Senators Attempt To Block Trump On Saudi Weapons Sales | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Senators Attempt To Block Trump On Saudi Weapons Sales | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Isn't this the same country that had the most of the people, it's citizens that murdered over 6,000 Americans in that most horrific attack on our country on 9/11?
    Make no mistake about it, I don't need anymore proof than knowing who donald trump is, to believe that he's sold our country out to the highest bidders; the Saudis being the biggest.




  2. House and senate better get their sh%t together. Trump thinks you’re clowns and he wants money anyway he can get it

  3. Thank you MSNBC for telling us what other news networks won't! This is absolutely insane! Every day there's something more horrific than the day before! Everything Trump and his cronies do is for themselves!
    They need to be removed immediately! The republicans wouldn't do anything during their time in control and now Pelosi is taking her time cause of her donors despite the push from other democrats! Any politician that takes big donor money needs to be voted out cause they'll always work for their donors before the people! Trump needs to be impeached and charged for his endless crimes! So does his family and anyone in the White House that's committed crimes too! They're all dangerous!

  4. Wow. All but one of the terrorists that caused 911 were Saudis. Instead of flying planes into buildings in America, they just have to fly a plane over a city with a nuke aboard and Big Badda BOOM. When that happens Sen Mitch and Graham can hold hands while looking at the bright flash in the sky and say "We did that, ain't that pretty".

  5. A journalist writing insults about the royal family, then dumb enough to visit them in a muslim monarchy with sharia law, isn't likely to change any trillion dollars arms deals.

  6. Made up News,That is The Agenda of "The Morning Joe"!!!The lies being spewed by Two Phony's like Joe and Mika is the ENTIRE problem with the Media Today!!! These two COVER-UP all the corruption and Crimes of The Obama Admin.and the Entire Democrat Party!!! The ABUSE OF POWER,The Corruption Committed by the OBAMA INTEL AGENCIES was the worst in HISTORY and these two BRAINLESS,MORONS COVERED IT ALL UP!!!!

  7. Why does he want to sell bombs to the country responsible for 9/11? Maybe it’s a “thank you” for making Trump’s building more visible after the twin towers fell.

  8. Tonight, a ‘dye head’ televison journalist will be hosting a ‘dye head’ presidential candidate in one of the all too many seasonal political town halls, my advise to anyone wishing to be in avoidance of this staged marketing appearance farce, is to just engage the program audio as not to be so influenced by the show business antics of these play actors in the phoneyness of their visual…These days, the trust one places in a journalist or politician, can seem to have been misspent… filled with, and overwhelmed with high hopes of regrets, and that is even before the first votes are cast…

  9. That is not a good start. No, not at all. That said, it's a great start! Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus!! Anyone for Christmas in July? It's coming; my story.

  10. That's another abuse of power…he is only seeing the now of money , not military nor politically smart, he is too childish to handle the office, and his ego makes him a terrible negotiator

  11. Imagine giving Saudi Arabia nuclear technology secrets..treasonous. trump presidency is corrupt thanks to the silent Enablers..GOP, barr, rosenstein..And now trump is declassifying intelligence for all to see<especially Russia> treasonous..people wake up! IMPEACHMENT ASAP!

  12. Everything we do in the oil producing countries is to keep oil sales in US dollars. If those countries start selling oil in other currency, the dollar will in trouble. It’s all about the petrodollar. It was a deal that Nixon made. Unfortunately, some countries, like Venezuela, have become capable of selling their oil in their own currency so our government is doing all it can to keep things from changing.

  13. Saudis buy real estate from Trump and this could result in the US transferring technology to build nuclear weapons to a totalitarian state. Trump hopes to get real estate deals in exchange for allowing the murder of innocents in Yemen.
    America's reputation is an issue of national security and international stability. Those who still support Trump support the enemies of Ethics, Human Rights, Democracy.
    I feel like I'm watching selfish idiots work to destroy the Earth.
    I would like to see Compassion, Decency, Integrity, and the like, prevail.

  14. I was and still am very much against America sending Saudi anything, and to learn our country has already sent plans for nuclear bomb building information and warfare weapons etc: is highly bad judgment!
    America should be a leader in de-nuclearizing and stopping wars instead of allowing and helping them to have nuclear wars!
    It doesn't take many nuclear bombs to ruin our entire planet, forever! Has everyone already forgotten about the devastation caused by the Chernobyl nuclear power reactor!!!, and Hiroshima!!!!
    The worst decisions with far reaching devastation have just been made!!!
    Hopefully either our current leadership is either impeached or voted out before the rest of America's values have been sold off!!!
    What is this current Republican group of people thinking– absolutely unbelievable!!!
    Trashed everything good we had going, turned out our lights and brought in the dark side!!!
    All because of one showman-loser business man, who covets the Nobel Peace prize to the point the WH sent Japan's Prime Minister Abe a letter asking him to nominate trump for the Nobel peace prize, as reported.
    Of course Abe wanting to keep good relations with America did as requested; however it's doubtful, if without the WH asking him to do so, he probably never would have done so.
    So many terrible decisions, lies and destruction in such a short time!

