SHOCK CLAIM: 6 Republican Senators Ready to Impeach Trump

SHOCK CLAIM: 6 Republican Senators Ready to Impeach Trump

So once again, we have a claim that there
are Republican senators willing, ready or interested in convicting Donald Trump in the
expected impeachment trial in the United States Senate. Now, we had a story a week or two ago, uh,
that, uh, had a democratic Senator Chris Murphy saying that there are Republican senators. He says you can count them on one hand, but
that there are Republican senators who are, uh, ready to convict Donald Trump in the Senate. There was really no evidence of this. It was just Chris Murphy saying that that’s
what he believes. We have another person saying this, but this
time it is a Republican, not a Democrat. It’s bill weld, former Republican governor
of Massachusetts who is also running, I guess in some technical sense, although it’s not
going anywhere. A primary campaign against Donald Trump. Bill weld was interviewed by the Hill and
he said, quote, I know most of the senior Republicans in the Senate, they’re picking
their words carefully when they talk to me of all people, even though we are friends,
I wouldn’t want to get quoted. I don’t even like to ask someone to do something
which is not in their political self-interest. But yeah, I would say they’re four to six
votes for removal right now. So there are two responses to this. Number one is no way, and number two is, so
what? And I’ll explain each of those responses. First of all, there’s no evidence right now
that there are really four to six Republican senators ready to convict Donald Trump on
impeachment in the Senate. Every indication we have so far is that they
will go against impeachment Republicans in the Senate. Will, you might even see a centrist Democrat
like Joe mansion also go against impeachment in the Senate. But can we come up with a list that is at
least circumstantially reasonable of Republicans that might vote to convict Donald Trump? Sure. We talked about it last week. Susan Collins in Maine, often a candidate
has been an occasional critic of Trump, but the caveat is in the end she’ll say a lot
of things, but in the end she’ll get in line like she did with Brett Kavanaugh and his
confirmation to the Supreme court. Mitt Romney, Senator from Utah. Mitt Romney has had many public disagreements
with Donald Trump. They’ve had very acute, uh, um, uh, bad blood
between them. I guess I would say it’s conceivable. Mitt Romney might say he would impeach, but
previously when asked, he has not given any indication that he would Lisa Murkowski from
Alaska, her name always comes up anytime they say, well, here’s a more reasonable Republican
who might depart from Republican orthodoxy. Her name is mentioned Cory Gardner. There’s a couple of others. But as I said before, this is where we go
from no way to, so what, even in four to six Republicans vote to convict Trump. It won’t remove Trump and it will get those
Republicans ostracized by the Republican party. Because remember, you need two thirds of the
Senate, that’s 67 senators to vote to convict. In order to remove the president, there are
45 Democrats and to independence that caucus with the Democrats, that means you need to
find 20 Republicans. If you have maybe four to six you don’t have
the numbers. Now, the argument would be in order to be
thorough here, the argument would be if there are already four to six Republicans and we
haven’t even had a trial, there could be more coming. There could be momentum. The best path to making removal of Trump or
reality is something that’s not going to happen, which is if the Senate passes a measure to
make, make impeachment votes a secret ballot where they vote privately instead of publicly. This way you could have exactly 20 Republicans
vote to impeach. It would get Trump removed, but no one would
initially know which were the 20 that voted to convict. But again, there is no indication that there
exists a political appetite for this and the Republican party. And the question also is, could such a measure
even be passed with Mitch McConnell running the show in the Senate as majority leader,
given that he says the white house will be in total coordination with him as to how the
Senate trial would be run. Certainly the white house would know that
a secret ballot would not be advantageous to Donald Trump because it would allow some
Republicans, uh, to vote to convict without suffering the political consequences and the
wrath of Trump as a result. Very difficult to imagine that Mitch McConnell
even lets that be a serious discussion. That’s what we know so far. Tell me what you think. Agree, disagree. If you’re watching on YouTube, leave a comment
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  1. I don't know. There seems to keep being all these claims from different people. Maybe they're true. Still not enough to remove the guy from office.

  2. There shouldn’t be any evidence that Republicans are ready to impeach. That would be stupid. All it would do is make them a target for Trump’s anger. I suspect that there is a private group of Republicans ready to vote for removal as soon as they have enough of them to make removal a reality. Why would they share this fact prior to the vote itself? That would just be dumb. Almost as dumb as it is for you to “expect” there to be “evidence” of this at this point.

  3. The GOP is bought and paid for by Putin….it’s not just Trump. Russian NEEDS Trump to stay in power to do their bidding and they have dirt on every last one of these traitors. If any one of them moves against Trump, they will be exposed and their career ruined. The GOP sold us out to Russia and now there’s no turning back. This was always going to happen. Had it not been Trump, it would have been another corrupt traitor. The GOP hates Trump but they fear Putin and the oligarchs whose money are lining their pockets more.

