The KKK vs. the Crips vs. Memphis City Council (Trailer)

[MUSIC PLAYING] -Klansmen, salute the cross. ROCCO CASTORO: – White power. – [IN UNISON] White power. ROCCO CASTORO: – White power. – [IN UNISON] White power. – White power. ROCCO CASTORO: [MUSIC-“DIXIE”] – And who was Nathan
Bedford Forrest? – He was the first grand wizard
of the Ku Klux Klan. And he was a freedom fighter
for the Southern cause, the cause of Southern independence
of the Confederate States of America. – He was another Adolf
Hitler in my mind. – One of the co-founders of
one of the single worst domestic terrorist organizations
in the history of the United States. – [INAUDIBLE] for a pillow. – His bad kind of outweigh
his good. – You know I looked up
to Nathan Bedford Forrest as a general. But it does cause trouble
in this city. – We’re the Ku Klux Klan, and
we’re going to be going to Memphis, Tennessee. We ain’t scared of nobody. I don’t care what
color you are. We ain’t scared of nobody. – East Side. We gonna declare, there
gonna be a holiday. – We gonna bring everybody
together, man, all the gangs and stuff like that. It going to be sad today
if the KKK rallies. – And he can’t keep a gun. He trigger happy. I shootin’ for him. So if you run up on us in
public, and you got a problem, let God be with you. – Let’s pray, in Nathan Bedford
Forrest, his name will still stay. – White power. – [IN UNISON] White power. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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