Susan Rice: President Donald Trump Is Making Us Weaker | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Susan Rice: President Donald Trump Is Making Us Weaker | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Did he actually say that we have not been paid back? As a so called business man he didn't pay contractors and right now he hasn't paid the cities where he has held rallies. What a POS!!!!

  2. Susan rice you and obama destabilized countries like syria,lybia and ukraine and bent over to other countries,you are delusional and arrogant.

  3. It’s hard to fight Daesh (called isis in USA) when America is who trained them and turned them lose on the world! War is a good business!

  4. The Kurds also didn't give us the Statue of Liberty or help us dump tea at the Boston Tea Party. So uh yea, let em get slaughtered

  5. It's not even Halloween yet ….. and …………….. . the trolls are out in force.
    Rice IS brilliant, she played the game and is set for life. …. maybe.
    How much you wanna bet her name is not on the list of sealed indictments?

  6. Trump turns a question about alliances into a bragging session about how much he supposed got other UN members to pay….. it's always about him….

  7. Lol. Let's open all our borders. Defund all military. Increase taxes for full debt relief, free college and free healthcare. Let's do nothing but hold hands in a huge hippie circle smoking dope and inventing new genders and sexual orientations. Let's see how strong the country is then.

  8. Trump is making US a weak country. No country can trust in US promises or can depend on US when in need. US no longer look upon as the world protector for peace or security. Many may look for another great country protection which is more trustworthy and reliable like China.

  9. How can these men standing behind trumpy dumpy live with themselves…. watching this stupid fool humiliating the USA

  10. did Trump fight for his country? How many American lives have the Kurds save in Syria? Trump is a disgrace & the sooner he's out of office the better the planet will be

  11. The bottom line is this Rogue President has created so much chaos and destruction to America and it’s Allies by selling out to Putin!!! If all the Republican Senators, each and every one of them had a conscience then they would call him out for what he is. Huh, not a patriotic bone in them. Shame on them 😡

  12. Willy  asked the  question   'should Trump  be  impeached '   I do Not think he  should be impeached  at all….he  should be shot!!! He is a  serious  threat to  the USA as a  Putin puppet whose  goal is to  destroy the  country.

  13. It says a lot to have a LIAR to trash the current administration. Off course we shouldn't expect less from "Mr." Joe and msnbc who hates this country and don't care a bit if it goes down… Sad and pathetic!! 🤦🤦🤦 look for facts Americans!!!! This people is fooling you!!! Facts are available on the hard work of Judicial Watch, just check out of curiosity!!!

  14. Death to ALL witchcraft, witches and wizards around the world! Destroy all evil forces who wants to destroy the peace in the world, like the Nazis in 30s-40s.

    Christian crusades has begun!
    Victory in JESUS!


  16. Man never thought I'd see the day when America would turn its back on War time Allies. It's pretty disgusting how Turkey is now bombing those who fought off Isis and defended those middle eastern interests.

  17. We've betraid the Kurds before. Ater the 1st gulf war (After we left SH gassed them) and t they helped us during during the Iraq war. Americans fhave short memories.

  18. Just because the man refuse to start killing innocent Syria, and his not making US weaker his just doesn't want to make the same mistake you guys had made in Iraq to Syria and Libya

  19. ……I do love this President,………..he kicks,screams,tells,mocks,hit,……all the small minded people all over the World………..
    Yep ready for the 2020-2024-………….TRUMP IT IS.
    Accept it, life with it……and grow with it; and there comes a time that dems understand what real power is in a REAL man if you called Trump or not.

  20. God bless you Trump bring these f**** troops home! Healthcare will be no problem with all the money we can save from ending wars.

  21. CHRIST ON THE CROSS!!!!!!!! THIS GUY COULD BE THE ANTI CHRIST IF HE WASN'T SO RIDICULOUSLY IGNANT!!! How do you have that much $ (allegedly), and still remain so f'ng stoooopid????!!!!

  22. Trump is a moron and is not fit for office but the idea that the Obama administration were the arbiters of peace is ridiculous. Hillary’s meddling has left Syria in bloody chaos. Republicans or Democrat, the Middle East always bleeds.

  23. Trump is a symptom of the corruption in Washington. Neo Liberals and Fascist Republicans can see themselves uncensored and they don't like what they see.

