The Senate Impeachment Trial & Lev Parnas’s Maddow Chat | The Daily Show

The Senate Impeachment Trial & Lev Parnas’s Maddow Chat | The Daily Show

Trump’s impeachment trial
is set to begin next week, and, as with
any impeachment trial, the Senate will serve
as the jury. So this afternoon,
all the senators were sworn in by Supreme Court
Chief Justice John Roberts, and then they signed their names
one by one in what’s known
as the “oath book.” Yeah. It was
a really solemn moment and also
the first time, uh, ever that anyone’s ever asked
for Ted Cruz’s autograph. Now, the one big question
hanging over this trial has been will Republican senators
allow new witnesses to testify? Well, apparently,
some of those witnesses aren’t waiting to find out. They’re just showing up
on TV, right? And the conversation everyone’s
talking about right now is Rachel Maddow’s interview
with Lev Parnas, an associate of Rudy Giuliani and a man with seven different
hairstyles all at once. (laughter) Now, Parnas is important because unlike
some previous witnesses who only heard
about what was going on, he claims
that he was working closely with Rudy Giuliani
to get dirt on the Bidens. So if those other people
smelled the borscht, he actually made it. And now he’s telling
all of America how it went down. President Trump
knew exactly what was going on. Uh, he was aware
of all of my movements. Uh, he… I wouldn’t do anything
without the consent of Rudy Giuliani
or the president. Are you saying s-specifically– I want to sort of drill down
on that– that the president was aware
that you and Mr. Giuliani were working
on this effort in Ukraine to basically try to hurt
Joe Biden’s political career? -He was… He knew about that?
-Basically. Yeah, it was… it was all
about Joe Biden, Hunter Biden. It was never about, uh,
corruption. It was never… It was strictly about, uh,
the Burisma, which included Hunter Biden
and Joe Biden. Damn, those are
some pretty big accusations. Because, you understand,
Lev Parnas is saying that President Trump knew about everything
that was going on in Ukraine and that none of it was really
about fighting corruption. That’s a big deal coming from
Rudy Giuliani’s right-hand man. This would be like if Luigi
went on Rachel Maddow like, “Mario doesn’t care
about the princess. “He just loves
to murder turtles. He wants to kill all of them.
He’s a very sick man.” It would be huge. -(cheering and applause)
-Now… Now, the White House… The White House has responded
to this interview saying that Parnas is a liar. They say he’s only saying this because he’s been indicted
for campaign finance fraud, and so now he’s trying
to get a lighter sentence, like a Ukrainian Tekashi69. And Trump has gone
one step further, saying that he doesn’t even know
what a Lev Parnas is, much less
that he gave him instructions to get dirt on Joe Biden, to which Parnas
is now responding, “Pics. It did happen.” The president
of the United States said, uh, he didn’t know you. I don’t know those gentlemen. Now, it’s possible
I have a picture with him because I have a picture
with everybody. I don’t know them. I welcome him
to say that even more. Every time he says that,
I’ll show him another picture. -COOPER: He’s wrong?
-He’s wrong. Oh! Oh! Okay, Parnas. Okay, Parnas. You know the game is real when someone is threatening
to open their camera roll. You know when
your friend does that? It’s like, “Oh, do you want me
to AirDrop these to you? “‘Cause I’ll AirDrop them
to everyone. We both know what happened
at that Sandals Resort.” (laughter) I hope when Parnas
does release the pictures, they just get steadily
more incriminating, you know? It would be fun
if, like, at first, they’re just
at a party together. You know, then the next picture, they’re riding together
on Space Mountain. Then, eventually,
like all pictures, it’ll just end up with nudes. You know,
that’s where it’s gonna go. Yeah, and Trump will be like,
“That doesn’t mean anything. “I take nudes with everyone. So many nudes.” (laughter) So, this is the latest twist in the Ukraine
impeachment scandal. Giuliani’s former BFF,
Lev Parnas, says everyone in Trump world
was involved: the president, Mike Pence and even
Attorney General Bill Barr. So many people are involved that they’re gonna have to take
a party bus to the trial. Yeah. Although,
Mike Pence doesn’t do alcohol, so he’ll just be sipping
on seltzer, you know? He’ll just be like,
“Oh, this water is so spicy.” (laughter) And to make matters worse,
to make matters worse, today, a nonpartisan
government agency declared that Trump
withholding military aid from Ukraine was illegal. Yeah, the thing he actually did.
They’re saying it was illegal. Not maybe illegal,
not illegalish. Illegal. And, I mean,
that’s black-and-white. And trust me,
I’m black and white, so that’s my area of expertise. I know what this is like. So, that’s where
things stand right now. Witnesses are talking. The government itself
says Trump broke the law. And I can only imagine
that Trump must be really, really,
extremely worried right now. I’m also approving
new dishwashers that give you more water so you can actually wash
and rinse your dishes without having
to do it ten times or five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. Your dishes
are gonna be beautiful. I’m talking about dishwashers, sinks, toilets, light bulbs. We won’t talk about toilets,
but, you know, that’s a… (imitates handle clanking) Did you ever go to the faucet? You turn on the faucet
to wash your hands. You go like that.
The thing flips on and… Whoa. And then…
(imitates water dripping) But how about the shower? You go into a shower. And I have
this beautiful head of hair. I need a lot of water. I knew it! He’s terrified.


