‘The Five’ reacts to House GOP storming closed-door impeachment hearing

‘The Five’ reacts to House GOP storming closed-door impeachment hearing


  1. It is not just for election purposes!! It is a cabal driven operation – paid for and controlled by the cabal – their puppets are the Dems. The world wide slavery system has been operating for 1000’s of years – same energy – different people – and they don’t want to loose their slaves !!! WAKE UP WORLD – Trump is God’s Trump card!! The pack is coming down – like it or not !

  2. How can the DemoRats get away with doing this after demanding complete transparency after AG Barr released the Mueller report with around 700 words redacted because the law prevented him from releasing them and they went nuts. Now Total and utter secrecy is paramount to them suddenly and they are allowed to get away with it FFS ?
    How does that work then ?

  3. Wow, the mental retardation of Juan is stunning to behold. There are rules in justice that protect the accused from baseless accusations, well at least there was. Even in the totalitarian social marxist Trudeau state of Canada, we have the right to face our accusers and cross examine the accuser.

  4. Jesse, it is about time you call Juan a liar to his face!!!! Fox hires Jesse to lie it is the fair and balanced part of Fox News. Fox should have reporters 24/7 out there debunking with the truth all the false narratives the Fake News puts!!! Fox stop reporting the fake news narratives like as if they are real!!! Start being a real news network and report facts!!!

  5. Everything the baby killing Fascist/Commiecrats have perpetrated against our President has failed, and failed miserably. And for that, we conservatives thank you! hahaha

  6. What about Bidens public video actually confessing a Quid Pro Quo?? They seem to have amnesia when it comes from the Democrats!!

  7. How can Democrats hold a closed door meeting? What, no Republicans allowed? There's gotta be a law preventing that kind of thing from happening.
    Instead if storming the room where the Rats were holed up, they should've just burnt it to the ground.


  9. Democrats think the American People are stupid. If they succeed in removing Trump from office illegally they will regret it bc the American People will rise up against the Democrats and remove them before they succeed in destroying our Republic.

  10. Adam Schiff is the reincarnation of Goebbels…..same system of spreading propaganda ! Disgusting specimen – shame on him.

  11. Peace. Really. At what cost. The Kurds are being killed. Most of you guys on the show agree with a guy who thinks part of the constitution is phony. Breaking the law is breaking. No matter who. If he gets a free pass than all gets a free pass.

  12. I'm tired of corrupt immunities that allow our elected leaders to attack one another with lies and trickery right before the world's eyes as they claim to be humanitarians. This is text book narcissistic behavior coming from the #1 world superpower. That's scary.

  13. Juan is projecting again, we all know that the Dems are worried about Trump draining the corruption filled Dem swamp Republicans are pissed off not worried, Nice try Juan! You're pathetic!

  14. JW would defend POTUS being hauled out in irons and hung from the nearest yardarm TODAY.

    One sick rotten soulless individual-

  15. Juan is just like all other Dems….He hates Trump so just Impeach him by FIAT!! By any way you can!!! They think they are the ruling class and they can do what they want and how dare the stupid American people elect him!!!…The Dems think they should have all the power to elect whom ever they want and all we need to do as the stupid American people is to hand over our paychecks to them like slaves they think we should be and allow them to run every aspect of our lives!!!

  16. Since when do investigations happen in public view? The deposition questioning process is 50/50 by Republican and Democrat committee members. The Senate trial and cross examination will be public…AFTER evidence and testimony is collected.

  17. at no point in modern times has Joe Biden been a viable candidate there can be no dirt on a candidate that is not a viable candidate.
    The question is why is Joe Biden walking around free and not in a mental institution.

  18. I love the tons of Black people and Asians and Middle Easterners and Natives and Hispanics and Pacific Islanders present at Fox News and the Republican party…

  19. That Juan doesnt have a sane cell in his entire beeing, please transfer him to CNN, he messes up a good program to much!