  24. Susan Rice and Joe Scarborough are my sources on anything to do with Trump!! They are very fair and unbiased..

  25. I wish Susan Rice were running for president. She's so intelligent and articulate as opposed to that Buffon currently in the white house.

  26. when did america murder inc. declare war on syria, before they unleashed their psychotic mercenary head choppers or after. anyone awake or just sleeping thru another war crime by america murder inc..

  27. It is very simple, Turkey has 3.2 MILLION Syrians that want to go home >>or Turkey will let them all go to EUROPE…

    They are creating a safe zone for them to go back..KURD'S need to EXODUS out of the way..RIGHT now is good.

    LEFT media..2020 is open boarders vs protectionism 3.5 BILLION live on $2 a day..

  28. Trump has a point. Where were the Kurds during the Civil War? Where were they during the French & Indian Wars? What about the Cola Wars? I don't remember it being Coke, Pepsi, and Kurds… If they can't help us fight the scourge of Pepsi, then why should we help them here?

  29. Had this been Obama or Hillary Clinton impeachment proceedings with Republicans in control of Congress would have started 2 years ago.

  30. Why dance around it by saying it is in the public record? Use the opportunity to clearly explain that the situation is the opposite of what Trump and the Republicans claim? The prosecutor Trump lauded as a good guy who was fired to protect Hunter Biden was actually a bad guy who didn't investigate corruption, including at Hunter Biden's company, and that is why the entire Western world's governments and institutions wanted the Ukrainians to get rid of that so-called prosecutor so that Ukraine had a chance to clean up the quagmire of oligarchs there.

  31. Proverbs 22:16
    / / / / /
    16 One who oppresses the poor to increase his wealth and one who gives gifts to the rich—both come to poverty.

  32. Please MSNBC, do not give so much air time to this horror – comment on what he says but do not torture us with his inanity and inability to speak without hand flailing – he's destroyed everything we hold dear in this country –

  33. She lied for Clinton on Benghazi, once a liar always a liar. Osama Bin Ladin was our Ally and fought Russia in Afghanistan. You see that changed. Their are no true allies, just relationships. RICE IS FAKE NEWS. SHE SHOULD BE ASHAMED.

  34. Susan Rice peeing in her underwear – because she soon will be in jail along with Obama… That is why she try to defend herself. Mass Arrest Soon — do not be surprise if She will be one of them along with Biden Hillary, Obama …. welcome to WWW3 – Civil War counter Coup

  35. This is the lady who lied to America for 5 days about Benghazi on behalf of Hillary Clinton. In the book she says it cost her dearly career-wise. What she never talks about is what Obama called "my worst mistake." Look it up. Hint, it has to do with Obama creating open public slave markets, on video, in Libya. Horrific. These sick people just shrugged and created a "tan suit scandal" for him.

  36. Maybe they didn't fight in Normandy i guess because there is no country called Kurdistan. but they did defeat ISIS not you or even the military who only lost 6 people
    but the Kurd's gave 13.000 that would have cost America at least 30.000 or more lives. TRAITOR hope you and your spawn hang. time for Trump lives to get spent.
    Draft Dodgers you and your Russian sons and daughter.

  37. I wonder if Ronna Romney would like to testify where all the money came from while fundraising. I'm sure she'll claim ignorance when it comes out it's all Russian.

  38. Socialism supports slavery and is happening in China today. Protect our Constitution. Wake up. #WalkAway

  39. When will the media learn that Trump is too smart for them. Nothing but hate from the media and still can’t stop him. All I hear is crying from the Demo-rats.

  40. susan rice she came out and straight up lied about bengazi- obama called iss bush league did very little read some history before you believe her fake memories

  41. Trump doesn’t play well with other’s so I have to laugh when he says alliances are easy. He is only out for Trump.


  43. They are a poor nation…..they helped our soldiers……and since when is money more important than soldiers ?
    Money is very accessible to trump with his non-conscientious greed in not following the Emoluments Clause
    And taking money…without vote from both parties, for a vanity wall that, if built would make life miserable or
    impossible! Trump has broken all the rules but he still thinks he deserves huge awards! Greedy and Selfish!

  44. NATO….North Atlantic Treaty Organization. I wonder if Trump ever noticed that Canada and the US actually both have a coast, facing the Atlantic….where most members haven't.
    Trump don't know a lot about NATO. The other day he thought the secretary general's name was "Stollheim"….a man who've had the job since 2014.
    Someone should send him this link.

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