  15. Millions have died for Saudi U.S. alliance , Israel will take care of those senators , comply or ….

  16. Who gives a crap about khashoggi? I'm glad he's dead. Send these politically correct hate mongering Nazis to see the crowned prince!

  17. "The Saudis spend a lot of money at my hotels, how can I be mad at them" – Trump
    America is a banana republic, might as well have a congressional formal apology for Nixon.

  18. So it was perfectly fine for Obama to sell $60 billion worth of weapon to the Saudis, but not Trump, can we all say HYPOCRISY!!!

  19. President Obama set records with the size of his weapons deals to the gulf states, with the Saudi's spending the most. We never heard a peep about it from MSNBC while he was in office, but somehow when Trump does the same, it becomes an outrage.This is so ridiculous. We haven't transferred any nuclear "weapons" technology to them either. MSNBC is nothing more than a wing of the DNC

  20. You may as well write the codes on a paper and hand it over to the agressive forces!

    See how well "we chose" while our votes are unsecure!

    Secure our votes or we'll end up doing just that!

    The lies have really benefited Americans!

    Lies which have been perpetuated from both sides for quite some time!

    It's a lie if you say it hasn't been perpetuated!

  21. Why would Saudi Arabia want nuclear power plants there? Do they want to get away from using petroleum for fossil fuels?

  22. How much of that money found its way into Trump and Kushner's pockets? How much do you get for selling out your country these days?

  23. What about crooked Hillary and uranium 1? She gave Putin 20% of our uranium and made tens of millions funneled through the Clinton foundation. Double standard?? Indeed.

  24. As long as Trump is in bed with the Saudis with his personal business he will let them get away with everything just like Russia

  25. …..Everyone seems to believe that this was a quick and immediate decision that had not been in committee for some time years even…..
    …..As for KHASHOGGI he was the nephew of a Military weapons arms dealer and was photographed standing with OSAMA BIN LADEN holding a AK-47 while OSAMA BIN LADEN was UNARMED that in itself should show the amount of TRUST the al-Qaeda Network had in KHASHOGGI…..
    …..As for the sale of nuclear secrets to Saudi Arabia I have to admit I do not personally agree with it but I also did not agree with PRESIDENT BILL CLINTON selling the same nuclear secrets to China less than ten years after the Tiananmen Square Beijing Massacre were thousands died in 1989…..

  26. United states resident NOT A UNITED STATES CITIZEN

  27. You tell me why anyone would want to run for office while our votes are being tampered with?

    Someone please explain the madness because it does not look apealing to win, even if it's in your own favor!

    If politics had any apeal to me I'd want to win "fair and square" without cheating or revenge politics!

    Why would anyone value a position they cheated to get?

    Does anyone have the answer for that?

  28. trump will not do anything to upset the Saudi … you can't upset the that he owes money to and trump owe money to the Saudi …

  29. The President is thinking of, anything he can, to bring money into America. Arms do bring alotta bucks but probably not a good idea to sell nuclear weapons because it gives the rest of the world ideas for one…… could be destabilizing even more than what is going on now…..or….is this part of the master plan to make the world hate the UNITED STATES?

  30. Who are we to condemn ANY COUNTRY ? The journalist WAS A SAUDI CITIZEN I HEAR NO ONE

  31. It’s hilarious that they keep acting like he’s the person making decisions and isn’t taking orders

  32. By my calculations the future has already changed just by talking about it, isn't time a fragile yet formidable thing?

  33. What is most disgusting is the fact that the danger in the world is Saudi Arabia. From 911 to funding of terrorist organizations to oppression and murder. Saudi Arabia beheads more people than Daesh ever dreamed of executing. The Bushes, The Trumps … all turn a blind eye to an appallingly corrupt nation. The US beats up on Cuba while lauding these monsters.

  34. We're not even surprised about what the demon in chief has been doing, if this is done in plain sight, think of the things he's doing out of sight.

  35. Trump doesn't even care about what his supporters will think anymore, at this point he knows he's got them hooked, and since he's running out of time, he has to unfold all the evil he can before it's over. Trump is an evil money hungry puppet.

  36. The Saudis are a good ally because they buy weapons.. The US truly is for sale. China: how much are you willing to pay to buy Dump's favours?