  4. I reckon that McConnell and Graham are trying to get themselves disqualified as Juriers. That way they can get rid of Trump and save face with MAGA factions

  5. I think your "so what" analysis is a bit misleading. If Trump will get away with a majority vote in the Senate the GOP will spin this as him being totally innocent. If just a minority votes against impeachment then the story will be that Republicans sold out for Trump and that will be easier to sell to voters rather then a failed impeachment (which Trump will make out to be a failed coup). These 4-6 senators matter alot for 2020.

  6. interesting if true.. but i have doubts..
    i think they want to set democrats up for a harder loss..
    its what trolls do and Republicans are nothing but trolls..

  7. Wouldn't it make more sense to put the vote to remove in the hands of the public? We voted him in, why can't we vote him out? Some laws need changing.

  8. Thats before Guliani started admitting he worked to remove Yovanovitch. Will it change anything? Probably not, watch the spin

  9. If any senator does not vote to convict, they are traitors and should be put on trial themselves, convicted, and hanged by the neck till dead.

  10. A Nationwide rally tonight: Nobody is above the law #ImpeachmentEverally

  11. I don’t believe it! but if they want to take back the Republican Party which Trump basically took over then they should do the right thing and restore order to this country now!

  12. 6 don't want to be in the history book for there grand kids and great-grand kids can read it as them being traitor and for not stand up to a traitor Trump and foreign enemy russian.

  13. Like I heard a republican say he didn't need none of the Clowns witnesses for more evidence, because he's heard enough and already has his desision made up, he's ready to vote, do APPERENTLY he doesn't care about the rule of law, the Constitution means nothing to him, and tell everyone to follow his desision! VERY SAD!!

  14. Well, this CLOWN in the oval office which is over his head, said he can do whatever he wants, since he's the president and your not!! This CLOWN has no sence what so ever, fills himself with Sudafed and goes out to talk a bunch of noise, I wouldn't doubt if he went to the hospital for a minor stroke, because of all the drugs he's taking. Sudafed that can be bought only in Russia. Somebody should check the Sudafed to make Shure it's not meth.. cause he Shure talks alot of BS, and sweats more than normal. Oh! I forgot, he can do whatever he wants. Noriega went to jail for life, for bringing drugs to the USA, BECAUSE he also was a sitting president.

  15. The poll numbers havent moved during the house investigation and public testimonials so there's no reason to think they will move when we hear the same evidence repeated in the senate

  16. As much as I want it to be true, I just can't buy it yet. But then again, nothing with our government surprises me anymore.

  17. I for see the worst trump is not going to be impeached and if he loses re-election there is going to be a civil war over it and I don't see us ever getting rid of him and trump and his supporters are going to bring about the end of the world please convince me other wise

  18. Ya that's never going to happen….they're more worried about being re-elected than doing the job they were elected to do….you know protect the constitution!! I hope these senators are given what they deserve – the BOOT! Vote these spineless rejects out of office!! DUMP, TRump, McConnell, Gayham, Jordan, Gatez – the list goes on and on!!!

  19. Please impeach trump. That way he can bitch slap you all again in 20 and in 2024… Keep America great you stupid cunt’s! You cannot win!

  20. You cannot obstruct Congress. If Congress has a problem they can take their case to the Supreme Court to dispute, but obstruction of Congress is not an impeachable offense. Sounds like are you moralless sodomizing baby killing beta Twinks just keep crying and crying and crying

  21. At best, I'd imagine there may be enough Republicans to remove Trump who aren't necessarily wanting to, but aren't diehard supporters intending to do everything they can to protect him. They won't stick their neck out by voting against him though.

  22. I think private votes are good for this Type of situation, it protects the people and families, of the House and Senate

  23. The most peaceful and the most prosperous presidency in HISTORY! Nothing like self loathing betas upset things are going so well… AMERICA KEEPS WINNING DESPITE ITS IMMORAL TROLLS ON THE LEFT!

  24. Let us always seek and discuss the root of any situation. The GOP is DYING! ALL of their actions and words reflect their desire to stay in power. The GOP senators will NEVER vote against Trump…for any of them to to do so is to act towards stripping their own power. They won't DO it!!

  25. The repubs are crooks like trump and his family. The gop ers are grifters. Like trump. Tge repun credibility is gone for decades. No morals no character no honor no nothing.

  26. He will not be found guilty and if he isn't then the House should impeach him again and again and again. This is not a criminal case and the Constitution does not say that he can only be impeached once. He can not take this to the Supreme Court if they do this because only the House determines impeachments. They might want to impeach him on different charges each time, there are enough of those to impeach him many times.

