Sheesha {HD} Mithun Chakraborty | Moon Moon Sen | Vijayednra Ghatge Hindi Movie (With Eng Subtitles

Sheesha {HD} Mithun Chakraborty | Moon Moon Sen | Vijayednra Ghatge Hindi Movie (With Eng Subtitles

“This, oh, woman is the norm here..” “The one who gives
you pain is your love.” “This, oh, woman is the norm here.” “The one who gives
you pain is your love.” “Even then you love him..” “You love him.” “This, oh, woman is the norm here.” “The one who gives
you pain is your love.” “Your life, body and mind..” “To the one whom you surrender.” “In whose name, in your forehead..” “..he vermilion you adorn.” “For whose happiness, you die..” “You die..” “This, oh, woman is the norm here.” “The one who gives
you pain is your love.” “You know everything..” “Even then you stay quiet.” “The sorrows of heart, you never..” “..tell anyone..” “Laughingly, all sorrows, you bear..” “You bear, you bear..” “This, oh, woman is the norm here..” “The one who gives
you pain is your love.” “You are the epitome of motherhood.” “You are the story of love.” “Every house is
adorned because of you.” “You are the queen of your house.” “Even then in your eyes,
there are tears..” “There are tears..” “This, oh, woman is the norm here..” “The one who gives you
pain is your love..” “Even then you love him,
you love him..” “You love him..” Get up. I will bring tea. Leave me. I have a lot of work to do. No! – Please!
Don’t you have to go early today? I have to go early everyday. Why don’t you stop me from going? Do you stop even if I stop you? Now get up.
Do you remember the date today? According to an American newspaper.. ..among the successful
business executives like me.. ..only 97.5 % people
listen to their wives. 97.5%? What about the half percent? There is one case
where the wife says.. ..that the husband
doesn’t listen to her.. ..and the husband says that
he always listens to his wife. That’s why it was counted as half. Benefit of doubt, you know.
– It’s completely false. This telephone neither
rings nor is engaged. Whom are you calling
so early in the morning? Do you know its 14th today? And there are only 24 hours to 15th? It’s 14th? Damodar hasn’t called yet. Really? Two months ago you
didn’t even knew who Damodar was! The only thing you knew was
Standard Chemical factory. And now every morning
till you talk to Damodar.. don’t feel at ease. As if other than Vasudevan Damodar.. ..BC Drugs company there is
nothing else in this world. Mr. Dinesh Prakash was
born only for BC Drugs. Won’t you give me tea?
– Won’t you hear what I have to say! Dinesh. Yes, good morning, Mr. Damodar. Did you sleep late last night? If power wasn’t there,
you could have used the generator. Look, Mr. Damodar, I don’t want
to hear that there wasn’t diesel.. ..or this thing or that thing. The days of
‘feeding bottle’ managers have gone. The company has hired you
to use your mind amicably. That’s what you are paid for. No, no, no. I told you I don’t trust you at all. Who was the production
manager in the night shift? Ask Mr. Ajit to meet me
today before he leaves. And listen. Give him a
show-cause notice immediately. I want both the generators
to be there by mid-day. No, no. No one will get over-time. Everything should be done in time. One minute. Stay on the line. Yes, note down. Will you listen to me or not? You just keep blabbering. Kamala!
– Yes. Is the tea ready?
– Yes, madam, in a moment. When it is ready, keep
it on the table. – Okay. Dinesh. Yes, good morning,
brother Basu. Good. Enquire about the
generators at any cost. No, I don’t have the purchasing files. But still I can tell you. On second page it’s the 12th
item of the 4th list I guess. Check it, I will hold the line. You got it? Okay, meet me before you leave. Bye. What are you thinking, Mona? I am thinking of
getting rid of this phone. Don’t do that. Tomorrow it’s 15th, my birthday. And along with my birthday it’s
a very special day of our life. On this particular day Gita announced
our marriage in front of everyone. And you would disconnect
the phone tomorrow? Do one thing.. invite
Gita and Ashok here. We haven’t met for a long time.
It will be fun. Dinesh. Hello. Good morning. Yes. Tell me. Yes, I know that. Happy birthday, Dinesh.
– Thank you. Many happy returns of the day.
– Thank you. Wish you happy birthday, Dinesh.
– Wish you happy birthday. Shall I announce it, Mona?
– Shut up. Everyone listen to me. Attention. Along with congratulating
Dinesh on his birthday.. ..there is another
thing to congratulate for. This is also great news. Dinesh and Manisha are
getting married soon. Congrats.
– Congrats. Have sweets, buddy! Open your mouth.
– You hit the jackpot, buddy. Amazing! You too say something.
Why are you quiet? What shall I say? You
people said everything. Are you thinking about your marriage? Today it’s Dinesh’s birthday.
It’s a special day for you. Won’t you wish him? I pray to God that today.. ..15th December should
always be a special day. Like 2nd October, 23rd January.. ..14th November and 10th June. 2nd October,
it’s Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday.. 23rd January, it’s Subhash
Chandra Bose’s birthday. 14th November, it’s Pandit
Jawaharlal Nehru’s birthday. I understood that,
but who was born on 10th June? You don’t know?
– No. That’s my birthday. Everything is all right.. ..but we shouldn’t be attached
too much to 15th December. That day isn’t good at all.
– Why isn’t it good? Why are you speaking such
nonsense on your birthday? It’s not nonsense, Mona. I have researched a lot
and found this. – What’s that? That a lady killed her husband.. that her 17-year old son
could become the king of the empire. But the funny part is that.. ..the son got his mother killed
as soon as he become the king. What rubbish are you
talking on your birthday! The same king divorced his first
wife to marry his second wife. And then he got his
second wife murdered. And the third lady for
whom he got his second wife killed.. ..didn’t agree to marry him,
he killed her too. What is that fool? Then that emperor’s eyes
fell on a married woman. Then what did that emperor do?
He got her husband killed. It’s also written in the history.. ..that this emperor had forced
his teacher to commit suicide.. ..when he was young. Yes. What are you looking at
with those big eyes? Listen! When the enemy surrounded him.. ..the emperor said.. ..I don’t want to die in
enemy’s hands so you people kill me. That emperor was
born on 15th December. And he was also a big admirer of
art and sculptures of his time. Thank God I didn’t take
history as my subject. Won’t you ask me who that
emperor was? – Who was he? When the capital of
his kingdom was on fire.. ..he was enjoying the art
while playing the violin. He was the emperor of Rome, Nero. He was born on 15th December, 37 A.D. Thank God! I thought
it was some Indian King. My aunt’s birthday is
also on the15th December. And then there is a
neighbour of mine, Mr. Vaid Sharma. He was also born on 15th December.
They don’t play the violin. Whoever is born on 15th December,
there is a Nero.. ..hidden somewhere inside them.
We don’t come to know of it. Don’t you have any other
calls to make? – No. No. What can I do? No one
works properly over there. Now look at this Damodar.. You will meet that Damodar in
your company within half an hour. I too want to say something. Sorry. I forget to bring
your book every time. Today I will definitely
bring your book. – Okay. I was saying that tomorrow it’s 15th.
– Oh, yes. I know it. Tomorrow it’s my birthday.
Let’s go to the Taj tomorrow. From there..
– We will go to the Taj next year. Tomorrow I am inviting
seven-eight friends over. Ranjan, Mrs. Narayan, Deepa.. I won’t tell anyone that
it’s your birthday tomorrow. I will tell them that I am
inviting them just like that. That’s great. And today I
will surely bring your book. By the way, what was
the name of that book? Shall we invite your former chief,
Mr. Sood? – No, no. If you invite more than seven-eight
for dinner, it will become too crowded. I was thinking to
invite Ramesh and Nisha. Seven-eight are enough.
