The Biggest Political Party in America You’ve Never Heard Of with Robert Reich

The Biggest Political Party in America You’ve Never Heard Of with Robert Reich

If I asked you to name the biggest political
party in the United States, what would be your answer? You probably have two guesses that come to
mind: the Democratic Party or the Republican Party. Well, it’s neither. Let’s look at the last presidential election:
100 million Americans who were eligible to vote in 2016 DID NOT vote. That’s a bigger number than the number who
voted either for Donald Trump or for Hillary Clinton. In Michigan, for example, where the contest
came down to roughly 10,000 votes, it’s plausible to say that nonvoters were the
ones who decided the election. Nonvoters — those Americans eligible to
vote but don’t — are, in effect, America’s biggest political party, and unless we work to reverse this trend, they could decide the next election. So who are these missing voters? They’re people who are most affected by
decades of a broken political system, economic inequality, and laws designed to make it harder
to vote. They are people of color, young people, and
people with lower incomes. At the same time, studies have shown that these missing voters tend to be more progressive than most voters. For example, nonvoters are more likely to
support higher taxes to pay for government services, a higher minimum wage, a federal
jobs guarantee, and other progressive priorities. There are also 7 million young people
of color who weren’t old enough to vote in 2016 but will be 18 by the 2020 election. These voters will also be critical to mobilize. All of which means that voter turnout will
determine our future. These nonvoters are potential voters, and
recent elections with record turnout show we’re headed in the right direction. The key question is how to get even more of
them to the polls. Four steps: First, make it easier to vote, not harder. Some states have enacted laws to suppress
the votes of people of color and young people, such as requiring an ID, reducing the number
of polling places in Democratic districts, and purging voter rolls. These tactics must be ended. The Voting Rights Act, which for decades kept
some of the worst practices in check until major provisions were struck down by the Supreme
Court, must be restored. And we need to make it easier to vote by making
Election Day a federal holiday; enacting automatic voter registration — for example when people
turn 18; and voting by mail. Number two: Mobilize young voters. They’re a huge potential voting block. In the 2018 midterm elections, 36%
of voters aged 18 to 29 cast ballots, shattering turnout records from the past quarter century
and contributing to major Democratic victories across the country. Number three: Inspire enthusiasm and grassroots energy around
big ideas and bold policies, not milquetoast, consultant-driven half measures. Look at Stacey Abrams’ campaign in 2018. Even though she didn’t win, Abrams ran a
bold campaign and worked to turn out Democratic voters that had largely been ignored in the
red state of Georgia. As a result, Abrams garnered more votes — 1.9
million — than any other Democrat running for any office in the history of the state,
including Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Jimmy Carter. Number four: Personally encourage others to vote. Make sure they know how to register, and when
and where to vote. Tell them to be a voter. Rebuilding America starts with the simple
act of voting. If we can activate even a fraction of those
100 million nonvoters, we can restore American democracy and make our economy and our democracy
work for the many rather than the few. This is why it is so important for you to
vote – and urge everyone you know to vote, too. What are your thoughts? What inspires you to vote? Tell us in the comments. If you found this video informative, please also watch our video, “Mainstream America Is More Radical Than You Think.” As always, thank you for watching and please subscribe to this channel for more videos like this one.


  1. I see one problem with this. You are evangelizing voting. This may do more harm than good if these non voters are approached by people they don't recognize.

  2. I vote for several reasons: 1 – I want my opinion to be counted. 2 – Democracy only works when people cast a vote. 3 – I care about the cleanliness of the water I drink, the air I breathe, soldiers and veterans, the poor, and so much more; politicians set policies that directly affect ALL of these.

  3. I vote because I want to see changes in my government. There are thousands of men and women who died to protect my right as an American citizen to vote. To not exercise that right in my opinion would be pure ignorance. For Donald Trump to invite foreign interference in our elections is a slap in the face to all America and to all voters Republican and Democrat, it is a slap in the face of our Democracy. It is very sad to see our senators voting in support of what's best for Donald Trump and his interests and turning their backs on the people who elected them. Vote for change. Your vote really does make a difference.

  4. Register to vote in the 2020 election to change the current situation in the Whitehouse Bluetsuanmi strikes again Ditch Moscow Mitch McConnell of Kentucky please say nyet or Russian for NO on another term. Just vote.