  1. If there was no dirt what would they find? and if there is dirt do you want someone in politics lining there pockets and hiding it same time?

  2. Regular consumers of the Daily Show and Rachel Maddow are foaming at the mouth but reality's ugly face rears its ugly head: America's middle class does not care about anything Trump has done, is doing, or will do as long as they like what their 401Ks are doing. And middle class insouciance is all Senate Republicans care about.

  3. Trump supporters: “Lol , such a funny guy, love that man , always pissing off the dems with his jokes”
    Everyone else: “Wtf is he talking about?”

  4. I do not live in USA and I feel so embarrased, I used to laugh at Trump's stupid speeches but now it is pure disgust and embarrassement. I pray you can get rid of such a hideous clown soon!

  5. When he started talking about dishwashers, toilets, light bulbs I just had to jerk my head back, close my eyes, and fucking let out huge sigh…

  6. Do you think the actual White House plumbers might be fucking with Trump? Somewhere in the basement security specialists and WH maintenance men watch daily videos of Trump battling with first really low pressure then suddenly very explosive flushes or dribbling showers when most needing to rinse. The possibilities are endless.
    I hope they keep records for history.

  7. @I take nude w/everyone – so Trur, So true. JaredWifeDoer @LIncoln Bed, @Resolute Desk, @WH, @AF1, @Marlago, @Tower, @Cesspool, inbred rest of the facilities w/JaredWife, Kimberly, MajWhipPimp wife, Haley, HopeHicks, Playmates, Pornies/Pageant models,… – Strictly In that order!

  8. i think whats more sad abt the this is the amount of people that actually support trump.. something is wrong with America

  9. Trump is already impeached for life last week by Pelosi , so why all this after circus ? impeach him 500 times ? lol the hate

  10. Germany Arrests Afghan Migrant in Iran espionage case, a military man who was leaking intelligent information to the Iran Government. I am very happy , Mr Trump understand spiritual world, and have Jesus-like dominion . All These witches /fortune tellers socialists and their agendas are exposed.

  11. Germany Arrests Afghan Migrant in Iran espionage case, a military man who who was leaking intelligent information to the Iran Government.
    Ukraine President Zelenskiy refused and don't involve us in U.S Politics. ,
    and Vadim Prystalko, Ukrainian Foreign Minster refused he doesn't know Parnas in the CNN interview and never see him
    . I am very happy , Mr Trump understand spiritual world, and have Jesus-like dominion . All These witches /fortune tellers socialists and their agendas are exposed.

  12. ​what happens when Mcconnell & Co. are actually found being in cahoots w/trump like Nunes is? What's the law, with regard to the impeachment trial? Is then the trial null & void and would start over?

  13. He's also facing Prison time in N.Y…
    The Ukrainians said they don't know him. Definitely the worst person to bring as a witness. If he gets caught lying the whole Case falls apart…🤦‍♂️

  14. I've said it before, but you've got to hand it to McConnell. That cocksucker is a genius politician. He could be standing in front of you with an umbrella, dripping wet and he'll tell you it's sunny out.

  15. Well it doesn't have to worry about draining the swamp because he's running out of watery catch phrases! I have seconds minutes and hours of my life, and the last thing I want to do is waste them listen to someone talking about a damn dishwasher and washing your hands? Because it makes me think when no one is around in the White House Donald Trump is so stupid and he goes to the kitchen and messes with the dishwasher? and they must have a faucet system that surprises the hell out of him whenever he tries to wash his hands. Lev parness is not trying to end up like Epstein who mysteriously committed suicide while locked up? nor Michael Cohen who after spilling the beans is still incarcerated so he took the the line from the movie do you want to go home or do you want to go to jail. because ending up dead is not an option. They should have known from all the secret meetings with Vladimir Putin that Donald Trump was going to be the Achilles heel in all of this. his whole Administration I'm not surprised

  16. even warren is trying to bump biden by smearing bernie, now parnas is bumping biden by smearing trump, they sure as hell want to have joe "let me smell that girls hair" Biden after Trump

  17. Democrats are so fucking brain dead they can't see beyond their own unnatural hate. Well, here's something that will destroy you…President Trump will be reelected so he can continue to keep America great.

  18. I cannot believe that I used to call myself a Trump Supporter for 2 Years. I am so glad that I woke up and realized what was true.

    Thank you Internet and Open-Minded people!

  19. Trump is so dumb he washes his dishes in the toilet, and poops in the sink…and wonders why his dishes are not clean and his poop does not go down the drain.