  37. Anything for a buck with this souless administation. So disgusting. Praying the next President can undo most of the damage these sociopaths have done in such a short period of time. #impeachthismofoalready

  38. Chris murphy is a piece of trash. people in connecticut think hes a death vulture for political gains

  39. The USA is truly one of the most loathsome and ugly countries on the planet. The American people elect some of the foulest warmongers and mass murderers to their government of any country in the developed world.
    And all the time Americans wave their flag, thump their bibles, and claim exceptionalism, like the religious extremists and greedy hypocrites they are.

  40. Trump pays no regard to our people and it's Representatives! Sounds like a DICTATORSHIP to me! Maybe it's a Kingdom? King Trump! How does that sound to trump supporters? I think this man is a unindicted criminal and should be prosecuted instead of being allowed to run for a second term!

  41. We don't need to sell to our enemies any technology. Saudi Arabia was behind the 9/11 attacks providing 19 of 21 of the men who attacked us.

  42. I don’t know how closely you are watching the full house of Democratic candidates currently running for president, Elizabeth Warren, unlike most of the cast, at the mention of an American ill, has a plan to cure it, much like an app, yes, she has an ‘app for that’. The viewed plan, should she capture the nomination, visually, it could look very much like a rerun of 2016, meaning, one blond dye head against another blond dye head, and may the best faked up looking dye head treatment win…

  43. It's all about trump and what he could build in Saudi Arabia, in North Korea, and Russia. He is doing this,( like everything he does) for HIS OWN SELF INTERESTS. It's all about making money for himself, even though they are dictators, murderers, and etc That doesn't even enter trumps mind, all he thinks of is how he can benefit. I believe that is why trump ran for president. Him knowing if he won, the power he would have of being the president of the USA could hugely benefit him, and his corporation, and his family businesses. Makes sense, and then speaking of Russia Saudi arabia and n. Korea and his buddy buddy relationships w these dictators, and murderers, promises made to them,.. who knows but, sounds like something trump would do. He is Despicable, a Con, a Liar, and Chief, a racist, bigot, thief, cheater, woman hater, a user, and a obstructionist, to name a few .

  44. Does anybody remember how Trump fans used to rant and rave about the Clinton Foundation accepting a donation from the Saudis? Where are they when it comes to Trump?

  45. The military-industrial complex (jobs program) will continue to be fed. Lobbyists for the defense corporations are thicker then thieves in Washington.

  46. Incredibly, prominent GOP senators like McConnell, Graham, Cruz, Cornyn, Burr, Johnson, and Thune are all in lock-step support of trump’s kowtowing to Putin’s demands for US sanctions relief on Russian oligarchs and their business interests. Romney is among them. It shows just how deeply and all pervasively the trump administration’s self-serving corruption which dramatically threatens national security has taken hold. Under normal circumstances this kind of abject support of blatant political meddling in full view would sound alarms all over the place. But a kind of public nonchalance about these developments seems to have settled in, emboldening these senators to sense that they can turn a blind eye to activity bordering on treason with impunity, which is extremely troubling.

  47. "Look the other way when we take care of Khasoggi and we will buy a few billion in arms from the US, with a kickback to you"

  48. Money. Money. Money. Trump used to tap his father's pockets… he sucked that resource dry. Now he's tapping everyone else's pockets to do the same. He thinks he can get away with anything as long as he's "right" (if not "nice") about it.

  49. Why are they waiting? He's supplying the subsidiarity secular weapons to nuke us. This is redickulous. Impeach him and pence.

  50. Good news. Senators literally live in another world. Khashoggi's case is another one committed by individuals and it has nothing to do with the government

  51. What about the PEACE PLAN Trump and Kushner already have so much blood on their hands, they are not for PEACE.

  52. Wtf!!! Why is the stupidest American citizen in America making any decisions about anything potentially dangerous? Sickening

  53. Money and greed before Country this is how wars starts.A lot of soldiers won't be coming home thanks trump lacky supporters for this mess.

  54. US talks like China/Russia do not make weapons. Ok, go ahead and block it, china will cash in. Turkey already moved to Russia

  55. Every country that we fight, we gave them the weapons to use against us. Trump can do some serious damage to the world and four more years would inslave some parts of the populations.

  56. While I have problems with the Saudi's(9/11 suspicions), they are a key component of the Petrodollar and we need to take care of them … period … end of story, or we risk great economic pain. The Senators that voted to block this sale are stupid, self destructive, and incompetent.

    Israel and the Saudis are complicit in the 9/11 hoax perpetrated in concert with rogue elements of our own government (Bolton for one?)

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