  5. Do you hear that we are heading in the right direction oh he means Democrats and he says some states make it harder to vote or he’s talking about voter ID you have to have a ID to get on a plane to buy beer to buy cigarettes but he don’t want someone to have an ID to vote I wonder why you’re a crooked rotten piece of shit

  6. Oh it was struck down by the Supreme Court now we need to change the supreme court and what they say do you hear that people you are sick and he wants the black vote for the Democrats look what you people have done to the black people

  7. Instead of an election day, how about an election weekend? Voting taking place for three days starting on a Friday and ending on Sunday!

  8. The none of the above party.
    Is largest voting block we don't owe our votes to people that have proved time and again they don't care about us. When Democrats basically say we have to vote for them because they don't fvck us over as hard as the Republicans do we say f.u.
    When the Corp Media insist you vote for someone that can win and you fall for it YOU are suppressing the vote.

    number one someone on the ballot that has a history of not fighting for working poor. The none of the above party. Share with us if you want our help quit telling us to help you we are the ones that need help.

  9. what inspires me to vote? the hope that one day a person of ethics and morals will lead the charge in leveling the playing field for ALL AMERICANS, and make election day a national PAID holiday, to help foster engagement in doing our civic duty!

  10. Robert Roach is a hateful Marxist zomboid. The awful Senator Ted Kennedy pushed lowering the voting age to 18. Most people are not qualified to vote at any age because they are so ignorant, made so by the demoncrap media. The goal is to delete America and make it into a shithole like Venezuela and all socialist (communist) countries. Climate change hoax is one of the many weapons they use to meke the peeps into dumbass sheep. Awful cretin and it just isn't possible to communicate with elitist zomboids.

  11. Fascinating, I had to watch it again. Roach is a creepy guy, propagandist bashing Trump. Brainsquashing young, gullible, ignorant people who have no clue about what Roach and his demoncrap swamp creatures cohorts have been doing to delete America. For fifty plus years they have done nothing but create major problems that then require endless bandaids to fix the awful programs. Don't be suckered by this cretin.

  12. 0.0013  ( thirteen people in ten thousand ) right in the epicenter is no cause for getting concerned about news reports then 6 in all of america — up one from yesterday or last few days — I had arrived at Jury Duty only to be astounded by numerics; Voting by economics is putting energy where one chooses though for me voting by booth does not engage what needs to occur as I am DIY type; In my opinion making voting compulsory when there are few choices that cannot fix everything is tantamount to a Chinese Thought Police putting one person in the hokey due to being overly critical of their regime; Simply working hard does not provide ROI: See labor dynamincs of flight attendants; We think they are doing good due to presentation but are no more well off than others with a normal job

  13. Whoever monitors this page, please pass this response on to Mr. Reich. He needs to hear this.

    It is not just that, Mr. Reich. It is far, far worse.

    A huge problem is that, at this point, the majority of potential voters have been badly disillusioned DECADES. DECADES, man. And it goes back before Gingrich: it goes back to just before Reagan, when the D Party purged unions as a concern from their ideology in the late 1970 and then, umm, Reagan and his goon squad appeared. The latter needs no further introduction. They didn't necessarily leave the parties-the parties left them. It causes a vicious cycle of "why bother to vote when nothing ever changes, the parties count on me to vote because they cynically know I have nowhere else to go, my views will go unrepresented and already are and nobody cares about me?" and then either party A or party B wins, continues to pass policy that is friendly to the puppet masters who pull the strings (rich donors, billionaires, anyone but regular joes) and where the real We the People can see perfectly well the corruption, the legalized bribery, the unwillingness to throw away the DLC playbook from 1987 and the total and utter Vulcan death grip that neoliberals who should be retired by now have on the rules of the primaries, the DNC headquarters, and on and on. And lest we forget in one case the Dems even said in court in Florida that they don't have to honor the will of the people where candidates are concerned. Those were just the DEMOCRATS. The REPUBLICANS and this impeachment trial speak for themselves.