What’s the necessity to invite more? Anyway, you can
invite anyone you want. It doesn’t make any difference.
– And listen.. Now what? – You won’t listen
to me even for a moment? Listen, time, tide and
Dinesh wait for none. Tell me, what do you want to say?
– Do you remember.. ..once you walked four miles
just to talk to me? – Yes. Now tell me what you want to say?
– Send the car today. Is that all? Okay, I will send it. It’s you? Today, we were about to meet
in the college at 11:00am. You didn’t come, so I.. Today the buses and
taxis are on strike. How could I come? I don’t know.
I thought you would come. But how did you come here? By foot.
– By foot? From college? You walked four miles? It isn’t that difficult.
It took me just a couple of hours. Come. Come inside. Your father might be there. Yes, he is there.
He too didn’t go anywhere today. Then I should go.
– You came here walking from so far.. I came here just to see you. At least I heard your voice. You are really great.
From where do you get these news’? Okay, you must tell me. Okay, bye. Hello? I am so fortunate
that finally I heard from you. With whom were you talking
so early in the morning? I was trying to call you
for the past half an hour. Listen. Come over with Ashok tomorrow. ..between 6.30pm and 7.30pm,
have dinner here. No, there’s nothing special.
We haven’t met for a long time. Dinesh was saying that
we should party and have fun. Hello, Mrs. Narayan. Manisha. I called you in the morning so
that you couldn’t make any excuse. That your husband is not at home
or that you will ask him later. Tomorrow both of you must
come to our place for dinner. Why would it be our
marriage anniversary? Our marriage
anniversary is on 23rd April. No, just like that. Definitely there must be something. There is a friend of ours. He too doesn’t celebrate
his marriage anniversary. He celebrates the day
when he first met his wife. Really. The first
day is really special. Is 15th December something like that?
– No. No. No. Assume that on 15th December,
Emperor of Rome, Nero was born. We are celebrating his birthday.
That’s all. But you must come, both of you. At 6.30pm or 7:00pm. Okay, we will come. Bye. She will celebrate
Rome’s Emperor’s birthday. There are such maniacs in this world. Oh, no. What was the necessity
to send the car so early? Hello.
– Hello. Yes. Is Mr. Dinesh there?
– He has gone to the office. He went so early? He goes there at 9:00am everyday. Okay..
– Why do you want to meet him? I had to talk to him. Did you tell him that
you would come here today? I didn’t tell him, but the
factory starts at 10:00am.. I thought I would get
him at home at this time. Where are you coming from? I work in his factory. Then why don’t you
meet him in the factory? He doesn’t meet anyone at home. I have something really
important to talk about.. I came here couple of days ago,
the day before yesterday. But no one was at home. Well, you take an appointment with
him and meet him in his office only. Excuse me. I want to ask a
question to you people. All of you are very old
and experienced workers here. A major part of your life
was spent in this factory. In that view I am
absolutely new to this. Tell me, what’s the difference
between a human being and a factory? Sir, we always listen
to what our owners say. Here no one thought of
listening to what we had to say. So we too keep quiet. Well, forget the old ways. Now tell me what is
the difference between.. ..a human being and an organisation? Sir, we don’t have the habit
of speaking. You tell us, sir. Okay, I will tell it. You sit down. A human’s age increases.
He becomes young. And then he becomes
old and then he dies. But a company or an organisation.. ..can be away from old age or death. And this is the difference
between a human being and a factory. A human being passes away,
but a company.. ..can stay there forever. You are absolutely right, sir. We know only one
thing that organisation.. ..doesn’t have a father or a mother.. ..but a human being knows about his
welfare, he can think about himself. A human being is
nothing when he is alone. But along with a company
and combining with others.. ..he can be the mother or
the father of the company. The point that I am trying to make
is that all of us together can.. ..make our company a
successful company.. ..that would be there forever. And a human being can
also be there forever.. ..along with that company. Now he will say close your eyes
and get on with your job. Don’t talk about money. A kid came to teach us. There is a saying in Germany,
that a lady’s body.. ..should be like a costly watch,
neither slow nor fast. It should always show the right time. Manisha, have you read
that book ‘Bodylife’. The Hindi edition of that book
is also going to be launched. It’s called ‘Sundar Sharir’. No. I asked Dinesh
to buy a copy for me. You won’t get it everywhere.
There is a lot of demand for that book. I told Mrs. Kanodia to get
me 10-12 copies from London. Do you want one?
– I already told Dinesh to bring one. I fear there will be two.
– Okay. Down. Okay. Yes. May I come in, sir? Come in, Dharmaraj.
My doors are always open for you. Sit down.
– Thanks. Will you have a cigarette?
– No, thank you, sir. Please stop calling me sir. The habit of calling sir has
brought the British empire.. the third or fourth
position in the world. Just look at America and Germany. These Toms and
Petersons have reached so high. And what about Japan? Good question. It’s very important for us
to know about the Japanese. They are on the path of
defeating America and Europe. Sir, I came here to tell
you something. – Tell me. The manager, supervisor, foreman.. ..everyone is too arrogant these days. Sir, you might have
told the staff that..’s very important to
gather general knowledge. That increases the production. Now, sir, everyone is
reading the magazines and stuff. Sir, this never happened here before. Look, Dharmaraj,
those who finish their work.. ..and read magazines, even if
it is during the working hours.. ..what’s wrong in it? They should know about what’s
going on in other parts of the world.. ..shouldn’t they? ‘Bodylife’.
Is this book also for increasing.. ..the general knowledge and
for developing the factory? No, no. I just bought this book. It’s my birthday tomorrow. No need to wish me. I give my wife a gift
every year on my birthday. I heard that this book is very famous. If we order twenty, we get just ten.
– Why? Ship, port commission, customs.. ..everyone’s sight is on this book. Half the books are gone right there. The book is about bodies of women. Naturally men would read
this book more than women. What’s the matter, Vijay?
Don’t you have anything to do today? I do that every day. Then go and do your work. I have some urgent work.
– What’s the matter, Poonam? Today.. Good morning, sir.
– Good morning. Good morning, sir.
– Good morning. How are you, Poonam? I am fine, sir.
– What’s going on? Nothing. When there just the two of us
what’s the need to call me sir? Anyway, let’s go out for lunch today. I will reach the restaurant first. You come later. Whom are you calling? Chief Executive, Dinesh Prakash. Good morning. I am the
telephone operator speaking. Yes, what do you want? I sent you a slip, sir. To me? What’s your name? Poonam? – Yes, sir.
She is our telephone operator. I didn’t get any slip.
– You will get it soon, sir. I have made a request to you.
– Let the slip come first. Is she the same girl about
whom we got the complaint? – Yes. How long has she been working for? It’s just been a month.
She is temporary. She is working on leave vacancy. Then ask her to leave. Get rid of her. We will get many
telephone operators in Mumbai. But sir, she has always
been working on leave vacancy. Dharamaraj, no employee in any factory
becomes great due to the factory. If there isn’t work,
the company won’t survive.. ..and if the company isn’t
there then where will people work? And sir, if the employees aren’t
there, will a company survive? That doesn’t mean that
the company keeps paying.. ..someone who isn’t working well. Company doesn’t give salary
to anyone for no reason. ..and nor does someone not
work well for no reason. Then what’s the reason
for not working well. Sir, we shall discuss
this some other time. I shall go now. Sir, please meet Poonam,
our telephone operator. She might have some problem. Goodbye. Hello, Mr. Vasudevan? Is there any telephone operator
working in our company named Poonam. Yes, sir.
