The Shocking Story Of The “Biggest Grifter” In The President Trump Swamp | The Last Word | MSNBC

The Shocking Story Of The “Biggest Grifter” In The President Trump Swamp | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. Cadet Bone Spurs administration is the most criminal one America has seen. His actions ntire cabinet is full of rich crooks all who were crooked in thier chosen businesses. Since becoming cabinet members each one has continued thier crooked activities. They all believe they are above the law because thier rich.

  2. We need the death penalty in a federal penitentiary for Wilbur Ross, Trump, that treasury guy, that other creepy blank souless guy in the white house, the secretary of the interior, the war monger secretary, the President of the senate. But first…lets lock them up in immigration cages for an indefinite period to try to "deter" this behavior. Oh and lots of torture for all of them. And we must ignore their pleas for medical attention, water, etc. Then we should take a wrecking ball to each one's assets, all of them. These people need to be on the receiving end of their heinous policies. It is the only justice.

  3. Good reporting. Now all other reporters should go and dig up dirt or any corrupt behaviour with drumps other spineless lackeys. I'm sure they'll find they are all corrupt. The Swamp is Rancid It Needs Deep Disinfecting and more Lol

  4. It's an old — and superficially reasonable — argument: "I'm so rich I can't be bought." The truth, however, is usually, "You're so rich because you HAVE been bought."

  5. Ross is In bed with Russian mobsters, Cyprus money laundering bank"with putin" sebur LNG transportation with putins son in law,sold U. S. To a expat, Indian living in British, Ross kept four billion in Stock,that's the tariff scam to bump steel prices,wake up toothless poor white trailer trolls,he just passed off his assets to his criminal family,like Arch criminal trump org.

  6. Let the red hats start up a go fund a fraud and a thief account to keep their swamp full of Trump's best people. How is old fat bone spurs going to drain his swamp without his hand picked swamp dwellers.

  7. You say the rich don't care about you. Would that include rich pelosie and rich Clinton and rich Obama and rich Sanders and rich biden. Are you suggesting these Rich people do not care about you ???

  8. Wilbur Ross: What a Reptile! There should be an Amendment that reads "no more politicians over 60; no more lobbyists whom offer politicians money".

  9. It's a wonder he can stay awake to do anything! He suffers from narcolepsy most likely. I wonder if he and his wife both have sleepy all the time disease!

  10. Droopy Dog needs to go to jail. Don’t forget Trump violates emoluments clauses. ZTE is a big one. Trump dropped the sanctions on the China owned ZTE and right after that Trump got a $1 billion dollars from China and an China owned bank to put a Trump resort in Asia. This entire Administration is nothing but the Best Criminals Trump could find. I’m ready for this nightmare that is Trump and his sycophantic cabinet members to be over!

  11. Wilbur Ross the biggest thief in history. He's even worse than MoscowMitch. Both grey reapers. Yeah draining the swamp. Everybody could see that Trump is taking the swamp with him. All those rodents and vermin infesting the W.H. Disgusting, all a bunch of thieves and crooks.

  12. And the fools supporters at TRUMP rally was clapping loudly at the statement TRUMP made"I want rich people in position not poor people"TRUMP was making funny of your A—. You put TRUMP there well YOU and Russia to change how the RICH use poor people and hope the poor one day give their families a better life.So you help the RICH get richer and the poor get poorer BRILLIANT

  13. Take a look at our Corporate white house administration; ( The Swamp)
    Rick Perry (CEO Energy Transfer Partners) now head of the energy dept. Wheeler (coal) lobbyist now head of EPA, same as x-EPA head Pruitt. Bernhardt (oil) lobbyist now head Interior. Azar (Pharma) lobbyist now head Health. Rex Tillerson CEO of Exxon and x-secretary of state. Esper (Raytheon) lobbyist now head of Defense. Steven Mnuchin, treasury secretary and longtime Goldman Sachs executive James Mattis x-secretary of defense served on the board of General Dynamics Jeff Sessions AG despite a racist record that disqualified him from a federal judgeship Betsy DeVos education secretary invested in for-profit education companies Elaine Chao, Department of Transportation, a board of directors of Wells Fargo Gary Cohn, National Economic Council, Former Goldman Sachs executive Steve Bannon, an adviser to Trump, a far-right, racist website, and is a former Goldman Sachs executive Linda McMahon, Small Business Administration, World Wrestling Entertainment CEO Andy Puzder, U.S. Department of Labor, Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. fast-food chains, known for being anti-worker and anti-union, Wilbur Ross, U.S. Department of Commerce, a billionaire whose firm has profited from buying distressed firms and cutting workers’ benefits, Mike Pence, VP who has strong ties to Koch Industries