    The actual numeric majority of citizens in this nation see the emperor has no clothes on. It is too late to change that. A big argument can be made that neither party represents the true will of the people by virtue of membership in either party being dwarfed by those who refuse to have any part of either and increasingly the government itself does not. They don't have a leader like FDR to inspire them to greater heights and are out of tears to cry. They DO have two parties who have shown themselves, BOTH of them, totally willing to put party before country and freakishly hyper focused on strangling one another/blaming one another that they don't understand they are undermining the credibility of the entire institutions of office, government and the political process. (Shit, they won't even look in the mirror and admit it: they see evil everywhere except within, like a YUUGE gaggle of latter day Claude Frollos: they won't even hold THEIR own accountable and have no credibility thus in holding the Red Team accountable.) Washington once warned about this very possibility over 200 years ago and said it could destroy the nation. FDR once feared that he would be the "last President of the United States" if he did not try to take off the Oxford shirt and show the Superman S on it.  

    NOBODY in Washington has learned anything from the warning the man the who gave the city it's name. They haven't even learned anything from 2016: you can't have a slogan for "I'm With Her" when there is a huge pool of people who want to scream at her "You Are Not With Me." And nobody seems to have the humility FDR had in realizing that actually it can crumble to nothingness, there CAN be a last president and there is no Disney ending, the young especially lose all hope, morals are tossed out the window, and people start lining up behind demagogues out of unbridled fear. (And with VOTRE generation, Monsieur, too few of you listened to your parents and their chilling tales of Hooverville and HC Hoover's half measures having real impact on them to hate him until the day he died.). You rejected a lot of the New Deal, deregulated or allowed too much to be deregulated, and now there are idiots in DC who will not get it through their thick skulls that the Millennials just won't vote for another Third Way Bill Clinton worshipping suit after witnessing what that did to THEIR OWN parents over the course of 30 years. They don't want to hear how much the Millennials hold them in contempt and pray for an anvil to land on their heads one by one like a Warner Brothers cartoon. The wonks and wallahs clearly don't care. More than the people (and only really THEIR people, those who make up a manager class of sorts) they love their cushy digs in Georgetown with the hideously expensive cocktails and their elite little cocoon. They love being top dogs. They never see the people who are losing their cities to gentrification or who will die sicker and poorer and already know they will….and they are only 25 years old. "How much life do I have left to live?" is not what THEIR 25 year old relatives have to think about. EVER.

    Inspiration for big ideas is one thing, but most accurately inspiration won't work alone if the people don't have any reason to believe x politician will follow through (see the parents of Millennials for why-they waited and waited for incremental change that never came and some are STILL waiting.) Nobody wants another liar who just wants the office to validate their own pathetic ego and who will be the puppet of yet another billionaire donor. (Yes We Can…and then, after that, we can bail out the banks and let the little people go bankrupt and be shown on the cover of the NYT toasting Jobs and Zuckerberg and those who will only pay corporate taxes at gunpoint.)  

    And there are plenty of people, whether you like it or not, that are plain old tired of the choice between a cowardly neoliberal Chicken Little who cares nothing for the people and will not fight for them and a Republican nearly fascist who cares nothing for the people: they don't want to embolden the Party wonks in the D Party to think that this is what they want. The two parties already act as if they have the public mandate when actually the views they represent are of a very tiny number of people and their voters make up a tiny fraction of the body public. They may actually RESENT being forced to vote for politicians that will not let go of neoliberalism and thus do not represent them just so they don't have to have someone else that doesn't represent them either. This is something no politician will ever address or admit to. Vote blue no matter who?-No. You don't get it, do you? I won't vote blue unless I get reform totally NEW, because without it, the country is already dead. (I am merely pointing out what the response would be, mind. Voting blue no matter who can be dangerous if all it does is reinforce the position of ideologues who will never allow change or new leaders to take their place: they'll go down with the ship first. That has already happened for DECADES and the party badly needs a reality check.)

    In time, all this causes REVOLTS and REVOLUTIONS, Mr. Reich. The people eventually decide to burn the house down. Too much brokenness and it might not be worth saving to those who have been trashed, abused, and lied to for way too long and just let it burn. They simply shall not CARE enough to save the United States when it has become a corrupt smoking turd that deserves to die. You love it, Mr. Reich. But there are people out here who just can't anymore when she's done everything she can to prove she will never love them back.

  14. Has it ever crossed your mind that the majority of these people are probably have more important things to do like… I dunno… ORGANIZING A REVOLUTION?! Did ya ever think about that, Mr. Reich?!?!?!