She is working here temporarily. Our old operator is on
leave for three months. She is pregnant. Yes, she is working as a substitute. Yes, sir. I’ve met her once. Our supervisor doesn’t want her to.. What shall I say! Everyone in the staff
has some intentions on her. And I also heard that she
has a doubtful character. Poonam should know that.. ..a temporary worker of
the company doesn’t need.. meet the chief directly. There are about a dozen
officers between her and me. Make her talk to anyone. Yes, tell this to her. Sir. Sir. Sir, I was waiting for you. I am the telephone operator, Poonam. I sent a letter to you today. I have to go to a meeting right now.
I am sorry. Tomorrow, sir?
– Meet the supervisor tomorrow. I already met the supervisor.
I had to meet you. Tomorrow morning, just five minutes? I have a meeting at 10:00am tomorrow. Then tomorrow evening the same time.
Please, sir. You may talk to me then. Thank you, sir. Goodnight. Poonam! Poonam! Don’t dare to come to my house. Then where will I go, Poonam?
– Go to hell. There is no need to follow me. Come home. If you take another step,
I will break your legs. Will you go or not? Scum! Rouge! Poonam, Govind hasn’t come till now. Even if Govind goes to hell,
why should I be bothered? He’s your younger brother.
Why are you talking like that? He has never treated
me as his elder sister. He is into bad company or else..
– Or else what? Would he have earned
and fed you? Swine. Like father, like son. Why are you dragging
your father into this? Why shouldn’t I? What else has he
done other than giving birth to us? Thank God, you are here, Poonam. Tomorrow night there is a party here. You must come soon. – Don’t even
ask me for a single rupee. No. No. Rajesh returned from Dubai. He will give the party.
– But where are you going? For Sakina’s marriage ceremony. If the party goes on till late,
I won’t return at night. But yes, tomorrow,
you must come early. Don’t forget. Bye. There is a marriage
ceremony every day. When does she stay in the house? Then get her married.
I am fed up of her. Even if she gets married,
her husband will leave her. Who can tolerate that witch? Don’t abuse everyone. As if you are the only
one who is good in this house.. ..and the rest are spoilt? Hey, Poonam, would you give me Rs.5? I’ll return it tomorrow.
– You are asking me for money again? Mother, tell her.
– Where did you go? You went yesterday
morning and you returning now? The police are also very strange. I was travelling
without ticket on train. I met them there and
they put me in the cell. Poonam, get some vegetables.
Govind is here. I don’t have money. Arrange money for your own food. Don’t even know if they
would let me work there for long. Let it go..
– I can’t take it anymore. If you trouble me then
I will leave this house. You think you are doing
us a favour by feeding us? As if we all are beggars?
– Then what are you? Please come, Mrs. Narayan. Welcome. What’s the matter,
Manisha? What’s the party for? Just like that. Where is Mr. Narayan? Don’t ask me about him.
He feels shy being with me. He said he would come later.
Where is Dinesh? He might be on the way.
Please sit down. That day I saw Dinesh on TV.
I couldn’t recognise him. You have changed him completely. You must come to our
ladies’ club some day. We will arrange a reception there. You must tell other ladies
how to keep husband in control. How to make a husband? You have really done a great job. Dinesh should literally worship you. Worship? Me? Kamala. He doesn’t even have time to
talk to me even for few seconds. You can see it.
He didn’t return till now. He said that
he would be back by 6:00pm. It’s the species called ‘man’.
All are betrayers. They are selfish jerks. Well, I won’t call him betrayer. Actually he is so involved
in work that he doesn’t.. Work is just an excuse. This is what men are like. They love many things simultaneously. You are there and
there are many others. Now you may call it job
or something other crap. What’s the matter, Mona?
What’s this party for? Is everything all right? Everything is fine. Do we need a reason for a party? Where did you leave Raju? I am really fed up of him. As if he is the only one who has to
do all the urgent work in the world! He didn’t even come home. He asked
the servant to bring his stuff.. ..and went to Delhi
on the evening flight. You are not the only one
who is going through this. My husband also said
that he would come later. I wonder if he’d come or
if he too goes to Delhi. At least he left you in Mumbai. He doesn’t take me
anywhere even by mistake. He has ‘urgent’ work in other cities. It must be Deepa.
She always comes late. Welcome! What’s the occassion?
I didn’t brought any flowers. I forgive you for that. This party is on the
occasion of meeting you all. Do we have to spend money here? Mr. Lawyer knows taking fees,
but not giving fees. Where is your Dinesh?
Today I will interrogate him. I guess due to this fear
he hasn’t returned yet. Rajni, your Rajan is
absent even today? Here all the Rajan’s are absent. You are the only one who
keeps husband in control. Today I did tell him
we should’ve gone together. Or else he is not as
innocent as he looks. Dinesh is also not here.
– He too does what he wants. What can I do?
– What can you do? What haven’t you done?
You’ve turned him into gold. Every now and then we see his
photos in the Business Express.. ..articles in Times, interview on TV. I would say Dinesh is like a
puppet that you have created. Had I made him a puppet,
wouldn’t he have been here, at home? All of them are betrayers. Ashok always stays quiet
even if anyone says anything. He is an attorney. He doesn’t say even a
single word without fees. You didn’t tell me one thing.
What’s this party for? Mona, is it your
marriage anniversary? – No. Then it must be your birthday. Is it necessary to
be someone’s birthday? “What will happen?
Why will it happen?” “We have never thought about it.” “What will happen?
Why will it happen?” “We have never thought about it.” “Whatever has happened
has already happened.” “It will never come back again.” “This is the fact. This is the truth.” “It’s a waft of past dreams.’ “What will happen?
Why will it happen?” “We have never thought about it.” “What will happen?
Why will it happen?” “We have never thought about it.” Where were you till now?
– I went to meet my lover. Do you have any problem?
– Why do you talk like that? Why did you talk to
me in the first place? You are just bothered
about your food, aren’t you? “Till we keep breathing,
even if the world envies us..” “..we should forget
everything and enjoy ourselves.” “Till we keep breathing,
even if the world envies us..” “..we should forget
everything and enjoy ourselves.” “We shall always live with a smile..” “..whenever we get a chance.” “We shall always live with a smile..” “..whenever we get a chance.” “What will happen?
Why will it happen?” “We have never thought about it.” “What will happen?
Why will it happen?” “We have never thought about it.” “Whoever came to this world..” “..brought happiness
and sorrows along with.” “The path of our life consists
of light and darkness.” “Whoever came to this world..” “..brought happiness
and sorrows alongwith.” “The path of our life consists
of light and darkness.” “We shall always live with a smile..” “..whenever we get a chance.” “We shall always live with a smile..” “..whenever we get a chance.” “What will happen?
Why will it happen?” “We have never thought about it.” “What will happen?
Why will it happen?” “We have never thought about it.” “Whatever has happened
has already happened.” “It will never come back again.” “This is the fact. This is the truth.” “It’s a waft of past dreams.’ “What will happen?
Why will it happen?” “We have never thought about it.” “What will happen?
Why will it happen?” “We never thought about it.” “What will happen?
Why will it happen?” “We have never thought about it.” “What will happen?
Why will it happen?” “We have never thought about it.” Where is Dinesh?
– Who knows? At least call him.
– Why should I? Doesn’t he know that you
are coming here today? A few days ago,
Dinesh met me in the court. There was some case related
to some lorry contractor. Dinesh didn’t give up till
that contractor was jailed. The matter was taken to the court?
