SHOCK CLAIM: 5 Republican Senators Might ABANDON Trump

So once again, we’ve got one of these stories
where a Democrat says, I’ve been in touch privately with Republicans who might turn
on Donald Trump and actually convict him if there were to be an impeachment trial, uh,
where the Senate would vote. This is democratic Senator from Connecticut,
Chris Murphy, he called it a number of Republicans that he could count on one hand. So presumably not more than five Republicans
who he says have told him privately they would consider voting to convict Donald Trump in
an impeachment trial and uh, remove him from office. So let’s be responsible. Let’s evaluate this carefully. I must have gotten a dozen emails about this
over the weekend because remember that there were claims similar to this that ended up
not coming true between Donald Trump’s election and inauguration. At the time there were assertions made, there
were electors who were going to defect and deny Donald Trump the presidency altogether. Obviously didn’t happen. Many of us have forgotten about that already. So the question is, are there really five
Republican senators that might consider doing this? One possibility is there’s no way to know
because they probably are considering this. So secretly that they’ve never gone public
about their concerns about Donald Trump or their, their complete and total sleepers. We couldn’t possibly know who they are. If that’s the case, it could be any of the
Republican members of the Senate. What’s the point of even speculating. But let’s for imagine, let’s imagine for a
moment that the most likely candidates to defect are people who have shown some public
departure from supporting Donald Trump. So that then we can assemble a list of possibilities. And then the list is pretty obvious, at least
at the beginning. One is Susan Collins from Maine. On the one hand, Susan Collins has spoken
out against Donald Trump. In some cases she’s been one of the senator’s
biggest Republican critics of Donald Trump. But remember at the same time, in the end,
she often sides with Trump. A great is with the Brett Kavanaugh nomination
where there were people on the left saying, Susan Collins is going to prevent the sky,
uh, from, uh, being, uh, confirmed to the Supreme court. And in the end she went along with it. But Susan Collins is one possibility, another
possibility of Republican Senator who might turn on Trump. It’s Mitt Romney. Romney has been one of the biggest, uh, public
Republican critics of Trump. They’ve gone back and forth publicly about
their friends. They’re not friends. They like each other. They don’t like each other. Romney wouldn’t be a shock if he voted to
convict, but I also think that much like with Susan Collins, even if they don’t like Trump,
they end up being loyal to the Republican party and if the party remains loyal to Trump,
they ultimately do as well. Any time that there’s these conversations
about more reasonable independent thinking Republicans, we hear the name of Alaska Senator
Lisa Murkowski. That’s a possibility. She’s been notably not commenting on the impeachment
hearing so far, but it’s just speculation at this point because her name always seems
to end up on these lists and then beyond that it’s really a lot of guessing. There’s Cory Gardner from Colorado who’s name
is thrown around Martha McSally and Arizona is a possibility. Thom Tillis in North Carolina, maybe David
Purdue in Georgia, but it really is just speculation. And in the end, these are political calculations. If there is truly a Senator that believes
they are better off politically voting to convict the not, you might see it, but we
should be super careful about this because this is one of those things where even if
you get every democratic vote in the Senate, which is, it’s 45 and then you’ve got Bernie
and Angus King who are independent but tend to caucus with Democrats, that gets you 47
and imagine that you get every one of the Republicans I just mentioned, right? Imagine you get all seven call-ins, Romney,
Murkowski, Gardner, Mick, Sally Tillison, Purdue, that’s 54 you still need 67 to convict
on impeachment in the Senate. So in the most optimistic scenario where every
Democrat plus the two independence plus these seven very speculative Republicans all vote
to convict, you’re still short by 13 now the argument would be if there are seven Republicans
already considering it and we don’t know that there are and all seven were to do it, then
it might provide cover for other Republicans to jump in. And then before you know it, you’ve got an
impeachment conviction with two thirds of the Senate. I don’t see that as happening primarily because
I don’t see an impeachment conviction vote being politically advantageous to that many
Republicans, unless public opinion drastically changes. 62% of Trumpists said, no matter what Trump
does, no matter what happens, no matter what he says, I’m not going to reconsider my support
for Donald Trump. If that’s the case, you might be able to find
a few Republicans who are in districts where, okay, maybe Republicans there want their Republican
Senator to vote to convict on impeachment. You’re not going to get to 67 and that’s not
going to translate to remove removing Donald Trump via impeachment. I want to be wrong. We can hope. Chris Murphy statement is very interesting,
but when you really analyze it, I’m not seeing a path to this as a viable reality. I would love to be wrong and I would love
to hear from you about how I’m wrong or at least potentially wrong. Let me know. Leave a reply. If you’re watching on YouTube, send me a tweet
at Dee Pacman.

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