‘The Tyler Oakley Show’ with Senator Tim Kaine

‘The Tyler Oakley Show’ with Senator Tim Kaine

Hey, Everyone! My name is Tyler Oakley and
welcome to The Tyler Oakley Show. Today we have a very special guest. Democratic candidate for vice president,
Senator Tim Kaine, everybody.>>Hey, Tyler.>>How are you?>>I’m great. I’m great.
So excited to be here.>>I think you might be my first
Senator [LAUGH] that I’ve interviewed.>>Hey [LAUGH].>>Everyone that I’ve met who knows you or has met you, says that you are the nicest
and I can confirm so far, pretty nice.>>Mm-hm.
>>But you also have a little nickname on the Internet, America’s Step Dad?>>Yeah.
>>What’s your response to that?>>Well, I didn’t even know dad jokes were a thing-
>>[LAUGH] Great.>>And then I found-
>>That is the most dad thing of all.>>Look, in politics,
it can be pretty tough. So if that’s the worse
they can say about you->>And that’s not so bad.>>That’s affectionate.>>Right.
>>So I like it.>>There are some people that are at home,
they know that they’re not here for Trump.>>Yep.
>>But they’re still kind of unsure about Hillary.>>Yeah.
>>And I know some of them
were Bernie supporters. If you could talk to them right now,
what would you say to them?>>Do you believe in climate science or
don’t you? Do you believe in LGBT equality or
don’t you? Do you believe in immigration reform? Do you believe that we ought to
make voting easier, not harder? Do you think women should be able to make
their own healthcare choices or not? Hillary and I do, Donald Trump doesn’t. Those are five issues where
people have their opinions.>>Bam! Bam!
>>Hillary and I are with you.>>Well, I think one way that we
could kind of get on board with maybe the millennial generation
is to speak their language. [MUSIC] Do you know what on fleek means?>>On fleek?>>On fleek.>>I have no idea what on fleek means.>>I actually don’t know if I know
[LAUGH], I think it’s like on point.>>Okay.
>>Like this-
>>All right.>>This campaign is on fleek.>>You can say on fleek, okay. All right.
>>Do you know what a bae is?>>B-a-e, bae.>>I think it stand for
before anyone else. But you would call your girlfriend or
your boyfriend or your partner your bae.>>Yeah, your first among firsts.>>Who’s your bae?>>Yeah, my wife Anne of 32 years.>>Beautiful.>>Yep.
>>Must be nice. Do you know what this word is?>>Yas.
>>[LAUGH] Yeah, but do you know what it means?>>No.>>Yes, you do.
>>[LAUGH]>>It just means yes.>>Yeah, it means. Right.
>>But if you’re like yas.>>Super. Okay. Now did I get the pronunciation,
I mean yas.>>That was actually perfect in every way. Do you know what squad goals are?>>Squad would be like who’s your crew.>>Yeah.>>Relationship goals is if you
see somebody’s relationship and it’s kind of cool, you say, relationship goals,
I wanna be like that. So I wanna be like somebody’s squad or,
wish I had a squad like that.>>Yes, I would say yas to that,
so this would be squad goals.>>Yeah, now that is-
>>This is squad goals.>>And Dave Matthews was there with us
that was pretty cool.>>That is squad goals right there.>>Yeah, that’s on fleek.>>[SOUND] Do you know what a TBT is? That was good, yeah!>>[LAUGH]
>>Throwback Thursday.>>Yeah,
I have seen you posting them on Instagram.>>I know, yeah.>>This a good Throwback Thursday.>>That was me at 21.>>Look at you, just living the life. Do you know what bye, Felicia means? You could say this to Trump and
then just kinda of yeah.>>Is that right?
So it’s kind of like it’s over.>>Right, yeah, yeah, yeah.>>Bye Felicia.>>That’s perfect [LAUGH]. Well, we are less than two
months away from the election. I want to encourage everyone that’s
watching, please get involved.>>If you wanna vote and you’re not
sure about voting, go to iwillvote.com. You don’t have to be a registered voter to
make a phone call and persuade somebody.>>Speaking of which. It’s my mom.>>Where does she live?>>Michigan. Hey mom, what’s up? I was just hanging out with a very special
someone who wanted to give you a call and remind you to do something.>>So, you’re not my mom. So I’m just gonna call you Mrs.
Queen Jackie. And I’m gonna say, this is Tim Kaine,
I’m Hillary Clinton’s running mate for vice president. Michigan’s like a really
critical battle ground state. Please turn out and vote on November
8th or better yet vote early. I would really, really love your
support for Hillary Clinton and me. We’re gonna do wonderful things
to make us stronger together. Thanks.>>Okay, mom, call me, love you, later.>>[LAUGH]
>>Cute! My God, she would talk your ear off. So it’s better that we
left a voicemail actually. [SOUND]
>>Holy crap, Ty, yes, I’m going to vote. You can tell him not to
worry about Michigan. We’ve got this. I’ll talk to you later, bye.>>Thank you so much for joining me.>>Yeah, Tyler, and
thanks for doing what you do.>>So much fun. If you guys wanna vote, all the information will be
in the description below. You can learn how to do that in
your state, anywhere, early, absentee-
>>Yes.>>All the information will be there.>>All right, thanks a lot.>>Bye friends.
[MUSIC] [MUSIC] Bye, Felicia.