He didn’t tell me about it. That is what these men do. They don’t tell us what
they do outside the house. Shall we go? Thanks for the nice treat.
We couldn’t meet Dinesh. Well, anyway, wish him a happy
birthday on our behalf. Okay? Water. It’s quarter to eleven.
Where is he till now? You too have dinner. How long will you wait? I am used to waiting
at the dinner table. Sometimes he has to go to the
police station in the middle of dinner. Why do you let him go? I have to go, Mona. Or else our
client will be jailed one whole night. That’s what they need lawyers for. Or else, no one would have
even cared about Mr. Ashok Kumar. Go and see. It must be Dinesh’s call. You go and answer it.
He will make some excuse now. Mrs. Narayan was right.
– Get up. Forget your anger. Hello. Who’s that, Mona? Who are you? What! Which police station? What’s the matter, Mona?
Wasn’t it Dinesh? No, it was someone else.
He was saying.. ..that Dinesh is in the police station.
– It must be a wrong number. These days, people give
calls for no reason. Forget it. But he took Dinesh’s name. Which police station?
– He didn’t tell that. Did he meet with an accident?
– Who knows? You check it, what’s the matter? I am so sorry, Ashok.
I am troubling you this way. Don’t worry, Mona. And what’s Dinesh’s office-number? Why don’t you talk to DIG Rana?
You know him well. Okay. Hello. Yes, Mr. Kumar. There is one FIR registered.
It was some Mr. Dinesh Prakash. He works in some drugs company. The charge is attempt
of molesting a lady. He is a chief executive
and it’s quite natural that.. ..he might be attracted
towards a beautiful employee. Right now he is in the police station. We are contemplating on which
charge should he be booked under. The lady’s age is about 26-27. Poonam. She is a telephone operator
in Mr. Dinesh’s factory. Anyway. Thank you, Inspector. I will call you again if required. Dinesh is a friend of mine. I’m calling from his house. Bye. There is nothing to worry, Mona. Dinesh is in Dadar police station. There wasn’t any accident.
It was some factory-issue. I am going there.
I will bring him along with me. Deepa, you stay here.
– Eat something. You didn’t.. I will eat along with Dinesh. Shall I come with you? No, there is nothing
like that. Don’t worry. Just a moment. Deepa, the matter is serious. Dinesh has attempted to
molest a lady in office. What are you saying! – The lady
herself has lodged the complaint. You will have to tell
Mona about this. – But.. I don’t have the courage to tell her. No. No. I can’t do this. You tell her. Okay, I will call Mona from outside. Till then, take care of her. Listen.. Come soon. Mona, let’s go. We shall eat now. They will eat after they return.
– What’s the matter? Did Ashok say anything? No, it was something
related to the office. He said he would call later. Now come. I am feeling very hungry.
– Eat something Deepa. I don’t feel like it. Eat something, Mona.
It’s a police matter. They might be late. Come sit. Hello. Yes, Ashok. Where is Dinesh? Since seven years
whom I have been supporting.. a shadow at every
juncture on his path.. ..he has.. Have patience, Mona! Dinesh will come. I feel like someone has thrown
acid on my face and burnt me. You shouldn’t speak like that,
Mona. It may also be a lie. Dinesh is not that kind of a person.. And Ashok is also there.
Everything will be all right. Mona. Mona, please. Mona. Inspector, the most
unfortunate thing is that.. ..he who is successful due to his
hard work, who leaves others behind.. ..has to face few hurdles. We Indians have this
habit of envying.. ..people who are successful. I doubt that something like that
has happened in this case too. There might be. But when that girl, Poonam came here.. ..the hooks of her blouse were undone. The blouse was torn,
the rape was attempted.. Just saying these things
doesn’t prove the crime. You are an old officer. You know it could
also be a conspiracy. Right now Mr. Chaturvedi’s case,
the Indian Metros one, is fresh. In that case also the girl came
out of the room with a torn blouse. In the statement it was said.. ..that she was a rape victim. But do you know what
the final verdict was? The judge let the accuser go away
without sentence for lack of proof. People like you and I are there
to prove things, aren’t we? It’s his birthday today.
There are guests in the house. You would be doing me a favour
if you released him immediately. I will try.
– Thank you. Come in. It’s you? Sit down. Sit down. It’s okay. Leave it. I will take care of that.
You go and freshen up. The laundry-man didn’t come
since many days. – What? I was saying that our laundry-man
hasn’t come since the last seven days. Does your laundry-man
wash your books too? No. Not at all. The books are also laid everywhere.
– Yes, actually.. Happy birthday.
– Birthday? Yes. Do you know the date today? It’s.. Is it 15th December again?
– Yes. I felt like coming here
and congratulating you first. Many happy returns of the day.
– Thank you. Here
– What’s this? Nothing. Open it after I leave. Manisha, what was the..
– It’s necessary. It’s our last year in the college. Who knows where we will be after this? Really, Manisha.
Two years have passed so quickly. What will you do after MSc.?
– I don’t know. What will you do? I won’t study further.
– Then, I won’t study. Why won’t you study further? See, who brought me
here to study? It’s you. If you won’t be there then.. Anyway, sit here.
I will get tea for you. No, I have to go now.
– Sit down. I will bring tea for you. Listen. The first thing, after MSc.. will do MBA. in Ahmadabad. Take this. I brought the form for you. The second thing, there’s a
party this evening at 5:00pm.. celebrate Mr. Dinesh’s birthday. It’s a treat from us.
– But.. And the third thing,
freshen up quickly. We have to meet professor Devdhar. “This is love..” “Is this what love is?” “When my heartbeat
listens to your heartbeat.” “When my eyes say something..” “ your eyes every time.” “This is love..” “This is love after all.” “When someone writes
someone’s name on books secretly..” “When one smiles on meeting someone..” “When the mind, body and
soul gets intoxicated..” “This is love..” “This is love after all.” “When my heartbeat
listens to your heartbeat.” “When my eyes say something..” “ your eyes every time.” “This is love..” “This is love after all.” “When all the colours of
this world look different.” “When our heart yearns
for someone every moment.” “When our heart is
not in our control.” “This is love..” “This is love after all.” “When my heartbeat
listens to your heartbeat.” “When my eyes say something..” “ your eyes every time.” What are you thinking about? Don’t you know what
I am thinking about? Today whatever I am is because of you. What are you saying! Have I scored good marks in MSc? Or have I passed MBA.? Or have I passed the interview
of the chief executive? Who asked me to do MSc from
the Institute of Science? Who asked me to do M.B.A.
in Ahmadabad? Who asked me to get.. ..the general manager’s
post in steel alloy company.. ..because the shares of
that company have fallen.. ..and there wouldn’t
be many applicants? Who told me that if I develop the
condition of that company even a bit.. ..then I will have get
both fame and money and.. What’s the matter?
You never said so much. Today it’s the night of
celebration of our five years’ bond. Let me speak today. I just want our life
to be like this forever. I want you to be mine forever. I won’t ask for anything else. Dinesh, listen, tomorrow the museum.. Listen to me, you can read later.
– Yes. Tomorrow we will go to
museum for two hours.. ..and from there we
will go to coffee house. By then it will be evening. I know now you will say
that when will I read? But I have already told Mr. Diwakar.. teach me daily for two hours. Now you are happy, aren’t you? Tell me, will you take me there
or not? Please, tell me, Dinesh. What are you saying?
– Dinesh, this is library. You should read quietly here.
Don’t you know that? If you want to talk
then go outside. Get out. Sorry, sir. It was my mistake.