  20. I am very happy , Mr Trump understand spiritual world, and have Jesus-like dominion . All These witches /fortune tellers socialists and their agendas are exposed.

  21. So like, all the work this country has done to reduce water use… he wants to revert that. Despite all the predictions of cities, states, and even countries going into freshwater crises soon.

  22. We have cars in america that shits fucked up to think about, car 400thousand miles, a fuckin car, you can burn it/ everything automatic

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  24. This fool is now running on a platform of better dishwashers? And his base is still eating that shit up. Trump is trolling at this point, he wants to see how ridiculous of a campaign he can run and there is clearly no limit.

  25. This president is a racist corrupt narcissistic idiot who knows his followers are ever more ignorant than he is just follow one of his rallies just sad our country settled for a fool like this wake up America vote blue or independent everywhere

  26. Bombshell star witnesses …Avenatti / Stormy/ Cohen , And New Hero Lev Parnas ….. good luck Libnut Morons … LMFAO !

  27. Trump and his cult have made me lose all faith in humanity.  At this point  I am ready to just sit back and watch it all burn.

  28. you pervert trevor!!! show your leaders club pelosi, clintons, nadler, adam etc in nudes in this sequence: pelosi with trevor: pelosi with trvor and adam:pelosi with adam and nadler etc….

  29. The way I see it, "Russia" fed dirt to both sides about their opponents in the election.

    Now they are waiting for the division to present an opportunity.

  30. Why is Trump acting weird weird, like already acts weird but giving away toilets and telling people how to use them… Nvm, that's Trump 24/7

  31. "Mario doesn't care about the princess , he just want to murder turtles, he's a very sick man!!"" hahahhahahhahahahahahaha. Thank you so much for the laugh I thought the world was dead

  32. Whistleblower, they knew this all the time, all this who is the whistleblower, like Dr Pepper, would you like to be a pepper too !

  33. I wish the members of the Senate would watch your show, Trevor. You are telling the truth! And why did Lev Parnas release this information AFTER the House impeachment trial?!

  34. It's amazing how dense some viewers are, the facts are… every time Biden and his son Hunter's names are brought up, the puppet news media and this Daily Show Clown makes it out to be joke, with Trump being the liar and the crook. Joe Biden showed his own guilt when he bragged about withholding 1.5 billions to Ukraine, until a judge was fired, all of it [on video]… in order to keep his son out of Ukraine jail and to cover his own ass. When Hunter was asked during a interviewed on video, why he was working for a Ukraine Oil Co. for 50,000 dollars a month with no experience, he had no real answer. Trump said he was going to expose corruption within the swamp, and it's financial aid to several corrupt countries, but now he's the criminal for opening that demo-rat can of worms. by the way Nancy Pelosi son Paul Pelosi Jr. was doing the same crooked dealings within Ukraine. You're all pathetic snowflake losers, who wouldn't no the truth, even if you ran face first into it. Go ahead, believe these Ukrainian thugs instead, I'm sure Biden and Pelosi have already paid them a nice chuck of money to stick with [their] story. Hell I've got a picture of me staying next to Kid Rock and Jesse James still doesn't mean I "know them."

  35. Who the fuck is foreignor to talk shit about my president?? I hope u pussies die in a fire! I hope the welfare queens and their bastard children starve to death for fuck's sake!!!!!

  36. This is a big shame to the USA, you recorded the views and private conversation of The USA president and CNN released it to the world, wait from today every person under "USA administration” private conversation will be released even the next president after 2024, after Trump 2024. Take note Germany, France, Russia. Are not USA. So is this digging dirt on President Trump's administration? How did he even thought about it ?how could that even happen? They have been planning him since, They tried with FBI James about that Prostitute and the porn lawyer, James walked to President and asked him is that true I heard that from Russia, while the conversation with the president James is recording then leaked the memo to the media. Their motives have not Changed. They keep on setting the President. If this Lev says he knew Trump with good motives why will he record him?. Where is this tape coming from? Parnas! Why will he proposed, put forward (a plan or suggestion) to the President about Ukraine, Russia and the corrupted Clinton administration Lover, a USA Ambassador to Ukraine while recording the president. We learn everyday trust non. Everyone is a mafia in a mafia world. Parnas' voice is loudest. Please, Mr President get out any Democrats/Demonrats that is still in your administration.
    Even in this audio tape the president did not ask how long will Ukraine last without foreign aid from the USA, Parnas tricked him to speak. He asked from what Parnas said, He asked how long will Ukraine fight with Russia, Full stop. Why all the assumptions. Trump was not in Ukraine, Trump never her, they came and told him about that woman, if it is true, then that woman was 💯% against Trump administration and Trump did not know that she has been walking around saying TRUMP will be impeached. So that ambassador had a deep problem, she had her own agenda different from Trump. Clinton's virus. That virus of losing 😷

  37. Make a girl Lala Lala law make America great again in 2020!… Make America great again in 2020! Donald Trump all the way yay yay yay

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