  20. We no for a fact lying is taking place among our leadership. We also no lying isn't illegal unless under oath. But not many no the Obama 2012 revised Smith-mundt act that slings mud in the face of those that suffered in the hallacoast dew to Hitler's government propaganda. Research it. 2012 Smith-mundt act and you will never believe politicians or MSM again. Lying, false testimony, false witnesses, false narratives, and fake news is all legal under the Smith-mundt act of 2012 .

  21. CNN are trying hard to destroyed President these are the money control Destroyed innocent people I'm the world they Tim gprlmdy but they fake

  22. Trump keeps exposing the swamp!!! Got to expose them before you get rid of them!!!! It is ugly but someone's got to do it!!! Trump has got a hell of a spine and hopefully some of the other elected officials are taking notes!!!!

  23. If the evidence is so overwhelming. Why do everything in secret? This is a Treasonous act on behalf of the Demorat party. Time to put an end to this. I want trials and sentences handed down. NOW! Enough of this.

  24. Every impeachment in history has a fact gathering stage behind closed doors. The President tried Cheating his way to a 2020 win, sad! As a Trump voter myself, I’m confused on why 2018 was so important to him? Biden, Hunter, And that pesky DNC server will end up biting the President.

  25. It’s really too simple: Adam Schift lies repeatedly about President Trumps phone call, even after it was made public. If he can keep everything behind closed doors he can make up anything he wants to build his case without any of those pesky Facts embarrassing him. Nothing in these hearings should be taken as more than stories unless there’s some semblance of balance.
    If these people get more power, you can expect this kind of trial to become commonplace.

  26. Turns out the 'Damning' Taylor testimony about Trump Quid-Pro-Quo was 100% Hearsay according to NYTimes,

    “Mr. Taylor neither described any direct conversation with Mr. Trump himself nor made any reference to documents or recordings that would explicitly implicate the president. Instead, he provided a road map for investigators by quoting others around Mr. Trump describing his actions and statements,”.

  27. This show hella annoys me this and other CNN shows, but you gotta watch both and make a decision to be objective these days.


  29. It's the Boob tube, they call it that because we stare at it cause we like boobies. Also need a contrarian on the show to create conflict and make your side look good. That's why there is only one and he's well paid. $$

  30. Love it when GOP tried to pull this obvious publicity stunt led by drunken frat boy tRUMP DNA swallower Matt Gaetz.

  31. Juan makes Jesse's point, Juan talks about poles, American people think impeachment is legit!! That is exactly why the Dems are doing what they are doing to propagandize to the American people!!!

  32. Nowadays I don't trust anything said, or written unless I can watch the proceedings myself! I HATE THAT I'M NOT ALLOWED TO WATCH THE PROCEEDINGS, AND HAVE NO TRUST IN A BODY WITHOUT TRANSPARENCY! This is definitely going to affect my vote and not in the way the Dems hope

  33. What country did we just pull out of! The deep state will lose millions from drugs and money being funneled to the USA! Ask the FBI

  34. It is about time. Enough of Schiff and Pelosi's crap. How can any democrat voter say this is a fair hearing !! Every American should hear from those being questioned.

  35. I dont believe that we are witnessing this in your face coup and NO ONE is organizing THE PEOPLE  to march on congress and DEMAND TRANSPARENCY!! OUR representatives MADE their move…SO PEOPLE OF INFLUENCE>>>>ORGANIZE, AND lets make OURS!!!!!! Its time for the people that elected our beloved POTUS to stand behind OUR representatives…the ones that are fighting for US, tooth and nail…WHERE ARE ALL the INFLUENCERES…WE NEED you NOW more than EVER!!!!!!  We NEED to stand behind those that stand behind US!!!!! ORGANIZE A MARCH ON CONGRESS!! LETS show the left that THIS WILL NOT STAND!!!

  36. Juan always sites polls and we all know how wrong polls are so by having Juan continue to do this shows how ignorant the left are! The right always has someone on the news telling their side where the left always has Anonymous sources with zero proof! That should tell you who is a liar and who is telling the truth!