I won’t repeat it. But, Dinesh.. Excuse me. Listen! Yesterday I felt so bad.. ..why did you take the
insult of my mistake? I was the one who was talking.
– And I was the one who was hearing. Both have done the mistake. No. You are one of the best students. I don’t like it if anyone insults you.
– Never mind. Our librarian was right. Yesterday, when I told this to my
father, he said that it was my mistake. You mentioned such a small
incident to your father? I tell my father everything. Will you tell him about today also?
– Yes, why not? If Ashok wasn’t there,
I would have been even late.. Ashok said that you sent
him to the police station. I guess I am free because of you. I bought that book for you,
but I couldn’t bring it. The police kept it with them. Mona! – Why did they take
you to the police station? Ashok knows everything. He might have told you everything. Police didn’t book
any case against me. Ashok was also saying the same thing. I have to go to the police
station at 9:00am tomorrow. Dinner is on the table.
Go and have it. What am I hearing about Dinesh? You also know about it?
What did you hear? He called a girl of his company
to his chamber and molested her. He didn’t molest her. Yes, you can say that
he might have tried to molest her. Don’t support your boss that much.
I know you too well. What have I done? He tried to molest her?
What’s this ‘trying’? He ruined a poor girl’s life. Who was that girl? Our new telephone operator,
Miss. Poonam. You might have heard her voice. Your telephone operator?
She has a really good voice! Oh, Rukmani! Officers like him
should be slapped in public. He lectures too much. Company’s prosperity
is our prosperity. Company’s reputation
is our reputation. Now he showed what his reputation is. Won’t you go to the meeting
of women’s organisation? Yes, I have to go and I will
tell there the nature of men. No one can do anything. See? Miss Poonam is absent today? Probably Mr. Dinesh is also absent. Hello? Yes, Rupa. What’s the matter? You men are really strange. I heard your Mr. Dinesh
was caught in some hotel.. ..with a telephone
operator in office time. Do you know the lady has given
the statement to the police.. ..that he tried to molest her? Oh, no, darling! It’s a rumour. After office hours there was
some issue in the office itself. Not ‘some issue’,
but it’s a ‘major issue’. I heard that the girl
didn’t have the blouse on.. She ran out of the office naked. Where do you get
these false stories from? I am hanging up.
– Listen. Listen. Your Mr. Dinesh isn’t there
in the office, is he? Why are you such hurry then? Okay, tell me something.. I also heard that your Poonam comes
to the office pretty dressed up.. Poonam is not mine. She is the
telephone operator of the company. I heard that our boss
has kept Poonam on job. Yes, he kept her this time. Last time Mr. Sood ‘kept’ her. Actually she came here on
Mr. Dharamraj’s recommendation. Does she have anything with Dharmaraj? I heard that he is the one who
took her to the police station. I don’t know. Sharma, tell me who looks
better Sir’s wife or Poonam? Sir’s wife is really good-looking.
She is a bomb. Our boss used to come to the office
an hour before office-time.. ..but today he hasn’t come till now. I don’t think that our boss
would have done anything like that. I doubt that Poonam.
– Yes! Our boss is also after her. The matter seems to
be a bit complicated. We were left at 5:30pm.
And almost everyone left by 5:45pm. I also left at 5:50pm. I saw Poonam at her seat. I asked why wasn’t she leaving. Then she looked at her watch. I looked at the time too. 5:52! Poonam smiled,
and continued sitting. I thought she had some extra work. Then?
– Then? Then? Then I heard that.. ..peon Raju saw Poonam
entering the boss’s chamber. How much time was Poonam
there in sir’s chamber? I wasn’t outside sir’s chamber
with a stopwatch in my hand. Did Poonam herself go to
sir’s chamber or was she called? That is also a puzzle. Chaudhary, tell us something
that isn’t puzzling. Then between 6:00pm and 6:30pm.. ..something happened in sir’s chamber. Is that a chamber or a palace? On one side, there is a table-chair.. ..and on the other side there
are two large sofas with pillows? It can also be used as bed. What’s the necessity of
pillows at the workplace? Our boss didn’t
order for these things. Our former boss,
Mr. Sood, got it made by.. decorator Miss
Pramila on a contract for Rs.300000. And later Miss Pramila
became Mrs. Sood. Now will Poonam become Mrs.
Dinesh Prakash? Buddy, tell us what happened then. At nearly 6:20pm.. Poonam came out of boss’s
chamber with loud screams. Her blouse
was torn, half-naked.. ..with her sari in her hands. Then? At 6:21pm she entered
Dharamraj’s chamber. Dharamraj was there till then? He must have been there
or why would she go there? What happened then? The police was there at 6:40pm.
– But who informed the police? Could be either Dharamraj or Poonam. Dharamraj must somehow
be involved in this. There is another funny thing. When police entered boss’s chamber.. ..he was preparing to leave.
– Then? There was book in his hands,
a book of naked women. Really?
– ‘Bodylife’. All these officers are alike. They might be thinking that poor
girl doesn’t have any self-esteem. And that they can do anything
and get away with it. Why didn’t Poonam slap
that swine with her sandal? Anyway, listen, only peon Raju
knows what actually happened. And today he is on leave.
He didn’t come. Dharamraj also knows.. ..but who will talk to him? After all he’s our union leader.
– You are right. One thing in our favour is that.. ..the police has downgraded
the charge from rape. Now there is only one
charge on Dinesh, Section 354. What is section 354? What should I say? Assume that attacking a lady’s honour. In English, they call it
‘outrage of a woman’s modesty’. What will be the punishment for that? If the charges are proved,
then both jail-term and fine. Two years jail-term,
but till the charge is proved.. ..Dinesh is non-guilty
in the eyes of the law. I heard that he might lose his job. That’s not the thing, Mona. One will lose job only when
one is in jail for 72 hours. Nothing will happen to Dinesh.
Don’t worry at all. One has to bear what’s destined. Why are you taking so
much trouble for us? That’s not a problem. It’s my job. When Dinesh will be free of charges,
I’ll take my fees. And what if he is proved guilty? What has happened to you, Mona? You should support Dinesh
right now, but you are.. What vows did you take
in front of the holy fire.. ..during your marriage ceremony? Have you forgotten it? That you should be together
in good and bad times. No overtaking. I am not the only one who took the
vows. Dinesh also took the vows. Mona, how can you lose hope like that? These days Dinesh has to go.. the police station
as well as office. Will he look after himself
or will he look after you? He should have thought about
these things before molesting a lady. Come on, Mona. Don’t be so foolish. There are only some
charges against Dinesh. He isn’t proved guilty yet. And how do you know if
he has done anything or not? If you treat him as a culprit even
before the court passes its verdict.. will be very unfair to Dinesh. If Dinesh has really done something.. ..I won’t forgive him even
if the court forgives him. What rubbish are you talking, Mona? Till Dinesh is proved guilty
you will treat him like before. You can do anything you wish
after the court passes the verdict. Understood? Madam..
– Open the door. It might be sir.
– I said, open the door. I had brought this book for you.
I couldn’t bring it that day. Bodylife. The police had confiscated it. I said I bought it
as a present for you. They’ve returned it today. They had misunderstood this. Take it. Whatever is written in
the newspapers is it true? No! Didn’t that telephone
operator come to your chamber? She did. How dare an ordinary
telephone operator.. ..enter the chief executive’s chamber? She came to me with an appointment.
– Why? She gave me this letter. ‘Sir, I want to meet you
to talk regarding my job.’ ‘I will talk just two minutes.
