Shropshire Council – Street Lighting

Shropshire Council – Street Lighting

My name is Jason Hughes, I’m the Street Lighting and Traffic Signals Commissioner for Shropshire Council. My main role is to make sure all the streetlights and traffic signals maintain to a correct standard. Shropshire Council have approximately nineteen thousand four hundred streetlights, we also maintain 3,000 signs and bollards. Not all streetlights are Shropshire Council there is another 3,000 to 4,000 town and parish councils. Streetlights are maintained in several ways we have a routine program where every three years a streetlight is visited and the lamp replacement, unless it is a LED lantern and we also have a fault program where if there is a fault on a streetlight we have five days for our contractor to go out and repair it. Cost for Shropshire to operate a streetlight does vary depending on the wattage of the light itself it can vary from four pounds for a LED lantern to around about 80 pounds for a very high wattage one and maintenance aswell does vary form anything around about 20 pounds to about 40 pounds. Energy again for streetlights do vary depending on the wattage of the lantern itself, we go down as low as 12 watts for a LED lantern up to about 400 watts for some big lighting for major roads and car parks. Part night lighting is an initiative that Shropshire Council brought in about three years ago, it was a way to reduce carbon emissions throughout the county, as part of a Shropshire policy to reduce the emissions, added benefit of that as well is that it does reduce our energy costs, now what it does mean is that streetlights do go out at midnight tonight about five thirty in the morning when there’s less pedestrian and vehicle activity. Not all lights are included, about 60-percent of lights are part night lit, the one’s that do remain on from dust to dawn they do generally tend to be at aroundabouts, at junctions in high-pressure areas and town centres. Statistically the figures for crime rates have reduced in areas part night lighting, this is thought mainly due to people undertaking the crimes need to have torches. People can see them waving them about around parked cars. If you discover a streetlight not working, you can report this to Shropshire Council through our customer services or on our webpage and we will have five days to fix default if it’s just a general fault.


  1. We have contacted Worcester council about a street light l[ like old 1950s swan neck concrete ] They say its not on their grid yet it has electric to it . we live in Malvern down an old walk and they say its private yet this lamp is on their grid on the internet [ Spencers walk [ off lower howsell road lamp 001 .. For 3 years they failed to come and fix the sensor and it was on day and night . Now it is not on at al just a lsigt glow from bayonet end of bulb. I have found bulbs on ebay Sox sodium 35w but a little afraid to fit the bulb myself. Any chance you guys know someone in Worcestershire who would fit the bulb .

  2. I don't feel safe walking home at night becouse of those stupid LEDs there the worst lights they ever started to use. Bringbacksox

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