  27. Spot the problem with this system of government? (In this case.) One person getting to decide things like this is obviously not a good idea. This method of things seems to just produce a few pseudo-monarchs. Bizarre.

  28. trump is "tripping" off this impeachment! Even if the Senate do not impeach him- it will stand- that the House of Rep.- still impeached him!

  29. Don’t send the impeachment to the senate unless Lindsey Graham and Moscow Mitch recuse themselves for being blatantly partisan.

  30. I think there very well could be two, maybe three, that would vote to convict but would't do so, out of fear of getting voted out of office by their MAGA loving constituents. The constituents of each Senator obviously like them still, because they all defend Trump. They defend Trump, they please their voting base, they get to stay in office. But if any one of them said they'd vote to convict? They'd very likely not be a Senator, for much longer.

  31. They need 4 GOP Senators just to allow a full impeachment hearing, and they won't get that, what makes you think they'll vote to impeach if they can't even get enough to vote for allowing witnesses?!

  32. I try to explain this to my democrat friends and they don't listen that even though the headlines and the media keeps saying Trump will be removed, it's not likely at all.. just a bunch of hype.

    im voting trump for my first time in 2020 because overall he's done pretty good and the competition is much much worse.

    I enjoy listening to your show though David even though I disagree politically, much more rational than tyt

  33. I travelled the World as my dad a Tuskegee Airman, & member of USAF was presented globally as their integrated Armed Forces & Pilot! That's my opinion circa '60s. Today after following Huet P. Newton & Bobby Seale after the assassinations of JFK, MLK, RFK, MalcolmX, & so many innocents. Then Alprentice 'Bunchy' Carter, & "If I Can Dream" was my final push to action. Today the Impeachment of #45 is that kast straw. I can't see why every citizen doesn't see the High Crimes & Misdemeanors. Russian? China? Ukraine's bribery a criminal in the Oval Office was not our hope, & never in our plans. I am certain no one could have envisioned a #45, as Madison, & Hamilton did. THAT is a point our "bragadocious" POTUS can boast on his next "mango tour"! See Randy Rainbow free on youtube. OUSTtheGOP/TP/KKK/NRAin2020

  34. WAIT WHAT??? The senate vote is not secret??? As a european, this is outrageous. How can somebody vote for what he truely believes is right, if he then can be bullied and harrassed for it, just imagine proposing a open
    Vote system for general elections, no one would be safe of harrassment and worse gor their votes. I know, because where i live we had this exact thing just 30 years ago, non secret general elections.

  35. how by law can Mitch McConnell have anything to do with this trial if he already says that he's working with the White House and he's going to do nothing two Donald dick head Trump.

  36. The Republicans are scared of Trump more than their own constituents but Trump is not loyal to anyone even those who help him, aside from Putin he's deathly afraid of Vladimir Putin and everyone knows it so the only way Trump is gone is for the American people to vote him out in 2020.

  37. “No way to so what?” Message received Dave. There’s this nagging feeling I’ve got: Republicans like guns. If Trump is indeed impeached (which is and always has been unlikely) Repubs will start shooting people. If Trump loses the next election, trump will call it a “hoax” using all his same buzz words and repubs will start shooting people. He gets elected again, seems like they will bolster their ranks, declare absolute authority over enemies of “the people” and repubs will start shooting people. They threaten such violence in comment sections and interviews all the time. To those that know their history this is reminiscent of “Bleeding Kansas” and tight wing extremism prevalent throughout fascist authoritarian history’s. I have to admit; I’m scared. I’m actually frightened for our future.

  38. If it was a private vote Trump would be removed. The base and Trump drank the kool-aid, the Senators on the other hand have brains and are making political calculations. I'm sure all of them can see him pulling down the party and they could prevent more long term damage by replacing him with Pence. There is just no way they'll openly defy their base.

  39. It's now the day after the impeachment of Trump and not one GOP Senator broke ranks and voted their conscience. So much for identifying any Repubs with a spine.

  40. Unfortunately, they need a lot more Republicans to unseat the president. All of those Republican voted to unseat Clinton for less

  41. You ask "so what" if ~5 Republican senators flip to Impeach.

    You're right that procedurally or on-paper it makes no difference.

    But might the story (and headline) of '*Majority of Senate votes to Impeach*', or something similar, have some impact?

  42. If there is a secret ballot, Trump will spin the results, saying the vote was hacked by an unloyal technician, and demand a pro-Trump tech supervisor be installed and a re-vote taken.

  43. I am not looking forward to a 60 to 40 vote to remove ( short of the 67 needed), then Trump spending the next year spinning this saying he was right, perfect, untouchable, and the alegations were completely fabricated. There was a landslide of support in the Senate for him. Not guilty = Innoccent.

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