My elder sister, Shyama.. ..was your wife’s class-mate
in New Era School, Poonam.’ I don’t know who Shyama is. But you did study in New Era School.
– Yes. She said that she came to our
home and that you have met her. That lady? What did she tell you? Look, Mona. I am more worried
about this matter than you are. See this. I myself am reading law. My reputation, my job, my future..
everything depends on this job. The verdict will be
passed within a few days. Then everything will be clear. I want you not to ask me
anything regarding this matter. My name is Poonam. Age 25 years.
I have studied till Std. X. I have been working since
I was 16. Any job I get. I got married two years ago. My husband used to sit at
home in a drunken state. I got divorced six
months after marriage. These days I am
working as a temporary.. ..telephone operator
in BC Drugs company. How did you get this job? My mother knew the foreman
of the company, Mr. Dharmaraj. I got it with her recommendation.
– When? It was about two years ago.
And now it’s since one month. Did Mr. Dinesh Prakash have anything
to do with you getting the job? No. How many days have you
known Mr. Dinesh Prakash for? One month, since I joined the company. How did you meet him in the evening? I took an appointment with
him to meet him. – But why? No one was satisfied with my job. I heard that I would
be removed from the job. I went to his chamber to talk
to him regarding this matter.. around 6:00pm. What’s the matter? Sir, here my job is temporary. If I lose this job too,
then my family will starve to death. Well.. – I have my mother,
my younger brother and sister at home. I am the only bread earner. Sit down. Since how
many days are you here? Since one month, sir.
– That’s all. I have worked here earlier,
for four months. After a lot of trouble, the then
chief, Mr. Sood gave me the position. You had to take a lot of trouble?
– Yes. Why so? What shall I tell you, sir? You have a very sweet voice.
I have heard it lots of times. Thank you, sir. Sir, if you make me permanent
it will be huge favour on me. Well, I will talk to
Mr. Damodar about this. Do you work out?
– No, sir. Still you have a nice figure. Please stand up. Turn. I mean turn around. Sir, I have to go home. You can go later.
What’s so rush! Listen. I will confirm your job. Help! I will raise your salary. I swear.. Help! Help! Help! Uncle.
– What happened? Please save me.
The chief tried to molest me. What did you do then? I couldn’t believe her. Then, Raju,
the peon, came to my room. He saw Poonam coming our
of sir’s chamber screaming. Some other people
also heard the screams. Then many people came to my chamber. We all took Poonam to our sir’s room. Sir, what is she saying? You have molested..
– Shut up! What rubbish are you speaking?
– But she is.. I am the chief of your company.. ..and she is an
ordinary temporary employee. Will you believe her or me? Sir, we didn’t expect this from you. Let’s go, Mona. Let’s go. Not giving work to the cunning
contractors, firing useless staff.. ..not allowing them to waste time.. We have to do many such
things for company’s development. The selfish only
look at this as losses. Those who face losses
due to my policies.. ..those who can’t rake
in the profits.. ..plan something
defaming of this kind.. that leave the job. May be Poonam’s case
is also in this vein. “Is this love?” “Is this what love is?” “The trust in the
heart has shattered.” “There is neither happiness..” “..nor is there that spring.” “Is this love?” “Is this what love is?” “Like a drop of dew shines somewhere
on the desert for a second.” “Like the fragrant,
sweet climate passes away..” “When someone forgets
all the promises of love.” “Is this love?” “Is this what love is?” “When someone whom you
trust the most changes.” “When your most loved
one’s love proves to be fake..” “If he betrays you
after winning your trust..” “Is this love?” “Is this what love is?” “The trust in the heart
has broken into pieces.” “There is neither happiness..” “..nor is there that spring.” “Is this love?” “Is this what love is?” Poonam, come home with me. Listen, I want to talk to you.
I am Mrs. Dinesh Prakash. You had come to our flat once,
to meet my husband. At that time you didn’t tell
me that your elder sister.. ..was my classmate in New Era School. Why do you need me now? I just want to ask
you just one question. You want to shut my mouth
with your money, don’t you? No, that’s not the thing. I.. You want me to take the case
back from the court, right? You are misunderstanding me. I am misunderstanding you?
I know you people very well. Or else why would
someone like you come to me? Get lost. I am not asking anything from you. Just tell me if
he really molested you. I mean.. Don’t you know what all
these big officers of Mumbai are? All are animals. They aren’t satisfied with
one woman at their home. They want more prey. Go away. Please go away. Even if you give
Rs.100000 I won’t keep shut. Did you get me? Don’t mess with her, ma’am. Go away. She beats everyone. Do you know her?
– Yes, I know her. She is my wife.
At least she was my wife. But she doesn’t stay with me anymore.
– Why? She has a brother-in-law in Versova.
She is having affair with him. Where will she go away from me? She lives with her prostitute
sister and brother-in-laws. I too drink. Bitch, your
mother also drinks. Where will go away from me? One day I will kill
you and kill myself. You escaped once. “Is this love?” Yes, Ashok. I feel like Dharamraj
has something to do with this. Poonam is close to Dharamraj. I also got a letter from her. ‘Dharamraj sent a
girl to your chamber..’ ‘..and you got caught
in her web like a fool.’ ‘Why don’t you accept that..’ ‘..your own intentions weren’t
right in the first place?’ “There is neither happiness
nor is there that spring.” I have stopped Dharamraj’s
brother-in-law’s contract. He will definitely want
me to leave this job. Yes. “Is this what love is?” Even after murder in broad daylight.. ..police doesn’t come
there till four to five hours.. Then how can police reach
there within a few minutes.. ..after getting a call
from a private telephone? It’s very clear.
They made the preparations beforehand. “Like a drop of dew shines somewhere
on the desert for a second.” “Like the fragrant,
sweet climate passes away..” “When someone forgets
all the promises of love.” “Is this love?” “Is this what love is?”
– Ma’am. Are you going to meet Poonam?
– Yes. Where is her house? That bird flew away.
– Flew away? Yes, she hasn’t been
here since two days. She went away after fighting
with her mother. – Where did she go? She might have gone
to the Versova house. Her lover lives there.
Where else will she go? Do you know where
she lives in Versova? She will return after four-five days. She doesn’t get
along well with anyone. She fights there and comes here.. ..and then she fights
here and goes there. She doesn’t live only with me. And what about elder sister, Shyama? You know Shyama too. Where does Shyama live in Versova? I should have married Shyama. She used to love me so much. Where does Shyama live? There. Siddhi Colony,
near the big drain. Ma’am, please get my
Poonam back to me. I will do whatever
you will ask me to do. Let me see Poonam’s house first.
Which house is hers? I told you Poonam doesn’t stay here. Well, in Siddhi Colony, Versova.. there any house
number or the street.. – 16/5. Shyama’s husband also drinks. ..but still she lives
with her husband. Then why doesn’t Poonam stay with me? Ma’am, you.. Listen, can you tell
me which house is 16/5? 16/5? Sidhhi Colony.
– Sidhhi Colony is behind. But there is no such number. Near the drain.
– Which drain? I got this address from someone. A lady called Shyama lives there. You do one thing,
there is a doctor here, Dr. Sharma. He is a homeopathic doctor.
Go and ask there. He knows everyone in this place.
– Thank you. Dr. Sharma!
– Yes.. I have some work with you. Sit down. Sit down.
Baburao has sent you, right? Everything will be all right.
What’s your name? Listen, no one has sent me.
I came by myself. I need to meet a lady.
Her name is Shyama. Her address is 16/5 Siddhi Colony,
near that drain. The drain is behind. You know everyone here, don’t you?