    Trumps cabinet's net worth. Rex Tillerson 150 Million. Alexander Acosta 1 m- 5million. Linda McMahnon 16M- 40 Million. Steven Schwarzman 1.1 billion. Todd Ricketts billion.
    Gary Cohn 1.11billion. Jared Kushner 741 Million. Betsy Devos 5.1 Billion. Elain Chao 12.3 M- 28 Million. Wilbur Ross 31.3 M – 1.8 Billion. Steven Mnuchin 200M – 1 Billion.
    Carl Icahn 16 Billion. Peter Theil 2.7 Billion.

  14. I am reminded of the song Imagine. The continued theft and disdain for equality distracts from giving peace a chance I got it, when will you? The guns you have keep but lock them away (imagine) and give peace a chance. Human beings before religions.

  15. Wilbur Ross as Secretary of Commerce is an outrageous criminal of corruption, who has the orange ear to occupant of the white house. Call Congress for impeachment 202-224-3121. $$$ 120 million stolen by Ross who WE PAY — a six-figure cabinet salary!

  16. Trumps corrupt inner circle, outer circle, big circle, small circle, medium circle, invisible circle, sub circle, random circle………. just about every circle you can think of,

  17. FORBES!! — Is-a- REPUBLICAN!!! & THEY!!!– Outted— WILBUR ROSS?????!!!!!…………………… ALL CORRUPT POLITICIANS-in-Both-Parties!!! NEED-To-Be THROWN OUT!!!…

  18. I wonder if anyone else goes crazy every time they're forced to watch the commercial for Lester Holt's show before every MSNBC video?


  20. Trump surrounds himself with nothing but corrupt criminally crooks drain the swamp in 2020 by voting out all corrupt politicians it's the first step to a government that works for the people by the people and by the people means we must be the ones that elect such a honest and intelligent government with the people we elect that's what by the people means that what we must do but it's the people's responsibility to choose and vote wisely and intelligently please do this in 2020 our future depends upon it

  21. One has to wonder about insider trading whenever tRump tweets something that sends the stock market tumbling. Our government has never been this big of a swamp.

  22. Dear lord more swamp thing's,in the WH meanwhile over at the baying banshees gatherings, no more expectations from their swamp king. Sad

  23. American media discusses all these crooks and their shenanigans, yet very few come to justice. The American justice system is fascinating. So many dishonest double dealers and so few consequences. Once you're at a certain level there is an excellent income to be made by lawyers who specialize in protecting swamp creatures, including blonde Godzilla himself.

  24. Well said hope while Trump is watching he decide to resign out of the white house. Cause sooner or later Trump and his family are next and, I can't wait when his own swap will get drain. Lol


  26. The mighty USA along with a free and fair press is beginning to expose corruption. Time for the voters to celebrate. Will be in the history books. Go USA.

  27. So it's been a year, so why haven't we seen that walking mummy of a man in court facing charges? Is Wilbur Ross an untouchable too?

  28. That's just like Moscow Mitch and the Aluminum Czar the guy Mitch had the Senate drop Sanctions on the Aluminum guy opened up a plant in Kentucky on the land Mitch and Wife own y'all know the Asian lady,Wow catch Mitch next.

  29. When is old Mitch and his wife going to be fully exposed? So sick of this BS. All this reporting for what? Nothing changes, period.

  30. didn't Ross run a banking system, where the fired german bank executive, that was laundering money for Putin and his buddies, came to work???Hmmm!! "Fill that swamp"

  31. the most overtly corrupt administration in the history of the country….and his "minions" think he is "The Chosen One"

  32. How do completely mediocre (at best) white guys like Ross and Mnuchin from Wall Street magically end up with immense wealth? Because while you were distracted by full time hard legitimate constructive work and raising families these crooks were full time conniving at theft and wealth transfer using the deliberately opaque and deliberately complex mechanisms of Wall Street that enable them and other insiders to do so.

  33. Bwa-ha-ha, only the BEST! Best of the shady guys: grifters, thieves, pervs & syncophants. As his rating slips to 36%, lawsuits pile up, and TJ breathing down his neck. 💥🖒😂

  34. All these stocks going up and down over tRumps tweets, definitely insider trading going on. Follow the money

  35. Stop blaming and smearing Trump. He is the BOSS and doing tremendously good for America and Americans including you idiots.

  36. The Republican party is the swamp. They are bought and paid for by special interests groups and individuals and big corporations who own them to get there agendas passed which benefit themselves.

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