  15. I like to know how many of those were the Bernie Sanders b**** a didn't get their lazy asses out to vote but then again they voted for Trump other than Hillary f*** you Bernie Sanders motherfukers I can't wait till you do it again so you give Trump another f**** for years

  16. We're the "who fucking cares; they're all crooks" party, but a bunch of us are coming to vote in November because just about anything is better than the return of fascism. Fascism 2: The Sequel. Just as vile, but WAY dumber.

  17. Let's be honest unless you live in a competitive state or district your vote really doesn't change anything. Why would someone vote in those circumstances

  18. Thank you Robert Riech for presenting this eye-opening information about an election issue that the MS media does not address. Years after the 2016 election we heard about how white women voters were the blame for the current state of our government. If you’re only counting registered voters who casted a presidential ballot in 2016, and you have the data to prove it, then fine, blame the women. But it seem sexist to blame white women for a result that a fraction of newly register or typically apathetic voters could have altered bases on the numbers presented in this video. If the democratic base is so fair and woke on feminist issues, one has to wonder why this talking point got so much play after the election? Maybe it’s the same issue that comes up constantly in the race for the next democratic presidential candidate. This issue is framed as “electability”.
    I think that registering and encouraging these new and apathetic voters to turn out in 2020 is a far more productive strategy than playing the sexist blame game, or trying to change the minds of a voting block that can’t always be rely on. My kids will be old enough to vote in November and I’ll make time to help anyone I know to get ready to, and actually cast a 🗳 vote on Election Day. Or even earlier as we have early voting here in Tennessee😁

    Time to quit the finger pointing and get to work folks!
    Disclaimer: 👩🏽‍💼

  19. Even though, it could not be used at first, because the outcome would be a wild unknown. We could try to set up voting threw a tech company. Google could do it, but that would be A LOT of power in the hands on one corporation. Would be cool though, to be able to vote on your phone. But who could we trust not to tamper with it.

  20. What if these non voters were rather opposed to Democrat policies? Would you encourage them to vote as well?

  21. I think it should be mandatory to vote if you are a citizen. It's our OBLIGATION to have an opinion on who leads our country. I say mandatory vote or get a fine deducted from tax return.

  22. We haven't really made much progress since the Boston Tea Party. For the most part, people still don't have any representation. The government takes our taxes, but they only listen to very wealthy. This, in my opinion, is why so many people don't vote. They simply don't see any representation.

  23. What gets me to vote, sir, is the possibility that my vote may actually mean something. With your so-called President, the pig Putin, and god-knows what kind of hacking may be the case this year, it seems unlikely that my vote will mean anything. Your constant bitching and remonstrations mean nothing when Mitch McConnell and his pig wife make sure we have no voter security. At the same time, you seem more concerned about hits and subscribers than the State Of The Nation. Good day to you.

  24. No IDs to vote? Why not just let the whole world vote for the next democratic idiot they want to run america into the ground. The next Democrat voted into Presidency will start a civil war and we will cleanse this land starting with the liberals children first. No mercy is coming to a twin near you.

  25. It's been my observation that many of those who don't vote can be grouped into a bundle labeled, for a plethora of reasons, "mentally challenged." I hesitate to encourage them to vote; they don't know why they are voting, what they are voting for and additionally, if they vote, are voting their racial and gender bias to be
    1 – anti abortion
    2 – anti gun law
    3 – continue racism

    just the way their daddy taught 'em.

  26. non-voters being the biggest block of all is hardly news. that's been true for quite some time now, yet ol' Bob acts like he's stating some profound bit of unknown knowledge. and I hate to pop his bubble, but most of them AREN'T staying away from the polls because the want candidates that are 'more progressive', they're staying away because they just don't give a shit.
    so please don't fall for this bull. progressive ARE NOT the biggest group in America today, a fact proved by Bernie Sanders failing to gain the Democratic nod in 2016.

  27. My right to vote is what motivates me to vote. When I consider the many soldiers, civil rights activists and suffragettes that made so many sacrifices so that I might have the right to cast my ballot at the voting booth; that right becomes a duty to vote. It's one of the few ways I can affect my own fate and a citizen. The older I get the more seriously I take that civil duty! I hold each candidate, their platform, and their record up against the declaration of independence and the constitution. The candidate that matches the ideals and principles best gets my vote. Obviously the founders wrote those documents within the constraints of their own cultural bias; that of learned, slave and land owning powerful white men. But because of the high ideals and values they sought for themselves and perhaps inspiration from the Creator they mentioned, those documents have given us the foundation to challenge and change what's been wrong in our society, and will continue to do so, if only we vote with careful consideration.