– Yes. Her name is Shyama. How would I know just
with the name of Shyama? We know only if it is someone’s wife,
or sister or mother, or aunt. I don’t know that.
Shyama is of my age. Baburao was saying that a lady
would come to get her horoscope made. Why didn’t she turn up? I also want a horoscope.
My birthday is 10th June. Here is Rs.50. Is it sufficient? It’s sufficient. It’s sufficient. I take Rs.20.. I take Rs.25. Then you keep that Rs.50.
Also make my husband’s horoscope. His birthday is 15th December. Those who are born on
15th December have got.. ..emperor Nero
hidden in them somewhere. We can’t find it out. Why didn’t you tell me first
that you need a horoscope? What was the name again?
– Shyama. No, I am asking your name?
– Manisha, birthday, 10th June. My husband’s birthday is
on 15th December. – Yes! When did you get married?
– 23rd April. Do you know any girl called Shyama? Shyama. Her house number is 16/5. Shyama? Who can that be? House no. 16/5.. ..near the drain, age about 19-20.. No. No. Her age is about 26-27.
She is of my age. Yes, she also has a younger sister. She is a year younger than her.
She works somewhere. Last year she was arrested
for trying to commit suicide. She was in hospital for a month. Yes, she has a younger sister,
called, Poonam. You are right. She’s Poonam. She comes here to her sister’s house.. Actually I had to talk
with Poonam herself. Where does Shyama live? Why are you calling her Shyama? Say Ghanshyam’s second wife.
She lives right here. Tell me, do you have
any other problem? I have medicines for..
– No, there is nothing like that. Poonam lives right here.
I want to meet her. I will tell you everything,
everything. Let me gather information about it. Also find out why she
tried to commit suicide. She didn’t commit suicide.
She was just scaring.. Whom was she scaring?
– Don’t ask me that.. I have good influence
in the police station. I keep helping the police. I know the inspectors, too. You keep this for other expenses. You are very intelligent. I will get you even the
minutest of the details. Anyway, give me two days time.. then, the horoscopes
will also be done and.. Mr. Baburao has sent me. You came so late. Sit there. Come day after tomorrow.
I will give you all details. If you got any important information,
you can call me. My number is 530844.
– You even have a telephone. I will make an amazing horoscope of yours.
What was the number? Today, tomorrow or day after.. By day after tomorrow,
you verdict will be passed. On 23rd April, Mr. Dinesh Prakash.. ..will return to his home
with a clean chit to his wife. 23rd April? Dinesh and Manisha’s marriage
anniversary is also on 23rd April. Really, Dinesh? Then this will be our gift
on your marriage anniversary. You will get the verdict on
23rd April in your favour. And exactly on that day both
of you will start a new life. Where is Manisha? She went out in the morning. Is she coming to the court?
– I don’t know. It would be better if
she didn’t come there. She will have to see
Dinesh’s insult there. She is right. You know these
courts and interrogations. They will repeat that
day’s incident a hundred times. And that girl, Poonam.
Who knows what she will say? When do I have to reach there? It’s a case of section 354. There will nothing before 11:00am. It’s 9:20am right now.
You be there by 11:00am. I guess the case is in
third magistrate’s court. Many people from your
company will be there. Yes, I am Shyama,
Poonam’s elder sister. What do you want?
– Is Poonam in the house? Why would she be here at this time?
She has gone to the court. And what are you doing here?
Didn’t you go to see the show? What show? You too must have got the invitation. The show called
‘Draupadi’s disrobing’ is going on.. the magistrate
court since yesterday. And your husband is
playing Duryodhan’s part. What’s the use in
telling all this to me? Use? Only you people know ‘using’. You went to Poonam with the
moneybag to buy our self-esteem. I didn’t go to Poonam with money. Why don’t you understand?
I am also a woman. You are a woman, that’s why
money made you so arrogant. Go and tell your husband that
our self-esteem isn’t so cheap.. ..that you could buy
it with your money. No one is buying you. I just wanted to know
the truth from Poonam. Tomorrow when your husband
will be put behind the bars.. ..then ask him what the truth is. Please come. I was waiting for you.
Please sit down. You have a great horoscope. You will always be happy. You are destined to get
happiness and prosperity. Even the evil stars are bowing their
heads in front of your prosperity. They don’t have the
guts to oppose you. A fortunate girl like you will
get whatever you want in life. And this is your husband’s horoscope. His life will be
prosperous because of you. Even if Yamraj
[God of death] tries to.. Did you get any
information about Poonam? Poonam’s information
isn’t good at all. Shall I ask you something?
Will you mind it? Are you looking for a match
in Poonam’s family for anyone? No.
– Then you are doing the right thing. Poonam’s family isn’t good. By evening I will get the
rest of the information. Tomorrow morning.
– Leave it. Tell me, if you need
anyone else’s horoscope.. I will make it for free. Where is Manisha?
– She is in her room. Sorry, Manisha.
I couldn’t come for two days. I called, but you weren’t at home. And listen, there
was a long discussion.. ..about the position of the
button of Poonam’s blouse. Dharamraj said that when
Poonam entered his room.. ..her buttons were undone.. ..but the peon who saw
Poonam coming out of the chamber.. He says that her blouse
buttons were in place.. ..and that her face
was burning with fury. And she was hassled. The verdict may be passed today. Poonam will also be questioned today. Come there if you wish.
– No, Geeta. According to a palmist my
life is full of happiness. I am very confident that
Dinesh will be proved non-guilty. You should come today.
– No. Thought I would
surprise you at evening. Anyway since I came I am wishing you. Today it’s your marriage anniversary.
– Thanks. And today, I also congratulate
you in advance for your re-bonding. Bye. Hello. I am Dr. Sharma speaking. You were asking me
about Poonam, weren’t you? Why didn’t you come?
I was waiting for you. Yes. And listen, there
is very important news. I can’t speak like
this about a young girl.. ..but then, you paid me a good money. You gave me two rupees
in place of one rupees. Like others you didn’t
hesitate in payment. I am also a Brahmin.
I am also an honest man. But remember one thing
that no one should know.. ..that I gave this news to you. You know that ours is a
locality of cheap people. If anyone knows about this,
I will have to leave the locality. I think you should come here. Or else give me your address.
I will come there. No, I’ll come. Yes. If we don’t find it here,
then where shall we go? You don’t worry at all.
I know all of them. We will find the evidence. You come to Chembur police station. You don’t worry. If we don’t get any
information from Chembur police station. ..then we will take taxi and go
Thane police station for information. You don’t worry. Mr. Dinesh, tell us once again,
what happened in your.. ..chamber on the
evening of 15th December. Miss. Poonam wanted to meet me. I wouldn’t have met her.. ..but she sent a note to my room,
where it was written.. ..that her elder sister
was my wife’s classmate. Anyway, she entered my
room at around 6:00pm. Good evening, sir. What’s the matter? Sir, here my job is temporary. If I lose that too, then my
family members will starve to death. Listen, the factory has
some rules and regulations. We too have to work according to them. That is okay, sir. Here the earlier chief, Mr. Sood also
kept me here for four-five months. It was my mistake that
I left the job then. And if you wish you too can ‘keep’ me. I will talk to Mr. Damodar.
I will see what he says. Mr. Damodar doesn’t want me. He is saying that they
don’t need me from next week. Then what can I do about this? The same that
Mr. Sood could have done. Mr. Sood said that like my
voice I am also very sweet. Why are you standing? Sit down. You are entertaining
yourself with these photos? Mr. Sood..
