‘The house has refused to be bounced’: MPs react to Johnson’s Brexit defeat

‘The house has refused to be bounced’: MPs react to Johnson’s Brexit defeat

Tonight the House has refused
to be bounced into debating a hugely significant
piece of legislation in just two days, with barely any notice and no analysis
of the economic impact of this bill. The prime minister is the author
of his own misfortune. So, i make this offer to him tonight:
work with us — all of us — to agree a reasonable timetable,
and I suspect that this house will vote to debate, scrutinise and, I hope,
amend the detail of this bill. That would be the sensible way forward,
and that is the offer I make on behalf of the opposition tonight. The House has made a wise decision
to allow further time for detailed examination of some of the most important legislation
that we will ever have to consider. I would say to the prime minister,
as he reflects on the votes on Saturday and he studies the votes tonight,
that he would sit down with us and talk to us again about what can
be done even at this late stage to ensure that we join in this great quest
to get Brexit done, but as one United Kingdom. – Hear hear. Is it not time to end the brinksmanship
and replace it with some statesmanship; to seriously and respectfully engage
with our European friends to secure an extension to article 50
​to enable the house to pass legislation for a people’s vote; or, if he prefers,
to have proper scrutiny of his bill or indeed it may well be for a
general election? All of those things require a decent
extension to article 50. He should be a statesman and
go and secure it. The fact of the matter are that
this is yet another humiliating defeat for the prime minister, this evening,
who has sought to railroad through this house legislation that
requires proper scrutiny. Rightly, this house has spoken
with a very clear voice to tell the prime minister that
he is not on. Go to Brussels and do as you have
been instructed, and do not put yourself offside against this Parliament.


  1. Oh come on. I just hope the EU will not provide an extension. There are more urgent things to talk about, in the UK and in the EU. UK leaving on WTO Terms, and then getting a free trade arrangement seems to be the easier way.

  2. Parliament should hang its head in shame, they promised to honour the 2016 referendum, British Democracy is now a laughing stock around the world! Why are so many loyal to a foreign Parliament? You’d expect British People to want British sovereignty, why such loyalty to a faceless monolith such s the EU, absolutely mind boggling!!

  3. Mr Corbyn's reveals loss of jobs if the lid opens on Pandora's Box rather than the over-simplification voters are led to believe.

  4. Once again the power over our parliament has been handed to the EU. It is not only embarrassing to our nation, but makes the 5th richest economy in the world look weak and stupid.
    those over egotistical remainers do not seem to grasp that they are driving our countries citizens towards total distrust of parliamentarians. By their actions in blocking brexit at every opportunity
    they have put our hard fought democracy under threat. why should anyone take seriously any vote in the future. even those wishing to remain in the EU should be worried about political parties
    messing with out constitution even though it be unwritten

  5. I love how the opposition continually talk about how Boris is trying to "blackmail" parliament ….right after they threatend their own MP's with the sack if they didn't follow the Labour whip 🤔

  6. I actually feel for Boris,he is obviously doing the best he can but because of the divide here in Ireland and trying to please both Unionists and Republicans and the EU at large,its not exactly an easy task at hand,genuinely wish for once Unionists would try and meet with us half way and not always see themselves as superior,I think it would be amazing what could be accomplished if they could as that's all Irish people have wanted,just to be seen as equal,not take the Unionist's sovereignty away !!!

  7. The opposition is so unlikeable all this nonsense strengthens Johnson’s GE chances. Corbyn, Swinson, Blackford, Soubry, Grieve have no charisma or charm whatsoever.

  8. Looks like Boris needs a weekend break. How about a weekend in an Italian Mountain retreat , with all the trimmings ??? He will return refreshed , with a new set of orders, ready to renew his offensive on behalf of…….???

  9. Clearly, a Government not of the people, for the people, by the people. Oh yea, you have the crown thing.. Best of luck Cousins.

  10. The arrogance of Corbyn asking Boris to "work with us" when we all know that there are Labour MP's in his own party that don't want to work with Jeremy. Also since April 2019 all MP's earn £79,468 and this does not include their expenses, lol. 😯😯😯

  11. The Guardian must love this. Populism and right wing tendencies will rise and rise. The brexit vote will happen harder than ever.

  12. I thought with or without a deal we leaving 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂U love this comedy and the Oscars goes to…… The British 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  13. British prosecutors at the Assange hearing were conferring with American officials at the back of the room to get instructions, just like in a post-Brexit Britain.

  14. This is isn't news. We all know what this toss pot wants …. to be in the single market and customs union….effectively staying in their precious EU.

  15. Bercow {IMO} is better suited to perform in a Pantomime, than in Parliament… Their is something rotten in the State of our Parliament….Most of these MP's shame their office and shame our County. Ealing Films should make a movie about the House Of Snakes ''Carry On Treason'' ………………… Vote Brexit Party at the next GE…. DRAIN THIS SWAMP.

  16. all of u from different countries making 'funny' comments saying that the British win the Oscar awards etc don't understand how bad this is for us.

  17. Its just a bunch off assholes ganging up on our prime minister whos fighting for the people keep going boris were proud of you

  18. The house has refused to do their job, they have refused to listen to the majority, they have refused allow a GE. The PM is riding higher than anyone else in the polls still.

  19. I seem to remember him saying he would sooner be dead in a ditch then go to Brussels. Have we at last found a leader who will give the people what they want. He can even pick his own ditch.

    We must restore our DEMOCRACY in the UK.

  21. The general election of 2017 has put majority of remainers in the parliament.
    Any general election now will put more remainers in the parliament.
    However brexit came about with a referendum and it will take another referendum to be resolved.

  22. If they are saying the deal is virtually the same as Mays then they have already scrutinised most of it ! They only have to check out the alternative to the back stop.

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