Ted Cruz lays out impeachment trial in the Senate

Ted Cruz lays out impeachment trial in the Senate


  1. Totally disgraceful.., This is the Democrat led Congress via Nancy Pelosi Projecting their Abuse Of Power & Contempt of their Own Congress On President Trump. Ie; The Term Political Correctness described as “What’s Good is Bad & What’s Bad is Good” .

  2. Those fruitcakes running for the office of the presidency, now have excuses to say that they lost because they couldn't go lie to the American people and had to participate on President Trump impeachment.

  3. Now the Senate shows how America actually should run. Facts and evidence. Not feelings and personal complaints. The Schitt/Nadsler fake trial circus show ends.

  4. Honestly Putin making money isn't really a big issue to me. Id rather Putin make money than Soros, Greta or other actual nazis.

  5. Thank you Senator Cruz! Doing a great job representing America and Texas as our favorite senator. God bless you Senator Ted Cruz

  6. It's funny to see Dems with majority power take advantage of the minority's lack of power leading up to now. These are the same people preaching Republicans are racist, sexist, white supremacists and that Dems are fighting for the rights of the minority.

  7. Putin does not want war he just want to do business to the benefit of his country . Can or is it benefits for America to control business in this manner ? Just saying it could backfire !

  8. Putin is not going to let the sanction happen at this point in construction. I would think he has contractors working overtime to beat the sanction deadline.

  9. This is a pathetic attempt by the democrats to try and regain power. Trump will win in 2020 and show the country that voting republican is the way to go. People will vote republican for many years to come because the policies benefit Americans more than democrats policies

  10. Communism at play: if they say you are guilty then you are guilty. We must eradicate them or they will take over and make misery of everything and everyone.

  11. I see why Russia said that Brexit helps russia USA and Russia needs to stop playing chess with smaller countries. EU had potential but it destroyed itself basically it had a weak foundation and with that it doesn't stand a chance in the long run.

  12. The time and money these Rats spending on lies ,was spend on homeless ,we wouldn't have any homeless ,Rats are worthless, 🤭🤭🤭

  13. if the senate proves that the impeachment articles are a farce, the whole democrat party should be fined the amount they used our tax dollars on their witchhunt

  14. Senator Cruz, where Europe buys their energy is none of our business. What about free markets? This is extortion and it's shameful.

  15. The more Satan's son HUSSAIN Obama's Administration tried to make America miserable, the more God's man Trump's Administration is trying to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

  16. They want to impeach President Trump out of jealousy. No legal offenses to use, so jealousy will have to do. HOWEVER, they DID in several instances commit fraud, perjury, falsification of documents, etc. to assemble their 'No-fault' impeachment charade. A charade because Constitutional guidelines were not followed, and the defendant's rights were violated. Pathetic.

  17. Just 1 or 2 voting makes NO difference! The Democrats need 2w to switch! That is NEVER going to happen when Biden is the one who is corrupt!!

  18. i vote to execute all criminal democrats in the house by national firing
    squad,, for committing traitorous crimes against every citizen in this
    country,,, line them up fill them full of holes ,,, put all their assets
    into forfeiture,,,organized criminals wont stop until they are gone

  19. i vote to execute all criminal democrats in the house by national firing
    squad,, for committing traitorous crimes against every citizen in this
    country,,, line them up fill them full of holes ,,, put all their assets
    into forfeiture,,,organized criminals wont stop until they are gone

  20. Is it true, Heartless N. Pelosi, Cowardly J. Nadler and Brainless C. Schumer are fumbling and stumbling their way down the 'Yellow Brick Road' of impeachment…only to find conniving Adam 'Shifty' Schiff at the controls? 🤔🤷‍♂️

  21. obstruction of congress? they're just making things up at this point, actually they've been making things up since the beginning


  23. Didn’t quite work out that way because of Pelosi. She will pay dearly at the voting booth. Vote RED in 2020.TRUMP 2020!! 🇺🇸 🇺🇸

  24. This is why Nancy delayed the impeachment article to the Senate. Hold on to the articles until Democrats caucus end in January.

