Someone should tell Spanky McBoneSpurs that these are real men and women, they are not his toy soldiers.

  38. Senator Tammy Duckworth Thank You for ur service!! Strong lady 💪👏!! Veterans should get housing, transportation and all their needs when they are discharged from service! They put their lives on the line for everyone! I'm sure this can b done. US gov spends money on some really idiotic things, better to spend money on VETERANS.

  39. You see, illegals themselves, aren't the problem. The problem is the corporate republican "American" that hires them. No jobs for illegals in Ametica, what would they do without those? Well, no point in comming to America, other than to obtain legal citizenship. Otherwise, they'd starve, freeze to death or grow the % of homeless people in America. So the same people fighting against it are the same people who are all for it, when it comes time to hire illegals over Americans, in support of a big fat bank account.

  40. This woman should know waste of money. Her and the Illinois VA 2012. Guess she forgot support troops in the military do. She is not telling the truth. She is speaking out of her azz. What has she done to help but blame Trump.
    Duckworth does not have the ability to tell the truth about the VA. Obama years she seems so proud of referring to herself and the VA was a nightmare and many many veterans suffered during those years. This woman is a sham.

  41. People should read "The Fifth Risk" to find out how several or our departments under Trump's control are falling apart from neglect and find out what it's doing to us.

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