  1. everytime I watch the Tyler Oakley show I feel like i am watching one of his videos and some times I get it confused with his channel

  2. Burn the dangerous orange psycho Russia puppet! We need our amazing madame president 🙌 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺
    Megalomaniacal SHITrump will start WW3 💣 He wants to use nukes to solve the ISIS problem. He asked in his foreign advisor 3 times why we don't use nuclear weapons. He wants to go back into Iraq and take the oil, even if it takes boots on the ground.

    WALLACE: Would it be fair to say that Hillary Clinton will be the hawk in this race and you’ll be the dove?

    TRUMP: No, I’ll tell you what, I’ll be much tougher than her, I will have much more respect than her from foreign countries. In fact I read today where they're very concerned with me, they feel I'm very strong, very tough and they're very concerned. So that's a little opposite of what you're telling me. That's a psychological thing which frankly is good, let them be a little concerned. Look, we're defending Germany, we’re defending Japan, South Korea, we’re defending Saudi Arabia with all of that money and we’re not getting properly reimbursed. We don’t have any money and we’re defending — we're like the policeman to the world. What's going on is crazy. We are going to strengthen on our military big league, by the way it’s the cheapest money you can spend [Fox Broadcasting Co., Fox News Sunday, 5/1/16]
    BILL O'REILLY (HOST): If you are elected president, are you going to take military action against Iran? Are you going to do something to that country?

    DONALD TRUMP: Well, I would want to help Saudi Arabia. I would want to protect Saudi Arabia. But Saudi Arabia is going to have to help us economically. They were making, before the oil went down — now they are making half. But they were making a billion dollars a day.

    O'REILLY: Yes, but you're dodging my question. Would you take action against Iran militarily if you are president?

    TRUMP: Depending on what the deal is, I would have to do that. I would defend certain groups of people over there. The deal we made with Iran is a disaster. The deal we made for $150 billion is a total disaster.

    O'REILLY: So you would revoke that deal.

    TRUMP: And you know that Iran is going to have a nuclear weapon very soon. Bill — Iran is going to have a nuclear weapon very soon. And they have already violated their deal. The deal is — the ink isn't even dry, and they have already violated the deal and a lot of people are calling for sanctions.

    O'REILLY: If you go in, if you're elected — look, come on, the election is this year. If you are elected president and you don't like the deal, you are going to scrap the deal, now are you going to bomb their nuclear facilities? Are you going to do that?

    TRUMP: Bill, I'm going to do what's right. I want to be unpredictable. I'm not going to tell you right now what I'm going to do. The problem is we have a president that says we are going to get out of Iraq on such and such a date. Everybody pulls back. And then as soon as we leave they go in. January 4, 2015 edition of Fox News’ The O’Reilly Factor,🇸

  3. Man, Hillary wishes she was this cool. I was kinda rolling my eyes at first because of the spanish thing, but Tim is really cool and quite handsome too. The way he said "yaas" and "bye felicia" was hilarious.

  4. Nice to see Kaine is just as hard to watch as Hillary was when she was catering to the 'youths'.

    would've been way nicer if he'd opened up his mouth about these issues when he was in the spotlight.

  5. So now you're a wing of the clinton pr machine, Tyler? You do know he opposes your rights and is in favor of many programs that undermine our economy like TPP, right?

    Either way, Bye, Felicia.

  6. This video featuring outdated slang and old memes truly speaks to me. I find it brimming with youth culture. I am not at all alienated by the two older gentlemen in this video attempting to pander to me.

  7. Absolutely LOVED this so much! It's always awesome seeing someone who is a public figure, just sit back and hang out.

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