  25. I don't understand why McConnell can't just call the trial everything they did in the house was unprecedented there's nothing in the Constitution to my knowledge that says somebody has to hand a document over to the Senate why can't you just have the trial fact is.. the house impeached him so the Senate should be able to just start it and tell pelosi to show up or it's dismissed

  26. Clinton was a ped…..obama traded 5 top al-Qaida members from gitmo to trade for a deserter bo bergdal who not only deserted but got soldiers killed looking for him….obama called him a hero…..what about the 110 billion crate sent to iran….and you know obama authorized the wire tapping of the prez…who really deserves the impeachment here?…obama should be locked up in Leavenworth forever!!!!!

  27. the Ukraine will buy Biden's Oil at a slightly higher price, sonny boy needs a couple more Mansions , one in every state should do it !

  28. Would you ever think that Germany would pull something like this 30 years ago? I can't believe Germany's leaders can pull something like this.

  29. President Donald J. Trump should have responded to Nancy Pelosi with a single tweet. "Dear Nancy, Hahahahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaha! Dumbass."
    —Just my two cents.

  30. Seems like the impeachment is all about money. The pipeline from Russia to Germany is probably the reason the Democrats are against President Trump because their deals will fall through. The Democrats are for themselves and not for America.

  31. Now that Trump is shaking politicians, their dirt is coming on top for everyone to see. They are trying to hide their wrong doings

  32. Meanwhile the Republican Foreman of the Jury, which will have to swear under oath to be impartial, has already broadcasted that he will be fully colluding with the defense…

  33. Biden pressured Ukrainians to stop investigating the crooked company so he and son could have kickbacks from the corrupt company.

  34. Pos communist democrats and rinos have been against President Trump before Trump was inaugurated.

    Its been a fraudulent attempted coup ever since.

  35. I don't agree with the reason for sanctions, which is to stop Russia from making money. No one can accurately predict that Russia is going to spend that money on weapons. We're doing the exact same thing that there accusing Russia of doing, blackmailing people to comply with our wishes.

  36. Since President Donald Trump took office,
    the US has added over $2 trillion in new federal debt.

    The US national debt passed $22 trillion on February 11,
    the first time the federal debt had breached that threshold.

    The landmark came just over two years after
    President Donald Trump, who once promised to eliminate the federal debt in eight years, took over the Oval Office.

  37. Evangelical publication calls for Trump’s removal from office

    (CNN) — A leading Christian magazine founded by late evangelist Billy Graham — father of key presidential supporter Franklin Graham —
    published an op-ed on Thursday calling for

    President Donald Trump to be removed from office and urging evangelicals not to support him.

  38. All of this nonsense because Trump is an outsider. They are setting the expectation for anyone else that wants to run for president who are outsiders.

  39. What the Democratic Congress has done (all of them are guilty of this) is Treason.
    Impeaching a President like they have is unprecedented. A Completely Partisan Impeachment of criminal proportions.
    An act of wanton political violence.

  40. How can they have a trial on nothing but FAKE CHARGES! That means the Senate is in on it. Milking our Taxes People wake up!!!!

  41. Can't get a visa to America ha ha
    according to the Left Visas are immoral and illegal and people should just be able to walk in and take take take

  42. I knew they couldn't have it both ways. They had their turn now they want to call witnesses? Like Cruz said, they have to cancel first, then issue subpoenas. They are suffering from "Brain Drain". Trump 20201

  43. The deep state and rinos (same thing often) are trying to drag us into conflicts. I never trust "the arab street" for one thing; the CIA and more importantly the unelected totally corrupt State Dept have mucked about in everything in the mid east.
    BEWARE even Republicans who advocate military actions – which lead to never ending bs under the guise of "promoting peace and democracy"
    Its all bs. Follow the NGOs

  44. The Dope Heads are starting to loose now we getting the Cartels money Elchapo is in prison ha ha their not getting him back ha ha. We got that money to thanks we needed that. And where still cleaning House H A H A !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Now it makes sense why it's being held back from the Senate. Pelosi has realized that the Democratic presidential candidates would miss Iowa and screw themselves even worse

  46. What surprises me in shock me is that the majority, wants to impose their Reckless will, against the president, who is totally honest, if y'all get away with that? America has no future and will collapse, matter fact it will be smashed into and the no one after this shall prosper submission,

  47. Why is Russia a threat? Because they act exactly in the same what the USA does? Or because they’re a majority white Christian nation?

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