– What are you doing! Why are you so nervous, sir? It’s 6:00pm. Everyone is gone. No one will come here. Come. Let’s sit.
– Shameless girl! I will not let you be here
even one day, let alone one week. If you fire me, neither
I will benefit, nor will you. Come. Get out from here. Okay, I will go. Help! Help! Then my peon, Mr. Dharamraj.. ..and some other
people came to my room and.. That’s all, Mr. Dinesh Prakash.
Thank you very much. Now I want Miss Poonam to come here. Go.
– You may go. Deepa! Mona, you? Excuse me, your honour.
Just a minute, please. Thank you, Mona. Thank you very much. Come on. Miss. Poonam, I will ask you
few very important questions. Listen to them carefully
and answer me. – Okay. First question,
have you met your boss.. ..Mr. Dinesh Prakash
outside the factory? No. Have you met your first boss,
Mr. Sood outside the factory? If you did, where was it? In some hotel? I didn’t meet him. Mr. Sood got an unidentified letter. He used to meet you
outside the factory.. ..especially in the hotels. Not only Mr. Sood, other
also got letters against me. But all these are rumours. Second question. That day, on 15th December,
you wore a blouse. Did that blouse have buttons or hooks? Hook. How did the hooks get undone? When I tried to run away
from Mr. Dinesh Prakash.. ..he held me tightly. The hooks were undone
in the ensuing tussle. And in the same condition
you came out of the room.. ..and the peon saw you
in the same condition. And you also went to Mr. Dharamraj’s
room in the same condition. Is that right?
– Yes. How many more times will
you repeat the story.. ..of the open hooks
while the ensuing tussle? What do you want to say? Am I lying? I want to know for how
many times will you repeat.. ..this same ugly story
of your torn blouse. Objection, your honour.
What rubbish is Mr. Kumar speaking? Mr. Kumar, what do you want to say? Your honour,
the answers of Miss. Poonam.. my questions will
prove everything in a while. Miss. Poonam, was
your husband admitted.. the central hospital
for trying to commit suicide. How is that matter related to this? They are related.
You will know it in a while. Was your husband in Central Hospital.. ..because he tried to
commit suicide or not? It wasn’t suicide. He overdosed
on his sleeping pills by mistake. Your husband gave the same
statement to the police too.. ..and he was released. But the police arrested you for
the attempt of killing your husband. Did they or didn’t they? I don’t understand, how is
that related to this case? Your honour, the Chembur
police arrested Miss. Poonam.. ..for the attempt of poisoning
her husband, Mr. Ajit Singh. Later Mr. Ajit Singh
accepted it as an overdose. And Miss Poonam was released. Your honour,
here is a copy of that case. If you wish, you could get
the original documents.. ..from the Chembur police station. But how is this case
related to the present case. There is a relation, your honour. Miss Poonam’s character
was always doubtful. She always tried to get
her job done by wrong means. Third question. Exactly three months before this
incident, a major incident happened. Do you remember it?
– No. 16th November, 1982.. lodged a complaint
in the Thane police station. In that it was mentioned
that your company manager.. ..Mr. CT Diwan tried to molest you. Your honour,
that case was also similar. There also.. ..she went to manager’s
room after office hours. There also the
blouse buttons were open. I am not responsible if this
case is similar to that case. The court will decide who
is responsible for that. Then, Miss Poonam. You took back your
case against Mr. CT Diwan. Now there is another story behind
why she took back the case. Your honour, here is
the copy of that case.. ..from Thane police station. Fourth and the final question. Exactly six months before this case.. used to work as a
packer in Bharat Chemical Wares. You were fired from there
because your character was doubtful. In Chembur police station.. lodged a complaint
against the Wares’ manager. The complaint was
proved to be baseless. The report is filed in
the Chembur police station. Your honour, here is
the copy of the report. That’s all, your honour. You did a great job, Mona. I wonder what would have happened
if you hadn’t brought these papers. I didn’t know that I would get
such a huge help from Dr. Sharma. He came with me to all to the places. We got these papers together.
– Really? Who is Dr. Sharma?
– He is also a palmist. He has also made Dinesh’s
horoscope and mine. – I see. After examining all the evidences
I have reached to the conclusion.. ..that Mr. Dinesh Prakash’s
crime hasn’t been proved. He is not guilty. The court lets him with all respect. Congratulate, Ashok.
I finally got relief. Ashok, it’s because of you
that I got released non-guilty. Actually you should thank your wife. Mona has turned the
impossible into possible. This is the fruit of her hard work. I wonder from where she
gathered the evidence against Poonam. Well done, Mona. Our Mona is also a detective. Manisha and I are going to Dr. Sharma. I heard that he is a good palmist. Come to our house tonight. Have dinner there.
What do you say, Deepa? It is also your marriage anniversary. We will definitely come, but Dinesh,
don’t be late like that night. No, I won’t. Okay, I am thinking
of visiting the factory once. They might be waiting for me. Bye.
– Bye. Again a date. God knows
what will happen to this case. See how she is standing there?
Shameless! She thought that she could make
her job permanent by trapping men. I think we should
lodge a case against her.. that she learns a lesson. Because of her you had
to go through so much. Are you upset with me?
– No. They why are you so sad? Forgive me, Dinesh.
I misunderstood you. After these testing times,
I feel I am not good enough for you. You are so great and I am.. Listen. I was waiting for you. Hey, what’s the matter?
Aren’t you feeling well? No.
– There must be something wrong. You are hiding it from me. After so much trouble the
health is bound to deteriorate. I’ll bring your medicine.
Everything will be all right. Mona is happy today. She thinks that I am no t guilty. But what if Mona
knows about the truth? The mistake that
I committed in a weak moment.. ..what if Mona comes to
know about that truth? What Poonam said to me today.. Today you were released not guilty.. ..and once again I was
insulted in front of everyone. I have been facing
insults for my job every time. What can I do? That merciless God
gave me such a body.. Wherever I go,
I become prey of men’s lust. Whatever happened
between you and me that day.. I know that.. ..God knows that and
you too know that. Dinesh, you know what you did. Today you might be not
guilty in the world’s eyes.. ..but the truth
won’t be hidden forever. You made a mistake.. ..whose punishment you will
definitely get one day, if not today. You tried your best to trap me.. ..but no one could ever touch
me till now against my wish.. ..not even my husband. And no one would
ever be able to do that. Uncle Dharmaraj is with me.
He knows everything. I was waiting for you, just
to tell you the truth behind.. ..the accusations that
were made against me. My husband, in the drunken
state tried to commit suicide.. take revenge against me
and accused me of that. Then he regretted and
confessed his crime. At both the places of my job,
bosses like you tried to molest me.. ..and when I didn’t agree,
then fired me. I know I will also lose
my job from here also. Till now I have been
losing the battle. But there will be one day,
when I won’t lose. People like you will be punished. I am living waiting for that day. May God send that day soon.. ..and respected people
like you should be unmasked. The filth that is hidden
behind your wealth and reputation.. ..should be exposed. May you never be at peace! May you be destroyed! Dinesh Prakash, as you told me,
today I won’t call you, ‘sir’. I am addressing you with your name. You won’t stay in this company for
many days. I am sure about this. The injustice that
you did with Poonam.. ..assume that this is
your punishment of that. ‘Assume that this is
your punishment of that.’ Here. Come, sit. How are you feeling now? I am fine, Mona. I am tired. Let me rest for some time. Okay, then, lie down. “This, oh, woman is the norm here..” “The one who gives you
pain is your friend..” “This, oh, woman is the norm here..” “The one who gives you
pain is your love..” “Even then you love him..”


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