Sofia Sakorafa at EU Parliament – There are no hostilities in Gaza, there’s an apartheid imposed

The last Israeli crime forced the International Community to mumble the only viable solution: Independent Palestinian State within the borders of 1967. With East Jerusalem as its capital. Repatriation of the refugees. In this context, the majority proposes an incomplete, timid and ignorant history-wise resolution. Not a word about colonization, refugees, occupation or resistance. But also, a distortion of reality: This is no involvement of two sides, there’s the conqueror and the resisting. There is no undertaking such as the Protective Edge, there’s military cleansing by an occupation army. There are no hostilities in Gaza, there’s an apartheid imposed. Let’s at least protect the truth. Only thus, we can protect the Israeli people, from legitimising the crimes of its government. The redemption of the Germans for the crimes of the Nazis came when they looked right in the eye this black page of their history. We should not allow History to cite the atrocities of Israel with words and terms that incubate their repetition. The serpent’s egg is already among us.

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