  28. Voting day should be a federal holiday, we could give a small tax writeoff if you're registered and another if you provide a voting receipt of some kind (I don't think that'd be difficult to implement) to show you voted (doesn't show results just that you voted so yes you could still leave it blank or ridiculous but I think most people wouldn't if they were already taking the time to vote), and automatic voter registration on 18th birthday (Uncle Sam's birthday card to you!) and when you leave prison (stupid you should have to apply to get voting rights back – are you free after prison or not?)

  29. They need to bring back Civics and mock voting in the schools like we had in the 60s . Young people feel intimated as they don’t have a clue how to vote . They need voting booths at schools to show them the how and why it’s important . Pre register high school seniors .

  30. If their parents don’t vote their children won’t , so it will only get worst . Schools need mock elections with voting booths and pre register high school seniors

  31. There is only ONE party. The Democratic Republican party. WE DO NOT HAVE TWO PARTIES!!!!!!!!! That is why there are so many non voters because, workers don't have a party to vote for!!!! I sure hope the non voters can elect Bernie but, don't be shocked at how low the establishment will go to try to protect itself. Remember RFK and the '68 riots? We could be headed into similar dynamics before it is all said and done. They'll be on the run if we keep at it!

  32. Compulsory voting is the answer. Other countries do it, so can we. There is absolutely no reason why anyone who is eligible should not vote. Blood has been spilled for this very right. I don't normally quote George W. Bush, but I will here: not voting "…is blasphemy against the American creed."

  33. I think this misses a key point, also missed by the anti-electoral-college crowd. Only those empowered to make the rules can change them.

    Red states do not have incentive to make it easier to vote, or to eliminate the electoral college. People benefitted by gerrymandering do not have incentive to end it. The Senate did not have incentive to convict Trump.

    A lot of this comes down to federalism, but the US has a firmly rooted backdoor: freedom of movement. If you want to push a liberal agenda and liberal direction for national politics, you should encourage the wealthy liberals, who can comply with voting requirements in red states, to stop fleeing to areas where they have no voice.

  34. The only problem with making Election Day a federal holiday is that most working class people don't get holidays off…

  35. It's the elephant in the room.Its 4 elephants in the room that no american can see but everybody else does.No one will admit that democracy is a myth.Its not good for their lifestyle or future prosperity.The truth is most people aren't even aware of how they truly believe on the matter.No one doesn't vote because it's raining or happy hour got in the way.They don't bother with the system because it's totally corrupt at every conceivable level many times over with no hope.
    I concur,it is a myth.Humanity overwhelmingly rejects it.And when introduced it requires hundreds of tanks,aircraft and divisions.The minute we leave,if we do,they throw it all out and go back to who they were the world over.We operate no different than an authoritative government.We just couch everything in language.Your bill of rights is realistically only a bill of priveledges that can be legally taken away at will.We don't send the secret police to your house at 02:00.We show up at noon with a statute to an amendment to a clause to a amendment to a statute to a clause and drag your ass away any way.Look at our legal system.It too is total myth.Its one system for walmart,ford,big pharma and defense contractors and an entirely different one for most of us.Its more accurately about 5 different legal systems all called the same one.Most people not bothering to vote actually is a totally rational decision.They really do have more meaningful things to do.Its never going to change.Its like asking them to go back into believing in the tooth fairy.

  36. I do not vote, don't care, not a damn thing changes, and I refuse to help make millionaires. NO ONE in public service should become rich.

  37. Most of us no voters are anarchists like me, the system is broken and many have just given up in exhaustion. Democracy doesn’t truly exist

  38. How does “requiring a photo ID” oppress the vote of young people and minorities?
    And “purging voter rolls” is just normal maintenance.

