The Council – Launch Trailer

The Council – Launch Trailer

Dearest Mother, I came to this rock to find you, but only find myself surrounded by schemers The President the soldier the Duchess the Cardinal and those who invited us here. But I won’t be a pawn of their games What brought you here? What have you left for me to find? Are you even still alive? Why do you think she wanted to leave? Everything is possible if you make the right choices. It will take all my skills and my silver tongue to solve this mystery before it’s too late


  1. napoleon and washington on the same island, with Napoleon wearing a uniform he hasn't invented yet? Not likely. Historic fail!!

  2. Best games are made in EU – from Mafia, Witcher and Assassin's Creed to Syberia, Vampyr and this.

    Looks great, interactive should be like this! Love adventure games and for that happening much often, love FocusHI. Devs just don't lose concentrating on details and logic in every detail and give more locations to make layers stunning with views.
    – Sir Gregory Holm looks like Dracula from the 1992 mvie, please give that a reason or change that faces… really.

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