  37. Canadian people are being held hostage to a UN puppet serving us all up as a sacrafice… Alberta Saskatchewan will join USA now if asked. The rest are not wise enough to see the light

  38. Jesse … you and the other 3 can't be that dumb…or maybe you are… So let me educate you.
    What is happening behind closed doors is an IMPEACHMENT INQUIRY.
    During the IMPEACHMENT INQUIRY the related members of SPECIFIED COMMITTEES of congress made up of both (REPUBLICANS & DEMOCRATS) investigate whether the actions of the President warrants an IMPEACHMENT HEARING.
    This investigation is carried out behind CLOSED DOORS, so that the witnesses testimony can go on record, so if they're called up to testify during the Impeachment hearings their previous inquiry testimony is used as supporting evidence.
    If there is enough evidence for an IMPEACHMENT HEARING, then all the evidence gathered will be made public by the trial proceedings.
    Jesse you know this. So why are you trying to be obtuse and attacking the process?

  39. Let me get this straight Juan, so a highly respected Ambassador has to be believed without question but a highly respected President is automatically a liar. Come on man, I know you are not that stupid so either stop faking it or quit the show. I love T e Five, its my favourite show after the GG Show but you are killing it with your ridiculous positions, you cannot defend this crazy behaviour

  40. Comrade Juan Williams attacked me once and has never denied it therefor he is guilty.

    Comrade Juan Williams logic.

    Anyone can read the transcript. Apparently Comrade Juan needs hooked on phonics.

  41. I wonder whether the Republicans who are currently in the minority in Congress should make a bold statement to the American Public when Schiff and his kangaroo court bring their verdict to impeach President Trump to vote on the floor of the house. Just walk out and let the Democrats (there are anyways in the majority) have their all-partisan Banana Republic type vote without Republicans participating in their mock impeachment. This would give legitimacy to the Senate to even outright reject the House impeachment as a sham not worthy of even a serious impeachment debate and a vote which would anyway reject impeaching a duly elected president.

  42. its more than funny that Trump is checking on and asking for help on the very thing he is being accused of… everybody has claimed real collusion in the 2016 election right ?? so Trump is seeking help to find out ?? what's the problem here ??

  43. True Libertarians aren't really progressive. I'd rather keep my constitutional rights and I know real Libertarians would too. I keep hearing the term Libertarian Socialism which has to be the stupidest term I've ever heard. It's a fancy way of saying anarcho-communism and it literally just means socialism/Communism. The term Libertarian nowadays represents the idea of having smaller government. I don't see any of the leftist candidates representing this idea and who cares what Gabbard's take on war is when she wants to Nationalize healthcare and reform gun control. It's more important to keep my inherent rights that have been secured by the Constitution.

  44. You Republicans deserve all that is coming. It's not too late to stop being idiots..but then again, you're racist whites and you dont know anything but stupidity. Good luck!🤣

  45. I was a Democrat voter, UNTIL I saw the lies and corruption! Thank God I see the truth and manipulation of the Left. Lie after lie!

    Latinos for Trump 2020!!!

  46. I love how there is no such thing as guilt by association when Republicans are the ones scrutinized. But if anyone disagrees with them, they immediately associate people as connected with Hillary or Obama. The point I want to make is this: We will never have a country where everyone is happy or prosperous. There are too many people who want to call the shots. There are too many people who do not value good orderly direction. There are too many people looking to be a victim. And there are too many people trying to create victims. We will never be anything more than dog eat dog because we refuse to utilize our education, and history to become utopic. Rather, our leaders are content with making people think they have real choices daily while these people live off of you and your work. Don't be fooled…Democrat, Republican…They do not care about you…Just their agendas.

  47. I am just starting to watch this. Just saw the "Devastating" narrative. I bet you all Juan will say "It is Devastating!". …..

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