  39. Why would they? It's a circus. Trumplicans, once republicans, have given over to willing dictatorship.
    Democrats are split. One side, the progressives, refutes experience and moderates; the moderates refute extreme leftist ideas and how they'll pay for their supposed programs that numbers show won't work.
    The progressives proved they'll turn betrayers to the party, as they did in 2016. 18% Sanders voters went with Trump.
    Is there any real good reason to vote seeing these dynamics?
    George Carlin was right. The systems rigged to make you think you have a voice. You don't!
    Why do you think there's two ways to win a general presidential election instead of one way like it should be. That why the Electoral College has for the last 20 years come into play; and it works only for Trumplicans? It's to give you the winner those in control want.

  40. #2! Automatically registering at age 18 is good, fosho!
    Voting by mail has been a fantastic game changer for me and mine (work & weather are problematic in our region).

  41. I vote because I feel a duty to vote, but tbh in 2016 I didn't feel like either candidate really had my best interest at heart and "voting for a third party is a garbage vote" (obviously not true). I get why 40% of Americans didn't vote with those options. Why bother taking a day off work to go vote for one of two bad options? Hopefully this year is different.

  42. "100 million eligible voters did NOT vote in 2016."

    Corporate Dems: "Why didn't you come out and vote our lesser of two evils but still corrupt asf candidate?"
    Corporate Reps: "GREAT! Let's lower turnout even more in next cycle! Anyone got idea for new voting restriction?"

  43. As a member of the wealthiest demographic here; Babyboomers, your content is very inspiring and I believe you’re sincere. ❤️❤️

  44. In Minnesota your work is required to let you go vote while on the clock up to 2 hrs which is a good step and you can register at the polls. I remind all my co-workers this ever year.

  45. Thank you for this video, this is exactly Bernie's theory of change. It does no good to shame the voters who do come out. Our candidates need to do a better job of inspiring these people #FeeltheBern 🔥 #NotmeUs

  46. Besides the practical difficulties in making federal elections a national holiday, there's no need to. Expand voting my mail; Oregon ONLY votes by mail. Here in TX you have to be over 65, in the military, or out of the area to apply for a vote by mail. And it's only good for one calendar year.

    Last legislative session, the Thugs came up with yet more rules to reduce early voting days, voting on campuses, not accepting student ID's, and registration drive restrictions.

    Who says Jim Crow is dead?

  47. once again Mr.Reich HIT IT ON THE NOSE, i am one of those nonvoters, i just registered after trump was acquitted from his sham-no-witness-no-new-evidence Trial, and only voted once, in 2008,and all those points he said is exactly how it is. Except, and its hard to show statistics for this, but i would also add (as someone in this group), there is fiscal conservatism, more government oversight, and more protective laws on nature. These are also things that minority groups care about. I dont think i have ever cared about criminal justice reform until i started to read more into the statistics and how friggin crap it was. how lucky was i to grow up in the largest settlement of caribbean immigrants in this nation, in the most popular city in the world (NYC), but be so out of reach ( cause we were at the very edge (walkable to the next county, Westchester), and be so lucky to not be affected by things like stop and frisk, and gun violence, and rampant gang activity, if i didnt move out of my bubble, i wouldve probably kept saying, 'its not as big as deal as people are making it'. Voter suppression is also another thing that is making an incredible comeback, if one of our fellow citizens are being abused, it kinda hurts us all, and i say abuse meaning their rights are being infringed upon. Now i was just a voluntary nonvoter, but there are people who want to and cant vote, this WILL affect people who hold the same agenda as them and therefore people who care about the things nonvoter care about, are their allies, and these people are being hurt. I wish i was in those states where it was an issue, but then again…., idk, im just happy to be in nyc, if i leave to go live somewhere else, its gonna be outside this US (i'll be a migrant, escaping the terrible oppression of my American homeland) , im sure an american like me can easily find a job in jamaica.

  48. Maybe they figured out its all an act and there is nothing that changes much.Its a parasidic system they charge twice for evey morgage .Bankers still too big to jail ,to corrupt to jail.

  49. I heartily encourage everyone to vote, every year and especially this year. But I do worry that trump will cheat massively and flagrantly. How to stop him? I feel like we should call in the UN to observe.

  50. Get rid of electoral voting . Just like the past election as you noted, Trump got 62.9 million votes and Clinton got 65 million votes.What I'm saying is why bother to vote if you live in a state which your vote is a minority in a Blue or Red State. Like California or Texas and most likely more voters will come out if it's majority voting.

  51. Voting runs in the family, and it's good to encourage other citizens to vote. I think I have succeeded in convincing one non-voter to vote, but I understand why she was discouraged. Too much corruption via kickbacks and massive campaign contributions, and she wants more mandatory turnover, term limits. So do I!! Bernie Sanders is the candidate championing reform and has the most from small dollar donations.

  52. Same in most so called Western democracies. In GB it's 30%, the same in Italy. At least in Italy they vote on Sunday. Same. Non voters are left wing even in Europe…

    I don't vote willingly, but I did vote to stop Salvini in Italy. At least there's a polling station in every corner here and there's no need to register. You get your polling card when you turn 18.

    Still even here the left lacks big ideas… It's like, "Let's not cut the welfare state too much." But nothing seriously radical.

    And those who do not vote often don't even bother to check all the lists. There are loads here in Italy. I voted Green. It was not perfect, but all their points were in line with my ideas. So be it. If I wait for perfection I might as well die with no say…

    Yet here in Europe, and especially if you are in Italy, if you are left wing you criticise a lot, you have ideas on everything and you expect your candidates to match your ideas perfectly.

    On the right a candidate could say that he wants to burn down all the trees and fart in everybody's face that they would just say, "Yeah! He's right!" Just because he is "strong". In reality they just want to evade tax and keep the corruption going… So they can do whatever they want once in power and as long as they do not touch tax evasion and corruption they get the vote…

    It's hard to want to change the world for the better and to put the common good before your own, but they have indoctrinated even left wing people to miss the wood for the trees…

  53. Voting day should be a holiday we don't have enough holidays anyway, we need to reinstate the voting reform act.
    Anyone else for Bernie Sanders! What inspires me to vote is America has become a mess and is less free and more problems
    then I've ever seen before. I've been inspired in the past knowing that the average people are what makes America work, I have
    always voted because we all need to take part with our voice in order to have a better world.

  54. Since political parties are owned by the 1%, participation in party politics is transferring our political power to the 1% after they've already scammed our money from us. Voter turnout doesn't determine our future, the unelected government, the wealthy, and Israel have way more impact on who rules us than American voters. Reich continues to ignore underlying corruption.

  55. I am trying to promote a tax credit for voting. As part of this a choice could be added that reads – "I choose not to vote on this race/issue. " thereby not forcing anyone to vote to get the credit. I would like to know what you think.

  56. I'd say the biggest contributor to voter apathy is the Reapportionment Act of 1929 limiting the size of Congress indefinitely. This has concentrated power into a proportionally smaller and smaller group of individuals who are further and further removed from any semblance of democracy. The whole idea of having proportional representation in the House was to preserve as close to a democratic process in the legislative branch. The Constitution was written to limit House Representatives to no more than thirty thousand people. On average, districts are approaching one million people per representative. We basically have two Senates. Restore the House to represent the people as laid out in the Constitution, and we will see more voter turnout by people who are energized to vote for someone they might actually know, or be able to walk into their office and talk to them.

  57. It’s because you shouldn’t vote if you don’t support the person your voting for seems to me people like to voter red or blue and it’s just not how it’s suppose to work .

  58. You are thinking too hard, it's the people that simply dont have time to care. When you work 2 jobs in the hood, you dont really care what's going on in politics. Help those people have time to vote. And it's not just young people.

  59. I know several Republicans that aren’t excited about Trump but don’t want to vote for a democrat. I tell them not to vote.

  60. I have to make BIG clarification here. I'm part of that "non-voters" category, but for the right reasons. If you live in Alaska or Hawaii there is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON to vote for President. The tallies are already taken and the decision is already made before my vote would even be counted.

    Anyone else from Alaska or Hawaii thinking the same?

  61. I like the Green Party. An its Global, so…

    But most Americans are not educated enough to understand political parties.

  62. Knowing that my vote counts. One person one vote. Electoral votes is BS!! The Popular vote should always decide an election.

  63. The fascists will troll anything, no surprise they would hate the will of the people.
    Wisconsin just purged some 200,000.

  64. You also have to remember some people just hate politics or simply are too busy with other things to worry about how much they pay in taxes and other political issues. Not everyone is either progressive or conservative. Like Robert demonstrates, most people are probably not even bothered with politics.

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